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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water

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This book is dedicated to Kobo Daishi - Kukai. Founder of Shingon Buddhism 774-835 AD and to the faithful monks at the temple monastery in Honolulu Hawaii

Book Chapters: People Can Have Their Hair Turn Grey Overnight, Why Can't The Body Renew Itself Overnight? - Page 9 The Real Meaning Behind Easter and The Last Supper - Page 10 The Sigmoidal Connection - Page 12 Clues Deciphered and the Meaning of the Last Supper - Page 12 The 12 Disciples at the Last Supper - Page 13 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot - Page 13 The True Meaning of the Cross - Page 14 The Crown of Thorns - Page 17 The Two Thieves Beside Christ - Page 18 Jesus in his Tomb and the Ressurection - Page 19 The Tomb of Darkness and Restoration of the Body - Page 20 Jesus going to the Mountain to Pray - Page 21 The Oils - Page 21 Mary, Mother of Jesus - Page 21 Jesus the Carpenter and the Connection to Wood - Page 22 The Meaning of "Fish" in the Scriptures - Page 22 Jesus Crossing the Sea - Page 23 The True Meaning of Christmas - Page 23 2 Ancient Prophets Born During Aries - Page 24 Understanding the Principals that Create Faith - Page 24 The Power of Intention and Our Sun - Page 24 Observations of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity - Page 33 What Can We Use This Intention For? - Page 33 How Intention Fuels Innovation and Technology - Page 35 The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux - Page 37 Intentions and Events - Page 38 Peak Periods to Perform Intention - Page 42 What Is The Ionosphere? - Page 42 How Ionization Re-Creates Life - Page 43 The Number 3 - Page 44 The Number 4 - Page 46 The Number 8 - Page 48 The Number 11 - Page 49 The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms - Page 50 The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun - Page 51 What Causes Aging? - Page 51 How Can We Prevent or Reverse Aging? - Page 52 How to Heal Toothache and Never Visit the Dentist Again - Page 53 Five 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes - Page 54 How to Instantly Heal a Toothache - Page 55 What is Vitamin K2? - Page 57 Prevention of Cavities - Page 58 Using Earth Energy to Heal Teeth - Page 58 Keeping the Gums Healthy - Page 59 How to Cease Bleeding Gums - Page 60 The Five Major Longevity Cultures of the World - Page 61 Individuals Who Have Lived Extremely Long Lives - Page 61 Putting It All Together - Page 66 Anti Aging Foods and their Traits - Page 67 The Template of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection. The "Life Force Storm" - Page 67 How to find the Recurrent CHHSS - Page 70 How to Interpret Solar and Geomagnetic Data - Page 70 Scientific Explanation of Where the "life force" Storm Energy Originates - Page 71 Moisture Levels - Page 73 Overnight Rebuilding of The Body using the Energy from the Earth and Sun - Page 74 How Mineral Ratio Improves Nutrient Absorption - Page 78 When It's Too Late to Take Anti-Aging Foods - Page 81 Preventing Alzheimer's - Page 82 The Miracle of Sulphur - Page 83 The Miracle of the Onion - Page 84 Maximizing Mineral Retention and Increasing Nutrient Absorption - Page 85 Mineral Retention - Page 88 Calcium Retention - Page 89 "Binders" to Increase Nutrient Absorption - Page 90 How the Rhythms of Earth are Affecting the Cycles of the Body - Page 91 How to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels Naturally - Page 91 How to Reverse Aging with Exercise - Page 92 MET's - Page 94 Exercise Tips - Page 95 The Varieties of Green Tea - Page 96 Glutamine the One and Only Antioxidant - Page 96 How Glutamic Acid Makes Glutamine - Page 97 Foods that Produce Glutamine - Page 97 Nitrogen Circulation and Retention - Page 98 Speed Kills, but Slower Always Lives On - Page 98 Ormus the Miracle Worker - Page 98 The Effects of Ormus Upon the Body - Page 100 The Effects after Taking Ormus - Page 102 Using Ormus to Increase Prosperity and Abundance - Page 103 How the Earth Makes Ormus - Page 103 Natures "Hidden" Windows - Page 103 Ormus Clouds - Page 104 How to Make Your Own Ormus - Page 107 The Best Times to Make Ormus - Page 109 Personal Experiences Using Ormus - Page 109 How Ormus is Created through Moisture - Page 111 Storing Ormus/Ormus Overdoses - Page 111 Synergistic Effects of Ormus - Page 111 The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide - Page 112 The Amazing Telluric Current - Page 113 Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures - Page 114 How to Tap Telluric Current - Page 115 The Moon and Telluric Current - Page 116 The Telluric Current Flow - Page 117 Artificial Generation of Telluric Current - Page 117 Magnetic Fields and Health - Page 118 Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body - Page 119 The Power of North/South Alignments - Page 120 Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits - Page 120 The Recyability and Regeneration Sequence of Antioxidants - Page 121 The 2 Main Beneficial Types of Fiber - Page 122 Soluble Fiber - Page 122 Insoluble Fiber - Page 123 Medicinal Mushrooms and The Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Connection - Page 123 Fighting Bad Bacteria - Page 124 Mushrooms/Fungi and Superoxide Dismutase - Page 125 How Evaporation Draws in New Life - Page 126 The Fermentation Connection - Page 127 Compounds that Assist Fermentation - Page 129 How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells via Fermentation - Page 130 The Aerobic Cycle of Regeneration - Page 131 What Aerobic Bacteria Likes to Eat - Page 131 The B Vitamin Connection - Page 133 The Homocysteine Process - Page 134 The Power of Vitamin B3 - Page 134 The Polysaccharides Connection - Page 135 The Digestion Connection - Page 135 Foods that Improve Digestion - Page 139 Keeping the Digestive Tract Moist - Page 140 Keeping the Colon Healthy - Page 140 The Miracle of Resistant Starch - Page 141 The Prebiotics - Page 141 The Probiotics - Page 142 Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day - Page 143 The Digestive Enzymes - Page 144 The Miracle of the Enzyme Trypsin - Page 145 The Enzyme Process - Page 146 What Enzymes Love to Eat - Page 147 The 8 Main Enzymes and Their Purpose - Page 148 Live Enzymes in Food - Page 149 How to Boost Digestive Enzymes - Page 149 The Evolution of Stretching - Page 150 The SOD Enzyme in Closer Detail - Page 152 Superoxide Dismutase and the Electrostatic Field - Page 152 Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields - Page 154 How to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Levels in the Body - Page 155 Physical Methods to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Levels - Page 155 Foods that Boost the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme - Page 156 Boosting Catalase Levels in the Body - Page 157 Enzyme Inhibitors - Page 158 Early Seed Germination and Longivity - Page 159 The Moisture Connection - Page 159 The Humidity Factor - Page 161 Ways to Increase Moisture in the Body - Page 163 The Types of Magnesium - Page 163 The Cysteine Connection - Page 164 Factors That Decrease Cysteine Production in the Body - Page 165 The Eight Essential Amino Acid Groups - Page 165 The Tryptophan Connection - Page 165 The Alkaline Connection - Page 166 Creating Alkalinity in the Body - Page 168 Methods that Induce Alkalinity into the Body - Page 169 The Alkaline Protein Connection - Page 170 Sources of Alkaline Proteins - Page 171 The Binding Effect - Page 171 The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption - Page 172 Calcium Inhibitors - Page 173 Boosting Calcium Absorption - Page 174 The Phospherous Connection - Page 175 Increasing Phospherous Levels - Page 176 Index.......................... Page 179 End of Part 1 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 The Magic Frequency of 60HZ - Page 62 Oxidative Stress and The Sir2 Gene - Page 63 How Temporary Bursts of Stress Prolong Life - Page 63 Flu Prevention Cures / Boosting the Immune System - Page 65 How To Boost the Metabolism of the Liver - Page 66 Additional Factors that Weaken the Immune System - Page 66 How to Stop Getting the Flu in Winter - Page 68 Zinc Lozenges - Page 68 Energy From Thoughts and The Immune System - Page 69 Foods and Depression - Page 72 Outside Influences that Deplete the Immune System - Page 73 Where do T Cells Come From? - Page 74 How Newborn Babies Survive with an Almost Non-Existent Immune System - Page 74 Heart Cells Renew Themselves Throughout Life - Page 75 How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System - Page 76 Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles - Page 80 Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health - Page 85 How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March - Page 88 Autoimmune Conditions - Page 89 Foods and Methods that Boost the Immune System - Page 90 The Immune System and Seasons - Page 94 If you Have the Flu - Page 95 If you have Pneumonia - Page 96 Flu Prevention and Influenza Protection - Page 96 Cancer Killers -Page 97 What Causes Cells to Undergo "Negative Fermentation?" - Page 98 Foods high in Carcinogens - Page 98 Methods and Foods Proven to Cure Cancer - Page 99 The Power of Cesium and Rubidium - Page 99 How to Use Vitamin C to Kill Cancer Cells - Page 100 Cancer Prevention - Page 100 The Power of Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 Facts about Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 The Miracle of Manganese - Page 102 The Genetic Connection - Page 102 Gene Protection and Repair - Page 103 Having the Proper Amount of Uric Acid - Page 103 How to Remove Excess Uric Acid - Page 104 How to Generate Life Force In Your Body - Page 104 Effects from Performing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 106 Internal Renewal According to the Energy of the Sun - Page 109 How Life Giving Energy Enters our Earth - Page 110 How to Perform the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 110 The Pole Balancing Exercise in Detail - Page 111 Pole Balancing Help Notes - Page 113 Health and Mental Effects Gained from Pole Balancing - Page 113 Foods to Boost Effectiveness of Pole Balancing - Page 114 Positions of Pole Balancing in Detail - Page 115 Laying South - Page 115 The Recurrent CHHSS - Page 116 Best Seasonal Conditions for Pole Balancing - Page 117 Stimulation of the Body via The Sun - Page 117 Best Surfaces to Perform Pole Balancing - Page 119 Effects on the Body just before a Solar Flare - Page 119 Geomagnetic Forces and Their Effect Upon the Body - Page 120 Scientific Validation Linking Geomagnetic Activity and Health - Page 121 Combating the Effects of Negative Geomagnetic Activity - Page 124 Jet Lag and Higher Geomagnetic Activity Are Both the Same - Page 124 The Healing Power of Propolis - Page 125 What is Propolis used for? - Page 126 The Facts About Drinking Distilled Water - Page 127 How Electrons Change Food Structure - Page 128 Growing/Making Your Own Foods - Page 129 Magnetic Water and its Restorative Effects - Page 129 The Power of Hydrogen - Page 132 How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water - Page 133 Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body - Page 135 The Sulphur Thiol Connection - Page 137 Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life - Page 137 Synergistic Food Combinations - Page 140 Mineral Synergy - Page 149 Longivity "Extracts". Manufactured Anti-Aging Compounds - Page 150 Skin Renewal - Page 151 2 Longevity Hunza Recipes - Page 153 Energetic Herbal Formulas You Can Make - Page 155 How to Make Your own Superoxide Dismutase. SOD Mix. - Page 155 How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Brain Food. Brain Food Mix. - Page 156 How to Make Your Own Prebiotic Formula. ENRG Max. - Page 157 How to Make the Life Restoring Chitosan Mix. - Page 157 How to Increase the Prebiotics in Yogurt Safely. Yogurt Mix. - Page 159 Sardine Mix - Page 159 Three Mineral Water Recipes - Page 159 Space Weather Conditions for Beneficial Healing upon the Body - Page 164 How to Predict Killer Bacteria Events - Page 164 Early Warning Sign prediction links - Page 166 Putting It All Together. How to Supercharge The Immune System - Page 167 Using Bromelain with Antibiotics - Page 169 The Miracle of Betaine - Page 170 Preventing and Controlling Inflammation - Page 171 Alternating Conduits of Energy in the Body - Page 171 Index................. Page 178A Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology - Pine Cones, The Pituitary/Pineal Gland and HGH

Using Ormus to Increase Prosperity and Abundance

Ormus has a huge affinity with our Sun. Because our bodies on the molecular level are similar to sunlight, by using intent and focus, we can use Ormus to increase communication and attract to us clients or ideas and increase business and prosperity in our lives.

good exercise to increase wealth is at dawn, noon, and sunset face directly into the Sun and 'demand a cashing-in' on the Law of Abundance. Do this after you take the Ormus. State clearly how much you need, confidently, without fear and doubt and imagine that your goal is already on its way. You should spend at least 5-30 minutes in the sun. You should focus on the meaning behind your request first, than be sincere in your request and intention.

When I take sprouted flax seeds, I notice this boosts the results. This is magnified even more when the sun is showing higher sunspot activity, especially during the months starting from Late February into Early June (when sunspots are increasing). As mentioned earlier, another method to connect with the sun is to face the sun and visualize the rays of the sun flowing into your heart chakra, and throughout the cells of your body. If you feel "blocks" when doing this, than remove them using the EFT technique or do a forgiveness exercise to get your energy flowing again. Without a proper energy flow, you can't open up to receiving the wealth you deserve.

How the Earth Makes Ormus

Thousands of years ago, when Noah was upon the earth, there were numerous biblical revelations showing that a white substance called "manna" fell to the ground. Today's researchers speculate that this manna was a form of Ormus. Today scientific instruments show that when UV light shines on earth's ozone layer, it creates a new excited state of oxygen, providing new free electrons. These electrons are in a light state. We fully don't understand how oxygen works or how to completely analyze the complete spectrum of elements in oxygen. It is my theory that this new oxygen falling to earth is a similar type of Ormus that connects with the roots of plants, providing new nutrients.

Natures "Hidden" Windows

These "windows" I will call them, are extremely temporary and short lived. This I believe is a "switch" that turns on and off the Ormus production, allowing it to nourish life. As with any anti-aging substance, too much causes problems. I believe that nature makes the Ormus during just the right times.

Ormus Clouds

Because Ormus is in the air so rarely, I have recorded 2 events exactly 6 months apart, when solar conditions were high. As shown in the graph below, around July 28th, 2011 we have a major solar flare occurring (2 days at 13), with the background flux levels at high levels (B4.8 and higher) for more than 3 days. Than about 8 days later, the PH level of the air was more acidic at night and than in the morning reached perfect Ormus levels.This last event occurred in February.

The photograph shown below was taken 8 days after this major solar flare, when the PH level of the air was at perfect Ormus harvesting periods in the morning and sunset.

Interesting to note that many biblical descriptions show a picture of the suns rays shining through the clouds when representing a pictorial representation of God. This "ormus" in the air effect seems to happen just before the time the suns activity starts to increase, especially after solar activity has been quiet for a while. In my area, which is Hawaii, it occurs most often in March or Spring.

From my personal research, the process works as follows:

There are certain periods, possibly related to higher levels of moisture in the air (higher humidity and dewpoint), when at sunset the air will start to become more acidic, rising in the mid to late morning to higher alkaline levels. When it rises from acidic to alkaline it has to go through the PH range between 10.5 and 10.7, which happens to be the range "Ormus" falls out of the air. (see Ormus the Miracle Worker for more details). This effect is most pronounced when humidity and the dewpoint average starts increasing during late afternoon into sunset. This rising and falling does not always happen every day constantly, but possibly during periods that higher moisture levels increase in the air. I've named this process the "oxygen PH level". This "oxygen PH level occurs most often at the start of Spring at my location, which is in Hawaii. I have also noticed it occurring about 8 days after intense solar flares have erupted from the sun.

Just as we make Ormus from seawater between the PH ranges of 10.5 and 10.7, so too do these same elements "fall out of the air" when the oxygen PH levels in air are between 10.5 and 10.7. This occurs most often in the morning. From personal experience I have noted that the favorable oxygen PH level in the air occurs very temporary, varying itself with the flow of the wind. It "fluctuates" like a wave in the air between 10.5 and 10.7, and only for only a short period, before quickly rising to alkaline levels for the rest of the day. Sometimes it is preceded by the sun shining through the clouds, which absorbs moisture, and again at sunset. It is interesting to note that many holy pictures depicting the presence of God, always show the scene of the sun shining through the clouds. An Australian gentleman in Australia has been able to extract Ormus from the air using Copper Sulphate, so this proves that Ormus does manifest in the air at certain times.I believe the heat of the sun is absorbing the ambient moisture in the air, creating this favorable oxygen PH range. We can see this same reaction occur with Lye. When you add water to Lye, the Lye gets tremendously hot and the temperature rises. This is because when you add Lye to the ocean water, it absorbs the moisture, rising the PH level.

During periods of high humidity/dewpoint which is a time that there is more moisture in the air, the Ormus levels seem to be higher and last longer. And if you do your research, you will find that high humidity and increased carbon dioxide increases the growth of Hemp Plants, which are one of the few plants highest in Omega 3 Oils. Don't get this mixed up with the carbon dioxide that comes from cellular respiration, this form of CO2 is a byproduct of toxin removal. Carbonated CO2, or artificially produced CO2 that you buy in the store is free of these toxins. This includes Perrier Mineral Water, or Tonic or Carbonated waters. From this we can conclude that the infrared penetrates deeply into a higher moisture microclimate, feeding the good bacteria within.

Another example is hydrogen peroxide, which is the byproduct of toxin removal when the cells "exhale". When food grade hydrogen peroxide is taken orally, it greatly boosts the white blood cells, which in turn greatly boost the immune system. Another very, very interesting note on Carbon Dioxide. It is one of the most powerful methods used to remove grime from carpets. When carbon dioxide is applied to carpet, it literally "explodes" the dirt and grime, bringing it to the surface.

Sunrise and Sunset are the times that infrared radiation is strongest, and you can safely look at the the sun. Infrared penetrates the bodily easily, just like Ormus. Sunrise and Sunset are also when the sun appears to move FAST on the visible horizon.

Another interesting fact is that when you make Ormus from seawater, the PH level rises slowly until it reaches 10.2, than after that it stabilizes between 10.4 to 10.7 in a fraction of a second. When the PH reaches this critical range, it rises FAST and you have to pay attention to keep it within this range to successfully harvest the Ormus. It is like nature built in a "safety switch" to keep this special "frequency" activated only when exposed to the right conditions and times. Just like excessive amounts of anti-aging foods cause cancer, nature made sure that only the right PH level occurs at the right times. Where I live it occurs just at the start of Spring..

DNA repair acts in much the same way, it takes only a fraction of a second for DNA in our bodies to repair itself. This process is most easily illustrated when light strikes chlorophyll, activating the electrons and generating photosynthesis. It also occurs when light strikes blue green algae repairing the DNA in a fraction of a second. The longer lasting and more stable the humidity, the more Ormus is extracted. High stable humidity levels occur most often in the equatorial regions of the earth. It is in this equatorial "zone" that many of the longevity foods, such as the acai berry, noni etc. are to be found. It is also known as the equilateral electrojet where the north and south magnetic flowing fields are most stable, and we all know the Amazon rainforest is the only place on earth that is crawling with new life and thousands, if not millions of species of plants and animals live in this "life" zone. In theory, if you were researching on how to open a stargate to another solar system by using Ormus as the superconductor, (Ormus has superconductor properties), than you would only need amplify and stabilize the favorable oxygen PH periods, than align this with the same favorable oxygen PH periods on the distant planet. I believe that there is a "signature" that matches the same signature on the distant world. From this we can conclude that there must be multiple earths around us, maybe in another dimension that can be accessed using this method. Perhaps these multiple earths swap and exchange energy at the molecular level around us all the time. The movie "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," shows a scene just like this when they open a stargate in winter at sunrise on a foreign planet.

In theory, maybe you could also use Ormus to transmit information. Because Ormus so easily resonates with the sun, perhaps using sunlight as a communication medium would transmit messages across the galaxy. I would coin this a "communication stargate."

How to Make Your Own Ormus

Making Ormus is fun, and most of all you can control the quality and freshness. Instructions are as follows:

Equipment needed:

2 Stainless steel or pyrex bowls, to hold at least one gallon volume each, Coffee filters, Strainer to hold coffee filters (coffee pot top is ok unless aluminum.) Do not use aluminum. Squirt bottle with good lid, or dropper bottle, pH meter or paper that tests up to at least 11, Glass jar (spigot at bottom is useful), Turkey baster or 50cc syringe (esp. if you donít have a spigot on the jar)
Pyrex measuring cup.

Ingredients needed:

Coarse sea salt, or Ocean Seawater gathered from a remote area free of pollution. The gray kind that looks damp and clumps together best. I get it from Trader Joes for $3.79/2-cup jar. Or you can order Dead Sea Salt directly from or you can use Sea Water.
Lye (Red Devil Lye is in most groceries in the Drano section). You can also order food grade lye from
Gallon of Distilled water, White distilled vinegar, Preparation: Do this over the sink, out of the way.

Pour one cup of distilled water in Pyrex measuring cup that is sitting in the sink. Add two tablespoons of lye powder. Standing back from the sink so fumes donít get in your eyes, stir powder til it dissolves. Note: The water will get hot. If lye powder contacts your skin or clothes, remove it immediately with water and soap---take off the clothing immediately. The powder will eat through clothing and skin.

Place the squirt bottle or dropper bottle in the sink and pour the lye solution into the bottle. If water is still hot, leave the lid loosely placed over the top. You can fasten it later, when the water cools down.

Pour 4 cups of water in a bowl and dissolve 1cup of salt in the water (or use 1 cup of ocean seawater). (Different brands of salt have different yields. Dead Sea salt takes 1/8 cup per gallon.)
Strain salt water thru coffee filters into the second bowl. You will probably have to use many coffee filters, as there is a lot of stuff in sea salt.

With pH paper ready (or digital PH meter), start adding dropperfuls (or very small squirts) of lye-water to the salt water, STIRRING CONSTANTLY. (Vary your stir pattern, as the lye-water will tend to concentrate on one section unless you blend it everywhere.)
Check the pH of the water. You want the pH to reach 10 without going as high as 11. It will rise slowly til it gets to about 9, and then will go faster. When it gets to about 10 it will suddenly rise FAST. If it gets as high as 11, add a few drops of vinegar to bring the PH back down.
Note: The reason for the exact pH reading is that the m-state elements will drop out of the water at just over 10.5. If you go too high, other elements (Gilchrist Elements) will drop out of the water, and they are bad for you. So you want the pH to stay under 11. (10.78 to be exact). When the correct pH is reached, check several places in the water to make sure itís evenly distributed.

Pour water in large jar. Let it settle for at least 4 hours. Overnight is best. white or grey precipitate will form at the bottom of the jar.
When 4-12 hours has passed, drain or siphon off the clear water (salt water), and refill the bottle with distilled or good drinking water. (You may keep this water, adding more distilled to it and raising the pH to get more precipitate.) Shake it and let it settle again. This is called washing the precipitate.

Wash the precipitate at least 3 times with clean water, each time shaking it and letting it settle at least 4 hours before repeating.
After the last wash, pour the slurry of grey/white powder and water into a glass jar with a lid and save it for use. Store it away from electric or magnetic fields.

If some of you are privileged enough to live near an unpolluted wild flowing creek or river, making Ormus from these waters has a high mineral content, thus a higher healing ability than normal tap water. He is the method I am currently using.

I use 5 cups of salt water from the ocean and add 16 cups of tap water. I have found that ocean water from the coast of Malibu, California has a higher activation PH than normal seawater from the Hawaiian Islands, probably due to higher levels of pollution (I use freshwater in the mix to get the reaction, than use creek water to rinse the ormus with for the topical version) . I believe this is because the Hawaiian Seawater is more full of natural volcanic substances, high in Ormus. I than bring the PH level up to 11.1, than wait a few momments, than keep it at 11.1 until the elements drop out of the water. During the 3 periods of rinsing, I use fresh creek water to rinse the Ormus with. Note: This type of Ormus I make is for topical use, or for plants and animals.

If I want to make the edible version of Ormus, I use 2 cups of Celtic Sea Salt to 16 cups of Tap or Spring Water (Spring Water Yields more Ormus, especially when it is around a full moon). I than rise the Ormus 3 times using tap water.

If I want to make an edible form of Ormus from Seawater, I carefully boil the seawater for 10 minutes, than make the Ormus from that. I have also used combinations of the Celtic Sea Salt/Himalayan Salt and mixed it with the Ormus from the Seawater to make a super nutrient rich topical Ormus healing compound.

Since Ormus is strongly affected by intent and by energy fields, it seems to increase its potency if you surround it with high-energy objects. These range from crystals, to photos of beloved teachers or grandmothers, to written intentions of goals, etc.

How to use. If you choose to ingest it. Start with about a half teaspoon twice a day. If you take too much at the beginning you may go into a healing crisis as your body detoxes. Apply directly to the skin to remove pain from cuts, improve scars, age spots, wrinkles, discolorations, etc. Pets and plants love it. (You donít need to use much on plants to get huge yields. If you use TOO much, yield drops. The ratio, for what itís worth, is 3 gallons per acre once a season. Iíve also heard one-half cup per five gallons of water.) Flowering plants bloom like mad after receiving just a drop of Ormus in their water.

The Best Times to Make Ormus

Because Ormus is related to the sun and intention, the best times to make Ormus is when the sunspot count is increasing, and above 80, which is usually the period just before a solar flare. Another good time to make Ormus is during a full moon, when the moon is in apogee, and during the moons 1st and last quarters. These are periods that earth's electrostatic field levels are stronger. These moon positions also happen to coincide with the Moon Pond that Edward Leedskalin built. From this we can conclude that an electrostatic field of some type was used to help move the large stones at Coral Castle. Other beneficial times are during the Templates of Renewal and Realignment "window" period (see chapter for further details). Ancient texts also advise spring as being the best season to harvest Ormus.

Ormus is almost exactly like Aloe, except it is more concentrated. Ormus has a lifespan of approximately 50 to 70 days after it has been freshly made, whereupon it quickly looses its healing power after that.

Personal Experiences Using Ormus

When harvesting Ormus from saltwater, and the PH level of the air happens to be at the favorable oxygen PH levels, the body will absorb the Ormus energy in significant levels. So you don't even need to ingest it at these times.

Ormus has a "fermentive" period that it seems to go through. I have also noticed that after storing Ormus, it reaches its peak strength in about 4 weeks, than dies down completely after about 3 months. This is for an 8oz size bottle of Ormus. After that I use it for topical solutions (heal wounds etc.) and plants. It has stopped pain immediately when applied to cuts and bruises, and helps heal scars. I have also left a fresh batch of a small amount of Ormus in my manufacturing workspace. After about 4 weeks, the Ormus seems to soak up and retain the manufacturing energies/intent in the area. I have than placed small drops of this Ormus in my finished work. It greatly magnifies/synergizes the end results.

When I make Ormus next to my magnetic water chargers (see How to Make Magnetic Water), a "burst" of energy seems to rush from the iron oxide into the water. This "burst of energy" is stronger when the solar flux of the sun is higher. My theory is that because the magnetic water chargers are full of iron oxide, which soaks up moisture like a sponge, it resonates with the moisture chemical reaction in the water when Ormus is being extracted. I have also noted that Ormus in the air is strongest and more stable just after a thunderstorm, probably because the sun soaks up the massive amount of moisture that is in the air and on the ground. Also when I take what I have called the "SOD Mix" (see chapter on how to make this yourself), and take Ormus 2 hours later, the effects of Ormus are synergised.

During dark, stormy overcast days, the oxygen PH levels in the air will sometimes be more acidic, between 8.0 and 10.0. Because acidic air occurs when people are asleep, a "dreamlike" state occurs among people during the day when the air is more acidic. On these days people appear to be more "sluggish" and not as "motivated", as days when the air is more alkaline (regularly at 15 PH level). Edward Leedskallin worked at night when the air was more acidic, possibly giving him more leverage to levitate his large stone blocks. Maybe he was using some method to boost and stabilize the favorable oxygen PH levels in the air to help move the large blocks of limestone. Just like the theory you have to stabilize the Ormus in the air to open a stargate to a distant planet.

From personal observation, when the oxygen PH reaches perfect Ormus harvesting levels, there is a significant increase in the activity of moths. Moths are attracted to candlelight, which is in the infrared range. Ormus is best taken after you have "warmed up" your "intention engine". I have found when I am doing intentional work, I won't take Ormus until about 4 hours later. The Ormus than accompanies my original intention, creating a "wave of energy" that helps complete the intention. This is because the previous 4 hours was spent creating/molding a "template" of intention/goal work and the Ormus merely "fills in" the template, thus manifesting the goal I am working on. It has been my experience that when I take Magnetic Water (which is full of Ormus elements) before bed and awaken the next morning to when the early morning air is more acidic, throughout the day, I awaken significantly more refreshed. This is probably because there is more moisture in the air at these times. Also verbal intention becomes stronger during times the oxygen PH levels are more acidic. As we expel carbon dioxide when we speak, it makes the oxygen PH level of the air more alkaline. Without carbon dioxide, there can be no rising/falling of the moisture levels in the air. On the days there is more water moisture in the air, such as days of higher humidity and a higher dewpoint average, the molecular weight of air becomes "thinner", allowing soundwaves to penetrate further.

During the biblical time of Moses he used spoken words to part the Red Sea. It is most likely he did this during sunrise or sunset, when Ormus in the air was strongest.

How Ormus is Created through Moisture

Hindu tradition speaks of an exercise called Ujjai Pranayama, which is a breathing technique said to collect prana in the throat (which is a form of Ormus in the air) by inhaling and exhaling through the nose while the throat is constricted. This is one method of extracting Ormus from the air. Compounds that rapidly soak up ambient moisture, raise the PH level of the compound, and in doing so, create Ormus. When fungus and mushrooms grow on stumps of trees we see this effect occurring.

Wood ash absorbs moisture readily from the air and is used as a super nutrient for soils and to neutralize acidic soils. It is also used to make Lye, which is used to make ocean salt water highly alkaline. Wood ash has been found to be high in Ormus. I believe the Wood Ash collects the Ormus from the air, when the oxygen PH levels show themselves, which ride in the rising and falling moisture levels.

Storing Ormus/Ormus Overdoses

Ormus should be stored in an aluminum or metal container, and kept out of the sun. Utensils used to handle the Ormus should be rinsed clean as Ormus is easily contaminated by bad bacteria. You may have read online of people who made Ormus incorrectly or was made from contaminated water or using contaminated utensils. The most common reaction is the body will have a negative reaction from the build up of metals in the body, and they must be rapidly removed. This is easily done with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and/or the herb Cilantro and other herbs/spices that remove metals from the body.

Synergistic Effects of Ormus

Ormus binds readily with oxygen (especially catalase) and is well taken with these herbs that increase oxygen levels in the body. These include: Chamomile, Rosehip, Hawthorn, Lemon Verbena. Taken with Green Tea it greatly boosts the results.

Ormus also synergizes with foods that improve cell to cell communication, such as Glyconutrients. Aloe Vera (inner leaf is best) is one of the best sources for glyconutrients. (See the Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life chapter for more details). We see this same effect occurring when soil is tilled to increase the oxygen content, which in turn creates new beneficial bacteria. When we increase the oxygen levels in our cells, it creates a new nourishing atmosphere for renewal.

The effects of Ormus are stronger during the first increase in the solar flux, as this is the time the cells in our body become more active.

Ormus also binds readily with proteins high in Manganese. Proteins Highest in Manganese:
Hazel Nuts - Manganese 6.18
Pine Nuts - Manganese 8.8

Ormus binds to oxygen, burning calories in the process. Having more calories in the system before taking Ormus greatly boosts the effect. Foods highest in calories: Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Corn and Canola Oil, Peanut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Nutmeg, Poppy Seed, Dried Coconut, Macadamia nuts, Pecans, Butter, Dried Egg, Egg Yolk, Goat Cheese, Brazil Nuts.

The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide

Infrared is an electron acceptor and penetrates through anything, even down to the depths of the ocean, where it feeds aerobic bacteria, especially those near volcanic vents. When the sun is low on the horizon, it is in the infrared range. Infrared saunas penetrate soo deeply into the body, that they burn away over 600 calories in 30 minutes.

The Far Infrared Mineral Lamp, currently approved by the FDA, was invented by a group of scientists in China, headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin. It heals muscular aches and pains, soft tissue injures, arthritis and various skin conditions. The story of the Far Infrared Lamp is an interesting one. century-old ceramic factory in a rural area in China had extremely poor working conditions. The workers stood in clay mud for much of the work day next to a klin furnace. Those that stood near the furnace with their feet soaked in clay, never developed a single case of arthritis, compared to their workmates.

full-scale scientific investigation revealed the anomaly: An electromagnetic reading in the far-infrared spectrum emanating from the kiln found that the metallic slag in the kiln, accumulated over years of buildup, showed it was made up of 33 minerals that corresponded with the 33 essential minerals found in the human body. When infrared heat was applied to these minerals, they radiated energy similar to the energy emitted by the human body.

Infrared rays from the sun occur at sunrise and sunset, which is also the time that more moisture is in the air, especially in the morning. It is also the time of day you can stare at the sun directly without being blinded. The science known as "sungazing", when you look at the sun at sunrise or sunset, has been shown to have dramatic beneficial effects on health and well being.

The Amazing Telluric Current

Today, very few of us have heard of the term "telluric current", but back in the days when the telegraph was just getting off the ground, it was the only electric force available to power telegraphic wires so communication messages could get through. Telluric current, simply put, is energy that travels through the earth, oceans and rides on the wind. It has both a positive and negative polarity and an electrostatic field of force. When the right metals are placed the right distance apart in the earth, the telluric current is turned into a direct current, which can be used to power electrical devices. Electrical power from telluric current was first coined the term "earth batteries". They were used to power small clocks, as well as telegraph power lines.

The solar wind is most responsible for the movement and intensity of telluric current. The solar wind consists of oscillating electrons and ions. When the solar wind encounters our earth a few days after a solar storm, the telluric current flowing through wires reaches record high levels. In the wind, telluric current is sometimes displayed as "flowing waves" across crops of wheat grain. Telluric current has also been used since ancient times to affect regions of consciousness and create new states of awareness. Many cathedral designs in Europe are designed to harness the telluric energies to induce altered states of awareness. Telluric currents have also been theorized to exist in the vacuum of outer space known as the "Birkeland currents", and may be responsible for being part of the process in forming stars. Telluric currents travel in longitudinal directions, the same direction energy enters the cells of the body. Telluric currents can be guided by magnetic fields. Telluric current accompanies and is guided by thought, just as the solar wind is pulled in and guided by the magnetic field of our earth. Telluric current has also been found in geothermal hot springs (which are made of spring water) and volcanic ocean sea vents, which are full of sulphur, which aerobic bacteria feed on.

Telluric currents are of extremely low frequency. They seem to follow a path moving down towards our equator at 12 noon and than go upwards at midnight. This is the same time period that the enzymes Amylase and Trypsin are strongest. And in the late evening and just before and after midnight is when the phytoplankton and choloryphyl grow fastest and strongest, proving that there is a link between aerobic bacteria and choloryphyl or the single celled algae and telluric current. This is of significant importance because in the Templates of Renewal chapter, the solar wind is used as the marker for when the rejuvenative energy is strongest. This is the time that the solar wind "jumps" or rebounds upwards.

The world's oldest living tree is a 9,550 year old spruce tree in the Dlarna province of Sweden. If you research the type of soil this tree is growing in, you will find it is high in limestone/dolomite. Dolomite is composed of Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 ratio. Another long living tree, which is still sprouting cones, so it can reproduce is the tree called Methuselah. It is about 4,770 years old. It is exposed to high ultraviolet light, and grows in Dolomite soil also. These trees grow at high elevations where geomagnetic current is strongest. It is my theory that the calcium and carbonate alkaline proteins become "charged", renewing the cells of the body (see Templates of Renewal chapter for more details) during the "life force" storms, which are telluric current based.

Telluric current flows are strongest among areas of least resistance such as wide open spaces, strong ultraviolet light, earthquake fault lines, and objects with a high thermal conductivity or low resistivity, such as clay, basalt, granite, marble, ice, volcanic soil, sulphur and limestone. During the period after the full moon up to 3 days afterwards, the full moon is clearly visible just as the sun rises, giving an extra boost to the telluric current. It also boosts the energy of intention significantly. It can also be guided and directed by a magnetic field, also of which our thoughtwaves are made of. Telluric currents increase 24 hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low pressure zone which accompanies thunderstorms. Volcanic soil will increase this telluric current flow before a thunderstorm up to 300%. This means that the earth is more highly charged during this time, and it is when the earth is charged like this, telluric current flow is stronger.

Telluric Current Follows what is known as the "Golden Mean" or Fibonacci sequence. Despite its seemingly endless variety and diversity, nature employs only three basic ways to arrange leaves along a stem: disticious, like corn, decussate or whorled, such as mint, and the most common, spiral phyllotaxis (for about 80% of the 250,000 different species of higher plants), where the rotation angles are Fibonacci approximations to the golden angle, 137.5. This pattern aids photosynthesis, each leaf receiving maximum sunlight and rain, efficiently spirals moisture to roots, and gives best exposure for insect pollination. This spiraling phyllotaxis pattern, determined by Fibonacci numbers, also builds the cell structure of the stalk and arranges scales and petals. Take a close look at the black face of a sunflower- the seeds are arranged in a golden spiral phyllotaxis.

Why is it that the number of petals in a flower is often one of the following numbers: 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 or 55? For example, the lily has three petals, buttercups have five of them, the chicory has 21 of them, the daisy has often 34 or 55 petals, etc. Furthermore, when one observes the heads of sunflowers, one notices two series of curves, one winding in one sense and one in another; the number of spirals not being the same in each sense. Why is the number of spirals in general either 21 and 34, either 34 and 55, either 55 and 89, or 89 and 144? The same for pinecones : why do they have either 8 spirals from one side and 13 from the other, or either 5 spirals from one side and 8 from the other? Finally, why is the number of diagonals of a pineapple also 8 in one direction and 13 in the other?

Pinecones have either 8 spirals from one side and 13 from the other, or either 5 spirals from one side and 8 from the other and the number of diagonals of a pineapple are 8 in one direction and 13 in the other. For herbs like mint where the leaves go two-and-two at right angles, the number is 2 which is a Fibonacci number.

Anti-Aging the Fibonacci Sequence and Foods.
Herbs in the Mint Family are the most powerful natural antioxidants available.
Bromelin, an enzyme from pineapple, helps soothe sore muscles, assist digestion and amplifies the effects of penicillin.
Each season, usually during spring, pine cones secrete a powdery substance that has significant anti-aging effects.

Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures

Because research has shown that geomagnetic storms can cause health problems in the elderly, geomagnetic storms cause telluric current to flow soo strongly in the earth, that they damage structures that are full of oil. Two main structures that are easily damaged by telluric current are pipes that carry oil and electrical transformers that use oil to keep them cool. This effect is amplified further if the pipes are at high elevations as geomagnetic storms are stronger at higher elevations. To stop this damage, most of these pipelines now place zinc anodes or magnesium anodes a few miles apart to soak up these currents and "discharge" them. Could there be a link between the fatty acids in our bodies, which harbor toxins, and increased telluric current, which may be affecting the oil laden toxins in our bodies?

Just as zinc anodes are used to discharge telluric current, arthritis suffers also use zinc to help relieve arthritis. .The majority of arthritis sufferers live in damp climates. No doctor can explain where arthritis comes from. Is it possible that the effects are telluric energy based?. It is most interesting to note that the majority of visits to chiropractors occur during the months of September to November, the time of year that geomagnetic storms are strongest (they peak in April and September). When moisture (or times of higher humidity/dew point) is present in the soil at the same time telluric current flows, the voltage becomes much more reliable and constant.

I believe that because Wheat Germ is high in Zinc, and taking Wheat Germ on the evenings after a geomagnetic storm leaves your body feeling refreshed the next morning, shows that arthritis could be linked to geomagnetic activity.

I believe that the telluric current is attracted to the DNA in living organisms. DNA has a Fibonacci structure. This spiraling phyllotaxis pattern, determined by Fibonacci numbers, also builds the cell structure of the stalk and arranges scales and petals. Take a close look at the black face of a sunflower- the seeds are arranged in a golden spiral phyllotaxis. Despite its seemingly endless variety and diversity, nature employs only three basic ways to arrange leaves along a stem: disticious, like corn, decussate or whorled, such as mint (Mint the leaves go two-and-two at right angles, the number is 2.), and the most common, spiral phyllotaxis (for about 80% of the 250,000 different species of higher plants), where the rotation angles are Fibonacci approximations to the golden angle, 137.5. This pattern aids photosynthesis, each leaf receiving maximum sunlight and rain, efficiently spirals moisture to roots, and gives best exposure for insect pollination.

How to Tap Telluric Current

To turn telluric current into an electrical current, we need only 2 metals. Copper and Zinc or Iron. Ironically, these are the same 2 metals that must be in our bodies for the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme to function properly. So we can conclude that telluric current has an electrostatic field, as the SOD enzyme also has an electrostatic field.

These 2 metals must be placed approximately 2 meters from each other for the current to flow. The north plate should be buried 50% deeper than the southern plate for maximum telluric capture. The flow is stronger from south to north. If you coat a plate of zinc with felt used to tap telluric current and place this felt coated zinc plate in the soil, the felt will absorb moisture, causing an increase in the telluric current even more. Batteries also work on this same principle, a carbon core with a copper and iron or zinc caps on opposite ends draw out the electrical current.

Telluric current can also affect emotions when a structure is made of metal or wood. One example is how it feels to be inside a steel framed shed used for storing cattle before their slaughter, compared to a wooden structure used to feed horses. Try it for yourself, spend some time in one of these structures just before a thunderstorm and see what it feels like.

In the 1840s, W. Ross of New York reportedly obtained a severalfold increase in the yield of a field of potatoes when he buried a copper plate (5 ft x 14 ft) in the earth, and a zinc plate of the same dimensions 200 ft away. The two plates were connected by a wire above ground, thus forming a galvanic cell. In similar experiments by Holdenfleiss (1844) with battery-charged zinc and copper plates, yields increased up to 25%. In winter due to enhanced moisture, this voltage measures, 300V-1 and in summer 00vm-1. Another interesting aspect which affects potatoes is when the moon is in Apogee, farmers receive significantly more potatoes. From this we can conclude that telluric current flows strongest when the moon is in Apogee (further away from earth). Perhaps this "stretching" effect creates a static field charge upon the soil, increasing the good bacteria and causing more potatoes to form.

Telluric current gathers inside structures known as curlicues, which are 3 sided geometric figures. Curlicues resemble the shape and pattern of our milky way galaxy. Telluric currents can be seen in areas of high energy such as; the aurora bourleas and filaments ejected from solar flares. If you closely examine Stonehenge in England, you will see that the stones are all laid out in a curlicue pattern. I believe that telluric structures or certain metals "capture" the telluric current, storing the energy like a battery and energizing at the molecular level. No part of our universe is constant or "stable". Everything is moving. The sun moves around our milky way, the milky way moves around other galaxies and so on. In theory maybe our universe is also in motion, perhaps viewing it from a distance, it would appear to be inside a moving "bubble".


The Moon and Telluric Current

Telluric current flows stronger when the moon is in 1st and last quarters (1/2 full). As stated previously, Edward Leedskalin made famous for levitating large stones, has a "moon pond" that shows the 1/2 moons and a full moon. These are also times the electrostatic field of the earth is stronger, showing a link between telluric current and electrostatics. At 12 noon during a waxing moon, the 1/2 moon is "rising" like the sun upon the eastern horizon. At sunset during a waxing 1/2 moon it is directly overhead, the same position the suns solar irridiance is highest (which is noon). At midnight the waning 1/2 moon is directly

on the eastern horizon. At sunrise, the waning 1/2 moon is directly overhead.

The Telluric Current Flow

The pattern of Telluric Current can be broken down into what is known as the Curry and Hartmann grids. These have major cross points and intersections where telluric current is strongest. Hartmann lines run east/west and north/south and are separated by 2 meters north/south and flow 2.5 meters east/westwards. It has odd overtones of the first at 24/3 = 8 hours followed by even overtones of 4,2,1 0.5 hours. The curry grid length is around 4.5 meters with even overtones of a 24 hour period - 12, 6, 3, 1.5 hours and 45, 22.5, 11.2, 5.6, 2.8 minutes and aligns in the SW to NE and NW and SE directions.

The large cylindrical boulder weighing many, many tons named Menhir De Champ Dolent in France, is situated above 3 intersecting underground streams (higher local moisture content) and where the Hartmann and Curry lines intersect.

telluric ley line in Scotland named the "Rose Line", passes through the Masonic Templar Chapel at Roslin. It was commenced as a Collegiate Church in 1446 by Sir Willian St. Clair who died in 1484. Inside this masonic temple is a keystone facing east with a rose in the center. Rosslyn chapel has been described as a "Church of the Holy Grail", and Thupton Tushi, the Dali Lama's archivist, described his visit as "a truly spiritual experience", demonstrating the effects of how the structure intersecting with the telluric current affects consciousness. This temple also depicts Christ as being the cornerstone of cosmic evolution. This "cosmic" energy that fuels evolution I believe is linked to higher cosmic rays and sunspot activity. (See the Template of Renewal) to learn more.

Radiesthesists have discovered that telluric energies have a negative polarity and cosmic energies have a positive energy. Italian Physicist Bruno B. Rossi proved that cosmic rays were positively charged particles. He discovered extensive showers of these particles when cosmic rays interacted with our atmosphere. He found they were stronger at the equator, which is known as the east-west effect.

Another Cathedral built based on telluric current energies is Chartres Cathedral. Among all the churches in France named for Notre Dame, Chartres is the only one in which no king, cardinal or bishop is buried.

Artificial Generation of Telluric Current

When new man made structures are built or are in motion, it can cause a small telluric current effect. Examples are moving vehicles, especially during "rush hour", new construction of large buildings or underground structures, atomic bomb explosions or locomotives. The effects of telluric currents on nature can usually be visibly seen after where a long stretch of road suddenly curves left or right. If there is a tree or wooden pole at the end of this stretch, it will bend either towards or away from the road.
Many cities have power generation plants which supply electricity to homes and businesses. The huge amount of energy produced from these structures creates an electrostatic field, which has significant effects on the vegetation, as well as consciousness of people and lifeforms in the surrounding areas.

If you look closely, you will see a "radius of life" coming from around these power plants. It begins between 500 and for up to 2,000 feet, from the center of the plant, in a "ring", depending on the power output of the station. In this "ring of life" you will see significantly increased plant growth, greener than average vegetation and overall enhanced life in this area, including animals. During the "life force" period, especially when it rains, the vegetation in these areas is greatly accelerated and enhanced. These are good locations to amplify positive thoughts and energies and vibrations. Here in on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, if you go down to the Aloha Tower and look in the water, you will see a complete aquarium full of colorful fish and coral, and the water is teeming with life. This is a harbor that sees major amounts of boat, car and ocean traffic daily, filling the harbor with pollution, yet it is teeming with life. And right across the street is a huge power generating station, generating power for the city of Oahu. This is a perfect example of the electrostatic field maintaining the Templates of Renewal. From this we can conclude that it is possible to create pollution clearing devices that are based on an electrostatic field effect.

Magnetic Fields and Health

Magnetic fields can have both positive effects, as well as negative effects on the body, depending on what the condition is and what magnetic polarity is required. Magnetic field researcher Dr. Philpott showed that positive magnetic fields create acidic conditions in the tissues and negative magnetic fields create alkalinity.

Negative magnetic fields are largely used for healing and energizing alkaline enzymes that in turn produce ATP. Positive magnetic fields are only used for a short duration, exciting neurons that have been inhibited by an injury such as pressure from edema. They heal immunological organs and provide defense against cancer and against microorganisms. Water can be easily magnetized by placing the south pole of a 1000 gauss magnet on wood and then placing a glass cup over it. This magnetized water retains the charge for up to 3 days. From personal experience I believe that when doing the Ancient Pole Balancing Exercise, facing north balances the negative polarities of the body and facing south creates a southern polarity on the body.

Negative magnetic fields activate electrons, energizing alkaline enzymes that in turn produce ATP. Positive magnetic fields activate electrons energizing acid dependent enzymes providing energy for cancer cells and microorganisms.

Quote from magnetic field researcher Dr. Bonlie. "These effects occur because of the "simple rules of physics." "When an atom is placed in an increased magnetic field the charge is increased on the atom for a fraction of a second."

This increase in energy is expressed by an increase in the velocity of some of the orbiting electrons and protons. In the case of paired electrons, one is sped up and the other slowed down. This imbalance causes a phenomenon known in physics as a precession (wobble). This is much like the increased molecular action which takes place from heating a solution to make a chemical reaction take place. Precession causes electron transfer which is the basis of all chemical reactions in the body. In summary, when the magnetic field is increased in which the atoms of the body exist, body chemistry is enhanced, assisting it in normalcy which improves body performance and healing.

Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body

The North Pole: North pole magnetic energy is in the blue light spectrum (UV Light), negative, alkaline, attracts, reduces (like yin, earth, water, electron), closes blood vessels, causes muscles to contract, slows the heart, relieves pain, infection fighter, improves concentration, sedative, slows cell growth (good in infected areas), slows down overactive organs, attracts oxygen, increases alkalinity, boosts calcium bicarbonate production, contracts tissue, controls bleeding, dissolves, reduces protein activity, draws fluids, contracts, vaso-constricts, acts to sedate or inhibit pain, increases potassium ions, decreases abnormal calcium ions and decreases hydrogen ion concentration, reduces pain and inflammation, decreases calcium ions (useful for arthritis and gout, where too much calcium is present in joints), reduces growth of molds and bacteria, dissolves fatty tissue, calms body and nerves, is a vaso-constrictor, decreases organ activity, reduces cholesterol build up, normalizes the alkaline state of the body but never produces an over alkalinized condition. It oxygenates the body but never produces oxidized free radicals.

The South Pole: South pole magnetic energy is in the yellow/red spectrum, positive, acidic, excites, and activates, and repels (like yang, fire, proton), improves circulation, opens blood vessels, and relaxes muscles. Should never be used in the presence of infections (because bacteria grow rapidly in acid media), disperses bodily fluids, aids in glandular function, helps produce red blood cells, softens capillary canals, helps the digestive process, increases protein activity, stimulates growth, helps fermentation of yogurt and cheeses, increases growth of molds and bacteria, promotes dense vegetable growth, gives bigger size flowers and fruits. This south pole energy is what is attracted to and attracts the magnetic energy from magnetic water, as well as when you place "cosmic towers" in your garden, which are full of iron oxide, attracting the south pole energies "drawing this energy down" into it enhancing the growth of vegetation. South pole magnets are rarely used in healing as they are very powerful. Generally, the south-pointing pole inhibits infections, inflammation, pain and tumor growth.

The Power of North/South Alignments

Combined here are the results of north/south alignments. Wheat seeds sprout faster when planted in a north/south direction. People who fly on planes flying north to south experience zero jet lag, while those flying east to west experience significant jet lag. During geomagnetic storms, a north-south pipeline will experience little to moderate fluctuations in corrosion damage, however pipelines aligned east-west experience tremendous corrosion damage. After the winter solstice, the sun starts moving northwards, which is when intention/miracles start. Telluric current flows strongest when the north plate is buried 50% deeper than the southern plate. Hartmann lines run north/south.

The equilateral electro jet is where the north and south magnetic flowing fields are most stable, is the location of the life filled Amazon rainforest. The direction of electron spin coming from the North pole of a magnet moves left or counterclockwise.

Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits

Here are other interesting facts about the re-energizing effect of negative polarities: Proteins are surrounded by a weak negative field. Gram negative bacteria is the bacteria in your mouth that fights plaque and prevents cavities. Telluric currents are drawn to negative charges and are strongest just before a thunderstorm, especially on volcanic soils. The Gilidian Protein is positively charged at a alkaline level of
PH 6.4. WhenA exposed to a PH of 5.6 (more acidic) it becomes negatively charged. Gilidian is one source that protects the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme from destruction in the stomach. Barley contains Tricine, which carries a very low negative charge. Negative charges form calcium bicarbonate and other beneficial alkaline particles. When the body is full of negatively charged electric ions, which come from Alkaline foods, the metabolism of the cell increases. Foods that make the body alkaline and create negative ions in the body include, pears, apples, cantaloupe (which boosts SOD levels) and raspberries.

Foods with net negative charges make the body alkaline. It also gives a very high ionic strength, allowing more ion movement through the cells and lower molecular weight proteins to separate more easily. Our skin absorbs 85% of the negative ions in the surrounding air. When food is cooked, the heat transforms the electrons into a net positive charge, reversing the negative electrons that our cells use as life giving food and nourishment.

The anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase has repulsive and negative like charges. Water gains a negative polarity when it flows through 30 feet or more of sand. As a side note, cosmic rays, which we shall learn more about later, are highly attracted to sand. This is because of the effect of minute quartz sand crystals. Negative polarized water, either through ionization or other methods, kills germs, builds bodily strength and supports the immune system. Water with a negative polarity also shows a change of temperature, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity. Negative polarity also shows more hydroxyl (OH-) ions.

The Recyability and Regeneration Sequence of Antioxidants

Antioxidants that recycle themselves with the use of vitamins, are significantly more powerful and more compatible with the body. This same process occurs in fermentation, which really is a form of the recycling of nutrients taking place.

Here are examples of antioxidant regeneration taking place; The CoQ10 enzyme regenerates vitamin-E (Vitamin EA is retained up to 7 times more in the body, than any other antioxidant). Alpha Lipoic Acid regenerates vitamins E, C and Coenzyme Q10. (Alpha Lipioc Acid will only regenerate Vitamin E, when Vitamin C is at acceptable levels.). Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) regenerates Glutathione which can regenerate vitamin C. It is interesting to note that these 3 compounds are 3 of the most powerful anti-aging compounds. Enzymes are very good at regenerating the fat soluble vitamin E, and water soluble vitamins are very good at regenerating glutathione, the master antioxidant of the body.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) in its coenzyme form NADH, allows the regeneration of vitamin C. When heat is applied to Vitamins B1, B12 and B6, it regenerates a significant portion of the original vitamins. It is interesting to note that these same B vitamins are key to the first stages of fermentation, as well as for the production of cysteine and are synergists to probiotic bacteria. Research has also shown that when heat is applied to aerobic bacteria it multiplies significantly.

Foods high in Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 include: Eggs, Sockeye Salmon and Wholegrain Bread.

The 2 Main Beneficial Types of Fiber

Fiber serves 2 main purposes, it increases nutrient absorption due to its fermentation ability in the stomach and 2nd, it detoxes the body. The best fibers to take are the soluble fibers such as Psyllium Husk and Amorphophallus Konjac, which slows down digestion, greatly increasing nutrient absorption and preventing spikes in blood glucose levels.

The Konjac fiber is especially high in polysaccharides, a good sugar that the good bacteria in the stomach feed on. Fiber also removes bad cholesterol from the blood and eliminates toxins from the digestive tract. It can also help maintain healthy stools. Fiber synergizes well with Xanthan or Guar Gum.

Recent medical research has proven several physiological benefits of consuming fiber which include:
* Improved absorption of calcium, magnesium, and iron
* Maintenance of an optimal intestinal environment
* Stimulation of immune responses

The drawback to fiber is excessive amounts will remove the fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamins and E from the body.

Soluble Fiber

This type of fiber keeps blood glucose (also called blood sugar) more level (instead of swinging way up or down) because the fiber causes the carbohydrates in food to be absorbed more slowly. This is the fiber most beneficial to our stomach. It feeds the good bacteria in our stomach, helping to create short chain fatty acids, boost the immune system and more. Soluble fiber changes as it passes through the digestive tract, being transformed (fermented) by bacteria there.

Soluble fiber also absorbs water to become a gelatinous substance that passes through the body. Soluble fiber is found in varying quantities in plant foods, including: legumes (peas, soybeans, and other beans), oats, rye, chia, and barley. Larch arabinogalactan is an excellent source of dietary fiber that is able to increase short-chain fatty acid production (primarily butyrate) via its vigorous fermentation by intestinal bacteria. The most powerful fiber to boost the immune system is soluble fiber, which also is the best fiber to remove toxins from the body. Soluble fiber can be found in cabbage.

Spices high in Soluble Fiber Include: Cinnamon Spice 53 grams Fiber, Marjoram Spice 40 grams Fiber, Cumin Seed 10.5 grams Fiber [lowest carbohydrate out of the spices), Oregano Spice 43 grams Fiber, Thyme Spice 14 grams Fiber. Other foods high in Soluble fiber include: Blackberries (5.3 grams Fiber and Alkaline forming), Liquid Pectin (Fiber 2.1 grams Fiber and Alkaline forming).

Insoluble Fiber

This type of fiber can't absorb water. It's what we generally think of as "roughage" - although it's not really rough at all. It is important to digestion and elimination. Insoluble fiber has bulking action but is mostly unchanged by fermentation as it passes through the body. Another great attribute of insoluble fiber is its ability to remove iron from the body. Wheat bran, brown rice, cabbage, beets, carrots, rye, whole grain products, and vegetables are major sources of insoluble fiber.

Medicinal Mushrooms and The Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Connection

Because matter cannot be created nor destroyed, it only changes its form to adapt to its surrounding environment. Therefore bacteria must be a biological evolutionary transformation of what used to be a healthy organized plant, animal or human cell, even the human red blood cell. Which is why bacteria become resistant to strains of antibiotics.

Most bacteria have a rod like appearance and this is where the name "small stick" came from to describe bacteria in ancient Greek. Bacteria is present throughout the universe and has been discovered on every planet in our solar system that has soil or once had soil. The bacteria that are most beneficial for the body are the aerobic class of bacteria, which are single celled organisms. Another single celled organism, saccharomyces, which is found in brewers yeast, is used as a nutrient rich fuel source for fermentation. The fermentation of yeast produces Glutamate, which is the body's master antioxidant. Red wine, which has been shown to extend the lifespan, has also been shown to help digestion and is produced through a fungi process from yeasts. Penicillin, which is also made in a similar process, cures many diseases. Bacteria multiply and grow rapidly in moist, damp, and warm conditions, and use yeast, as well as phytochemicals (which improve cell to cell communication) as their fuel source.

Aspergillus Niger, which is found in yogurt and keifer and on the black mold of fruits, especially grapes, is one of the most powerful molds used in the fermentation industry. If Aspergillus Niger is airborne and is breathed in, it is extremely deadly, however when used in the presence of a closed medium where it feeds on sugars, such as during fermentation it is very, very beneficial, easily and quickly digests proteins.

Aspergillus Niger is found in yogurt and keifer and helps produce Catalase in the body, showing that when the stomach is able to easily digest proteins, nutrients are easier absorbed. Safe amounts of edible Aspergillus Niger can be found in the longivity mushroom Coriolus Versicolor (Trametes Versicolor), which has been shown to increase Superoxide Dismutase in the body. Another is the longivity mushroom Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus), also known as Hedgehog Fungus. Another is the mushroom Maitake (which is abundant in polysaccharides). Maitake grows easily on cellulose and the stumps of trees, especially the astringent Oak and Beech Trees.

Fighting Bad Bacteria

I believe that bad bacterial infections occur when the body's resistance to a new bacteria cannot be "conquered". Even if you have been taking immune boosting herbs and foods, the longer you take the same ones, the less resistant the body becomes to new bacteria over the long term. That is why it is important to not always use the same immune system fighting compounds, but to change them every now and then. That is why nature made soo many herbs and foods that boost the immune system. Here are some spices that fight bad bacteria:

Spices: garlic, onion, cinnamon, ginger, scallion, basil, thyme, rosemary, dill, sage, parsley, cardamom, nutmeg, fennel, anise, clove, coriander, leek, chives. Of these Oregano is the best. Thymol and carvacrol are two of oregano's potent antibacterial properties. study in Mexico found oregano to be more effective against an amoeba than a common prescription drug called tinidazol. Oregano works in the intestinal tract to kill unfriendly bacteria without damage to the friendly bacteria. It is effective against candida albicans overgrowth throughout the body, particularly in the sinus cavities.

Black and White Pepper is a herb that contains millions of beneficial organisms. The substance in black pepper helps nutrient absorption due to the good bacteria in it, especially when taken with Turmeric (Curcumin, found in Turmeric, is significantly absorbed when taken with Bioperine, a substance extracted from black pepper). However too much black pepper can deplete the power of the immune system.
Cranberry is a very potent way to remove harmful bacteria from the colon. Researchers have tested the ability of cranberry to inhibit the binding of disease-causing strains of E. Coli. It promotes flushing of bad bacteria from the bladder into the urine stream, resulting in the prevention or reduction of symptoms. This binding of the disease causing strains of bacteria is thought to be an early step in the initiation of an infection. During the course of a 5-year study, the team found that extracts containing compounds called "condensed tannins" or "proanthocyanidins," which are found in cranberries and blueberries, directly inhibit the disease binding process. Also researchers have found that substances, yet-to-be identified in cranberries (and blueberries) that help block infectious bacteria from clinging to cell walls liningA the urinary tract and bladder thus allowing them to be washed away.

Proanthocyanidins can be found in many plants, most notably apples, pine bark, cinnamon, grape seed, cocoa, grape skin, and red wines of Vitis vinifera (the common grape). The berries of chokeberry, specifically black chokeberry, have the highest measured concentrations of proanthocyanidin found in any plant to date. Proanthocyanidins found in pine bark and grape seed extract work directly to help strengthen all the blood vessels and improve the delivery of oxygen to the cells. Grape seed extract is better absorbed when taken with Vitamin C and/or Reservatol.

Mushrooms/Fungi and Superoxide Dismutase

Some medicinal mushrooms will boost Superoxide Dismutase levels in the body. Here are a few of them:
The mushroom/fungi Cordyceps is used to boost Superoxide Dismutase levels. The very best Cordyceps to take is the one that has been cultured using the biomass method. This results in an extremely long fermentation time, taking up to 6 months. One brand that does this is called Cordygen5. This creates a cordyceps formula that is 95 times stronger than regular cordyceps.

The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) also has been shown to increase Superoxide Dismutase levels in the body. It also has high levels of Aspergillus Niger. Found in brewers yeast, it is used as a nutrient rich fuel source for fermentation. As mentioned previously, the fermentation of yeast produces Glutamate, which is the body's master antioxidant.

Another mushroom is the Kombucha mushroom, which is used in many healing diets. Kombucha is produced via fermentation.
One rare longevity mushroom, that gives rise to the Santa Claus Myths, and was used by Arayn conquerers who conquered India (India is one of the few places in the world that has rarely been conquered), is the Fly Agaric Mushroom (Amanita Muscaria), which has molecules that are soo small and tough, that when you pee after taking it, is still in significant quantities in the urine. The mushroom is easy to identify with its red overall color and white spots, looking just like the santa claus costume.

Many medicinal mushrooms contain the alkaline protein chitin in their cell walls. Chitin, from which Chitosan comes from, has been shown to have numerous healing benefits.

How Evaporation Draws in New Life

The compounds responsible for soaking up moisture are known as "desiccants", which you find in many packages of foods to keep out moisture. Longivity and immune boosting foods show a trait in that they eagerly soak up moisture. Many of the longivity herbs and foods thrive in tropical areas. As stated earlier in this book, Hemp Plants, which are extremely high in Omega 3's, grow rapidly when exposed to increased levels of carbon dioxide and humidity.

Desiccants include: Lye, Magnesium Sulphate (from Epsom Salts) used to make mineral water and as an arthritis preventitive. There are also natural desiccants, which include Brown Rice, which is also used as a starter growth medium for cordyceps and other longivity mushrooms. Other natural desiccants include Potassium, Silica Gel, Montomorillonite Clay (also called edible Bentonite clay) and soluble Fiber. Fiber makes a good substance because it slows down the rate of digestion, sustaining the reaction longer. It is very interesting to note that the antioxidant/longevity and anti-aging food Cordyceps can be grown on Brown Rice. Good combinations include Brown Rice + Oregano and/or Basil or other herbs that promote good bacteria in our body.

Quote from Pub Med ďInterestingly, continuous moisture from the fourth day after a bloodmeal significantly increased the longevity of the fly,Ē Reference Link:

So we can see that when moisture is absorbed, a new chemical reaction takes place. This chemical reaction greatly enhances nutrient absorption, feeding and nourishing the beneficial microbes that exist in our body. Lets take a look at glycerol and its effects.

In industry manufacturing, Glycerol has such an ability to hold onto water, it actually causes mold growths to develop unless a powerful antiseptic is added along with it. Glycerol is used to keep soap bars soft, and is also used by endurance athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Glyercol is similar to that of soluble fiber, with its ability to absorb and hold water. Omega 3 Triglycerides are some of the most water soluble (easily absorbed by the intestine) substances in food known. They provide powerful fuel for the cells of our body. Glycerol is also used in fermentation to breed and grow new bacteria and has been used to artificially create Omega 3 oils in manufacturing. Glycerol has been shown to have significantly high antimicrobial activity. Glycerol has also been used to boost the growth of phytoplankton, which is a form of algae that Spirulina and chlorella are in the same class of. Intake of too much Glycerol has been shown to damage the molecules that protect the body from free radicals. Glycerol dissolved in water disrupts the hydrogen bonding between water molecules such that the mixture cannot form a stable crystal structure. This same effect occurs in water that has been magnetically treated using the magnetic chargers (see how to make magnetic water). From this we can conclude that moisture also contributes to keeping Omega 3's at healthy levels in our body.

It is my theory that because heat disrupts hydrogen bonding it is creating a healing effect in the body. When the hydrogen bonding of a substance becomes disrupted, it has extremely powerful healing properties. We also see this same reaction occurring in proteins, which also disrupts hydrogen bonds, which is why we see the enzymes bromelain and protease making nutrient absorption much easier for the stomach. The compound Proline also disrupts hydrogen bonding. Guess which food has the highest Proline levels? The longevity food Cottage Cheese, followed by Tamari soy sauce and than Yogurt. The mineral guanidine hydrochloride, used in medical applications also disrupts hydrogen bonding.

As with any longevity or anti-aging substance, too much is never good. Too much moisture in the body for long periods is not good as it can contribute to bad yeasts in the body. Natural foods that remove moisture and bad yeasts include: onion, cinnamon, ginger, scallion, basil, rosemary, dill, oregano, sage, parsley, cardamom, nutmeg, fennel, anise, clove, coriander, leek, chives.

The Fermentation Connection

Fermented foods are some of the most powerful anti-aging foods to date. Their power lies in their unique ability to boost the immune system, break down proteins and most of all are full of enzymes that feed the good bacteria in our stomach. Fermentation is used to make wine and foods such as pickles, yogurt, keifer and saurukarout. Yogurt is high in Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is also involved in the production of B vitamins (niacin, folic acid, and pyridoxine) during the digestive process. The ph level of 7.5 ph is the ideal PH level that the Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria grow best and fastest. When bacteria is fermented, it has been shown to be able to produce the amino acid Tryptophan, and tryptophan has been shown to boost good bacteria in the stomach. type of fermentation occurs in our stomach. The main species occurring during this process are bacillus and lactic acid bacteria. In many uses of fermentation the B vitamins are used. Many B vitamins are found in Brewer's Yeast. Another good compound to increase the good bacteria lactobacilli in the body is dextrin. Dextrin produces short-chain fatty acids in the colon.

The cheapest, easiest, and richest source of lactobacteria is simply 'raw uncooked cabbage'. Cabbage feeds, synergizes and promotes the growth of whatever friendly bacteria are already present in the digestive tract. I have found red raw cabbage taken with Ormus and Sprouted Barley to go very well together.

Fermented foods are much more nutrient dense and contain numerous beneficial enzymes for our stomach. Fermentation also preserves the foods, increasing the shelf life dramatically, unlike canned foods, which lose their valuable enzymes after they are cooked.

When fermentation occurs, especially in yogurt, it is the singe celled aerobic bacteria responsible for the fermentation.Vinegar is one of many foods created by fermentation of bacteria and yeasts. Vinegar can be made from any fruit, grains, and even wood chips.

Below are fermented foods with their calcium, magnesium and and carb to protein ratios.
Tempeh (193 calories - 111 mg calcium, 81 magnesium, 266 phos - carb to protein 9.39 to 18.5)
Miso (199 calories - 57 mg calcium, 48 magnesium, 159 phos - carb to protein 26 to 11.7)
Artichokes (47 calories - 44 mg calcium, 60 magnesium, 90 phos - carb to protein 10.5 to 3.27)
Pickles (11 calories - 0 mg calcium, 4 magnesium, 14 phos - carb to protein 2.26 to 0.33)
Umeboshi Plums - Alkaline

From personal experience, Tempeh can be eaten alone and when mixed with flax seeds tastes really good. It is "soft" in the mouth, meaning that it digests very easily, like a soft cheese. Miso, on the other hand, is super salty, and should not be eaten alone, but makes a great combination with other foods.

Compounds that Assist Fermentation

E. Coli, the 2nd most abundant good bacteria in our stomach, when in anaerobic conditions, produces lactate, succinate, ethanol, acetate and carbon dioxide. Most E. Coli strains are harmless, but some, such as serotype O157:H7, can cause serious food poisoning in humans, and areA occasionally responsible for product recalls.

The harmless strains of E. Coli are part of the normal flora of the gut, and produce vitamin K2 (which helps repair cavities and prevent tooth decay) and prevent the establishment of pathogenic bacteria within the intestine. E. Coli is also extensively used in Genetic engineering.

Another substance that can turn toxic is 2 compounds that when placed on the outside of the body can cause sunburn. These are Lemon Oil or Ginger, however when these are taken internally, they kill bad fungi and bacteria, and greatly help the digestion of proteins. Aspergillus Niger, as mentioned earlier, is another substance used in industrial fermentation, however if inhaled will cause serious lung problems.

Aspergillus Niger, which is used to make magnetic isotopes, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Citric Acid, forms a "black mold" on grapes and overripe fruit. It is especially seen in overripe bananas, and is used with Polysaccharide sugars for a very effective fermentation process. It also exists in yogurt and keifer. An interesting note is that in a study done by Oregon State University, they discovered that protein in bananas held for four days increased by an average of 49.3 percent. From this we can conclude that fermentation is creating new forms of proteins.

Aspergillus Niger is also now available in a tablet supplement form. The process of Aspergillus Niger used in fermentation is an excellent example of the same fermentation process that takes place in our stomach when Aspergillus Niger ferments lactose and proteins.

Saccharomyces & Aspergillus Niger are also the molds that grow on grapes. It is interesting to note that Saccharomyces is high in vitamin D, and is known as "Super Brewers Yeast." Yeast and Bacteria work together to fight off bad bacteria and infections. Saccharomyces yeast can also be found in some Teas such as Kombuch Tea, which is a tea produced via fermentation.

Fermentation that occurs in our colons via carbohydrates helps build short chain fatty acids. These include the non-digestible oligosaccharides, resistant starch and non-starch polysaccharides. Good intestinal fermentation foods are: Wheat germ, ground flaxseed, brown rice, barley, whole wheat, buckwheat, rye, millet, bulgur wheat amaranth, quinoa, kamut, yellow corn, wild rice, spelt, couscous, Blackberries, Raspberries, Jerusalem artichokes, Psyllium Seed Husk.

How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells via Fermentation

There are two important ways a cell can harvest energy from food: via fermentation and cellular respiration. Both start with the same first step: the process of glycolysis which is the breakdown or splitting of glucose (6A carbons) into two 3-carbon molecules called pyruvic acid. Glycolysis is probably the oldest known way of producing ATP and evidence exists that glycolysis predates the existence of O2 in the Earths atmosphere and organelles in cells. Simply put, our cells originally used a method of fermentation for fuel. The right amount of exercise creates a similar effect. It creates lactic acid, which fuels our cells, causing a beneficial form of fermentation to occur. Here is the process explained in detail below:
As one begins to exercise, the anaerobic pathways provide fuel for the initial ATP needs while the body shifts into gear to increase adequate oxygen to the cells - increasing both breathing and heart rates. As more oxygen is transported to the exercising muscle cell, the aerobic pathways (metabolizing both fats and carbohydrates) pick up the slack and anaerobic metabolism (fuel via oxygen) tapers off. Now after a certain threshold is reached, the cells start using fermentation as their fuel source, known as a "lactic acid threshold". The lactic acid starts resynthesising ATP again, this time without the need of oxygen. It becomes what is termed "anaerobic glycolysis", the same way millions of years ago our cells used to breathe. This glycolysis results in the formation of pyruvic acid and a formation of excess hydrogen ions (H+). Hydrogen Ions are what make up a good part of Apple Cider Vinegar, and are also abundant in Magnetic Water.

Now this lactic acid system is releasing energy to regenerate ATP without the use of oxygen. This is where the repair of the body begins. This build up of excess hydrogen ions makes the muscle cells acidic. This acidic reaction causes carrier molecules, called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to disrupt these hydrogen ions. The NAD+ is than reduced to NADH that deposit these hydrogen ions to the electron transport gate (ETC) at the mitochondria and are combined with oxygen to form water (H2O). Simply put this is the same way proteins are broken down by enzymes, they disrupt the hydrogen bonds.

NAD+ (Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3), is one of the most potent inhibitors for the longivity gene called SIR2, which boosts lifespan and is the most powerful of blood B vitamins, absorbing 3.94 times more into the blood than any other vitamin. Foods high in Nicotinamide (or Vitamin B3) include Brewer's Yeast, Sunflower Seeds, Raw Peanuts and Beets. Interestingly Beet Juice & Yeast have been shown to have remarkable cancer killing attributes. Possibly due to the sugars in the beets causing a beneficial form of fermentation to occur with the B vitamins in the Brewers Yeast.

Now lactic acid fermentation also has a darkside. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg showed clearly in 1924 that cancer is associated with anaerobic conditions, resulting from fermentation of excess sugar, which in turn produces lactic acid leading to a marked drop in the pH of the cell. In some cases as low as pH 4 (highly acidic conditions).

Good aerobic bacteria cannot replicate or grow if the PH is highly acidic, only when the PH level rises above 4.6, they start to grow and thrive. From this we can conclude that the only beneficial lactic acid we want to have in our bodies is that which occurs via exercise. Exercise also makes the body alkaline. If however we let our bodies become acidic from diet and allow this lactic acid to build up over the long term, it can contribute to numerous health disorders. From this we can conclude that having a healthy supply of foods and herbs that boost oxygen levels in the body before exercise greatly helps build beneficial lactic acid in the body and increases cellular respiration of the cells. (see the Improving Oxygen Delivery to the Cells chapter for more details).

The Aerobic Cycle of Regeneration

Good bacteria loves oxygen. This process is seen in the garden. When you turn over soil with either your hands or garden tools, you put more oxygen into the soil and increase the nitrogen levels, which breeds good aerobic bacteria. This method also removes the bad compounds, ethanol and ammonia from the soil. Ethanol and ammonia are what contribute to bad soil conditions. When ethanol and ammonia are found in high levels in the body, it leads to aging and ill health. The compound Glutamic Acid, found in cabbage will remove this ammonia build up from the body. I believe this same effect occurs when life force exercises such as Tai Chi, QI Gong or the Ancient Pole Balancing Exercises are performed. It increases the oxygen levels in our bodies increasing our consciousness.

What Aerobic Bacteria Likes to Eat

It is my theory that as the body is made more alkaline, new aerobic bacteria is formed and fed, which in turn greatly accelerates the health of the body. Aerobic bacteria grow best in an oxygen based environment (which occurs when we exercise), and with lots of moisture and humidity. Good bacteria also grow easily on: Dextrose, Mollassas, Potatoes, Malt, Sodium and when Iron is present.

Just as complex carbohydrates are the best carbohydrates for our bodies, aerobes thrive on the complex carbohydrates cornmeal and potato agar (which is used to grow mold in petri dishes).

The reason blue cheeses are "spiked" or have holes punched in them after hardening, is to encourage oxygen to penetrate the cheese and feed the blue mold. The good bacteria in blue cheeses forms as a result of the saprotrophic fungus penicillium roquefort, which is a powerful immune system booster.

The blue class of cheeses that contain penicillium roquefort such as Gordonzola & Roquefort Cheeses are the most healthiest cheeses to take. An interesting fact about roquefort and the blue cheeses, is that out of all the classes of cheeses, these cheeses are the softest cheeses available, which does not put a burden on digestion. Soy sauce is also high in penicillium roquefort, which really is a form of beneficial mold.

The same effect happens with pumice stone from lava, it has tiny holes in it, which attracts good bacteria and harbors moisture leading to a nutrient rich source for growth of new plants. Which is why you see numerous ferns sprouting inA fresh fields of lava from volcanos.

Bentonite clay (Montomorillonite Clay) isA also a good food source for good bacteria. Aerobic bacteria also love to feed on the sulphurs such as that found in Blackstrap Mollassas (the type that has sulphur in it) and the sugar in beets. These same sugars are what increase the metabolism in our cells. Beneficial molds and bacteria also like linoleic acids. Oils and foods that contain linoleic acid include: Safflower oil (78%), and Grape Seed Oil (73%).

Aerobic Bacteria feed on the natural sulphur found in spring water. Spring water is what feeds hot springs and volcanic vents where aerobic bacteria thrive. Guar Gum, which is found in cottage cheese, readily binds to sulphur and feeds good aerobic bacteria. Guar Gum has also been shown to lower blood sugar after meals. Cinnamon, which people relate to at winter time, is related to good bacteria in the stomach, and also helps lower blood sugar levels. It is a good prebiotic and will help synergize prebiotics. I add it to yogurt all the time.

Hydrogen sulphide found in our digestive system is a food source for aerobic bacteria. Healthy levels of hydrogen sulphide can be produced by having adequate levels of cysteine in the body, which is found naturally in yogurt and keifer. Hydrogen Sulphide is used in industrial applications to protect against corrosion. Research has also shown that when fungi or stomach bacteria are contaminated by mercury or similar metals, they produce more hydrogen sulphide as a means to neutralize and attack the toxins.

Hydrogen sulphide production increases with an alkaline body PH and protects against heart attacks. One of the few places in the world that has a tremendous amount of hydrogen sulphide is The Black Sea. It is almost completely filled with hydrogen sulphide. Ways to increase the hydrogen sulphide levels in our stomach is via Vitamin B6. Oats are a good source of vitamin B6.

Herbs and foods that increase oxygen are: Comfrey, Suma Root, Maitake, Vitamin B6 (found in oats), Astragalus, Vitamin B12 (high in Cobalt), Wheatgrass, Echinacea, Black Walnut, Cornmeal. Interestingly vitamins B6 and B12, are the two vitamins that "regenerate" a significant portion of themselves when heat is applied. Spices that are high in good aerobic bacteria include: Ginger, Chili and Paprika. The food highest in Vitamin B12 is Mollusks.

The B Vitamin Connection

B vitamins, which are water soluble, are eight water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism. They also affect cardiovascular function through their abilities to reduce the levels of the potentially toxic amino acid homocysteine. Listed are the B Vitamins and their purpose:
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin. The best characterized form is thiamin diphosphate (ThDP), a coenzyme in the catabolism of sugars and amino acids. In yeast, ThDP is also required in the first step of alcoholic fermentation. Thiamin is synthesized inA bacteria, fungi and plants.
Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin. - It is through these coenzymes that B2 or riboflavin is able to attach to the electron transport chain responsible for producing cellular energy. The bodyís need for Riboflavin increases, even with small amounts of moderate exercise.
Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic acid. Is a water-soluble vitamin required to sustain life (essential nutrient). Pantothenic acid is needed to form coenzyme- (CoA), and is critical in the metabolism and synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine. Assists in the balancing of sodium and potassium as well as promoting red blood cell production. It is best taken with Vitamin B2 to speed up conversion of vitamin B6 to its active form in the body.
Vitamin B7 - Biotin. Is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It plays a role in the Citric acid cycle, which is the process by which biochemical energy is generated during aerobic respiration. Biotin not only assists in various metabolic reactions, but also helps to transfer carbon dioxide.
Vitamin B9 - Folic acid, Folacin or Folate. It is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide synthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. It is especially important during periods of rapidA cell division and growth.
Vitamin B12 - Cyanocobalamin. Works with Vitamin B9 in the synthesis of DNA. It is essential for recycling enzymes. It reduces homocysteine levels and is found in high levels in the bone rebuilding herb Comfrey.

Brewers yeast is a significant source of all the above B vitamins.

The Homocysteine Process

This is a critical part of the regenerating and creation of new amino acids in the body. It involves the conversion of the essential amino acid methionine into cysteine and glutathione, (plus its recycling back to form new methionine). Homocysteine appears at a necessary juncture of these pathways, and as long as it does not accumulate, it is part of the beneficial process of healing, health and well being. The synergistic nutrients involved in the conversion process include vitamins B6, B12, B9, B3, choline, molybdenum and magnesium. If these B vitamins are present during the conversion of the amino acids, than the methionine will be converted into other substances that support bone and cartilage repair, neurotransmitter synthesis, adrenal support and liver health. Foods highest in Methionine and Cysteine: Spirulina, Whey protein, Yellow Mustard and Poppy Seed.

Homocysteine however has a dark side, if Homocysteine nutrients are non-existent or are being blocked, which can occur from pharmaceutical prescriptions or a poor diet, than homocysteine will cause significant harm to the body. This causes homocysteine to accumulate, rather than go into the beneficial conversion process, causing blood clotting, inflammation, increasedA cellular oxidation, heart attack and stroke.

Wheat germ is one of the best foods to take to control Homocysteine levels. Others foods include: Betaine Hydrochloride (Betaine HCL), from beets, and choline which can be found in egg yolk. Other vitamins include: molybdenum, magnesium, B6 - pyridoxine, B9 - folic acid, B3 - niacin.

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