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The Evidence

The Technique

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Because the egyptian pyramids used granite in their construction and granite/limestone have similar properties, which are able to absorb energies, I have used a slab of granite, with a copper sheet placed over the top of it. So far this is used in the south facing position. This seems to help focus, when focusing on holding the energies in, the granite seems to help maintain and hold that focus as the energy is directed.



Back of Slab with copper sheet on top
The copper coated granite slab is placed under the back when facing south.


Because stone readily absorbs this energy, such has been shown at stonehenge. Jesus' tomb was also made from stone. I have started to use granite slabs placed on both sides of the location



a   a
These slabs help funnel and improve the energy flow


Another tool developed is 4 counterclockwise rotating Neodymium magnets. These magnets are glued in opposition to each other (or all poles south facing so they are repelling each other). I have called this the "electron generator". Mr. Edward Leedskalin developed and used a similar device successfully.
Watch a movie I made of it in action here:

Quote from above Source

The pine filled bottle and rotating magnets are placed above chest, when holding the energy in. The rotating magnets can be used on and off each holding in energy phase, as there appears to be an overload associated with too much use of the rotating magnets. It appears the rotating magnets seem to "train" the electrons/molecules as they are directed. The rotating magnets are held 1/2 way above the bottle, on the south side.

At the 5:25 minute mark in this video it gives a perfect example of how "priming" the electrons works. Just a little bit of work getting the electrons moving, is what is key to getting the energy to flow to your body's center of balance.

And another tool developed is a bottle filled with Pine Oil. On top of this bottle I have placed 3 Neodymium magnets. When facing south, I usually direct and hold in the energy 5 to 7 times. The first 2 times the electron generator is used by letting it rotate face upwards. This seems to "smooth" the molecules as they are directed and held in the body's center of balance. The electron generator is used only 2 to 3 times as overdoing it seems to disturb the energy flow. It is a great way to "train" the field of energy. The glass bottle filled with pine oil and magnets on top seems to also help "smooth" this energy flow. On Easter Sunday the women came to the tomb to oil the body
Magnets have been shown to smooth the flow of oil through oil pipelines.
Because the earth's geomagnetism varies at certain times, it has been shown to induce major electrical currents in oil pipelines.

Source for above text

By using the battery charger a minute electrical current is induced into the body. This just amplifies the current body voltage just enough to help in the regeneration process.


Also a Neodymium Super magnet was placed at the top of the life rod this seems to help improve the flow.

Next we will start the Super Rejuvenator. This amplifies the energies as they are held in the body's balance. The exit wire is held during this phase after the electron generator has been used to prime the chest area. This device amplifies earth's geomagnetic energies as they are re-absorbed back into the human body and discharged, as in a capacitor.

Using a copper bowl, four Neodymium magnets are placed on opposite sides. One on the inside of the copper bowl and another on the inside.

On the outside of the copper bowl are small capacitors.

As seen below the coke bottle has an iron core with a copper wound coil.

The coil is sealed with wax


Three opposing magnets are placed at one end and at the other end the magnets are in attraction. These magnets are wound around a copper coil. The end of this red wire, when placed in the bottle is attached to a ground wire. When facing south and holding/gathering this energy in. This energy is so strong during the primer phase which is mentioned in THE CODE that you only need a small amount of this energy to "prime" with and the white light energy flow starts flowing again. This white light energy flow, varies at different times and the code lists the times this energy flow is weak/strong and gives the future days of these energy flows.



These are than lowered into a bottle.

And a capacitor is added on one end and at the other end a Neodymium magnet is placed at the opposite end (not shown).

This coke bottle is vacuum sealed and a wire leads from the iron coil inside to a ground wire (black alligator clip). There is another wire as you can see on the bottom of the copper bowl that holds the iron core in place and attached to this magnet is a wire. The capacitors around the copper bowl have a thin strand of wire attached to them that goes to the black ground wire.

Repump the bottle when facing south to get the best electron flow. Or if you have access to it, pump the bottle with Nitrogen, which creates the least amount of resistance for electron flow.



On the inside of the copper bowl are copper coils. These are placed over the magnets in the copper bowl. When the copper bowl is filled with water and swirled around, it generates movement of the electrons in the water. When this occurs, programming the water by seeing each magnet in the copper bowl holding the energy in its center, and than the water is programmed ready for use when holding the energy in our body's balance.

The next stage involves creating an environment where the life energy electrons can become more concentrated. This energy we are dealing with is based in the UV-B light wavelength of 290-315 NM light range, also corresponding with the solar irradiance. The earth's oceans absorb and carry this solar irradiance to various parts of the earth. Hydrogen is what the sun is made up of,which creates the magnetic fields, which is what creates solar irradiance Ozone naturally absorbs this solar irradiance

Carbon Graphite Rods are used to generate the hydrogen. To find out how to make homemade hydrogen click here for more info.

These graphite rods are than placed into the copper bowl.


Ozone is naturally generated in the human body. The latest research page explains this further


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