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This is the main page. Here you will find exhaustive research from the past 1 1/2 years on immortality. The entire code has been simplified/compacted and can be found at Thank you for your interest in longevity and becoming immortal. It's time man stopped selling death and started living life to his full potential. We no longer have to die of old age.

EZ3DBIZ.COM Previous Historical and Archived Research Data

Please note this is an archived site, so when you access the pages below, some links may not work. However all working website links have been simplified and moved to this page for clarity.

Our research is approaching "instant" rejuvenation. As of June 9th, 2010, we have a successfull current working model yielding spectacular results. Soon this will be refined, yielding a faster and more efficient at regenerating the body. The current model regenerates the body overnight. Read

Hawaiian Raw

" The Chemistry of Immortality" ( by Scott Ravens

We hope to increase the full body rejuvenation speed and rejuvenative process in the near future.

Read the new book:

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How the last supper relates to Immortality

Completed Model of foods via Life Metering via Cosmic, Geomagnetic and Solar Weather

Magnified Life Rejuvenation Energy at the Solstices/Equinoxes

The "life giving" reaction of Cysteine

The Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise

The Ratios of Foods at a Lower Solar Flux

The Ratios of Foods at a Higher Solar Flux

Equipment you can make for beginners

Making and Using the Life Rods

Life Rods Part 2

Earth's Geomagnetic Energy

Synergy of the Body's Cells after the Solar Flare Dies Down

Peak of Energies at a Solar Flare

The Original Research that Started it All

In-Depth Research Page #1

First Rough Simplified Model

Second Rough Final Model

Final Pre-Ending Model Phase 1

Final Pre-Ending Model Phase 2

Final Pre-Ending Model Phase 3

Final Pre-Ending Model Phase 4

The "Re-Generation" Effect of Organic Compounds