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Cycle Interpretation


The Start of the Process

0-3 = Zero to 3 days before flare

Flare Cycle is the Flare Period

1-4 = One to 4 days after flare

4-8 = Four to 8 days after flare

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Live Forever

Flare Cycle

Stay away from white flower as much as possible

Taking the blueberry, pomegrante etc at the highest solar storm period when geomagnetic energy is highest is key, because research is showing that this first spike of higher geomagnetic activity has a negative influence on the cardiovascular system:

"Higher or Disturbed Earth's Geomagnetism affects cardiovascular health"

There is also a tendency to consume junk food at this period, have more gratitude and appreciation for your good health and good healthy food during this phase so as not to fall victim to these "junk food" urges.

10 to 18 hours before peak of flare or higher solar flux:


Maximum Alkalization AND OXYGENATION of the body.
Alkaline Forming Foods: Kiwi Fruit, Watermelon, Asparagus etc.
Milk of Magnesia, Baking Soda, Maximum Alkalization of the Body

Body detoxing 24 hrs before flare, toxins that are built up and remain in the body feed bad bacteria at the peak of the flare, and manifest as disease illness, days 1-4 after flare.


6 to 8 hours before flare or just as the solar wind begins its rise - HIGHER CALORIES:

When you maximize your intent/belief at this time the F1 layer in earth's atmosphere absorbs this intent energy and becomes charged. 3 or 4 days later when the increased cosmic rays arrive from the sun, it ionizes it and brings it into our reality. It is this "re-connective energy" 3-4 later after the solar flare that creates our reality. When you do the pole balancing 3-4 days later when this "white light" energy is stronger/higher it "re-generates the body". This is a very special part of the phase / process. It shows how belief / intent plays a part in the process.
Mr. Edward Leedskalnin was putting this same intent/consciousness energy into the earth using the rotating flywheel magnetic apparatus as shown in this video.
It is preferable to put the intent into the location where you do the pole balancing so that 3 to 4 days later this energy "returns" as rejuvenation energy. Research also shows that intention when done in the same location magnifies the energies.
Remember to put intent that your body will rejuvenate/become youthful in 3 to 4 days time, use visualization to help this. This time period also corresponds with the same time that christ when to the mount of olives to pray, signifying intent. This would be maximized around 3 in the morning. Remember Mr. Edward Leedskalnin always worked at night. The time of 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., is the time the body and current geographic location is most acid.

Buffering and maximum oxygenation of the body's system:
Chlorophyll, Apple Cider Vinegar (Apple Cider Synergist: Gotu Kola), Calcium Ascorbate, (hydrogen peroxide Synergists: Flax Oil, coenzyme Q10, organic germanium, niacin, vitamin E, Lecithin and Acidophilus)

Lycopene ( free Radical Quencher) - Tomato is highest in Lycopene & Pink grapefruit & Watermelon

Bioflavonoids + VITAMIN C at "rising wind"

Alfalfa (23 calories - 32 mg calcium, 27 magnesium, 70 phos - carb to protein 2.1 to 3.99) - Alkaline

Spinach, Spinach (23 calories - 99 mg calcium, 79 magnesium, 49 phos - carb to protein 3.63 to 2.86) Alkaline

Strengthen blood flow and arteries - apricots, cherries, prunes, rose hips,

Vitamin A Loading (from carrots & Raw Parsley)

Raw Parsley (36 calories - 138 mg calcium, 50 magnesium, 58 phos - carb to protein 6.33 to 2.97)

Foods that Donate Electrons: Vitamin C and E, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Juice
Lycopene, Lutein - take with avocado

Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) is both a good electron donor and also a good electron acceptor
Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) Synergists: Sodium
Vitamin A Synergists: Iron, manganese, Vitamin C, EFA fats, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), [zinc, Vitamin E, alcohol],
these should not be in the body: Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, mineral oil, [iron], alcohol, light, heat, air,

Acids that Make the body more Acidic:
These are taken just before the KP bars go red/ solar wind rising - ACIDS - Apple Cider Vinegar (CH3COOH): vinegar, acetate - Ascorbic acid (H2C6H6O6): vitamin C - Citric acid (C6H8O7): citrus fruits, -


At the Peak of the Solar Flare - Low Phosphorous, High Carb, - NO FIBER - High Carbohydrate/High Calorie Phase Acidic
At this time the KP bars will be red and the solar flux readings will show major distortion

Solar Flux Link:

Hoodia Gordonii appears to contain a molecule that is almost 10,000 times stronger than glucose.

The body turns almost all carbohydrates into glucose, the primary fuel of the body and the dominant sugar in the blood
Fiber stops and or reduces the amount of sugar/glucose.
Food that has no fiber it is going to turn into sugar. It surges insulin and every time you do this you become exposed to more of it and then you eventually become resistant to it.
ASPARTIC ACID - Aids transformation of carbohydrates into cellular energy

Acidic Foods highest in carbohydrates:

Blueberries (47 calories - 6 mg calcium, 6 magnesium, 12 phos - carb to protein 14.5 to 0.74) - Acid
Oat Bran (40 calories - 10 mg calcium, 40 magnesium, 119 phos - carb to protein 11.4 to 3.21) - Acid

Towards the peak of the major flare acidic fruits that have a high carb content and 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio - Blueberry is a perfect choice. Blueberries (47 calories - 6 mg calcium, 6 magnesium, 12 phos - carb to protein 14.5 to 0.74) - Blueberry is acid, to be taken at peak of flare - because there is slightly more "bad energy" that causes bad bacteria etc. to occur, you want more carbs at this time. The magnesium level should be slightly higher - therefore more magnesium intake during this phase. This also matches evidence.html because christ was at a higher elevation that increased oxygenation of the body as well as increasing carbohydrates help deal the body function better at higher elevations.

Acidic Foods with proper ratios :

Pomegranate (68 calories - 3 mg calcium, 3 magnesium, 8 phos - carb to protein 17.2 to 0.95) Acid

Blueberries (47 calories - 6 mg calcium, 6 magnesium, 12 phos - carb to protein 14.5 to 0.74) - Acid

Gymnema Leaf

Cranberries (46 calories - 8 mg calcium, 6 magnesium, 13 phos - carb to protein 12.2 to 0.39) - Acid

Plums (46 calories - 6 mg calcium, 7 magnesium, 16 phos - carb to protein 11.4 to 0.7) - Acid

Prunes (113 calories - 24 mg calcium, 21 magnesium, 37 phos - carb to protein 30 to 1.23) - Acid

Molasses (290 calories - 205 mg calcium, 242 magnesium, 31 phos - carb to protein 75 to 0) - Acid

Increase Starch and Glucose Build up: Liquids: Distilled Water + Glucose + Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Well apparently the intestines have a limited carbohydrate/sugar absorption rate per sugar type (maltodextrin/starch, fructose, glucose, sucrose, etc). So this means if you consume only one sugar source, such as fructose, you will only be able to absorb 30-60 grams per hour, but if you include multiple carbohydrate/sugar sources into your fueling strategy your total carbohydrate absorption rate increases therefore more fuel can be consumed.


Just after the peak of the flare

Next the toxins are flushed out of the body with Fiber
Soluble Fiber and Resistant Starch are the most powerful Protein Toxin Removers
Foods High in Fiber:

High Fiber Intake - Fiber reduces Blood Sugar and helps remove toxins

Removal of Starches and Carbohydrates via Amylase

Amylase Activity increased via Cranberry, Blueberry, and Grape Seed. As the image shows below, you can make these into a synergistic combination. Amylase is commonly found in pineapples, bananas, raisins, and squash.

The Amylase helps the body break down the starch into the sugar than can be used by the body.
Amylase (the enzyme that breaks flour's carbohydrate molecules down into simple sugars) is abundant in packaged flour, where does it come from? Well, amylase occurs naturally in wheat berries, especially when they germinate (or malt). Every wheat berry is essentially a seed, you see, containing an embryo (the germ) and its food supply, the comparatively large and carbohydrate-laden endosperm (both of which are contained within a hard protective shell, the bran). When the wheat berry germinates, the embryo begins producing a variety of enzymes. Some help break down cell walls so the shoot can form and exit the kernel. Others, like amylase, break down the long-chain carbohydrates (the amylase and amylopectin) into the smaller sugars that the shoot uses to fuel its growth. For plants run on simple sugars too, you see. Long-chain carbohydrate molecules are simply energy storage devices.

Next Phytates and Oxalic Acids are taken

Apples or foods highest in phytic acid and oxalic acids are taken at the very end of flare to help clear out the body and clear the way for good bacteria, than the cellular respiration/ mitochondria oxygen is started via the natural ethylene process in the body to maximize this good bacteria..

Phytates (found in seeds) and Oxalic Acids bind to the alkaline metals (calcium, magnesium etc.). Because manganese is the main electron absorbing element days 4-8 and calcium, magnesium and potassium interfere with proper manganese functioning, Phytates (found in seeds) and Oxalic Acids should be taken in the evening of the 2mev electron storm days to maximize the manganese properties and electron flow. In the morning the calcium, magnesium formulas should be taken .Because these foods are electron acceptors, rather than antioxidant electron donators, when the 2mev electron storm begins, 4-8, and you load your body with these, you will feel the energy a lot more - and because magnesium, calcium and zinc etc, hinder manganese performance, you must take to remove these from your body which getting the "maximum charge" from the incoming electron flow stream. The more electron absorbing foods you take a few days prior to the 2mev electron storm (most likely around the equinoxes load the body with these foods), the more you will feel the electrons stream into your body doing their work. Phytic acid binds to important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Phytates, (Phytates are generally found in foods high in fiber) - The other is Oxalic acid. This is a naturally-occurring substance found in some foods that binds with important nutrients, making them inaccessible to the body. Oxalic acid binds with calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, or potassium.
Foods generally found include: apples asparagus, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, most berries (especially strawberries and cranberries), most nuts (especially peanuts), beans, beets, beet greens, bell peppers, black pepper, parsley, rhubarb, spinach, swiss chard, summer squash, sweet potatoes, and tea. Plant foods with high concentrations of oxalic acid (over 200 ppm) include (but are not limited to): lamb's-quarter, buckwheat, star fruit, black pepper, purslane, poppy seeds, rhubarb, tea, spinach, plantains, cocoa and chocolate, ginger, almonds, cashews, garden sorrel, mustard greens, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes, beets and beet greens, oats, pumpkin, cabbage, green beans, mango, eggplant, tomatoes, lentils, and parsnips.Foods sorted by Oxalic Acid List

IP6 rice bran extract has been shown to be a powerful body detoxifier and cleansing agent.

Cinnamon Spice (ground) 2674 units/gram (247 calories - 1002 mg calcium, 60 magnesium, 64 phos - carb to protein 81 to 3.99 - Fiber 53 grams) - Alkaline

Marjoram Spice 40 grams Fiber)

Cumin Seed 10.5 grams Fiber)) [lowest carbohydrate out of the spices)

Oregano Spice 43 grams Fiber))

Thyme Spice 14 grams Fiber))

Blackberries (5.3 grams Fiber)) Alkaline

Liquid Pectin (Fiber 2.1 grams) - Alkaline

Organic Iron Only (available from spinach) + Vitamin C
Vitamin E is converted into a less potent antioxidant, and is regenerated thanks to vitamin C


Next the body is made more alkaline:

Common Bases
Magnesium hydroxide (Mg[OH]2): laxatives, antacids (milk of magnesia)
Sodium bicarbonate/sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3): baking soda

Lemon Juice is perfect for this (29 calories - 26 mg calcium, 8 magnesium, 16 phos - carb to protein 9.32 to 1.1 Fiber 2.8 grams) - Alkaline

Pineapple (50 calories - 13 mg calcium, 12 magnesium, 8 phos - carb to protein 13.1 to 0.54) - Alkaline

Raspberries (52 calories - 25 mg calcium, 22 magnesium, 29 phos - carb to protein 11.9 to 1.2) - Alkaline

Apples (52 calories - 6 mg calcium, 5 magnesium, 11 phos - carb to protein 13.8 to 0.26) - Alkaline

Pears (58 calories - 9 mg calcium, 7 magnesium, 11 phos - carb to protein 15.5 to 0.38) - Alkaline

Mulberries (43 calories - 39 mg calcium, 18 magnesium, 38 phos - carb to protein 9.8 to 1.44) - Alkaline

Loganberries (55 calories - 26 mg calcium, 21 magnesium, 26 phos - carb to protein 13 to 1.52) - Alkaline

As the red bars of the solar flare change back to green, bring the body back to an alkaline state: To assist this take lemon juice. ,

Next after the body has been made more alkaline, take:

These B vitamins convert the above carbohydrates into energy

Take along with these B Vitamins in these ratios -
b2 to b1 ratio = 1.5:1
b2 to b5 ratio = 1:1

Next take BIOTIN - for carbohydrate metabolism

b3 ratio of 7 to the above

Flush the liver out with: carrot, beetroot, celery stick and cucumber

On the evening of the flare, Fiber Foods / Foods with cal to mag 2:1 mag to phos 2:1 ratios should be taken in the evening.
IP6 rice bran extract - IP6 is a selective chelator -- it does not attach to potassium, sodium or magnesium, important electrolyte minerals required for heart rhythm


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