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The Evidence

The Technique

Technology Overview

DOWNLOAD THE CODE - Please if announcing this discovery to others, credit this site for this great contribution to science, as well as the ancient egyptians and to whoever discovered this before and gave these clues to mankind


Live Forever

This is a more detailed page about how this technology works:

As we unconsciously send this energy far out as into the universe it also enters one of the major points of energy known as the center of our milky way and other galactic centers. It than returns to us from these maximized points of energy back to us. As the earth begins to align with one of the main galactic centers in our galaxy with a maximum occurring during the year 2012, we feel these energies more, because the energy is being returned to us. This energy can be used for healing and according to this ancient egyptian text, immortality. So far human trials have proven extremely successful, as those suffering from pains have had them disappear and general aches and pains disappear. So when you can focus this energy and direct it, than "reabsorb" it as it returns purified, your body begins to undergo tremendous healing.

This energy is also known by our "intent" or "intention". After performing the age regeneration exercise during the maximum rejuvenation dates, listed on our calendar (LINK) exactly 4 and 8 days later, that energy that you have put out, "rains" back down upon you, sort of like a cosmic "shower" where cosmic rays return back to the earth. . You can prove this for yourself by taking a bath on days 4 and 8, after performing the age regeneration, and feel the difference in your well being and health after you have taken a bath. This is because these energies are flowing into the water we drink and bathe in. You can also charge the water you bathe in with your thoughts, to maximize the incredible feeling of rejuvenation.

This same cycle is similar to that of the Water Cycle on Earth.

Evidence of this is reflected in the behavior of our sun. If you were to look at the time there are a large mass/number of stock reports released, you will see a disturbance in the activity of the sun occurring on or after the day these reports are released. This is really the unconsciousness collective of mankind causing a disturbance in the magnetic fields of our sun.

This energy than has to return to us, and does so in the form of earth's geomagnetic activity. This energy is used in different ways for different purposes. When large groups of people put out this energy with a purpose, examples are religious organizations, etc. it returns and can create effects. One of these is a motivational effect. Here is one example. This geomagnetic energy is than unconsciously tapped and refocused again, and than the process / cycle repeats itself. Certain people over time and practice have been able to unconsciously tap and use this energy. Mightyz now knows these days and dates and how they can be used for healing and behavioral forecasting. Mightyz uses this in the Behavioral Response Indice to plot future human behavior

The waters and lakes and other standing bodies of water soak up this returning energy. There are many correlations to Jesus using water to perform healing and miracles . This has usually occurred around lakes and other areas of standing water. You can read many of the accounts of jesus using water to heal here.

As the air fills and buzzes with this returning energy, it is filled primarily with electrons. Because we want to capture as many of these electrons as possible, Mightyz uses special hollow iron rods wound with copper wire. These act as an "antenna" to draw the energies back down into the human body and "realign the poles" according to this ancient egyptian text.

There are many texts about the ancient egyptians using rods for healing. They also know about the returning energy and how to shape and direct it.

Egyptian Healing Rods 1

Egyptian Healing Rods 2

See the Making and Using Life Rods in conjunction with the Body Rejuvenation Exercise for a more in-depth detail of how these rods attract and manipulate the electrons in the air.

The Bible and Jesus

Is the resurrection of Jesus mentioned in the bible trying to tell us something?

A very interesting correlation. I highly respect Christianity and all religions, however this is a very interesting coincidence. You are welcome to view the complete timeline of Jesus death and resurrection at this link. Some very interesting correlations appear here and I highly respect Christianity and all religions, however this is a very interesting coincidence. You are welcome to view the complete timeline of Jesus death and resurrection at this link.

One of the very interesting discoveries made about using energies is the energetic formulae peaks between days 3 & 4. The resurrection of Jesus from his death to resurrection was 3 days.

Earth also receives new radiation belts when these energies are maximized.

Earth received a new life giving radiation belt at 03:42 Greenwich time March 24th 1991?, almost 3 days after the 1991 vernal equinox?

Did you know that christ died around the vernal equinox in March? and rose, according to Romanian Astronomers at 4 a.m. [ARTICLE HERE]

The same forces that created this new belt are magnetic in nature. These same energies that give earth life, also can be used to renew and heal the body.

Earth Receives new Radiation Belt 1
Earth Receives new Radiation Belt 2

More Detailed Timeline down to the exact hours:

These returning energies are also influenced by our Moon. The astronomers also employed information about revolution of the planets within 26-35AD and found out that it was only two times within the period that the full moon followed the vernal equinox immediately.

5 Days after March 24th, 1991 was the full moon.

Could this be the same returning energy that is known in the stories of old of Vampires. Here is a good article about Vampires and how they are also attracted to this energy. Could it be our own fears are what is stopping us from utilizing/tapping this energy for our own good and the well being of others? So we create the imaginary world of Vampires to block our understanding of how this energy process is really a form of life and healing.

Another bible reference is "For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" (Matt. 12:38-40). " You can read the bible passage here

The ancient Egyptians believed that the sun was reborn in November. It is believed that around this time the earths energies are realigning. This is also the peak time of the year people visit the chiropractor. As the earth realigns it affects people and can show up in their health. The Movie ZeitGeist also explains very clearly the How the Birth of Jesus and Christmas relates to the Suns Solstices and other positions. You can find out more about ZeitGeist here:

Mightyz uses a Proprietary Algorithm to know the exact dates these energies are at their highest, including down to the exact hour of the day. Our technology takes into account the proper number of cosmic rays, solar wind speeds, and the key to this whole technology, the correct time of the earths ULF frequency, among other major and important criteria to maximize energy return. To understand the basic concepts behind this technology you can read more here.

You don't need the calendar or the rods to experience the feeling for yourself. The entire exercise is listed for free here. You can try it free for one month and know the dates of maximized energy return. The rods as well as the exact dates make for a more powerful rejuvenating experience and thus on the days of more energy, you can stay in the north/south positions for as short as 45 minutes.

An interesting point is that the earth also has areas this energy gathers naturally. According to this article a couple key areas are France and Hawaii. Interesting to note there is a story circulating that a pair of brothers were known to have lived for hundreds of years, and they lived in France. It is possible they used a similar body rejuvenation technique. You can red the full article here.

Knowing the dates and times, it is very easy to construct a machine to do the work for you, however because the mind is the most powerful machine that we possess, Great Masters who used this concept to the fullest like Edward Leedskalin, no machine is really necessary. All you need to do is learn how to concentrate and focus your mind at the right times in the right places. People who already practice Yoga or Meditation will find the age rejuvenation exercise extremely easy and beneficial.


Additional Sources:

"In other words, both north and south poles are entering the body at any given moment"

Magnetic fields are made up of electrons. Human thoughts can influence and control the movement of electrons in atoms.

Together, all the moving electrons produce a non-local system which we call the Real Human Soul, RHS, which is created by the functioning neurons and, at the same time, can also influence other neurons.

Dr. Davis was able to measure the two ends of magnetic poles. From this, he was able to determine that the spin of the electrons were in reverse of each other. The direction of electron spin given off and tralectrons coming from the South pole of the magnet cycled and moved clockwise, to the right while those emanating from the North pole moved and cycled to the left or counterclockwise. This was confirmed from the use of complex technical magnetometers measuring the magnetic field of Earth from space. It was discovered that magnetic energy moves in an spiral forming the infinity pattern. Upon leaving either the North or South poles it travels halfway backward, clockwise or counterclockwise depending upon the exiting pole, to reenter and rephase itself inwards where it takes on the reverse spin in the opposite direction.

Virtually all atoms comprising matter--whether organic or inert--are considered to have a magnetic moment. Any system or body which is the source of a magnetic field is said to have a magnetic moment.

Some of you may be thinking, "Why give away this discovery/information for free?" In thanks to the Ancient Egyptian Texts whom I received this information, so I too shall give it back free. The key points are the dates and times of this energy, which I have discovered in the form of a Proprietary Algorithm. By knowing this, I am able to double the effect, save time in the 1 hr rotations and thus maximize the energies.


Please Note: If you decide to republish/redistribute or profit from the above discovery, please quote as the source of the information. This work required much research and dedication. The end result was a priority algorithm that puts you "in sync" with a maximized return of these energies for healing and possibly immortality, according to this ancient Egyptian text. All these egyptian texts should be given the most credit for this outstanding discovery.

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