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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water

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This book is dedicated to Kobo Daishi - Kukai.  Founder of Shingon Buddhism 774-835 AD and to the faithful monks at the temple monastery in Honolulu Hawaii

Book Chapters: People Can Have Their Hair Turn Grey Overnight, Why Can't The Body Renew Itself Overnight? - Page 9 The Real Meaning Behind Easter and The Last Supper - Page 10 The Sigmoidal Connection - Page 12 Clues Deciphered and the Meaning of the Last Supper - Page 12 The 12 Disciples at the Last Supper - Page 13 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot - Page 13 The True Meaning of the Cross - Page 14 The Crown of Thorns - Page 17 The Two Thieves Beside Christ - Page 18 Jesus in his Tomb and the Ressurection - Page 19 The Tomb of Darkness and Restoration of the Body - Page 20 Jesus going to the Mountain to Pray - Page 21 The Oils - Page 21 Mary, Mother of Jesus - Page 21 Jesus the Carpenter and the Connection to Wood - Page 22 The Meaning of "Fish" in the Scriptures - Page 22 Jesus Crossing the Sea - Page 23 The True Meaning of Christmas - Page 23 2 Ancient Prophets Born During Aries - Page 24 Understanding the Principals that Create Faith - Page 24 The Power of Intention and Our Sun - Page 24 Observations of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity - Page 33 What Can We Use This Intention For? - Page 33 How Intention Fuels Innovation and Technology - Page 35 The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux - Page 37 Intentions and Events - Page 38 Peak Periods to Perform Intention - Page 42 What Is The Ionosphere? - Page 42 How Ionization Re-Creates Life - Page 43 The Number 3 - Page 44 The Number 4 - Page 46 The Number 8 - Page 48 The Number 11 - Page 49 The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms - Page 50 The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun - Page 51 What Causes Aging? - Page 51 How Can We Prevent or Reverse Aging? - Page 52 How to Heal A Toothache and Never Visit the Dentist Again - Page 53 Five 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes - Page 54 How to Instantly Heal a Toothache - Page 55 What is Vitamin K2? - Page 57 Prevention of Cavities - Page 58 Using Earth Energy to Heal Teeth - Page 58 Keeping the Gums Healthy - Page 59 How to Cease Bleeding Gums - Page 60 The Five Major Longevity Cultures of the World - Page 61 Individuals Who Have Lived Extremely Long Lives - Page 61 Putting It All Together - Page 66 Anti Aging Foods and their Traits - Page 67 The Template of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection. The "Life Force Storm" - Page 67 How to find the Recurrent CHHSS - Page 70 How to Interpret Solar and Geomagnetic Data - Page 70 A Scientific Explanation of Where the "life force" Storm Energy Originates - Page 71 Moisture Levels - Page 73 Overnight Rebuilding of The Body using the Energy from the Earth and Sun - Page 74 How Mineral Ratio Improves Nutrient Absorption - Page 78 When It's Too Late to Take Anti-Aging Foods - Page 81 Preventing Alzheimer's - Page 82 The Miracle of Sulphur - Page 83 The Miracle of the Onion - Page 84 Maximizing Mineral Retention and Increasing Nutrient Absorption - Page 85 Mineral Retention - Page 88 Calcium Retention - Page 89 "Binders" to Increase Nutrient Absorption - Page 90 How the Rhythms of Earth are Affecting the Cycles of the Body - Page 91 How to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels Naturally - Page 91 How to Reverse Aging with Exercise - Page 92 MET's - Page 94 Exercise Tips - Page 95 The Varieties of Green Tea - Page 96 Glutamine the One and Only Antioxidant - Page 96 How Glutamic Acid Makes Glutamine - Page 97 Foods that Produce Glutamine - Page 97 Nitrogen Circulation and Retention - Page 98 Speed Kills, but Slower Always Lives On - Page 98 Ormus the Miracle Worker - Page 98 The Effects of Ormus Upon the Body - Page 100 The Effects after Taking Ormus - Page 102 Using Ormus to Increase Prosperity and Abundance - Page 103 How the Earth Makes Ormus - Page 103 Natures "Hidden" Windows - Page 103 Ormus Clouds - Page 104 How to Make Your Own Ormus - Page 107 The Best Times to Make Ormus - Page 109 Personal Experiences Using Ormus - Page 109 How Ormus is Created through Moisture - Page 111 Storing Ormus/Ormus Overdoses - Page 111 Synergistic Effects of Ormus - Page 111 The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide - Page 112 The Amazing Telluric Current - Page 113 Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures - Page 114 How to Tap Telluric Current - Page 115 The Moon and Telluric Current - Page 116 The Telluric Current Flow - Page 117 Artificial Generation of Telluric Current - Page 117 Magnetic Fields and Health - Page 118 Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body - Page 119 The Power of North/South Alignments - Page 120 Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits - Page 120 The Recyability and Regeneration Sequence of Antioxidants - Page 121 The 2 Main Beneficial Types of Fiber - Page 122 Soluble Fiber - Page 122 Insoluble Fiber - Page 123 Medicinal Mushrooms and The Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Connection - Page 123 Fighting Bad Bacteria - Page 124 Mushrooms/Fungi and Superoxide Dismutase - Page 125 How Evaporation Draws in New Life - Page 126 The Fermentation Connection - Page 127 Compounds that Assist Fermentation - Page 129 How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells via Fermentation - Page 130 The Aerobic Cycle of Regeneration - Page 131 What Aerobic Bacteria Likes to Eat - Page 131 The B Vitamin Connection - Page 133 The Homocysteine Process - Page 134 The Power of Vitamin B3 - Page 134 The Polysaccharides Connection - Page 135 The Digestion Connection - Page 135 Foods that Improve Digestion - Page 139 Keeping the Digestive Tract Moist - Page 140 Keeping the Colon Healthy - Page 140 The Miracle of Resistant Starch - Page 141 The Prebiotics - Page 141 The Probiotics - Page 142 Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day - Page 143 The Digestive Enzymes - Page 144 The Miracle of the Enzyme Trypsin - Page 145 The Enzyme Process - Page 146 What Enzymes Love to Eat - Page 147 The 8 Main Enzymes and Their Purpose - Page 148 Live Enzymes in Food - Page 149 How to Boost Digestive Enzymes - Page 149 The Evolution of Stretching - Page 150 The SOD Enzyme in Closer Detail - Page 152 Superoxide Dismutase and the Electrostatic Field - Page 152 Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields - Page 154 How to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Levels in the Body - Page 155 Physical Methods to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Levels - Page 155 Foods that Boost the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme - Page 156 Boosting Catalase Levels in the Body - Page 157 Enzyme Inhibitors - Page 158 Early Seed Germination and Longivity - Page 159 The Moisture Connection - Page 159 The Humidity Factor - Page 161 Ways to Increase Moisture in the Body - Page 163 The Types of Magnesium - Page 163 The Cysteine Connection - Page 164 Factors That Decrease Cysteine Production in the Body - Page 165 The Eight Essential Amino Acid Groups - Page 165 The Tryptophan Connection - Page 165 The Alkaline Connection - Page 166 Creating Alkalinity in the Body - Page 168 Methods that Induce Alkalinity into the Body - Page 169 The Alkaline Protein Connection - Page 170 Sources of Alkaline Proteins - Page 171 The Binding Effect - Page 171 The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption - Page 172 Calcium Inhibitors - Page 173 Boosting Calcium Absorption - Page 174 The Phospherous Connection - Page 175 Increasing Phospherous Levels - Page 176 Index.......................... Page 179 End of Part 1 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 The Magic Frequency of 60HZ - Page 62 Oxidative Stress and The Sir2 Gene - Page 63 How Temporary Bursts of Stress Prolong Life - Page 63 Flu Prevention Cures / Boosting the Immune System - Page 65 How To Boost the Metabolism of the Liver - Page 66 Additional Factors that Weaken the Immune System - Page 66 How to Stop Getting the Flu in Winter - Page 68 Zinc Lozenges - Page 68 Energy From Thoughts and The Immune System - Page 69 Foods and Depression - Page 72 Outside Influences that Deplete the Immune System - Page 73 Where do T Cells Come From? - Page 74 How Newborn Babies Survive with an Almost Non-Existent Immune System - Page 74 Heart Cells Renew Themselves Throughout Life - Page 75 How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System - Page 76 Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles - Page 80 Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health - Page 85 How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March - Page 88 Autoimmune Conditions - Page 89 Foods and Methods that Boost the Immune System - Page 90 The Immune System and Seasons - Page 94 If you Have the Flu - Page 95 If you have Pneumonia - Page 96 Flu Prevention and Influenza Protection - Page 96 Cancer Killers -Page 97 What Causes Cells to Undergo "Negative Fermentation?" - Page 98 Foods high in Carcinogens - Page 98 Methods and Foods Proven to Cure Cancer - Page 99 The Power of Cesium and Rubidium - Page 99 How to Use Vitamin C to Kill Cancer Cells - Page 100 Cancer Prevention - Page 100 The Power of Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 Facts about Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 The Miracle of Manganese - Page 102 The Genetic Connection - Page 102 Gene Protection and Repair - Page 103 Having the Proper Amount of Uric Acid - Page 103 How to Remove Excess Uric Acid - Page 104 How to Generate Life Force In Your Body - Page 104 Effects from Performing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 106 Internal Renewal According to the Energy of the Sun - Page 109 How Life Giving Energy Enters our Earth - Page 110 How to Perform the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 110 The Pole Balancing Exercise in Detail - Page 111 Pole Balancing Help Notes - Page 113 Health and Mental Effects Gained from Pole Balancing - Page 113 Foods to Boost Effectiveness of Pole Balancing - Page 114 Positions of Pole Balancing in Detail - Page 115 Laying South - Page 115 The Recurrent CHHSS - Page 116 Best Seasonal Conditions for Pole Balancing - Page 117 Stimulation of the Body via The Sun - Page 117 Best Surfaces to Perform Pole Balancing - Page 119 Effects on the Body just before a Solar Flare - Page 119 Geomagnetic Forces and Their Effect Upon the Body - Page 120 Scientific Validation Linking Geomagnetic Activity and Health - Page 121 Combating the Effects of Negative Geomagnetic Activity - Page 124 Jet Lag and Higher Geomagnetic Activity Are Both the Same - Page 124 The Healing Power of Propolis - Page 125 What is Propolis used for? - Page 126 The Facts About Drinking Distilled Water - Page 127 How Electrons Change Food Structure - Page 128 Growing/Making Your Own Foods - Page 129 Magnetic Water and its Restorative Effects - Page 129 The Power of Hydrogen - Page 132 How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water - Page 133 Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body - Page 135 The Sulphur Thiol Connection - Page 137 Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life - Page 137 Synergistic Food Combinations - Page 140 Mineral Synergy - Page 149 Longivity "Extracts". Manufactured Anti-Aging Compounds - Page 150 Skin Renewal - Page 151 2 Longevity Hunza Recipes - Page 153 Energetic Herbal Formulas You Can Make - Page 155 How to Make Your own Superoxide Dismutase. SOD Mix. - Page 155 How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Brain Food. Brain Food Mix. - Page 156 How to Make Your Own Prebiotic Formula. ENRG Max. - Page 157 How to Make the Life Restoring Chitosan Mix. - Page 157 How to Increase the Prebiotics in Yogurt Safely. Yogurt Mix. - Page 159 Sardine Mix - Page 159 Three Mineral Water Recipes - Page 159 Space Weather Conditions for Beneficial Healing upon the Body - Page 164 How to Predict Killer Bacteria Events - Page 164 Early Warning Sign prediction links - Page 166 Putting It All Together. How to Supercharge The Immune System - Page 167 Using Bromelain with Antibiotics - Page 169 The Miracle of Betaine - Page 170 Preventing and Controlling Inflammation - Page 171 Alternating Conduits of Energy in the Body - Page 171 Index................. Page 178  Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology - Pine Cones, The Pituitary/Pineal Gland and HGH

Pine Cones, The Pituitary Gland and HGH

Out of all the items in nature, the two main ones are the Pituitary Gland (also called the pineal gland) and the pine cone. The pinecone, when subjected to high humidity or when  more moisture is in the air will open its cones to absorb this moisture in the air.  When we drink magnetic water, do exercises or take foods that  boost Human Growth Hormone levels when there is more moisture in the air, such as during a perigree moon, we wake up the next morning feeling  substantially refreshed and invigorated.  From this we can conclude that the shape of the pinecone is conductive to moisture absorption, and  moisture one of the keys to keeping the body young and healthy.  Because this shape also absorbs energy, it must also transmit it also.  From  personal research, I have found that when I do public speaking seminars, the audience is much more receptive during periods of higher humidity, and especially so during periods of condition yellows, which causes the pineal gland to undergo a slight stress.  I believe that if you are "trained" in  public speaking, clergy, politics or other professions which have an influence on the general population, at these particular times, your pineal gland  is automatically transmitting on a stronger frequency than most people, because you have "exercised it" enough, so you are able to exert more of an influence.  These periods occur on  average between 9 and 10 times per year.


This slight stress is also responsible I believe for causing bad bacteria, which in turn can cause respiratory illness to manifest in the body.  This   means it is in excessive amounts, such as shown during a "condition red" on the longivity forecasting page. A condition red is when   the solar flux is at very high levels for long periods, causing an "overstress" of the pineal gland, which can cause illness. These periods occurs   about 6 or so times per year.

So in conclusion, the pineal gland can be used to exert influence or to rejuvenate the body.

You can find a more detailed in-depth investigation linking Christianity, Freemasonry, and other organized societies online by doing a google search Pituiary Gland + Pine Cone or by visiting this this link:

Pine Pollen is a natural substance that is derived from pine trees is the most potent source of testosterone known to man. Pine pollen is a fine  yellow powder that can settle on any kind of surface during the spring. It is highly potent and because of its androgenic properties has the ability to  provide growth and boost libido to any plants and animals with which he comes into contact. For those who are interested in experiencing the  benefits of pine pollen powder by harvesting their own, all that is necessary is to find out when the pine pollen falls in your area which is usually  somewhere between the middle of April if you live within the Northern latitudes. The only thing you need to do is place a bag over the ends of the  pine tree branches in order to knock the pine cones off the branches and collect the pine pollen powder to fall into the bag. You can also make your  own tincture by using a mixture that includes at least 35 percent alcohol and pouring it over the pine pollen powder.

Pine pollen powder has numerous health properties including but not limited to the following: Stimulates male hormones -  Increase libido  -  Boosts the immune system and promotes skin beautification  -Rejuvenates the brain, hair, bones  and endoctrine system - Stimulates regeneration of the liver and helps regulate the production of bile - Increases the endurance level of the  cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol - Provides nourishment to the muscles and increases the metabolism

It is interesting to note that one of the worlds oldest living trees happens to be a 4700 year old pine tree, called Bristle Cone, which sprouts pine  cones. Pine pollen powder has been used extensively in all traditional cultures all over Asia with the earliest mention of its use in Chinese herbal medicine in The Pandects of Materia Medica by Shen Nong. It is also used extensively in Korea where consumers can buy it the same as baking soda or other ingredients necessary for baking. Pine Nuts, which come from pine cones, are also another powerful anti-aging substance.

The bristlecone pine grows in soil high in dolomite or sandstone.

When Dolomite is combined with water it creates an alkaline slurry which neutralizes an acidic environment. So if the tree starts becoming acidic,  which happens as they age, the alkaline slurry neutarlizes this negative acidic ph. The scales on a pinecone can be used to measure humidity (or  moisture) in the air. If there is a lot of moisture in the air, the cones soak it up and the dampness causes the scales to curl inward. In dry weather,  the scales will curl outward, thus opening the cones. Another long lived tree are the redwood sequoias in northern california, which are saturated  with fog year round. The redwood trees grow on soil substrate that is composed of sandstone. Ref:

Both sandstone and dolomite have a large concentration of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). In a living organism, the pituary gland or a pine cone  shaped object will gather, collect and store calcium carbonate, just like water will "flow upwards" in limestone if left in standing water.


From this we can conclude that pine cone shaped structures, of which include pine cones and the pineal gland, are neutralizing acidic conditions in  the body, and possibly using the calcium carbonate to initiate other biochemical reactions related to longivity and anti-aging, especially the release  of HGH in the body.

During the "condition yellow" periods, as shown on the longivity forecast page at, the solar wind has "jumped" at this time.  The following morning after the solar wind "leap" the rejuvenative energy from the pituitary gland is felt the strongest, due to its releasing of the anti-aging substances, Human Growth Hormone, Prolactin and others.  This effect is felt strongest from early winter until early spring.  You can only gain these results as long as you follow the necessary exercises to boost HGH levels naturally.

Ways to Increase Moisture in the Body

Simple ways to make the body hold more moisture is to drink spring water, or eat alkaline substances such as cottage cheese and spinach. Another method is to make the intestines more moist.  The more moist the intestines, the easier it is for digestion to occur. The Chinese herbs Dang Gui, Chinese Licorice, Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm are good herbs for this.

A more recent addition to the anti-aging market is Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronan).  This substance holds more than 1000ml of water per gram. Hyaluronan used to have to be extracted from the red combs of roosters, making it a painstaking process, however today it can be produced from yeast.

Foods such as Guar Gum, Wheat Germ, Psyllium Husk, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Chia and Flaxseeds, Evening Primrose Oil (for the skin), and Arachidyl Prodionate are some of the powerful foods that will increase moisture content in the body. These should not be taken too much or too frequently due to their ability to generate bad bacteria as well as good bacteria. The moisture in the body must "rise and fall" just as humidity levels on the earth do. You can also help the skin hold more moisture by increasing your intake of beta carotene, a fat soluble vitamin. The herb Schizandra Berry also holds moisture in the skin, as well as Rose Oil. This is probably due to Rose Oils Natural High frequency of 320 mhz.

The Types of Magnesium

Magnesium draws moisture from the surrounding atmosphere.  When this occurs, it forms magnesium hydroxide, especially in the presence of higher humidity. This is why a form of Magnesium, called Magnesium Oxide, which easily bonds with water moisture, is used by libraries as a book preservative. 

Magnesium oxide is 7 times more soluble in water than magnesium hydroxide, which is used in antiacids. Magnesium oxide also has optical properties.  When folded into sheets between 0.3 and 7 microns, it will become transparent to the 280nm life giving spectrum. (see the The 280 NM Lightwave Chapter for more details).

One interesting effect is if you take brewer's yeast and make your body more alkaline, it will increase the rate at which magnesium is absorbed into the body. Milk of Magnesia contains Magnesium Hydroxide and has been used by some to live extremely long lives.  When you make Ormus from seawater, magnesium hydroxide occurs in the finished results.

The Cysteine Connection

Cysteine is a powerful free radical destroyer by itself, but works best when vitamin E and Selenium are present. Cysteine is the precursor from which all other amino acids are made.  It can be synthesized from the amino acid Methionine, an alkaline protein. These 2 important amino acids are found in Yogurt and Spirulina, both longivity compounds.

When the body uses cysteine, it creates the waste product homocysteine. And when taking the supplemental form of N-acetyl cysteine, it is recommended that two to three times as much vitamin C be taken at the same time.  Failure to do so may result in more harm than good from taking this product because the L-Cysteine may become oxidized, leading to higher homocysteine levels.  Vitamin C also helps keep the glutathione that is produced from the Cysteine in its reduced form so that it can continue acting as an antioxidant.

When we take foods high in beneficial sulphurs (such as Onion, DMSO, MSM, etc.) cysteine makes the transportation of these sulphurs into our cells necessary.  When cysteine is consumed, it requires methionine in sufficient quantities in order for the body to manufacture it into glutathione.

Foods highest in Methionine include Fish, Soybeans, Dried Egg White Flakes, Glucose Reduced. Seaweed and Spirulina contain the 2nd highest levels, as well as Soy Protein and Sesame Seed Flour.  Other foods include: Soy  Flour, Olives from the jar, Long Grain Brown Rice, Quinoa, Sunflower Seeds, Dry Mung Beans and Tofu.

Foods highest in both Methionine and Cysteine: Whey protein Isolate, Yellow Mustard and Poppy Seed
Synergists of Cysteine: Selenium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E.

Nuts and Seeds High in Cysteine: Brazil Nuts, Roasted Peanuts, Black Walnuts and Dried Watermelon seeds 

Cysteine builds the body's master antioxidant, Glutathione, and also creates Hydrogen Sulfide in our stomachs, the compound that beneficial bacteria in our stomachs use to survive. Bio-active protein, found in whey protein isolate, is high in cysteine that is easily absorbed into the cells. Research animals lived from 30% to 50% longer, and  they were less vulnerable to cancer and other diseases when given Bio-Active Proteins. 

Cysteine proteases can be found in papaya, pineapple, and kiwifruit, the exact same foods that have high levels of protein digestive enzymes. Overripe fruit (which is also high in Dopamine, a longivity compound) contains a large number of Cysteine Proteases.

Cysteine binds easily to Omega 3 Oils and is best absorbed with foods high in the protease enzyme, such as Ginger, Sprouted Wheat, Papaya and Pineapple. 
Factors That Decrease Cysteine Production in the Body

A dietary deficiency of methionine, vitamin B6, vitamin  B12, s-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) and folic acid may decrease the production of cysteine within the body. In conclusion, cysteine in sufficient quantities can easily be supplied by adequate intakes of yogurt and fish.

The Eight Essential Amino Acid Groups

Amino acids are the key building blocks to regenerating the human body. Amino acids are some of the very first building blocks to life on earth.  Overall, there are 8 essential amino acids that the body needs to stay healthy.  The eight essential amino acids are: Cysteine, Methionine, Lysine, Tryptophan, Threonine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and  L-Valine. These can be found in adequate levels in Whey Protein Isolate.

The Tryptophan Connection

Tryptophan cannot be manufactured in the body, you must obtain it through your diet. It is a routine constituent of most protein-based foods or dietary proteins. Tryptophan and B vitamins are commonly used to relax, the body and remove stress, helping rebuild cells. Vitamin B6 is also required for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin (vitamin B3) and low vitamin B6 status will impair this conversion.

The 2 main amino acids Tryptophan and Tyrosine create the necessary chemical reactions for Serotonin, Melatonin and Histamine. Serotonin and melatonin help you sleep deeply. Because this helps you relax, it makes sense that low levels of melatonin have been linked to migrane headaches.  E. Coli, which repairs DNA in our body, uses the amino acid Tryptophan as a fuel source. Melatonin is also one of natures most powerful antioxidants, more powerful than Vitamin E and Glutathione, and it boosts the immune system, which is why it should be used in moderation. Tryptophan gives off energy at the light frequency of 280 nm, which we shall learn more about later (Skip to the 280 NM Lightwave chapter to learn more). Foods high in Tryptophan: Oats, dried dates, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, red meat, eggs, fish, poultry, sesame, chickpeas, sunflower  seeds, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, and peanuts.

Foods highest in Tyrosine: Spirulina and Soy Protein, Seaweed. The chinese herb Huang qin, also known as "Skullcap"  (which comes from the Trichosanthes Root) has  the highest melatonin level out of all herbs.  Other herbs high in Melatonin from highest to lowest: St. Johns Wort, Fever few green leaf, Fever few gold leaf, St. John's Wort leaf, White Mustard Seed, Black Mustard Seed, Goji Berry Seeds.

L-Tryptophan will boost the clarity of lucid dreams.

The Alkaline Connection

We are all born with a very high alkaline blood ph of 7.4. Over the years as we age this ph level becomes more acidic, due to the gradual build up of toxins in the body. An  acidic environment is a magnet for all diseases. Blood will fill with bacteria and yeast when its alkaline environment is compromised from acidic foods over the long term. More Hydroxide ions (OH-) (such as found in baking soda or Milk of Magnesia) raises the pH number and thus is more alkaline. More Hydrogen (H+) ions, (such as found in coffee, brewer's yeast), lowers the PH number, making the body more acidic. Here is an image showing the best PH levels for your blood.



Conditions of a too overly acidic body include loss of calcium from the Because calcium is alkaline, it tries to neutralize the acidity, and the body will draw calcium from the bones to try to maintain a proper PH level in the body.

Alkalinity neutralizes negative acids.  Alkaline Proteins neutralize acidity in the body. Limestone neutralizes acids and calcium carbonate is used to neutralize acids in the soil. Research has shown that many degenerative diseases can be treated by alkalizing the bloodstream or using alkaline proteins to neutralize acidity in the body. The chemistry is  simple, if you put iron in salt water (which is acidic) it rapidly rusts, if you put iron in spring water (an alkaline  water), rust is much slower.

The body has 2 areas which relate to acidity and alkalinity.  The blood and the intestine.  The blood is best kept more alkaline, and the intestines, slightly more acidic, because a more acidic intestine helps digest material and increase the absorbance of nutrients into the body, especially with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, which require the stomach to have an acidic PH for best absorption. From this we can conclude that bodies that are kept overly alkaline will be deficient in these minerals and susceptible to bacterial infections.

A good way to understand the PH balance is to take the example of the soil. In the northern hemisphere, during the months of Fall/Autumn soils are naturally more acidic, so farmers add more limestone to their soils. Spring time is when the soil is more naturally alkaline, a time for regeneration and regrowth. From this we can conclude that we don't want to overalkaline our bodies in spring, or make them overly acidic during Fall/Autumn.

In order to digest food and kill the bad bacteria found in our foods, our stomach produces acid with an average PH of 4. When we intake alkaline water, the ph level of the stomach rises. The stomach detects the alkaline water and commands itself to produce more acid, bringing the ph level back to 4. At first thought  this seems counter productive. But once you understand how the stomach wall makes hydrochloric acid, the process becomes clear. The cells in  the stomach must produce hydrochloric acid on an as needed basis. The ingredients to make the acid are carbon dioxide, water, sodium chloride  or potassium chloride. The by-product of this acid is sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate that is delivered to the blood stream. These  bicarbonate are the alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood, as well as dissolving acid wastes. As our bodies age, and  accumulate more acid waste, the natural alkaline buffers that are made cannot handle such a big job. That is where alkaline water comes into play.  We need these alkaline buffers in our blood to help our cells from becoming too acidic and producing disease.

Having too much of an alkaline PH in your body does not always create the ideal health conditions you might imagine it does. Most of all it hampers the digestive process, by not allowing proper nutrient absorption into the body. Many people focus on the fact that you cannot get cancer as easily if you maintain a constantly high alkaline PH all the time.  The ideal PH level of the body should be close to or at PH 7.35.

Your body's PH level naturally rises and falls throughout the day. At 2 p.m. the body is maximum alkaline, and at 2 a.m. it is maximum acidic. This is because our immune system, of which 70% is in our stomach (which is acidic), rebuilds itself at night.  Too many calories or acidic foods such as proteins before bedtime build up as toxins in the body overnight, contributing to an acidic condition. This is because you are not physically active, allowing the calories to burn themselves off.

When the blood becomes acidic, fatty acids which are normally electro-magnetically charged on the negative side, turn positive and start sticking to the walls of arteries which are electro-magnetically charged on the negative side. This makes it harder for oxygen to be present and our blood becomes more cancer prone. This effect can be further induced by a negative solar flare or constant high solar winds, which induce slight charges in the fatty acids of the body. Geomagnetic storms lasting for long periods of time, of which some are the result of solar flares, affect transformers and pipelines that carry oil. It is the charged oil in these devices that the geomagnetic energy of the earth affects, latching onto it like a magnet. It only makes sense this energy also affects the lipids in our body, which accumulate fat. When the blood is made more alkaline, oxygen uptake increases. The best part about PH levels is that only a small amount goes a long way. Increasing PH levels from 4 pH to 5 pH increases oxygen to cells by ten fold. Increasing it from 4 to 6 increases oxygen by 100 times and raising pH from 4 pH to 7 pH increases oxygen levels by 1,000 times.

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best ways to rapidly improve blood alkalinity over the long term, just as Reishi, keeps SOD levels high for long periods of time. In just 2 hours, it can bring your body back to a healthy alkaline level, possibly saving your life.

Creating Alkalinity in the Body

The fast way to create alkalinity in the body is via drinking spring water and/or doing exercise. Another way is via foods that make the body alkaline, especially apple cider vinegar, as mentioned in the previous chapter. Another method is via cold showers. There are two methods that work best.  The first is to subject your body to hot/cold water 3 times for a total of 2 to 3 minutes each interval. This can be done in either a hot tub and shower or a sweat room and pool 3 times.

The second method involves taking a warm shower first, than at the end, slowly turning down the hot water, until the hot water starts to get cooler, only reducing the hot water  gradually until the cold water is at the temperature your body can barely tolerate. Expose your body to cooler water longer in the  mornings and less in the evenings. This is because your body's temperature is cooler in the morning and warmer in the late afternoon.You can take vitamin C and or Ginger to help your body resist the cold water and at the same time it will boost your metabolism. If you are using the geomagnetic weather indices, when the solar wind speed is around 350, when you take the cold shower, the "click" will be felt much easier and you know when to stop the cold water. You will find that after practicing this for a few weeks, your body "awakens refreshed" after each shower, your resistance to cold greatly improves and your skin and muscle tone improves.

Below are some foods and methods to boost alkalinity in the body:
Coral Calcium is a natural substance found in Sango Coral Reefs off the coast of Okinawa Japan, which is the home of the  healthiest and longest living people on Earth. This calcium makes the blood alkaline.
To make the body alkaline really fast, you can dissolve dolomite or eggshells in vinegar until nearly neutral, producing a highly  alkaline remedy.

Raw Organic Butter is neither overly alkaline, nor overly acidic, it is one of the few oils that are entirely neutral.

Methods that Induce Alkalinity into the Body

Salt and baking soda bath, or Epsom salts and baking soda bath. (2 lbs. salt, 2 lbs. baking soda in full tub. Soak for an hour.

2 parts of baking soda and I part of potassium bicarbonate will alkalize the body after eating. If the pH remains below 6.5, take half a teaspoon of the alkaliser in water or herb tea. If the pH  remains between 6.5 and 6.8 after the  meal, a quarter teaspoon is sufficient.

 = 1 tsp. baking soda plus 1 tsp. cream of tartar plus juice of = lemon in 4 oz. water.

6 oz. pineapple juice or most other fruit juices, but not cranberry. Fresh vegetable juice. Lemon juice and water.

Food Combining Methods:
Dissolving dolomite or eggshells in vinegar until nearly neutral, produces a highly alkaline remedy.
Alkaline fermented foods high in protein: Keifer, Kombucha and Tempeh.

Alkaline to Mild Acid Breads. Most breads are acidic, however Essene Bread is mildly alkaline.  Wheat and Rye Bread are mildly acid.
Alkaline Herb teas: chamomile, peppermint, fenugreek, red clover, hibiscus.

Milk of Magnesia. Should not be taken more than 4 days in a row.

The Alkaline Protein Connection

Alkalines neutralize acid in the body via the kidneys by carrying out carbon wastes in the form of urea and uric acid.

Uric acid is mainly synthesized in the liver and thereafter released in the circulation. You can instantly remove excess acidity that has built up and been stored in your fatty tissues and return it to an optimal PH level by taking alkaline proteins. These proteins are easiest to digest, and they feed the good bacteria in our stomachs.

Alkaline proteins carry a slight negative charge, absorbing beneficial electrons, which helps raise the metabolism of the cell. The more electron rich foods you have, the more alkaline the body becomes. The best time to take alkaline proteins is right after exercise as the body is not only recovering, but rebuilding itself.

Calcium carbonate, which cottage cheese is high in, is used to neutralize acids in soils that are acidic, and when you add limestone, which is high in calcium carbonate, to acidic soil, it makes the soil more alkaline. I believe that when the soils are made more alkaline, it greatly increases the negative charge potential, allowing the new magnetic monopoles, that are of southern polarity, to "re-connect" with the roots of plants and soil, driving healthy plant growth. 

Calcium carbonate is one of the main parts of the diet of the giant tortoise, who lives up to 177 years in captivity.Ocean animals that have a diet high in Calcium Carbonate also live extremely long lives. The Pacific Rockfish, which is one of the few animals with an extremely high level of Superoxide Dismutase in its body.  It feeds on crustaceans, which are made up of calcium carbonate.  The Pacific Rockfish, when in captivity is estimated to live up to 200 years or more.  No scientist can tell you how long they exactly live, because keeping one in captivity would require a wait of over 200 years.

Another animal that feeds on crustaceans is the Humpback whale. Crustaceans are also high in the protein Chitin from which Chitosan comes from. Chitosan is a basic building block of living tissues, absorbing toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead. And sea turtles, which are the longest lived ocean animal, have shells composed of calcium carbonate. The life span of a sea turtle is believed to be  well over 100 years and they can swim over 50 km per hour. When you bombard Calcium Carbonate with 300 nm UV light (only 30nm from the life giving 270nm range), it starts to multiply.

Sources of Alkaline Proteins

The best alkaline proteins come from the sea algaes, such as phytoplankton, spirulina, chlorella and chlorophyll.  These proteins are also high in negative electrons. The mineral potassium, found in large amounts in alkaline proteins, helps neutralize acidity in the body, creating a more alkaline state. Sprouted hard winter wheat, which is high in the protein Gilidian, is a good way to introduce alkaline proteins into the body. This special type of wheat has also shown a remarkable protection from mold, rot and bad fungus when stored for long periods.
Alkaline Proteins can be found in Tempeh, Tofu, Whey Proteins, Yogurt, Keifer, Cottage Cheese, Almonds, pea protein powders, hemp protein, Alfalfa, Pumpkin Seeds, Chestnuts, Flax seeds, Millet, Squash Seeds and chia seeds.

Fruits that make the body alkaline and create negative ions in the body include: pears, apples, cantaloupe (which boosts SOD levels), raspberries.

Chitin, from which the food supplement Chitosan comes from, is an alkaline protein. Most medicinal mushrooms create highly alkaline conditions in the body. Many essential oils increase the alkalinity of the body, due to their extremely tiny molecules which bind with oxygen molecules.

The alkaline protein, whey protein isolate, used in bodybuilding, is easily digestible and quickly absorbed. Most whey protein powders are measured in biological Values (BV), a term commonly seen on food supplement containers. The biological value is a measure of the efficiency of the amount of the whey protein that can be absorbed and utilized  by the body for tissue growth. The higher the BV value the greater the absorption, thus the greater the benefits obtained.

The Binding Effect

Binding increases nutrient absorption considerably. Albumin (found in eggs), when heated causes denaturing, making them more bioavilable by the body.  This same effect also occurs with potatoes. And if you heat whey protein powder, it will become more absorbed by the body due to the denaturation that occurs.

Chitosan contains glucosamine and acetic acid which binds to red blood cells and nerve cells helping rebuild them. Iron binding to Lactoferrin creates fuel for the beneficial bacteria. Candida also uses the iron molecule as a means of travel throughout the body. This binding effect starves the bad bacteria or tumor so it eventually dies without harming good bacteria. Out of all the items that bind with proteins, Copper has the highest binding affinity than all other minerals known.

Other beneficial reactions from binding include: Phosphorus binding to Calcium increases calcium absorption. Collagen binding to Grape Juice helps repair tissue. Tryptophan binding to Calcium increases protein rebuilding. Ferritin binding to Phosphate, boosts absorption. Catechins found in green tea bind easily with proteins (tryptophan).  Zinc and Copper increase protein rebuilding.

The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption

Calcium makes up 1.6% of our body weight. It is literally the human glue that holds the body together. Calcium is so  biochemically active that it has been likened to an octopus. Calcium ions attach themselves to seven other molecules while grabbing onto a molecule of water. No other ion can do this. As it does this, it takes a chain of nutrients into the cell and then leaves to get more. Calcium is a key regulator of mitochondria function and cell to cell signaling, which helps the cells communicate together clearly, enhancing  regeneration. Calcium helps the brain use tryptophan, which in turn manufactures melatonin. Various dairy products made from milk, such as cheese and yogurt contain high amounts of  tryptophan and calcium.

Increasing your intake of calcium when you are older will not guarantee a reprieve from osteoporosis or other bone deficiencies. The only cure for that is a proper exercise program. However, we can turn to nature to see how it uses calcium to live extremely long lives.

As mentioned previously, the longest living trees in the world exist in soil that is high in Dolomite.  Chemically dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate, made up of a 2:1 Calcium to Magnesium ratio.  This same 2:1 ratio was found in the drinking water of the Sango Coral Reefs off the coast of Okinawa, Japan.  As you know by now, is the home of the  healthiest and longest living people on Earth. Coral Calcium makes the blood alkaline. Another long lived culture are the people in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rico.  They drink hard water (mineral water) high in calcium and magnesium.

From this we can conclude that keeping the blood alkaline is most important for the body, as an overly alkaline stomach does not cause proteins to digest properly and hinders nutrient absorption. You can make this same water yourself.  See the How to Make Mineral Water Chapter for more details.

Calcium Inhibitors

Because calcium is such a powerful rebuilder of the body, if the ratios are not in proper proportion, it can throw the calcium regulation of the body off balance.  For example, the high mortality rate in Finland is associated with a higher than average calcium to magnesium ratio, while the low mortality rate in Japan is related to a lower calcium to magnesium ratio. Foods that interact with calcium absorption should be taken 2 hours apart from each other.

The ideal calcium ratios are as follows. Calcium-phosphorus 2 to 1, which is close to the proportion found in human breast milk, and Calcium to magnesium 2:1, the same ratio found in the longivity supplement, coral calcium. 

Calcium overdosages usually occur from supplements.  The only safe way to stay free of an overdosage of calcium is to take calcium rich foods such as Yogurt, Keifer or cottage cheese.

High phosphate diets (high red meat consumption, carbonated drinks, etc.)  are unfavorable to efficient calcium absorption. Because of the common ion effect, excess phosphates depress solubility of the soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate stable at the stomach's normally acid pH level. Another offender is excessive proteins in the body and excessive drinking of carbonated soft drinks. Faulty fat digestion due to high fat intake or an inadequate bile secretion interferes with  calcium  absorption through the precipitation of insoluble calcium soaps.

Avoid taking large doses of zinc with calcium. At high doses, zinc can interfere with calcium absorption.

Too much Phosphate will remove calcium from the body. High levels of Phosphate are commonly found  in carbonated soft drinks. Phosphate binds to magnesium molecules, flushing them out of the body.

Foods high in citric acid remove calcium from the body.

Excess calcium intake causes osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

Extensive supplementation of calcium supplements can cause hypercalcemia, whereas if you eat foods  or herbs high in calcium, you very rarely overdose.

Other calcium inhibitors: Excess fiber depletes calcium, phosphorus and potassium levels. Antiacids containing Aluminum can bind with phosphorus and interfere with absorption, leading to calcium depletion and Citric acid.

Boosting Calcium Absorption

The body absorbs calcium most effectively when taken by itself about 2 to 3 hours apart throughout the day.  This is because calcium is one of the most sensitive minerals, and is easily upset when taken with foods that inhibit its absorption. Calcium is soo sensitive, even strong electromagnetic signals have been shown to upset the calcium balance in human cells.

Calcium absorbs easily in an acidic stomach environment.  The body is most  likely to an have acidic environment in between meals,  just before bedtime, or shortly after taking vitamin C. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), or gastric hydrochloric acid (from apple cider vinegar) helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium absorption increases with Boron.

Sodium bicarbonate regulates acidity in the body, boosting calcium absorption and magnesium retention.  Sodium Bicarbonate can be found in Baking Soda.

The prebiotic family of Fructooligosaccharides foods such as Chicory help increase calcium retention. Fructooligosaccharides can be found in Jerusalem artichoke tuber, chicory root, leeks, onion, garlic, oats, barley, rye, with Jerusalem artichoke and its relative, with yacsn being the highest. Sunflower Seeds are the only food source that contain only calcium in its structure. Sunflower seeds contain 40 mg of calcium and no magnesium or phospherous. Source:

Vitamin D is required for optimal calcium absorption. The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of a food or supplement determines how much of the calcium is absorbed. Calcium-fortified orange juice and Tryptophan boost calcium absorption. Potassium bicarbonate, found in sprouted wheat, shiitake mushroom, bananas and potatoes, helps the body retain calcium by neutralizing excess acids.

When calcium is combined  with Vitamin K and Vitamin B12, it greatly increases its renewal and retention effect in the body, making it one of the most powerful ways to absorb calcium into the body, especially if you don't want to use milk or yogurt products:

Foods highest in Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin K from highest to lowest are: Turnip Greens, Kale, Endive, and Brussel Sprouts. These foods also just happen to be extremely high in Vitamin C and are powerful immune system boosting foods. These are great foods to take when the solar flux levels are extremely high, as such that occurs during solar flares.  Other foods high in B12 and K include the sea vegetables such as Seaweed, Spirulina.
Calcium Synergists: Vitamin B5

A powerful calcium combination is to use powdered Eggshells mixed with Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil. This synergizes together, allowing for excellent calcium absorption and retention.

The Phospherous Connection

Phospherous is necessary to create the molecule known as adenosine  triphosphate, or ATP, which acts like a tiny battery charger, supplying vital energy to every cell in the body. Adenosine is one of the four bases that make up RNA and DNA. Phosphorus and magnesium ratios in our tissues are almost identical to the ratios of phosphorus and magnesium in healthy soil.  White phosphorus glows in the dark when exposed to air high in moisture, in a process known as chemiluminescence.  Because energy is never lost, but "recycled", we can conclude that phosphorus is absorbing some type of "energy", and than re-radiating it back out at night.

Phospherous significantly boosts the growth of single celled algaes. The alkaline phosphatase retains 75% enzyme activity and is involved in healthy calcium and phosphorus  metabolism. Magnesium is necessary for the activation of alkaline phosphatase. Magnesium also helps in the utilization of vitamins B and E.

Phospherous works with calcium to build bones and aid in maintaining a healthy, strong skeleton. In addition, phosphorus joins with fats in the blood to make compounds called phospholipids, which, in turn, play structural  and metabolic roles in cell membranes throughout the body. Furthermore, without phosphorus, the body could not convert the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats from food into energy. Phosphorus is an important component of DNA and RNA renewal and is busiest while at work in the soft tissues where it helps create and manage energy, synthesize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and even helps contract muscles, including the beating heart.

Phosphate is essential for  stimulating hormone production and creating conditions that allow the body to utilize the B vitamins. Phosphorus even helps to maintain the body's pH. Phosphorus is also a constituent of nucleic acids, the holders of genetic information for  the body. Nitrogen and Phosphorus are the key elements to blue green algae appearing overnight.
Increasing Phospherous Levels

Phosphorus, like vitamin D, can be increased via sunlight. The quantity of phosphorus in a baby's blood can be doubled in approximately 2 weeks if you place it in the sunshine for a few minutes daily. 

Foods that boost phospherous levels: Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Oil. These also just happen to be the 2 most effective oils used in "Oil Pulling", which pull toxins out of the body, restore healthy teeth and promote general health for the body.  Phosphorus Synergists: Germanium & Nickel

Thank you for reading one of the most up to date and modern books on anti-aging ever written. I hope this information enlightens you, brings the profound health you are seeking and most of all, improves the lives of those around you.  Because as we improve ourselves, we are actually improving the world around us, making it a better place for everyone, including the environment.

The Power of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most complete vitamins that require the least amount of ingestion.  As a matter of fact Vitamin D is so easy to produce in the body that researchers found that a single serving of white button mushrooms - the  most commonly sold  mushroom - could contain 869% of the daily vitamin D  requirement when exposed to five minutes of sunlight after being  harvested.

Mushrooms contain ergosterol, a molecule that undergoes a transformation when exposed to sunlight, especially when exposed to UV light of wavelengths  between 280 320 nm. Moderate amounts of vitamin D, as irradiated ergosterol, also increase the retention of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D2  which is derived by photo irradiation from its precursor ergosterol, has no vitamin activity  until "activated " by light. Vitamin D3, found in fish oil, is more powerful than Vitamin D2.

Ergosterol has been shown to cure ricketes in young children and is found in the ergot of rye, brewer's yeast, mushrooms and in other fungi.  It has no vitamin activity  until "activated". By taking mushrooms (or  freeze-dried chanterelles) and spending 10 to 30 mins in the sun, the  ergosterol in the mushrooms increases the Vitamin D2 in your body up to 9 fold.  White button mushrooms are listed as a powerful anti-aging food. Studies have shown that  5-30 minutes of sun on the face, arms, legs or back, in the middle of the day, without sunscreen,  should give you enough vitamin D.

The Symphony of Protein Synthesis

Specific proteins have specific jobs to do.  Because excess protein intake can lead to health problems in the long term, knowing which proteins to take, and when you need them, takes the guess work out of rebuilding these areas. Below are proteins and what parts of the body they rebuild:

To rebuild skeletal tissue and muscle: Leucine is one of the best, and is found in long grain brown rice and sardines.
Rebuilding the brain and preventing Alzheimer's: Bacopa. Bacopa contains  bacosides which regenerate synapses and repair damaged neurons, making it easier to learn and remember new information. Bacopa also increases serotonin.
Rebuild Nerves: Lions Mane (hericium erinaceus), also called Hedgehog Fungus.
Rebuild Muscle: Raw Peanuts, Walnuts. When you take the raw peanuts, they are not only high in Resveratrol, but are helpful in generating what I call an "anti-aging" fungus. The fungus called "aflaxtoxin", is the same fungus that grows on corn. It is also known  as "Huitlacoche". When grown in the lab on very simple media, it behaves like baker's yeast, forming single cells going by  the name sporidia. These cells multiply by budding off daughter cells. Huitlacoche can be purchased as a canned good in  some markets and via the internet.  In Mexico, it is mostly consumed fresh and can be purchased at restaurants, vegetable street vendors, or farmer's markets throughout the country.

Muscle and Tissues: Arginine, Alanine, Leucine. Sesame seeds are high in Arginine. Leucine is found primarily in high quality protein foods such as beans, brewer's yeast, brown rice  bran, caseinate, corn, dairy products, eggs, fish.

Protein synthesis is synergized when ATP in the cells are boosted. Methods that boost ATP levels include exercise and substances such as Rhodiola Rosea, Creatine, Phospherous, Herba Cistanche, Cordyceps, Carnitine and Reishi. Of all the nutritional supplements available to us, currently  creatine appears to be the most  effective for maintaining or  raising ATP levels.

The Rejuvenative Effect of Slow Release Proteins.

For some unknown reasons proteins that burn slowly in the body, when taken at the right times, combined with the right foods, seem to have a very, very benefical rejuvenative effect on the body.  Below are some examples.

Because Peanut Oil or Beeswax are used as a slow release compounds to make penicillin longer lasting in the body, we can use the same effect with herbs that have similar properties to penicillin.  These herbs include garlic, echinacea, golden seal and astragalus.  This makes an effective and powerful natural antibiotic.

The combination of Echinacea and Peanut Oil are one of the most powerful combinations that absorb easily into the skin. Beeswax is used in Healing Salves which is used on the exterior of the skin. Other items that help in slow release include: Coconut Oil and Honey.

For slow release proteins these include Casein of which high amounts are found in Cottage Cheese and Fish Oil and Sunflower Oil or Sunflower Seeds.  It is interesting that when we take Cottage Cheese about 1 hour before taking magnetic water, the "overnight rejuvenative" effects are substiantially increased.  Another interesting effect is taking the super allergy mix (also known as the "superflare" formula described in the how to boost your immune system chapter) 1 to 1.5 hours before taking yogurt, it creates a powerful "antibacterial" healing effect in the body.

Whey protein is totally absorbed into the body is just 1 hour. Casein, of which cottage cheese is high in, absorbs the slowest into the body, taking up to 7 hours.

The Healing Power of Ethylene

Ethylene is a powerful chemical reaction that takes place when the DNA of the body is rebuilding itself.  Ethylene increases cellular respiration and it is my theory that this increased cellular respiration is what causes seeds to germinate earlier when exposed to ethylene, because the bacteria has had its cellular respiration increased.

Cellular respiration is the  process by which food is broken down by the body's cells to produce energy, in the form of ATP molecules. An increase in cellular respiration is believed to offer additional cell protection from damage and aging. Other ways to increase cellular respiration is via exercise and with Vitamins B2 and Vitamin E. 

A good example of ethylene occurring is when you leave a bunch of bananas in a brown paper bag, they turn brown, increasing the ethylene concentration as well as the protein concentration. We know that when this happens, the protein concentration in the bananas increases significantly, reaching a peak in 4 days.

Compounds high in Ethylene include the amino acids Tryptophan & Tyrosine. Foods include Bananas (Bananas have a high concentration of tryptophan), Burdock Root, Sesame Seeds (including Roasted) and Wine.

Sodium concentrations are higher in summer, fall, and winter.

Potassium concentrations and milligrams of potassium per gram protein are higher in summer.

Sodium per gram of protein is not significantly affected by season.

Concentrations of protein are higher in summer and fall.

Protein and  sodium are the only constituents that show different seasonal effects

Chlorophyll concentration is higher during Spring

This shows that not only is our cellular metabolism stronger in late spring to summer, but taking more sodium and proteins during this time should be reduced. And enzymes that break down proteins should also be taken during this time. Proteins and sodium, especially the alkaline proteins, should only be increased during spring and winter.

The Sulphur Connection

Sulphur is an acid-forming mineral that is part of the chemical structure of methionine, cysteine, taurine, and glutathione. Sulfur disinfects the blood, resists bad bacteria and protects the protoplasm of cells. It aids in oxidation  reactions, stimulates bile secretions in the liver, and protects against toxic substances. Because of its ability to  protect against the harmful effects of radiation and pollution, sulfur slows down the aging process and extends life span.  It is found in hemoglobin and all body tissues and is needed for the synthesis of collagen which prevents dryness and  maintains elastic in the skin. Sulphur also occurs as a byproduct of fermentation, which is why our stomachs have hydrogen sulphide, which helps  digestion.

When high sulphur levels are present in the body, it starts to bind easily with hydrogen. Hydrogen atoms in a strong  magnetic field absorb energy.  This explains why taking magnetic water and sulphur are such powerful body rejuvenators. Aerobic Bacteria use Hydrogen Sulfide as one of their main sources for energy. The Amino acid Cysteine creates Hydrogen Sulfide in our stomachs and is best taken with Vitamin C. The ratio of vitamin C to cysteine should be three-to-one. Sulphur does not dissolve readily in water, but when mixed with an alkaline, such  as alkaline proteins or spring waters, it will easily absorb into the body.

The Miracle of Calcium Chloride

visible light enters the photolyase molecule in our DNA, the enzyme shoots life renewing electrons into the parts of our DNA that are damaged and broken, reparing them. It takes only a fraction of a second for the Photolyase to do its work to repair DNA. It has a 90% repair success rate. 

The Blue Green Algae classes of foods Spirulina, Phytoplankton, Chlorella and chlorophyll, are high in these phytolayses. These are some of the most nutrient rich foods known to man. Because repair of DNA is fast and only lasts a fraction of a second, you only need take these DNA rebuilding foods every few days. However foods such as Goji Berry or Barley Grass, which also repair DNA and at the same time boost superoxide dismutase levels, can be taken in larger amounts, without the danger of overdosage. Sprouted Barley and Wheat and other grains are high in DNA repair elements, especially barley grass.  Medicinal mushrooms that heal DNA are P. Sajor-Cajut Volvariella Fungi.

Folate is a necessary element for DNA renewal. The best way to get lots of folate without overdosing is via foods high in Folate, such as lentils, Egg Yolk, Yogurt and Sardines, as well as in Mollusks and Salmon.  Too much folate will cause cancer.

Additional foods that repair DNA include: Sardines (the highest), Brewer's Yeast, human breast milk, anchovies, lentils, beans, Animal Liver, Oysters, Eggs and Yogurt.
Selenium, such as found in high levels in Brazil Nuts, promotes DNA repair. Brazil nuts should be taken in moderation, as taking too much can make you feel nauseated. When it comes to selenium content, mushrooms surpass all other items in the produce category. A serving of crimini (baby  portabella) mushrooms provides almost one-third the RDA for selenium, according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Portabellas and white mushrooms are high in selenium. When selenium has been added to soil, it is absorbed significantly faster when the soil is alkaline. Selenium should always be taken with vitamins E, A and beta-carotene for maximum absorption into the body.

Exercise has been shown to rebuild DNA and phosphorus is also important to DNA repair. Too much phosphorus will remove calcium from the bones, causing osteoporosis. The DNA rebuilding compounds such as phenylalanine,  valine, threonine and methionine, are found in spirulina and oats. Methylamine which is an important part of the DNA ladder, can be found in air, rainwater, broiled seafoods, Sardines, Malt, Coffee and  Salted Tea.

the grains, than it used to take to eat a bowl of cereal with milk. What's more cereal has been "folate fortified" which has been shown to significantly increase the incidence of cancer.

Sprouting tremendously increases the nutrients many times over (sprouts are rich in DNA/RNA rebuilding nutrients and boost metabolism), plus just like harvesting food fresh from the soil, the nutrients don't loose their valuable vitamins due to processed manufacturing and storage.  Since soaking grains reduces the phytic acid content, the lactic acid fermentation process actually enables your body to  absorb more minerals from the grain than you would be able to otherwise absorb. The end result is that you get more bang for your nutritional buck by soaking the grains you eat.

Long Grain Brown Rice usually takes 22 hours to properly soak, with one rinse in 12 hrs. I have managed to cut this time in half by using the SOD mix (see chapter on how to make this yourself), which sprouts the seeds earlier. Brown rice turns alkaline when sprouted, rather than acidic if you cook it and is significantly more nutrient rich than cooked brown rice. Sunflower sprouts are especially high in Lecithin, which boosts cell to cell communication. Sprouting beans are especially full of nutrients, and are very, very powerful immune system boosters. That is where the term "jacks magic beans" comes from.
Boosting Nutrients in Sprouts

When soaking, you can also add a little salt water in the ratio of 1 part salt to 10 parts water to increase the mineral contents of your sprouts. A pinch of powdered Kelp will also increase the nutrients when added to soaking sprouts.

The Short and Long Chain Connection

Sugars and Proteins can be divided up into short and long chains.  Most anti-aging foods have longer chains, such as Organic Butter, Sunflower Oil and Canola Oil.  Long Chain Fatty Acids mimic calorie restriction, which extends life. The body does not make these long chain fatty acids (called essential fatty acids),  especially the Omega-3 s.  When the body is low in Omega 3's, it must scramble to make something in its place. This puts another extra energy burden on the body, similar to the energy burden caused by making more cells for digestion.  Long chain foods provide beneficial bacteria to the stomach, taking much longer to digest and can produce short chain fatty acids.

The short chain molecules are quickly absorbed, requiring little digestion, and give the cells of the body energy. Lupin or pea seeds, should be taken sparingly, at least every few days and especially after taking Omega 3 Oils, as they detox and oxygenate the cells.
Long Chain Carbons.  Green Tea - Long Chain Carbon.
Long Chain Fatty Acids. Sardines and Flaxseeds.
Fatty Acids include: Sunflower oil, Canola Oil, Raw Organic Butter. These help rebuild the eyes.

Putting Your Body into a Deep Regenerative Sleep

The body regenerates most effectively when it can sleep deeply and peacefully. The two most powerful vitamins and amino acids that help your body attain this are Tryptophan and the B class of vitamins. Tryptophan cannot be manufactured in the body, it must be obtained through diet.  Tryptophan and B vitamins are also used to relax the body and remove stress, which helps renewal of the cells. Tryptophan makes serotonin and melatonin which helps you sleep.
Before bed, you want to have a high carbohydrate food high in the amino acid Tryptophan, but yet low in proteins, so they do not interrferre in the regenerative stages of your rest. If you have low carbs with Tryptophan, it causes the proteins to remain in the body longer, giving you energy, thus keeping you awake more. Foods highest in Tryptophan that meet these criteria include: Spirulina, Bananas, Raw Eggs.
Other foods highest in Tryptophan from highest to lowest: Sesame Seed Flour, Spirulina, Soy Sauce, Cottage Cheese, the herb Basil, sprouted or cooked long grain brown rice, raw peanuts. I have noticed from experience that when I take raw peanuts before bed, I sleep more soundly.

Complex carbohydrates boost focus and concentration. Foods high in Complex Carbohydrates: Brown Rice, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Barley, Split Peas. GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is another substance that induces relaxation and can be used to reduce anxiety.A tea made with the herbs Valerian and Chamomile will help you sleep deeply.

Herbs Proven to Extended The Life Span

These herbs are associated with extreme longevity and health. They burn out toxins from the body effectively and can be used in large doses with very few side effects on the mental or physical structure of the body. You will find many of these herbs also have a direct beneficial effect on the intestinal health of the body, or act as natural prebiotics for the body. I use many of these herbs for my SOD and Brain Food formulations, with great success, needing only to take them every few days.

Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), Korean or Chinese ginseng
Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), Milk vetch Huang qi
Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Chinese caterpillar fungus Dong chong xia cao
Dang shen (Codonopsis pilosula), Codonopsis, Asian bellflower Dang shen
Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticolsis), Siberian ginseng Ci wu jia
He shou wu (Polygonum multiflorum), Fo-ti He shou wu
Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) - Jiao gu lan
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis) Gan cao / Yashtimadhu
Lycium (Lycium chinensis, L. barbarum), Goji, wolfberry Gou qu zi
Prince seng (Pseudostellaria heterophylla), Pseudostellaria Tai zi shen
Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma laucidum) Ling zhi
Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis),
Chinese Magnolia vine Wu wei zi

The Schisandra berry is one of the most powerful Mitochondrial antioxidants. Scientists at Harvard Medical School demonstrated in lab experiments that just adding 5 percent more mitochondria to  mouse ovaries can cut the death rate by nearly 50 percent. Other Herbs that boost mitochondrial generation include: Cordyceps and  Herba Cistanche.
Adaptogenic Herbs used in Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Known As Rasayanas or Rejuvenating Herbs:
Amla (Emblica officianalis), Indian gooseberry Yu gan zi / Amalaki
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Indian ginseng, Winter cherry Ashwagandha
Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) Fo ti tieng / Kula kud. The best FO TI to buy is the dark brown/reddish type, as this is the longivity type that has gone through the proper processing procedure, the other FO TI, light brown in color is good for digestion. About 10 kg of black beans are used to process 100 kg of ho-shou-wu roots. It is prepared with yellow rice wine  and black soybean (Glycine max) juice made by boiling black soybeans for several hours. The herb is steamed with this  wine-soybean juice mixture until the liquid is completely absorbed by the Polygonum roots
Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Indian tinospora Kuan jin teng / Guduchi
Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum, O. gratissimum), Sacred basil Luo le / Tulsi
Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Indian asparagus Shatavari / Tian men dong
Shilajit (Asphaltum bitumen) Shilajit / Mumie

Western Herbal Medicine Adaptogenic Herbs Known as Adaptogens:

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), Sang, seng Xi yang shen
Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)
Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) - an excellent herbal prebiotic
Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Peruvian ginseng
Manchurian Thorn Tree (Aralia manshurica)
Rhaponticum (Rhaponticum carthamoides), Maral root
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Golden root Hong jing tian
Suma (Pfaffia paniculata), Brazilian ginseng - Para todo (Indian tribes of South America)

Herbs that Boost Endurance and Relieve Fatigue

I have personally used many of these herbs with much success to relieve fatigue, to increase mental clarity and most of all for general well being.  These herbs include: Jigoulan, Schizandra Berry, Shiitake Mushroom, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L-carnitine (regenerates nerves in the body and shown to boost memory  and prevent Alzheimers), Creatine (a supplement that supplies ATP to the  cells), Cordyceps (boosts ATP), Hawthorne Berry (supplies oxygen to the heart), Rhodia  Rosea, Gandommera (also known as Reishi), Grapeseed Extract, Goji Berry  (one of the best, creates high SOD levels, glutamine, arginne and has alkaline  proteins), Ginseng, FO TI (He Shou Wu), Astragalus (a super immune system  booster and re-aligns the intestines). Any of these can be taken with Green Tea  for maximum synergy and absorption. Creatine should be taken with  Dextrose.

The Herb More Powerful Than Ginseng

Jiaogulan is an often overlooked herb in research, yet documents are showing that people who use this herb regularly live to over 100 years of age in good health. This is like a "super charged" ginseng herb, at about 1/3rd the price of ginseng. One story says  that the Chinese were doing a census and found one province with the most centurians (people living over hundred years  old). When they looked into the differences between the people of that province and others, they found that they lived in  fresh mountain air and drank spring water with Jiaogulan infused as a beverage.

Currently more than 300 research papers have been written documenting over 54 health benefits associated with jiaogulan. Jiaogulan is now  acknowledged as the greatest health-giving herb in all of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) even exceeding superstars like the goji berry. Many herbalists consider Jiaogulan to be the world's most potent herbal adaptogen. Adaptogens are  special plants that can increase the body's resistance to everyday stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue. Adaptogens  accomplish this by a unique two-way balancing action on neuro-endocrine and immune function. Chemical analysis has shown that adaptogens work because of something called saponins. Ginseng is a renowned adaptogen because of its complement of  28 saponins, but Jiaogulan blows past ginseng in that it contains more than 100 different saponins. Almost 4 times as  many.  This is an astounding number proclaimed by experts to be the broadest and most powerful range found in any plant in  nature. Jiaogulan's saponins include all the major saponins found in ginseng, plus additional unique forms called  gypenosides, that are found only in Jiaogulan. A study involving 610 people ages 50-90 found that their Superoxide Dismutase levels increased 300% after taking Jiaogulan. I use Jiaogulan in my Yogurt Mix (see chapter on how to make this yourself) and find that it synergizes very well with the good bacteria in the yogurt. It also gives me a substantial energy boost the following morning.

Compounds highest in Antioxidants

An interesting observation is the same ingredients that stabilize lard such as Quercetin, Rutin, Kaempferol, Luteolin, Fustin, Catechin, Lecithin, etc.,  when converted to food grade formulations, will also act as powerful antioxidants in the body.

In nature, the weedier or wilder the plant, the higher the antioxidant level. Plants high in antioxidants include plants from the mint family -- oregano being the highest, rosemary, self-heal, thyme, sage, peppermint and spearmint with self-heal being the second highest. As with all antioxidants, only a small amount are needed, as too much will cause fatigue. Besides Oregano, Clove ranks 2nd as having the highest antioxidant protection out of all the herbs. Only 0.5% clove powder (containing eugenol and eugenyl  acetate) in mackerel muscle extract has been found to totally prevent growth and histamine production by E. aerogenes.

The Disaster of Canned Foods

Today some supermarkets use cans lined with a "plastic" coating to prevent contamination, and I use canned foods every now and then just for their convenience and because the canned potatoes and carrots I buy have the health giving calcium chloride in the can.  However canned foods should never be relied upon for long term nourishment and health of the body, as most of the nutrients are "gone" due to processing. Consider a can of Tomatoes: Green harvesting loses up to 25% of its nutrients
Transporting loses up to 25% of its remaining nutrients
Storage loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients
Canning loses up to 83% of its remaining nutrients
Cooking loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients
From this we can conclude that growing tomatoes and picking them fresh and than eating them will give you one of the most healthiest foods you can obtain.The best canned foods include: Beans and lentils, sardines, organic reduced-sodium soup, light tuna packed in water and tomato paste.  Tomato paste is good because it is a highly concentrated form of tomato, and shows up as being super nutrient dense when in the canned form.

How Unrefined / Processed Grains Damage the Body

Centurians, people who have lived over 100 years, don't have much in common. However, there are 3 consistent blood  metabolic indicators of all Centurion which are relatively consistent: low sugar, low triglycerides, and low insulin.  All 3 are relatively low for age. Among these 3 variables, insulin is the common denominator. The level of insulin  sensitivity of the cell is one of the most important markers of lifespan. Controlling your insulin levels is one of the  most powerful anti-aging strategies you can possibly implement. Sugar and grains cause your body to produce insulin and  high insulin levels are the single largest physical cause of accelerated aging. From personal experience, I found that when I stopped eating bread, my energy levels went up remarkably.  From researching grains I found that those found in bread, cakes and sweet pastries are high in flour.

Some companies actually make and sell glue that is made out of flour and water. So if glue can be made out of flour and water, what does this do to your arteries?  Lets take a closer look:

Grains need to be digested in two phases. First, the starches, which are very long chains of carbohydrate molecules,  must be separated into small pieces consisting of 2 glucose molecules. This is called maltose (or isomaltose). Next, your cells need to work harder, producing more enzymes to digest the maltose into the elemental glucose molecules. The problem is that the human body isn't fit for this job and a part of the starch isn't  absorbed and descends into the large intestines, feeding critters, causing inflammation, gasses, damage to the wall of the  intestines, and other problems.

Sugar from processed grains, as well as any type of artificially processed sugar elevates the blood sugar levels amazingly fast and causes your pancreas to produce lots and lots of insulin to metabolize it. Refined grains are void of minerals and vitamins, which are needed to  properly digest and metabolize the huge amount of starch. So, each time you eat a slice of bread, your body needs to take minerals and vitamins from its limited stores, such as the bones, (A diet high in unfermented / unsprouted grains can lead to mineral deficiencies and bone loss) to digest and metabolize it. Simply put, when you take a slice of bread and crush it in your hand, you are virtually eating that amount of refined sugar (Insulin and high insulin levels are the single largest physical cause of  accelerated aging). Over time, many people develop deficiencies of  these vitamins and minerals. Processed grains also contain a lot of allergens which upset your immune system, causing the  development of allergies.

The Deceptive Beauty of Junk Foods

Sugar, Flour and Meats are the 3 most addictive things for most people.  In meat the "energy" from the proteins can be addictive and in sugar, the "mental satisfaction", can be addictive, and with flour the "feeling of fullness" gives a false satisfaction of fullness.  It is these 3 cravings that put an unnecessary burden on the digestive system.

It is possible this addiction, which creates "excessive digestion", becomes a self-sustaining cycle, with the addicted person needing to consume more and more to satisfy the cravings for nutrients. It is  interesting to note that vegetarian and sugar free foods require little energy for digestion, thus keeping the body free of disease.  This never turns into an addictive cycle, rather it increases awareness and promotes a healthy expansion of consciousness.

Foods which take the least amount of time to digest, such as fruits and honey, are what are known as "predigested foods." They primarily contain glucose and don't need to be digested at all, quickly being absorbed painlessly by the intestines.  Coconut Oil  and Palm Kernal Oils are also foods that don't need digestion and give the body energy.  A good combination for energy is  Honey and Coconut Oil.

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