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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water

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This book is dedicated to Kobo Daishi - Kukai.  Founder of Shingon Buddhism 774-835 AD and to the faithful monks at the temple monastery in Honolulu Hawaii

Book Chapters: People Can Have Their Hair Turn Grey Overnight, Why Can't The Body Renew Itself Overnight? - Page 9 The Real Meaning Behind Easter and The Last Supper - Page 10 The Sigmoidal Connection - Page 12 Clues Deciphered and the Meaning of the Last Supper - Page 12 The 12 Disciples at the Last Supper - Page 13 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot - Page 13 The True Meaning of the Cross - Page 14 The Crown of Thorns - Page 17 The Two Thieves Beside Christ - Page 18 Jesus in his Tomb and the Ressurection - Page 19 The Tomb of Darkness and Restoration of the Body - Page 20 Jesus going to the Mountain to Pray - Page 21 The Oils - Page 21 Mary, Mother of Jesus - Page 21 Jesus the Carpenter and the Connection to Wood - Page 22 The Meaning of "Fish" in the Scriptures - Page 22 Jesus Crossing the Sea - Page 23 The True Meaning of Christmas - Page 23 2 Ancient Prophets Born During Aries - Page 24 Understanding the Principals that Create Faith - Page 24 The Power of Intention and Our Sun - Page 24 Observations of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity - Page 33 What Can We Use This Intention For? - Page 33 How Intention Fuels Innovation and Technology - Page 35 The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux - Page 37 Intentions and Events - Page 38 Peak Periods to Perform Intention - Page 42 What Is The Ionosphere? - Page 42 How Ionization Re-Creates Life - Page 43 The Number 3 - Page 44 The Number 4 - Page 46 The Number 8 - Page 48 The Number 11 - Page 49 The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms - Page 50 The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun - Page 51 What Causes Aging? - Page 51 How Can We Prevent or Reverse Aging? - Page 52 How to Heal A Toothache and Never Visit the Dentist Again - Page 53 Five 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes - Page 54 How to Instantly Heal a Toothache - Page 55 What is Vitamin K2? - Page 57 Prevention of Cavities - Page 58 Using Earth Energy to Heal Teeth - Page 58 Keeping the Gums Healthy - Page 59 How to Cease Bleeding Gums - Page 60 The Five Major Longevity Cultures of the World - Page 61 Individuals Who Have Lived Extremely Long Lives - Page 61 Putting It All Together - Page 66 Anti Aging Foods and their Traits - Page 67 The Template of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection. The "Life Force Storm" - Page 67 How to find the Recurrent CHHSS - Page 70 How to Interpret Solar and Geomagnetic Data - Page 70 A Scientific Explanation of Where the "life force" Storm Energy Originates - Page 71 Moisture Levels - Page 73 Overnight Rebuilding of The Body using the Energy from the Earth and Sun - Page 74 How Mineral Ratio Improves Nutrient Absorption - Page 78 When It's Too Late to Take Anti-Aging Foods - Page 81 Preventing Alzheimer's - Page 82 The Miracle of Sulphur - Page 83 The Miracle of the Onion - Page 84 Maximizing Mineral Retention and Increasing Nutrient Absorption - Page 85 Mineral Retention - Page 88 Calcium Retention - Page 89 "Binders" to Increase Nutrient Absorption - Page 90 How the Rhythms of Earth are Affecting the Cycles of the Body - Page 91 How to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels Naturally - Page 91 How to Reverse Aging with Exercise - Page 92 MET's - Page 94 Exercise Tips - Page 95 The Varieties of Green Tea - Page 96 Glutamine the One and Only Antioxidant - Page 96 How Glutamic Acid Makes Glutamine - Page 97 Foods that Produce Glutamine - Page 97 Nitrogen Circulation and Retention - Page 98 Speed Kills, but Slower Always Lives On - Page 98 Ormus the Miracle Worker - Page 98 The Effects of Ormus Upon the Body - Page 100 The Effects after Taking Ormus - Page 102 Using Ormus to Increase Prosperity and Abundance - Page 103 How the Earth Makes Ormus - Page 103 Natures "Hidden" Windows - Page 103 Ormus Clouds - Page 104 How to Make Your Own Ormus - Page 107 The Best Times to Make Ormus - Page 109 Personal Experiences Using Ormus - Page 109 How Ormus is Created through Moisture - Page 111 Storing Ormus/Ormus Overdoses - Page 111 Synergistic Effects of Ormus - Page 111 The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide - Page 112 The Amazing Telluric Current - Page 113 Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures - Page 114 How to Tap Telluric Current - Page 115 The Moon and Telluric Current - Page 116 The Telluric Current Flow - Page 117 Artificial Generation of Telluric Current - Page 117 Magnetic Fields and Health - Page 118 Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body - Page 119 The Power of North/South Alignments - Page 120 Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits - Page 120 The Recyability and Regeneration Sequence of Antioxidants - Page 121 The 2 Main Beneficial Types of Fiber - Page 122 Soluble Fiber - Page 122 Insoluble Fiber - Page 123 Medicinal Mushrooms and The Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Connection - Page 123 Fighting Bad Bacteria - Page 124 Mushrooms/Fungi and Superoxide Dismutase - Page 125 How Evaporation Draws in New Life - Page 126 The Fermentation Connection - Page 127 Compounds that Assist Fermentation - Page 129 How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells via Fermentation - Page 130 The Aerobic Cycle of Regeneration - Page 131 What Aerobic Bacteria Likes to Eat - Page 131 The B Vitamin Connection - Page 133 The Homocysteine Process - Page 134 The Power of Vitamin B3 - Page 134 The Polysaccharides Connection - Page 135 The Digestion Connection - Page 135 Foods that Improve Digestion - Page 139 Keeping the Digestive Tract Moist - Page 140 Keeping the Colon Healthy - Page 140 The Miracle of Resistant Starch - Page 141 The Prebiotics - Page 141 The Probiotics - Page 142 Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day - Page 143 The Digestive Enzymes - Page 144 The Miracle of the Enzyme Trypsin - Page 145 The Enzyme Process - Page 146 What Enzymes Love to Eat - Page 147 The 8 Main Enzymes and Their Purpose - Page 148 Live Enzymes in Food - Page 149 How to Boost Digestive Enzymes - Page 149 The Evolution of Stretching - Page 150 The SOD Enzyme in Closer Detail - Page 152 Superoxide Dismutase and the Electrostatic Field - Page 152 Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields - Page 154 How to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Levels in the Body - Page 155 Physical Methods to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Levels - Page 155 Foods that Boost the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme - Page 156 Boosting Catalase Levels in the Body - Page 157 Enzyme Inhibitors - Page 158 Early Seed Germination and Longivity - Page 159 The Moisture Connection - Page 159 The Humidity Factor - Page 161 Ways to Increase Moisture in the Body - Page 163 The Types of Magnesium - Page 163 The Cysteine Connection - Page 164 Factors That Decrease Cysteine Production in the Body - Page 165 The Eight Essential Amino Acid Groups - Page 165 The Tryptophan Connection - Page 165 The Alkaline Connection - Page 166 Creating Alkalinity in the Body - Page 168 Methods that Induce Alkalinity into the Body - Page 169 The Alkaline Protein Connection - Page 170 Sources of Alkaline Proteins - Page 171 The Binding Effect - Page 171 The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption - Page 172 Calcium Inhibitors - Page 173 Boosting Calcium Absorption - Page 174 The Phospherous Connection - Page 175 Increasing Phospherous Levels - Page 176 Index.......................... Page 179 End of Part 1 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 The Magic Frequency of 60HZ - Page 62 Oxidative Stress and The Sir2 Gene - Page 63 How Temporary Bursts of Stress Prolong Life - Page 63 Flu Prevention Cures / Boosting the Immune System - Page 65 How To Boost the Metabolism of the Liver - Page 66 Additional Factors that Weaken the Immune System - Page 66 How to Stop Getting the Flu in Winter - Page 68 Zinc Lozenges - Page 68 Energy From Thoughts and The Immune System - Page 69 Foods and Depression - Page 72 Outside Influences that Deplete the Immune System - Page 73 Where do T Cells Come From? - Page 74 How Newborn Babies Survive with an Almost Non-Existent Immune System - Page 74 Heart Cells Renew Themselves Throughout Life - Page 75 How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System - Page 76 Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles - Page 80 Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health - Page 85 How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March - Page 88 Autoimmune Conditions - Page 89 Foods and Methods that Boost the Immune System - Page 90 The Immune System and Seasons - Page 94 If you Have the Flu - Page 95 If you have Pneumonia - Page 96 Flu Prevention and Influenza Protection - Page 96 Cancer Killers -Page 97 What Causes Cells to Undergo "Negative Fermentation?" - Page 98 Foods high in Carcinogens - Page 98 Methods and Foods Proven to Cure Cancer - Page 99 The Power of Cesium and Rubidium - Page 99 How to Use Vitamin C to Kill Cancer Cells - Page 100 Cancer Prevention - Page 100 The Power of Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 Facts about Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 The Miracle of Manganese - Page 102 The Genetic Connection - Page 102 Gene Protection and Repair - Page 103 Having the Proper Amount of Uric Acid - Page 103 How to Remove Excess Uric Acid - Page 104 How to Generate Life Force In Your Body - Page 104 Effects from Performing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 106 Internal Renewal According to the Energy of the Sun - Page 109 How Life Giving Energy Enters our Earth - Page 110 How to Perform the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 110 The Pole Balancing Exercise in Detail - Page 111 Pole Balancing Help Notes - Page 113 Health and Mental Effects Gained from Pole Balancing - Page 113 Foods to Boost Effectiveness of Pole Balancing - Page 114 Positions of Pole Balancing in Detail - Page 115 Laying South - Page 115 The Recurrent CHHSS - Page 116 Best Seasonal Conditions for Pole Balancing - Page 117 Stimulation of the Body via The Sun - Page 117 Best Surfaces to Perform Pole Balancing - Page 119 Effects on the Body just before a Solar Flare - Page 119 Geomagnetic Forces and Their Effect Upon the Body - Page 120 Scientific Validation Linking Geomagnetic Activity and Health - Page 121 Combating the Effects of Negative Geomagnetic Activity - Page 124 Jet Lag and Higher Geomagnetic Activity Are Both the Same - Page 124 The Healing Power of Propolis - Page 125 What is Propolis used for? - Page 126 The Facts About Drinking Distilled Water - Page 127 How Electrons Change Food Structure - Page 128 Growing/Making Your Own Foods - Page 129 Magnetic Water and its Restorative Effects - Page 129 The Power of Hydrogen - Page 132 How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water - Page 133 Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body - Page 135 The Sulphur Thiol Connection - Page 137 Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life - Page 137 Synergistic Food Combinations - Page 140 Mineral Synergy - Page 149 Longivity "Extracts". Manufactured Anti-Aging Compounds - Page 150 Skin Renewal - Page 151 2 Longevity Hunza Recipes - Page 153 Energetic Herbal Formulas You Can Make - Page 155 How to Make Your own Superoxide Dismutase. SOD Mix. - Page 155 How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Brain Food. Brain Food Mix. - Page 156 How to Make Your Own Prebiotic Formula. ENRG Max. - Page 157 How to Make the Life Restoring Chitosan Mix. - Page 157 How to Increase the Prebiotics in Yogurt Safely. Yogurt Mix. - Page 159 Sardine Mix - Page 159 Three Mineral Water Recipes - Page 159 Space Weather Conditions for Beneficial Healing upon the Body - Page 164 How to Predict Killer Bacteria Events - Page 164 Early Warning Sign prediction links - Page 166 Putting It All Together. How to Supercharge The Immune System - Page 167 Using Bromelain with Antibiotics - Page 169 The Miracle of Betaine - Page 170 Preventing and Controlling Inflammation - Page 171 Alternating Conduits of Energy in the Body - Page 171 Index................. Page 178  Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology - Pine Cones, The Pituitary/Pineal Gland and HGH

The Power of Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, also known as nicotinamide, is the most powerful blood B vitamin.  It absorbs 3.94 times into the blood more than any other vitamin. Vitamin B3 processes protein and fat, especially the Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oils. Nicotinamide also helps remove excessive
hydrogen ion build up during exercise and also is one of the most potent inhibitors of the longivity gene SIR2, which boosts lifespan. High levels of Vitamin B3 can be found in Spirulina.

The Polysaccharides Connection

Polysaccharides are found inside the walls of fungi and the exoskeletons of insects. They are a sugary food source for good bacteria and are vital in protecting the elements Superoxide Dismutase from destruction by digestion. These special sugars store energy molecules at the molecular level and they easily fold into compact shapes, converting themselves to the proper sugars that the good bacteria in the body feed on. Mushrooms high in polysaccharides include Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake. Maitake, which is also high in Lactose, is the mushroom containing the highest number of polysaccharides. Wolfberry, also known as Goji Berry, is extremely high in polysaccharides and so is the drink Noni. Sugar beets contain up to 80% polysaccharides. 

Polysaccharides are used as stabilizers in manufacturing, and to recover gold and silver in the nanotechnology field. Oxalic acid such as that found in beet juice, will recover the metal iron from magnetite (iron oxide), which is used to make magnetic water chargers. Magnetite is used in Chinese medicine, especially when combined with the  alkaline berry schizandra.  It is used to treat problems associated with the upper part of the body.  Especially the head, ears and eyes.

Aerobic bacteria and fungi secrete polysaccharides to keep themselves moist and from drying out. Polysaccharides also keep the intestines moist and slippery, making digestion easier. Astragalus polysaccharides help synergize the good bacteria in yogurt, keifer and cottage cheese. Chitin or Chitosan, contains structured polysaccharides. Taking astragalus short-term (up to 10 days or so, or every 3rd or 4th day in small amounts) is a good guide to follow.

The Digestion Connection

Digestion is the powerhouse of our body, and if we can keep it under self control by taking foods that make us feel full, rather than becoming a victim to feeling hungry, (having power over our digestion), it will also significantly reduce our intake of calories, naturally increasing our lifespan. The small intestine, which food encounters first on the way to the stomach, absorb the sulphurs in foods and also absorbs the medium chain triglycerides in foods, which are the foods that quickly supply energy to our cells.

Changing your eating habits to raw does not mean eating everything raw, it means consuming foods rich in live enzymes.

Some of these raw foods can burden your digestion, especially broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. The fermented foods Sauraukrout, Kimchi, Pickles are easily digested. Leafy greens, berries and fruits have the least burden on the digestive system.  The foods that are most easily absorbed by the body and require little or no digestion are the water soluble foods.  They include Cottage Cheese and Omega 3 Oils, as well as coconut and palm kernal oils.

Several species of important bacteria live in the intestines and aid in digestion. The most significant are Lactobacillus  and Bifidobacteria.
These diminish as one gets older.

Our stomach uses 2 main fuel sources for digestion. The first are the digestive enzymes, the second is hydroclauric acid.  This is a substance, if taken directly will kill you.  However luckily we can take foods that help our bodies make more hydroclauric acid such as Apple Cider Vinegar. Many people are now convinced that Apple Cider Vinegar (also called ACV) cures more ailments than  any other folk remedy. In 400 B.C. the great Hippocrates, Father of  Medicine, used it for its amazing health qualities.

Other ways to increase hydroclauric acid in the stomach include:  Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Betaine Hydrochloride (Betaine HCL), from beets, Hydrochloric Acid Tablets, Proteins, Lemon Juice (Lemon is best taken 20 mins before eating), Slutamic acid hydrochloride, Pepsin (which is made from the stomach of pigs), Hydrochloride, Vitamin B5, Paramino Benzocic Acid (PABA), Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B2. If you decide to use 3% diluted hydrochloric acid from a chemist, take it with a half to one teaspoon in a cup of herb tea, to help digest proteins and avoid staining the teeth.

Our digestive system is like a second brain, and contains more nerves than our entire nervous system. When a baby is forming, the very first nerves that form are the digestive tract nerves. An upset/imbalance in either one of these causes an imbalance in the whole, which can harm the immune system. Researchers have shown that when emotion is intensified, either from a positive emotion or negative emotion, an increase in superoxide dismutase levels in the body increases. Emotion is one of the few methods that "link" both these systems.
From this we can conclude that foods that help promote healthy enzymes and good bacteria in the stomach, should therefore have beneficial effects on the brain. We can see this connection expressed in 2 foods.  Cabbage and Digestive Enzymes.

1: Digestive enzymes have been shown to significantly help with autism. 2: Cabbage, which is loaded with prebiotic enzymes especially lacatoballi and glutamic acid, has been used to correct personality disorders. According to published research in the Archives of General Psychiatry, research has revealed that those suffering from depression, have low levels of good bacteria in their stomachs. 
Digestion, especially those of proteins, create a significant burden on the body, because the body has to make more cells that create the enzymes for digestion.  When you have the right enzymes that help digest proteins, this burden is significantly relieved. And if you have good bacteria in your stomach (such as prebiotics and probiotics), the absorption of nutrients is greatly enhanced.

For example, if you eat 100g of protein and you don’t have much good bacteria in your gut,  your body might digest and assimilate around 60% of that, but if your gut is rich in good bacteria, your body will be able  to digest and assimilate up to 90% of the protein. If you eat too many proteins without adequate digestive enzymes, your body uses valuable energy to make more digestive enzymes. The protein process also occurs in plants. Only after a mineral has gone through the plants root or folial membranes and is chelated with protein and water, is it then in the proper form for ingestion. Undigested or harsh proteins bind to metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead in the body, leading to toxin buildup. Excess protein, especially when you have more than your enzymes can make, will fill the blood with more than the amino acids that make it up. 

Excess amino acids are converted into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water plus highly toxic ammonia. Your body immediately  protects itself by turning the ammonia into less toxic urea, which is then excreted by the kidneys. If you eat protein  beyond your body's capacity to remove the toxic wastes, you overload the kidneys.  These excess proteins will than float around the body and actually trap and harbor toxins, in a process similar to excessive sugar intake, poisoning your blood. Rice Bran, Soluble Fiber and Resistant Starch can help remove these excess proteins quickly from the body.  They are the best protein toxin removers.

There are two proteins that do not contribute to a buildup of ammonia in the body.  These are Keratin and Calcium. The best foods that rebuild keratin in the body are also the alkaline proteins.  Calcium and Keratin rich foods include Keifer, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Chitosan.
Each food you eat varies in the length of time your body takes to break it down.  Below is a list of how long it takes for your body to digest the foods.  The longer the digestion, the more burden it puts on your system. The list is sorted from highest to lowest:

Proteins - (average digestion-time: 4-12 hours).  These include the seed foods such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, pine nuts, walnuts. Low-starch root vegetables (4 hours). These are the harshest on our digestive system, especially if eaten raw.  You must include adequate amounts of the proper digestive enzymes with these foods if you eat them raw: Raw Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts, Uncooked beets, burdock, carrots, parsnips, radishes, turnips.

Starches - (average digestion-time: 3 hours).  These include the sprouted grains such as Amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, rye. Sprouted legumes include: Chickpeas, lentils, peas. Winter squashes, Acorn, hubbard, kabocha, sweet potatoes & yams.  Sweet Potatoes are super high in Vitamin A.

Vegetables - (average digestion-time: 2 hours).  These include the sprouted greens: Alfalfa, arugula, buckwheat mustard, radish. Vegetables: Cucumber, red bell-pepper, summer squash, zucchini. Leafy greens: Arugula, asparagus, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, celery,chard, collard greens, fresh corn,  kale, lettuce, mizuna, mustard greens, scallions, spinach, watercress.

Fruits (average digestion time: 2 hours.  Sweet Fruits take 3 hours).  These include: Grapefruits, lemons, oranges, pomegranate, strawberries. Sub-acid: Apples, apricots, most berries, grapes,kiwis, mango, pears, peaches. Sweet: Bananas, all dried fruit, persimmons. Melons: Canary, cantaloupe, crenshaw, honeydew, Persian, Santa Claus watermelon. Out of all the foods, Watermelon, which is high in hydrogen, takes only 15-30 minutes for the body to digest, while the proteins can take as long as 12 hours. Fruits and berries take the least amount of time to digest.

Another good way to ease digestion is to not mix starches, proteins and fats together. It is best to eat these 2 hours apart from each other. Fruits and berries are best eaten by themselves.  When you eat a fruit or berry with a protein or starch it creates a negative form of fermentation, building up ethanol and ammonia which putrefies your system, causing signifncant digestive problems over the long term. If you eat meat, eating animal proteins with the fats from coconut, butter, ghee, or olive oil, will cause a counterreaction with each other, causing very significant health problems over the long term. That is why frying a steak in Olive Oil is a very bad idea.

Alkaline proteins create the lowest burden on digestion, as well as dissolve acidity in the body. The best alkaline proteins include: Bioavilable Whey Protein Isolate, Fermented Tofu, Almonds, Raw Egg Yolk, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt and Keifer. Yogurt and Keifer also improve digestion because they have special bacteria that "give up their lives", causing an enzyme release that digests the lactose. Lactose is a component that Lactobacillus acidophilus uses as a fuel source. Foods high in Lactose from highest to lowest: Eggnog, Cottage Cheese, Raw Maitake Mushroom.

Here are 3 proteins that require no digestion whatsoever by the stomach.  These are composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). They are Camphor Tree Drupes, Coconut Oil and Palm Kernal Oil. They absorb so fast into the body, they give the body instant energy, almost as good as, if not better than sugar.  They also don't require bile salts, another fuel our body needs to produce for digestion. The good medium chain triglycerides go directly to the liver, rather than into general circulation. The bad Triglycerides circulate in the plasma. Spirulina has been shown to dramatically lower the bad triglycerides. Medium chain triglycerides are water soluble and the more water soluble the triglycerides, the more rapidly they enter into the cells

Monosaccharides, including Disaccharides, are very simple carbohydrates. Some monosaccharides have a sweet taste. They have a single molecule structure that allows them to be easily absorbed by the intestine wall, thus taking the burden off of digestion.
The  monosaccharide, Galactose, has been found to be one of the best energy sources for a cell. Monosaccharides  can be found in Cumin Seed, Molasses and Honey. Honey never spoils.  It has been found in ancient egyptian tombs and still deemed edible by experts after thousands of years.

Other examples of monosaccharides include glucose (dextrose), fructose (levulose), galactose, xylose and ribose. Monosaccharides  are also highest in quantities in fruit that is overripe. To help the absorption of Monosaccharides, foods high in the enzyme Amylase can be taken. Foods high in Amylase include include Malt, Barley, Cabbage, Wheat, or Brown Rice, these help to breakdown the starch.

Glutamine is best known for its ability to serve as a source of fuel for the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract and is the preferred fuel source for cells lining the small intestine. Glutamine also serves as a precursor to the  antioxidant glutathione, participating in glycogen synthesis (the storage form of carbohydrate), and provides nitrogen  compounds for the manufacture of nucleotides which are used to make DNA and RNA. Two particularly high vegetable sources of Glutamine are uncooked red cabbage, broccoli and beets. Cooking or steaming will destroy glutamine in vegetables.

Foods that Improve Digestion

Sea Salt, especially Himilayan Sea Salt, helps stimulate good stomach acid production, making digestion easier. Parsley leaf strengthens the digestive system and helps form new red blood cells. Chloride, which is found in Sea Salt, helps regulate  fluids in and out of body cells. It forms a part of the stomach acid to help digest food and absorb nutrients. It also helps  transmit nerve impulses.

Natural herbs that Improve Digestion Include: Ginger, Ginseng (Ginseng is a digestive enzyme synergist), Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Chamomile, Fenugreek, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Ashwaganda, Amalaki, Fo-ti, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Damiana, Licorice, Ginger, Sage,  Fennel, Kelp, Marshmallow, Bala, Nutmeg, Chamomile, Clove, Ajwan, Rose, Anise, Dong Quai, Cardamom, Cumin, Black pepper,  Celery seed, Dill seed, Mugwort, Fenugreek, Orange peel, Peppermint, Parsley, Plantain, Rosemary, Rosehips, Tatrragon,  Basil, Spearmint, Almond, Coconut, Coriander, Oregano, Safflower, Lemon grass, Ground linseed, Cat's Claw, Turmeric and Burdock. Mustard also helps improve digestion.
For a further list of digestion helpers visit The Digestive Enzymes chapter.

Keeping the Digestive Tract Moist

Another way to ease the burden of digestion is via Milk of Magnesia.  When a person takes the milk of magnesia (orally), the suspension  enters the stomach where the hydroxide ions from the Mg(OH)2 combine with acidic H+ ions produced in the form of  hydrochloric acid by parietal cells in the stomach to produce water. An increase in hydroxyl ions also increases the bicarbonate buffers in the blood, which helps to immediately balance the PH level of the body. Milk of Magnesia should not be used continuously  for over 10 days in a row. There should be a 4 day rest period inbetween. Herbs that keep the colon moist include Codonopsitis, Slippery Elm and Aloe Vera (inner leaf Aloe is best).

Peppermint has a gentle disinfecting effect and helps prevent the fermentation of improperly digested foods in the stomach and bowels.   It promotes the production of bile by the liver and its release by the gallbladder. Peppermint is best taken with the enzyme protease.

Don't invalidate your work after your body is healed, you are feeling renewed vitality and are physically fit again. It can become tempting to start eating junk foods and abusing your body because of your new vitality. After using these techniques, it becomes easier to "listen" to what your body is telling you, so you intuitively know when you need to start "renewing" it again via foods and techniques.

Keeping the Colon Healthy

After eating, some foods bypass digestion, heading to the colon to "ferment" short chain fatty acids and perform other beneficial tasks. These numerous beneficial biological reactions in our body have a positive effect on our health. These include positive influence gene expression, DNA synthesis, cell proliferation and morphology, production of several short chain fatty acids, B vitamins, the low molecule weight substances propionic and butyric acids (which lower serum cholesterol), improvement of nutrient absorption and mineral bioavailability, particularly for calcium and magnesium and the production of essential vitamins and enzymes. Butyrate is the main fuel that contributes to healthy fermentation in the colon.  Aloe Vera is a great way to remove waste and harmful toxins from the colon.  It also has a numerous amount of valuable glyconutrient sugars that improve cell to cell communication.

Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid and is one of the most powerful ways to provide fuel for the colon to ferment good bacteria. Because it is a short chain, it burns quickly, providing a powerful short term energy fuel source for the colon.  Butyrate can be found in raw organic butter, barley and apple cider vinegar. The longer chain fuel types, as we shall see later on, only need to be taken every 3 to 4 days. As a general rule, the longer the molecular chain, the longer it remains in the body.

The Miracle of Resistant Starch

Resistant Starch produces more butyrate out of all the three known fibers. Resistant Starch is also one of the most powerful methods known to help the colon produce Short Chain Fatty Acids. The fats and oils contained in resistant starch never enter the bloodstream, because the carbs never turn into fat, thus reducing the amount of toxins that circulate in the blood. Resistant starch also promotes the PH level in the intestines. Many genetically engineered foods have had the Resistant Starch removed from them.

Foods highest in resistant starch are High Amylose Corn (Hi Maize Brand), Navy Beans, Slightly Green Bananas, Yams, Potatoes, Pearl Barley, Bulgar wheat (this wheat protein has Gilidian in it), long grain brown rice and black eyed peas. Beans, Bananas. Yams and potatoes contain the highest amounts.

The Prebiotics

We are all used to hearing the term "Probiotics" which is in yogurt and fermented foods, but there is another class of compounds that produces good bacteria in the gut and it is called Prebiotics.  The main advantage of Prebiotics is you don't need refrigeration like you do with probiotics to keep the bacteria effective.  Prebiotics feed the already good bacteria in our stomachs.

The main classes of Prebiotics are the Oligosaccharides, which include the Fructooligosaccharides.

One of the best forms of Prebiotic is the herb Chicory, (roasted chicory is a popular coffee substitute). Other Prebiotic Foods include: Jerusalem Artichoke, Oats, Honey, Goat’s milk, Onions, Garlic, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Dandelion greens, Asparagus.

Prebiotic herbs include:
Shan Zha –  Hawthorn Berry – Crataegi Fructus - these are best taken alone.
Shen Qu- Massa Fermenta, Lai Fu Zi – Ralphani Semen - these are best mixed with other herbs. Mixing these with Ormus also boosts their effect.

Fructooligosaccharides are highest in: Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber.

Raffinose and Stachyose are two other important prebiotics. They are an excellent source of fermentation fuel for the beneficial microrgamsims in your stomach. Raffinose boosts Bacillus bifidus levels and Stachyose will increase Bacillus bifidus levels between 40 and 103 times.  Stachyose and Raffinsoe have also been used to reduce the germination time for seeds.  Foods highest in raffinose and stachyose: English peas, soybeans and black-eyed peas. L. luteus seeds (Lupin Seeds) have the highest amounts and are also very high in protein and iron.

The Probiotics

By now many of you no doubt are aware of the many benefits of probiotics.  From boosting the immune system to feeding the good bacteria in our stomachs, probiotics work best when taken with spring water, as they thrive in an alkaline environment.

The main classes of prebiotics include the following families: Lactobacillus Acidophilus (also referred to as L. acidophilus), which is found in milk enriched acidophilus, yogurt containing live cultures (always check the label on the container, some brands of yogurt contain a higher concentration of cultures than others), miso, and tempeh. Miso is a very salty concentrated savory paste made from soybeans (in other words, a fermented bean paste). Tempeh is a tender, chunky cake of fermented soybeans that is a staple of Indonesian cooking. Yogurt and Lactobacillus Acidophilus synergizes with Maltose, Dextrin, Salt and the superherb Astragalus.

The next strain of prebiotics are the Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria family. These create healthy intestinal flora and produce organic compounds such as lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid that increase the acidity of the intestine and stop  the reproduction of  many harmful bacteria. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are found in raw red cabbage, keifer, yogurt and cottage cheeses (reduced milk fat type is the best).

One of the most powerful and least expensive ways to increase Lactobacilli probiotic bacteria is via cabbage. It keeps for 4 days or more without refrigeration and most of all is one of the least expensive ways to feed your stomach fresh probiotics. A mixture of cabbage and beets has been shown to be one of the most powerful ways to ward off and heal the body of pneumonia. I personally take these with potatoes, carrots or spinach.

Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day

Our stomach has remarkably similar characteristics to our sun. Take for example the Sigmoid, which is the shape of E. Coli. The name sigmoid means S-shaped and is also the shape of our large intestine. Our large intestine contains an enormous (~1014) population of microorganisms.  Sigmoidal S-shaped structures have been shown to be precursors to CMEs (also known as solar flares),  existing in some cases for several days before an eruption. Because our colon is soo close in design to the sigmoidal structures occurring on our sun, we can conclude that digestion is strongest at noon, when the suns light shines strongest. Because digestion, as well as proteins are highest when the sun is  directly overhead, research has shown that proteins occur in foods highest in June and July when the sun shines longer. This means excess proteins should be avoided from late spring until after the summer solstice, as there are more proteins naturally occurring in the body during this time.

After eating a meal and the body is put into a rested state, the human body contains approximately 1500 carbohydrate Calories (stored as glycogen) in  the liver and muscle tissue, and over 100,000 Calories of energy stored as fat. I believe just as our body produces vitamin D from the sun, that the enzymes in our stomach also undergo a similar reaction. This reaction I believe gives the enzymes fuel to build new cells, properly digest foods, and create other beneficial rejuvenative actions in the body.  This reinforces the theory that eating proteins late at night contributes to health problems over the long term. It also reinforces the concept that digestion is strongest from late morning to around noon.

At night, as we sleep, the body goes into a "detox" mode and is slightly more acidic. In the morning the body craves new nutrients to feed the newly cleansed / rebuilt cells. Foods that detox, such as Psyllium Husk and other fibers, should not be taken with foods high in Vitamins A, E and Iron. This is because excessive fiber intake draws out the vital nutrients in foods.  Detox foods are best taken between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. every few days, and in moderation. 

Because research has shown the body's temperature to be lowest around 4 a.m. and highest between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., this means taking foods high in good bacteria should be taken between 4 and 6 p.m.  This is because bacteria, both good and bad, grow rapidly at higher temperatures, and why "toning" (see chapter on using sound to heal) can boost the immune system when done at sunset. Foods include: Yogurt, Keifer, and other prebiotic and probiotic foods.

There should be a light meal, preferably consisting of immune boosting foods, before 7 p.m. Beta Carotene as well as Vitamin E (from wheat germ), are great foods to take before, bed, as these fat soluble vitamins help rapidly repair the body as you sleep. Excessive protein consumption before bed will manifest as an excess energy in the body at night, keeping you awake.

Eating after 7 p.m. is not recommended, as over the long term the stomach will create a cycle craving food at night, turning into "late night snacks", and you end up eating more than you really should, with an unnecessary appetite, and  wasting food and precious resources in the process.

Research has shown that taking green tea and magnesium in the morning and melatonin in the evening is a powerful anti aging strategy. Green Tea helps "jump start" the body's metabolism.

The Digestive Enzymes

There are numerous types of enzymes, but the three most important ones are the Antioxidant Enzymes, such as Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Glutathione. The next class of enzymes are the ones that break down proteins, such as bromelain and protease.
Catalase helps the body convert hydrogen peroxide into harmless water and oxygen, which then helps prevent the formation in the blood of carbon dioxide bubbles. This hydrogen peroxide, which  is a naturally occurring, yet potentially destructive waste product if left unchecked, is also used by catalase to  break down toxins in the body like phenol, alcohol, and formaldehyde. It also works in close coordination with superoxide  dismutase to further prevent free radical damage to the body.

Glutathione is the bodys master natural antioxidant and is usually increased via foods high in sulphur and exercise. Sources of Glutathione are: raw eggs and raw (unpasturized) milk.

The Miracle of the Enzyme Trypsin

Trypsin, which comes from the intestines of pigs, has been shown to have many powerful healing effects in the body. The enzyme may also enhance the effect of the antibiotics amoxicillin, erythromycin, penicillamine, and penicillin. In a study of people with urinary tract infections,100% of participants given antibiotics in combination with bromelain and another enzyme called trypsin were cured of their infection, compared with just 46% who received antibiotics alone.

Bromelain aids digestion by enhancing the effects of the digestive enzymes trypsin and pepsin. It can also help to prevent heartburn by ease diarrhea, if either are caused by a deficiency of digestive enzymes. Bromelain supplements often contain a plant pigment called quercetin. The two substances are found in combination simply because they enhance each other s anti-inflammatory actions, and that bromelain appears to improve quercetin absorption.

One interesting thing to note between Trypsin as well as the intestines of pigs, is that a substance in the intestines of pigs, called the Extracellular matrix has been shown to regrow human body parts.  The enzymes Amylase and Trypsin peak in their numbers at around midnight and are least strongest during the day.  Considering that 70% of our immune system is contained in our stomach, than at night time, as long as our stomachs have not had a heavy meal late at night, boosts our immune system.

Cabbage Leaf will heal pneumonia, boost the immune system and help fill the stomach with the good bacteria lactobacillus.  While cabbage seeds have been shown to boost the enzyme trypsin.

Digestive enzymes have very, very similar, if not the same attributes as the good bacteria in our stomach.  The only difference is that the protease and bromelain enzymes help digestion and the SOD type enzymes provide protection against free radicals and act as more powerful antioxidants.

As you know by now from what you have read about enzymes, they are a major key player in the health of the digestive system. They promote cell metabolism and rebuild and deliver important nutrients to the cells. Stomach enzymes also assist microbial and fungal activity, breaking down polysaccharide sugars and turning starch into sugar, which is a nutrient for beneficial bacteria in our body. Enzymes are also key to making the larger molecules in food, such as those found in proteins, into a smaller and lighter molecular weight, taking the load off of digestion.  We will go more into detail about enzymes in the next chapter, however here is detailed summary of how enzymes break down proteins in our stomach:

The two most common, and most beneficial enzymes are bromelain from pineapple and protease from wheat, which digest harsh proteins. Other enzymatic foods include: The Papain enzyme from papaya and the Pepsin enzyme which comes from pigs stomachs.  Ginger has 180 times the digestive power of the Papaya enzyme. (It only takes 1 gram of zingibain, which is found in ginger to make 20 pounds of raw meat tender.).  Sharing my personal experience with ginger, I have also noticed that when I soak wheat seeds in ginger powder and eat the sprouted wheat,  a "residue" of Ginger will remain just under the skin in the mouth for about 4 hours.  When I eat nuts about 1 to 2 hours later, the proteins (which raw nuts are high in) are significantly easily broken down by the saliva enzymes in the mouth, which have been boosted via ginger. And the SOD Mix (see chapter on how to make this yourself) contains ginger, and I have found that these enzymes in the SOD mix stay in the body up to 2 days, helping digest proteins. Other foods that help digest proteins are: Kiwi Fruit and Olives in the Jar.

The Enzyme Process

The making of enzymes is one of the most internal energy burdensome tasks the body has.  You need to maintain a higher ratio of enzymes in your stomach, compared to the amount or proteins you digest. So the more food you eat, the more your cells have to produce the enzymes necessary to digest this extra burden.  This validates the theory that calorie restriction (or eating less) increases lifespan, because the burden of enzyme creation is reduced.

Because enzymes are affected by our sun, I believe that enzymes are the "plasma" of the stomach, breaking food down into particles so small, they can easily be absorbed by the body.  Just like the suns solar wind is filled with billions of tiny particles that become charged as they enter the earth's atmosphere.

Digestive enzymes are made by your pancreas.  Research has shown that people 50 and over have 1/30th the amount of digestive enzymes compared to those under 50. Because the body cannot continue to make enzymes itself, it needs a constant influx of enzymes as it ages.
Because digestion destroys everything in its path, the right enzymes will survive digestion, helping break down food without having themselves destroyed in the process. An example of this is the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme with Gilidian. By some estimates, we spend up to 80% of our internal cellular energy digesting food. This makes sense  since most people require 3 to 10 days to break down, assimilate and excrete the waste of any given meal. Thus our body is in a constant state of digestion. Another unique feature of enzymes are their ability to activate themselves before protein and carbs can make any new muscles, which occurs after exercise.  Research has shown that taking the pineapple enzyme bromelain after excessive exercise, eliminates or reduces muscle pain considerably.

What Enzymes Love to Eat

Enzymes also can be made stronger with fuel sources they thrive on. Enzymes love to absorb copper, their fuel source. Copper is found in all body tissues, and during growth and regeneration.  The largest concentrations occur in the developing regenerating tissues.
Another fuel source for enzymes is vitamin B6. From this we can conclude that it is the enzymes that are using Vitamin B6 to break down proteins and not the Vitamin B6 itself.  Vitamin B6 is also one of the vitamins the body is always most deficient of, the other is Folic acid. Remember, too much food puts a huge burden on our digestive enzymes, in which our body has to make new cells to make new enzymes. People who have diets high in excessive proteins automatically have a lack of B6 and B12 in their bodies. Stabilizing enzymes on their way to the stomach is also important. The Gilidian protein (found in sprouted wheat) and Calcium chloride have been found to keep enzymes stable.

Enzymes readily soak up electrostatic fields. Research has shown that enzymes will absorb energy from an oscillating electric field. An oscillating electric field is the energy given off by a more active sun, also known as the solar flux. When there is a higher solar flux, the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase in our body also increases. This also correlates with the connection that when you exercise at the first signs of a more active solar flux, that the body feels much more healthier after exercising. One researcher has quoted "The flow of para-magnetically aligned electrons during a more active sun gives rise to a low frequency pulsating electromagnetic field which, enormously accelerated through catalytic processes activated by enzymes, activates a spin-mediated information and energy transfer from the physical vacuum, the zero point field, to the body of the person."
Herbs and formulas that boost Superoxide Dismutase levels in the body also reduce the amount of time it takes for nuts and seeds to sprout. When you soak sprouts in the SOD mix (see how to make your own SOD chapter), it cuts the amount of time they need to soak by about 1/3rd, especially when soaking wheat seeds or long grain brown rice, which can take longer to soak.

Enzymes love a moist intestine environment, which is why the natural sugars polysaccharides moisten the intestine, making digestion easier. Enzymes also love magnesium. Magnesium is a key essential element in enzymatic processes. Over 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their catalytic action, including all enzymes utilizing or  synthesizing ATP. Hydrogen peroxide also stimulates (either directly or indirectly) certain oxidative enzyme systems.
The enzyme, Aspergillus Niger, when you add copper to it, quickly absorbs it. Another interesting effect is when cysteine is introduced into the body, the copper, zinc and silver become isolated from the other aspects of cellular chemistry and become regenerating, rather than toxic or creating free radicals.

The 8 Main Enzymes and Their Purpose

Below are the different types of enzymes and their effect upon different types of foods:

The digestive enzyme Lactase is responsible for digesting the milk sugar found in dairy products. Enzyme Source: Yogurt and Fermented Dairy Foods such as Keifer, Cottage Cheese.
The digestive enzyme Phytase helps with digestion in general, and is especially effective in producing vital nutrients of the B-Complex. Enzyme Source: Barley.

The digestive enzyme Protease is a plant enzyme responsible for digesting proteins in your food, which is probably one of the most difficult substances to metabolize. Enzyme Source: Source Ginger, Wheat.

The digestive enzyme Cellulase (which cows have but humans don't) is responsible for breaking down fiber. It is also an excellent antioxidant because it binds to heavy metals and other toxins and carries them out of your body. Enzyme Source: Shiitake Mushrooms.

The digestive enzyme Maltase breaks down grains. It is responsible for taking the complex sugar found in malt and grain products and changing it into glucose. Enzyme Source: Banana, Mushroom, Complex carbohydrates (Oats).

The digestive enzyme Amylase breaks down starches, such as polysaccharides, providing sugars for beneficial microbes in the body (breaking down the long-chain  carbohydrates). Enzyme Source: Malt and Barley, Cabbage, Wheat, Sprouted Long Grain Brown Rice, pineapples, bananas, raisins, and squash.

The digestive enzyme Lipase is responsible for digesting fats in food. When taken in higher quantities it will also find its way into the blood stream and help to remove excess fatty deposits from the inside of your veins and arteries. Enzyme Source: Source Ginger.

The digestive enzyme Sucrase is responsible for digesting the sugars that are found in most foods.
Enzyme Source: Source Banana.

Live Enzymes in Food

These are some of the most beneficial enzymes the body can have. Many of these enzymes are readily available in fresh uncooked foods, fruits and vegetables.  They are strongest and most plentiful just after they are ripe and when pulled fresh from the soil. Canned, steamed, cooked and processed foods contain 0 beneficial enzymes.  This is because after foods are picked, the enzymes in them start to die.

How to Boost Digestive Enzymes

The reason people who eat Ginger, Ginseng (or Jigoulan) and Spirulina and look soo much younger for their age, living longer than average lives, is because these foods contain powerful PLANT based digestive enzymes. Of all the enzymes available, plant based enzymes are the most active or potent. This means they contain the highest active units  and can break  down more fat, protein and carbohydrates, with the stomach being in the broadest PH range than any type of enzyme.  Ginger contains the digestive enzyme protease, which is also found in high levels in sprouted wheat. Plant based enzymes include Protease, Lipase, Amylase and Cellulase. 

Ginseng, Jigoulan or Chinese Licorice act as synergists for digestive enzymes, making them stronger and providing them needed energy. Chinese Licorice, acts a "shield" against negative enzymes in the stomach, allowing the beneficial stomach enzymes to do their work. Ginger synergizes with Chinese Licorice, Black Pepper (high in good microorganisms, but must not be overtaken) and Rosemary (a powerful preservative). Ashwaganda (also known as Withania) helps boost beneficial enzymes in the body. A powerful enzyme mix is 2 parts sprouted wheat and between 0.10 and 0.50 parts ginger powder.
Enzymes love a moist intestine environment, which is why the natural sugars polysaccharides, found in Aloe Vera and other foods that moisten the intestine, make digestion easier.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is full of beneficial enzymes and good bacteria for the stomach. Vitamin B6 will also help digest proteins, making it a great addition to yogurt and other alkaline protein enriched foods. Other foods that boost enzyme levels: Spring Water, Brewer's Yeast and Calcium Carbonate. 

The Evolution of Stretching

The Short and Long Chain Connection Chapter also covers this "stretching" effect as it occurs at the molecular level in foods. However in this chapter we shall view how stretching in nature contributes to longivity. Stretching is another powerful way to help increase the digestion of foods.  We all know that walking after a meal boosts the digestion of foods.  Yoga, which is a form of body stretching, improves digestion and enhances health and extends life. The Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise (See the chapter How to Generate the Life Force In Your Body), when you mentally "hold in" the rejuvenative light energy, causes a stretching to occur also.

Bread cannot rise without the stretching of the yeast. Even earth cycles show stretching trends.  During a full moon, both the sun and moon are at opposite sides of the earth, creating a  "stretching" of the interplanetary electrostatic field. Rotating magnets placed opposite each other, create a "plasma", which comes from this stretching. The stretching effect also occurs during the magnetotail plasma phase of the solar wind as it reconnects with the earth, also known as the "life force" period. From this we can conclude that in the vacuum of space, you should be able to extract massive amounts of  energy using an electrostatic field "stretching" effect as you travel between large objects of mass without an atmosphere, such as moons or asteroids.

When we exercise our bodies, it is the stretching that builds muscles. And our sun, when it goes through periods of solar flares, the filaments stretch into huge arches.  There is another "stretching" period of significance, and this is when the magnetosphere of the earth "stretches" into an long oval shape, due to the pressure exerted upon it from the solar wind, charging the magnetosphere will trillions of watts.

Other periods of stretching in nature occur when the earth moves further away from the sun during spring/summer, also known as the perihelion period. Spring is the best time for planting. When the moon is in Apogee, it is moving further away from the earth. This happens to be the best time to plant potatoes, as more grow during this period. The Gilidian Protein also "stretches", due to its elastic nature. From this we can conclude that wheat or Gilidian can be used as a fuel source. This proves that the universe itself will always continue expanding by "stretching" and "contracting" at various periods, rather than coming to a "big crunch".  I believe the error in physics is that because the universe is soo vast and soo young, and appears to be "expanding", the "big crunch" that many researchers predict, is actually going to be a small "contraction". After this "contraction, it will expand out even further.

The Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme and its Electrostatic Field Effect,
also known as "The SOD Enzyme", is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. (One SOD enzyme neutralizes 1 million free radicals every second for up to 13 days). Think of a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest amount of SOD. In young people the SOD level is between 8 and 10, in older people it is between 1 and 3. When seeds are soaked in an SOD mix, they germinate earlier. 

SOD is also associated with the other 2 antioxidant enzymes, Catalase and Glutathione. All three of these rise naturally when you do the proper amount of exercise and take the right foods. Research has shown that high levels of emotion will boost the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase in the body. Sometimes this emotion creating SOD can become addictive. Maybe this is why some sports can be so addicting.
Studies show that charting SOD levels in various animal species  is a reliable indicator of their longevity. Trials in humans showed that SOD levels returned to youthful levels after taking 20 mg of Gypenosides (active elements in Jiaogulan) daily for one month.

Between 48 and 72 hours after you stop taking SOD, it gradually declines. SOD levels will stay steady in the body for about 48 hours than start dropping after you stop taking foods or supplements that boost your SOD levels, just as a lack of exercise also reduces SOD levels. After about 20 days the body reaches a natural "equilibrium" in which the SOD remains at a steady level. A good SOD schedule to take SOD is once every 2 days for 3 days, than one day off, thus creating a rough 2:1 ratio, which is one of the most powerful ratios in biochemistry and engineering (so is the 10:1 ratio). Taking too much SOD is just a waste of time, energy and money.

The SOD Enzyme in Closer Detail

The Gilidian protein is a three sided curlicue structure, which is commonly seen in churches, ocean waves and solar flare filaments. Gliadin protects the SOD enzyme from destruction, allowing it to arrive intact into the lower stomach, allowing the SOD enzyme to work its antioxidant magic.

Most foods and supplements high in SOD are destroyed by stomach acids. A good protein to take with foods high in SOD is sprouted wheat. This is high in the protein Gliadin. Wheat seed contains 80% Gilidian, with red hard winter wheat being the highest. The reason hard winter wheat is highest in Gliadin, is because it has evolved to grow in demanding conditions. The Gliadin contained within it is naturally tougher than usual, making it a perfect way to protect the SOD enzyme from destruction in the stomach. 

Gilidian is part of the long chain amino acid family, allowing it to remain intact longer in the stomach due to its 'flexibility" and is what gives dough in bread its elastic texture. 

The Gliadin protein has also been shown to significantly increase the nutrient absorption and supply of nutrients in early germination of seeds. It gives larger yields, and reduces the time it takes for them to go from seed to plant.

Excess Superoxide Dismutase, Glutathione and Catalase will deplete calcium levels.  It is my theory that  this is because of increased cell to cell signaling.

Foods high in polysaccharides such as mushrooms, fungi, Goji Berry and FO TI are special sugars that also keep the SOD enzyme safe from digestion.  Foods high in Gluten are usually high in the Gliadin protein.

Soy Protein Isolate is also high in Gluten and contains eight times the concentration of gliadins as  regular soy.  It is best to use organic soy protein isolate, as the non-organic soy protein isolate contains solvents used to strip floors. Gliadin is also found in Tamari soy sauce, vodka, whiskey, malt, and other foods.

Superoxide Dismutase and the Electrostatic Field

A remarkable trait of the SOD enzyme is it contains its own unique electrostatic field. It is my theory that the proper electrostatic field "renews" or restores the delicate balance of ultimate health by "reaching back through time", drawing to it its original perfect genetic template to the present.

The electrostatic field of the SOD enzyme is 1,036 times greater than gravity (current physics journals reveal that gravity and time are both linked, creating the stable time field that we experience).  In some conditions the SOD enzyme will show levitiative effects, as experiments with the enzyme Chitin have revealed.  Chitin occurs in the exoskeleton in some species of insects.  Insects appear to "hover" in the air and the chitin enzyme may be giving them this advantage. It also helps build and bind new proteins. From this we can conclude that Superoxide Dismutase can actually help generate new proteins in the body.

As stated earlier in this book, experiments by researchers Dr. Guidoebner and Heinz Schirch showed that when they exposed seeds & fish eggs to an artificially created electrostatic field, seeds germinated earlier and trout that had been extinct for over 130 years were reborn. There is a book called "the Primeval Code" from Switzerland that goes into more detail about this. This same electrostatic field effect is probably what gave earth its new radiation belt around the Spring Equinox. From this it seems obvious that this regenerative electrostatic field is strongest around March and April of each year.

As discussed in the Telluric Current chapter, the electrostatic field also helps boost intention. So from this we can conclude that Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. are forms of intent to direct "life force" energy, that has an electrostatic field associated with it, restoring health to the body.
Acidic conditions also are strongly affected by electrostatic fields. Fortified Vitamin C orange juice, which is an acidic substance, when treated with pulsed electric fields (PEF Technology), was shown to be the most powerful method to preserve the freshness and nutrition integrity of orange juice out of all preservation methods tested. Once again, the electrostatic field is realigning the molecular structure of orange juice, bringing it back to its original template of perfection.
Foods most affected by electrostatic fields are wheat.  When wheat grains are exposed to a slight electrostatic field it leads to earlier germination of the seeds. 

Research has revealed that by subjecting various seeds and grains to electrostatic fields, the one that required the least electrostatic field energy was wheat.  It is also interesting to note that the crop circles in England, which are formed by electrostatic fields, occur mainly in wheat fields.  The grain in crop circle formations have been "stretched" and "bent", meaning that their stalks are never broken, once again showing the flexibility effect of electrostatic fields and its ability to circumvent breakage under destructive conditions. It is my theory that because the SOD enzyme is curlicue shaped, that this geometric shape soaks up and absorbs the electrostatic energy, acting as a 'step down transformer', reducing the amount of time needed to sprout seeds.

Wheat is soo sensitive to electrostatic fields, that wheat silos "explode" when these fields are stronger.  Moisture causes wheat grains to expand and also boosts electrostatic fields.  The ancient Egyptians poured wheat into small holes in large blocks of limestone than added water.  This water expanded the wheat, splitting the stones in half. So in silos, the huge amount of wheat causes a "powder" to circulate inside the silo.  When exposed to sunlight and higher humidity it causes an explosion to occur.  This has been verified by experiments by the scientist Mikhailov, who showed that when copper and iron particles are illuminated by a light source, they create energized unipolar magnetic charges. Just like copper and iron feed enzymes.  From this we can conclude that sunlight contains an electrostatic field within it, possibly helping drive the process of photosynthesis.

Other research has shown that when soybean seeds are exposed to an electrostatic field, they will sprout up to 50% earlier. The frequencies used for this were 50hz and 60Hz sinusoidal fields with harmonics. This is the resonate frequency similar to that of the solar wind and also the same frequency of overhead power lines, demonstrating that solar wind and overhead powerlines have electrostatic field qualities.  A good example of plants thriving in this electrostatic field is in Los Angeles.  You will see many nurseries situated under large overhead power lines, which resonate at this 60HZ frequency, shortening germination time and causing the plants to grow healthier. 

Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields

Ultraviolet Light contains an electrostatic field, and when iron is subjected to UV light, it magnitises the iron.

Seeds such as soybean, cotton and wheat when exposed to 0.10 tesla magnetic field will increase the yield of the crop up to 50%.

The antiaging compound Spirulina contains its own unique superoxide dismutase enzyme called FE-SOD. This is an iron based SOD enzyme.

Natural electrostatic fields can have both positive and negative charges when exposed to an electric environment.  When copper and zinc are added, the field becomes a direct current, just like a battery.
In the body, the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme peaks at age 12, than declines as you get older. This would explain the "poltigergeist" effect associated with some young children, where objects can gain levitative motion, probably due to increased emotion, as high levels of emotion will boost superoxide dismutase levels in the body. Electrostatic fields cause levitation.

Research has also shown that small bacterial spores can be uplifted by the electric fields associated with a solar flare. This is interesting to note because humidity also rises when sunspots are higher, so as these spores float in the air, they soak up moisture during the night, giving them life.  It is possible that this is how life evolves throughout the earth, as these small bacterial spores travel through the air riding on the newly created electrostatic fields.

How to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Levels in the Body

Enzyme levels decline automatically with age, especially if the foods we eat lack the enzymes. One of the many benefits of SOD levels is the ability for the skin to remain resistant to sunburn. A good way to test if your body has a good amount of the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme in it, is to test the amount of time it takes for your skin to burn, or you can apply lemongrass, lemon or citrus oil to your skin and see how long it takes to burn. If you burn quickly, your SOD levels are low, if you burn slowly or not at all, than your body has adequate SOD levels.  From this we can conclude that the protective effect spirulina provides against sunburn is due to the increased absorption of solar electrons. This means that foods that increase the solar electrons in the body also retard the aging process. Photons, which are related to electrons, never grow old or die.

Foods that boost SOD levels and make the body less resistant to sunburn include: Flax Seeds, Goji Berry, Gotu Kola, Spirulina, and Chlorella. A good food to keep SOD levels high for longer periods is by taking the mushroom/fungus Reishi (Gandommera). An increase in the Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase enzymes of the body will deplete calcium reserves, because the good bacteria which are in enzymes use calcium as a food source. It is always good to take in new calcium after boosting your Superoxide Dismutase levels.

Physical Methods to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Levels
30 Minutes of high intensity exercise boosts SOD levels, and 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise of long duration boosts SOD levels.  Also see the chapter How to Reverse Aging via Exercise for more details.

Foods that Boost the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme

Many superoxide dismutase supplements come with "coatings" to prevent it from destruction during digestion, allowing it to reach the lower stomach and become "activated", with the exception of Goji Berry which uses the polycharride sugars and other compounds to protect the SOD enzyme.

Some SOD supplement makers use the Gliadin protein to protect SOD.  The Gliadin protein is curlicue shaped and is not highly water soluble, preserving its flexibility until it reaches the lower stomach, where it can begin its antioxidant protection. Gliadin is what gives the dough its elasticity and allows bread to rise.  Things that destroy this flexibility are sugars, excessive Omega 3's and Trans-fats. Excessive amounts of these should not be taken within 3 hours of taking an SOD supplement as they will destroy the beneficial elastically that comes with the SOD enzyme performance. Malt and Wheat can also enhance the performance of the SOD enzyme as they provide an elastic effect also. Other elastic Gliadin proteins are contained in egg yolk and calcium. Foods high in Gliadin are soy sauce, malt, wine. The SOD enzyme operates best when you take an alkaline source such as spring water, baking soda or milk of magnesia first to alkaline the body. It also neutralizes toxic acids in the body. The body remains alkaline for a small amount of time before it "auto corrects" itself.  Therefore it is best to take the SOD enzyme within 20 to 30 minutes after making the body alkaline. Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar will make the body alkaline for longer periods as it makes the blood alkaline.

Goji Berry has been shown to result in a remarkable 40% increase of the important SOD enzyme. The herb Jigoulan boosts SOD levels as well as providing exceptional nutrients and antioxidant protection for the body. Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acety-L-Carnitine increase SOD levels in the brain and the herb Milk Thistle increases SOD, white blood cells, as well as cleans the liver. 

Structured Polysaccharides which are found in high levels in the Reishi Mushroom and Goji Berry protect the SOD enzymes as it goes through the digestive system. Other mushrooms that have been shown to boost SOD levels are Cordyceps, which is grown on brown rice. The fungi mushroom Reishi will boost SOD levels for longer term periods and when taken with a blue cheese, enhances lucid dreams.

Food sources of SOD include Barley Grass (highest in SOD), and brussel sprouts. The herbs Ginseng and Jiaogulan have been shown to increase SOD activity.

If Superoxide Dismutase levels have been low for a while, a good way to bring them back up to proper levels is to take Fenugreek Oil or Ursolic Acid. Oregano will also reverse low SOD levels, but should be used in moderation until good SOD levels return. Oregano synergizes with rosemary and cranberry.

Boosting Catalase Levels in the Body

Catalase works with Superoxide Dismutase and when one of these rises usually the other does, along with glutathione. This occurs most often with exercise.  These 3 antioxidants are the main protectors of the body. 

Catalase foods include overripe fruit (high in aspergillus Niger - the good black mold - do not eat aspergillus Niger directly as it is toxic, but when used to ferment foods, it is highly beneficial. Aspergillus Niger supplements are now available which are safe to eat), yeast, fish and fermented foods. Aspergillus Niger is also used in fermentation to produce the SOD Enzyme.

Ursolic Acid boosts Catalase and can be found in Sage, Lavender, Peppermint, Hawthorne Herb and Cranberries. Coconut Oil is high in Catalase enzymes, as is Red Palm Oil, which increases Catalase and SOD activity. These are medium chain triglycerides and require no digestion by the stomach, as they are rapidly absorbed by the body making it a very powerful energy supplier for ATP into the cells, giving the body lots of energy, without putting a burden on the digestive system. Red Palm Oil has 15 times more pro-vitamin A than carrots and 300 times more vitamin A than tomatoes. Vitamin A is used by the body for vision, bone growth, cell division and cell differentiation. Coconut oil prevents damage of hair because it retains the proteins in hair longer than any other compound. Perhaps it is this ability to retain proteins that makes it boost catalase levels in the body.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful methods to boost catalase, however the drawback is that it should not be used long term.

Cold Showers (or inducing cold water gradually after a hot shower) increases Catalase levels in the body. This works best in the morning, with slightly warmer showers in the late afternoon. The same foods that stimulate brain circulation such as Ginkgo, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Cypress and Cayenne, also increase Catalase in the body. Deprenyl boosts catalase and glutathione together and Gotu Kola boosts Catalase, SOD and Glutathione levels.

Enzyme Inhibitors

The effectiveness of enzymes can be hindered or stopped altogether by excessive consumption of foods and pharmaceutical supplements. Excessive consumption of soybeans will reduce the effectiveness of digestive enzymes, probably due to their high phytic acid content, which draws out iron and moisture from the body. Besides food that has been cooked, steamed, canned or processed, there are other elements that take away the effectiveness of enzymes. Eating excessive amounts of high starch fruits and unsprouted raw seeds can cause a swelling of the pancreas, reducing enzyme production.

Grains and beans all contain an acid,  myoinositol-hexa, or phytic acid. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, the very same substances good bacteria use as food. Foods high in phytic acids that affect enzymes: Raw peanuts, Raw wheat germ, Potatoes, Peas, Beans and Lentils. These should be taken separately from yogurt and keifer etc..

There are a few ways to destroy enzyme inhibitors. The first is cooking; however, this also destroys the enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The second way, which is preferable, is soaking, rinsing and germinating or sprouting. This destroys the enzyme inhibitors and also increases the enzyme content from a factor of 3 to 6. Taking extra enzymes is the third way to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors in ungerminated or unsprouted seeds and nuts. Fermentation will also remove enzyme inhibitors, such as phytic acid. It also adds a host of beneficial micro-organisms to food, making them more  digestible and increasing the healthy flora in our intestinal tracts. If a potato is cooked, this eliminates the enzyme inhibitors, denaturing the proteins.  In eggs the enzyme inhibitor is contained mainly in the egg white, unless the egg white has been fried or boiled.

The simplest way to lacto-ferment grains and beans is by adding whey protein (or the SOD Mix) and water, and letting them stand for at least seven hours. Yogurt can be added instead of whey protein powder, (the bacteria in yogurt will break down the proteins) which is a by-product of cheese-making and is commercially available as a powder (sold in health food  stores). The prebiotics in these foods break down the phytic acids, making them easily available for the digestion in the stomach. Beans and long grain brown rice should ideally stand for twelve hours or more.

Early Seed Germination and Longivity

Methods, techniques and foods that induce early germination of seeds have powerful antiaging effects. I believe that this same "early germination" effect takes place when exercises of QI Gong, Tai Chi and other "life force" exercises are practiced, with the early germination effect manifesting in humans as an expansion of consciousness and increased awareness.

There also appears to be a link to intention and the growth of plants.  The Findhorn Garden is an excellent example of this where the gardeners sent their plants love and intention, and the yield of the crops was greatly enhanced, all without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Wheat grass, which is an alkaline protein, is highly affected by intention. 

The gliadin protein (which protects SOD in the stomach from destruction) has also been shown to significantly increase the nutrient absorption and supply of nutrients in early germination of seeds. It gives larger yields, reducing the time it takes for them to go from seed to plant. Gliadin is found in soy sauce, malt and foods high in Gluten.
As stated in the prebiotics chapter, Stachyose and Raffinso boost seed germination. Foods highest in raffinose and stachyose: English peas, soybeans and black-eyed peas. L. luteus seeds (Lupin Seeds) are the highest overall. Ethylene which increases cellular respiration of the cells also increases seed germination significantly.

The Moisture Connection

The environment we exist in is an ocean of "moisture" or fluid, which rises and falls. We exist in an environment not unlike the sea creatures underwater.  What we breathe is really a form of condensed water vapor, that expands and contracts according to the humidity, solar and geomagnetic conditions of our earth.  Higher humidity contributes to increased levels of moisture in the air.  More moisture causes more beneficial acidic conditions. Substances that increase nutrient absorption, go hand in hand with high levels of moisture.  We all know that when there is more moisture in the air, it penetrates everything.  We can increase nutrient absorption into our body with foods that have more moisture properties in them.  A good example is cottage cheese, which is full of moisture, and which some people have eaten regularly to live to extremely old ages.

High humidity also disrupts hydrogen bonding. Humidity happens to be at high levels in Florida, where the famous Coral Castle is located, and which is also situated on the Hartmann and Curry Grids. Because the electrostatic field is stronger at these grid points and during the moons 1/2 and full phases, from this we can conclude that possible levitation of large stones takes place during periods that the earths electrostatic field is higher and that Mr. Edward Leedskalin possibly used methods to amplify this electrostatic field when the air was more acidic, which is at night.

This moisture that we live in is most directly affected by thunderstorms and telluric currents, which directly impact the cells of our body. A quote from the Nobel Prize Doctor, Dr. Carrell: "The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid (water) in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever. The Secret of Life is both to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins."

I believe that this "fluid" that we exist in is directly related to and impacted by humidity/dewpoint.  This theory is based on the fact that when magnetic water and the "chitosan mix" (see chapter on how to make Chitosan mix) are taken during periods of higher humidity/dewpoint, the body feels significantly "renewed" overnight. This occurs because the increased humidity "discharges" the energies of the magnetic water. High humidity and longivity can be found in nature.  The amazon rainforest is one example, another are the beneficial microorganisms in our stomach, which grow and multiply fastest when they are supplied with a moist environment, and the famous redwood/sequoia tress in Northern California.  These trees are thousands of years old. However, too much of anything, including moisture in our bodies is not good. An example being too much Glycerol has been shown to damage the molecules that protect the body from free radicals. Also we don't want to multiply the bad bacteria in the body, which can also occur from a build up of excess moisture. So we want to have the right amount of moisture at the right times.  The earth also follows a similar cycle, with moisture rising in the morning and falling again in the evening. Also higher humidity and increased carbon dioxide levels dramatically increase the growth of plants. Moisture loosens protein molecules, creating a beneficial "stretching" effect, making digestion easier. See the digestion connection for more information about the "stretching effect".

When you mix a powerful moisture absorber, such as Calcium Chloride or Lye with distilled water, the water gets very warm.  (Calcium Chloride is used to help DNA enter the cells and for making mineral water). The blue green algaes, which include spirulina, cholera and choloryphyl, grow superfast when the water is warm and enriched with nutrients like phosphorus or nitrogen.
And heat also occurs in our bodies during exercise.  Other substances that cause water to rapidly become warm: Proline, which is found in the longivity foods Cottage Cheese, Tamari Soy Sauce and Yogurt.

Telluric current has been shown to be significantly stronger when the soil is moist. Regional locations that have higher moisture in the air show significantly more creativity in that region.  Geographic locations that have a high water moisture content include Washington State, Oregon and Northern California in the U.S.A.  It is in these regions that exist a higher than average number of "knowledge field" workers such as computer software engineers, and industrialized computer development and research. From this we can conclude that there is a link between higher moisture and a positive expansion of consciousness, materializing as ideas that solve problems and speed progress. You can receive humidity forecasts up to 2 days in advance from In my location, humidity increases around the start of spring.  However you can find out the average humidity averages per time of year by visiting:

Another substance that increases moisture in the body is Albumin. This holds water in the bloodstream as it circulates around your body. The liver makes Albumin, however over time the liver can reduce the amount of albumin made. Albumin can be found in raw yellow egg yolk. (See chapter Overnight Rebuilding of The Body using the Energy from the Earth and Sun for further indepth information)

The Humidity Factor

Humidity is one of the most powerful methods to accelerate plant growth and increase yields. What happens when humidity levels increase, is oxygen molecules turn into nutrient rich water molecules. This same effect occurs with carbon dioxide. Hemp plants (contain the most amount of Omega 3 Oils compared to other plants) grow extremely well when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide and humidity.  Humidity levels are measured using a psychrometer or hygrometer. It is the increased humidity levels that boost the feeling of rejuvenation overnight see  (see The Template of Renewal for more info). 

We can see proof of this increased "life" in the mineral Magnesium Sulphate, which is used to make mineral water.  Farmers who use magnesium sulphate in their soil (or Epsom Salts) get the best results when it is applied during higher humidity and at lower temperatures, such as early morning and late afternoon.  From this we can conclude that magnesium sulphate increases its penetration into the tissues when humidity levels are higher.

At Perigee, the time when the Moon is closer to the Earth, it brings greater moisture to the Earth and a tendency  towards fungus growth and insect attack. This is especially so when Perigee occurs near Full Moon, and again even stronger when the earth is closer to the sun, from fall to late winter (Perihelion). Researchers and farmers have found that Apogee appears to be a good time to plant potatoes, as there seems to be a  multiplicity of form (meaning more potatoes), whereas at Perigee there are fewer potatoes but they're much bigger.
There is one Perigee and one Apogee approximately every month. The start of Apogee and Perigee periods bring a stress period, and seed sowing should be avoided 12 hours on either side of these times (except potatoes). I believe the growth of potatoes are mirroring the same effects as  fungi and bacteria, as potato agar is used to grow mold and bacteria.

Humidity starts to increase just after winter.  This is probably because the earth is closer to the sun in winter (Perihelion), thus causing more water moisture to form. Humidity levels drop strongest between 8 and 11 a.m., which happens to be the same time that the perfect oxygen Ormus PH levels in the air occurs.

Below is an image with the sun in the center, illustrating that Aphelion is when the earth is further from the sun in Summer and Perihelion, closer to the sun in Winter.

Humidity is higher in rural areas, than in the city, and peaks between midnight and 4 a.m.  Humidity is highest at higher altitudes, especially south facing slopes which get the most sun during day time, which is why you see fog "hugging" mountain tops. Higher humidity has also been shown to boost local electric fields and increase the "discharge" of built up electrical fields. An example in nature where humidity is related to reproduction is shown in the plant named Grass Needle and Thread. Only during higher periods of humidity will it unravel itself, releasing new seeds.

From this we can conclude that because taking the right foods at higher humidity levels leads to significant health, we can also see this effect taking place in the earth. Limestone absorbs moisture so powerfully that if you place a block of Limestone in a pool of water, the water will travel vertically upwards in the limestone, defying gravity. From this we can conclude that there is less resistance to nutrients entering the cells during periods of higher humidity. Maybe this is how spring water can flow down from mountain tops that have no snow. 


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