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The Evidence

The Technique

Technology Overview


Šez3dbiz - Please if announcing this discovery to others, credit this site for this great contribution to science, as well as the ancient egyptians and to whoever discovered this before and gave these clues to mankind




Making and Using the Life Rods


Live Forever

Using the Rods:

When facing north, position the rod just above the middle of your forehead. Next place your left hand on the higher rod and your right rod on the lower rod. Next concentrate and hold your consciousness exactly halfway between your head and chest. You will start to feel an energy flow, you can move your head around or the rods until you feel the flow is strongest.

When facing south, detach the rod and hold it 2 1/2 to 3 inches below your navel. Next place your left hand on the higher rod and your right rod on the lower rod, while concentrating your thoughts exactly halfway between your chest and feet. After a while you will start to feel a magnetic "pull". This is good and you can move the rod around the area until you feel the flow is strongest.

You can give the rods a break at 5 to 7 minute intervals while your body "recharges" and than reposition the rods again until the flow starts again.

Building the Rods:

Holding the rods, especially while facing north can be tiresome, so here are the diagrams on how to build a simple brace to hold the rods for you. Each Rod is a hollow iron rod between 7 and 10 inches in length. Diameter is between one half to 1 inch width. This is wound counter clockwise with copper wire. The counterclockwise end faces your body. Copper wire is used for the coil. You must use genuine iron rods, not steel or other cheap imitation. Locate a good supplier and make sure the rods are of good grade iron.


Finished result



Here are the windings on the inside. This rod is solid and was used in testing. The new versions are hollow iron rods.


I have protected the copper wire with standard electrical tape.



Simple cross bracing supports with screws


Screws hold the center cross brace

Metal Clip at center makes it detachable for south facing direction


Metal clip secured by two metal screws

The rods are held at the center with tape and another clip
Styrofoam used to separate the rods aproxx 1" apart

Each rod is joined at 1/2 of halfway distance from the other.

As of Jan 4th, 2009, new improvements to the life rods have been made. You can see the progress here.

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