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The Evidence

The Technique

Technology Overview

DOWNLOAD THE CODE - Please if announcing this discovery to others, credit this site for this great contribution to science, as well as the ancient egyptians and to whoever discovered this before and gave these clues to mankind


Live Forever

This page concerns the amplification methods to the Life Rods. After adding these additions your consciousness between your head and chest is made much easier and you can feel the energies a lot stronger. This makes the concentration process much smoother and easier when performing the body rejuvenation technique.

By adding a light source to one of the rods, you can amplify its effects greatly. This is because as light travels down a tube that has a copper coil around it, it creates a magnetic field. I used an LED flashlight in this one because LED's have such a long life. The light is very low, but as it exits the tube it is greatly amplified by the lens at the end of the iron rod wound with copper wire.
The Flashlight
Removed the interior
Separated the Lens

Attached the light housing to the rod
Next I added glued the lens on the end of the rod and turned on the light. As you can see there is enough light. But the effects felt during the age regeneration are much stronger when this light is used.
The left rod was than filled to the top with ocean sand.
It is than fastened to the structure.

By adding these extras to the life rods, the energy is greatly amplified.

I have also been testing by applying a small DC current by placing the + terminal on top of my shirt in the chest and placing the negative or ground wire to the coiled rod. I have used a battery charger on the settings of 12V 2 Amps. When this has been set up, I rub than place my hands face open halfway above the rods, as is the procedure used in Bio - Energy generation. This is done in the north facing position. When facing south, the Red wire or + is placed on the left side about 3" from the navel area, and only placed there when holding the rejuvenatiing energys in, than it is removed. This has also met with some success. These effects could also be a varience of the high or low conditions of the day, however only time and further testing will tell for sure.















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