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Eternal life

Eternal life
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Live Forever

Please note, it is key that if you live in the city or perform the pole balancing exercise in a non-sterile environment, that you take lemon juice immediately after the pole balancing, as this destroys any bad bacteria/toxins which naturally gather in the body's stomach and this lemon juice flushes these out and destroys bad bacteria in the body. You can also drink lots of alkaline water after pole balancing to "flush your body clean" of any toxins that are naturally releasing themselves during this stage. You can also buy Lemon Powder from any good spice store on in some supermarkets, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of water. THIS BACTERIAL PROBLEM HAS BEEN FULLY SOLVED. PLEASE VISIT FOR THE FINAL / LATEST UPDATES. THANK YOU
Please note these negative toxins are more common during high geomagnetic storms and solar winds above 350, that accompany solar flares.

Assembly Page 1:

Second Stage Assembly Page 2

Third Stage Assembly Page 3

The Evidence

The Technique

Technology Overview

© - Please if announcing this discovery to others, credit this website for this great contribution to science, as well as the ancient egyptians and to whoever discovered this before and gave these clues to mankind

Because life is constantly evolving, if you could "speed up" the process into "fast forward" you would see that the mid or center point of evolution occurs during this period (see this link for the perfect rejuvenation time). If life can evolve such as new species adapting and evolving, than body renewal and using the pole balancing technique as well as pro and prebiotics such as ENRG Max! will evolve the body into immortality or a body that can never die.

There is unconfirmed evidence that some of the pharmaceutical companies already know about this and have synthsized and are using genetically engineered forms of prebiotics along with magnetic field technology that sends these pole balancing energy fields throughout the body using a form of UV light. However using prebiotics as well as the pole balancing exercise is just as effective as any advanced technology that does the same thing.

The physics explanation:

When you "hold the poles" inside your body, your body is "going with teh flow" of creation which is happening momment to momment. Tesla, the electrical genius, knew of this, that is why AC electricity power (which travels back and forth), travels such long distances without incurring loss of voltage, unlike D.C. power, which has to be boosted every few miles to keep the charge flowing. This also proves that if you could see the universe we are in from a distance and inside a bubble, this bubble would also be moving around and in "motion" through space, because this "flow" is that gives creation via the north and south magnetic fields. Our Universe is also moving and in motion.

Body Regeneration Technique


After you have become proficient at Pole Balancing you may want to move onto the Advanced Page for extreme acceleration of body, mind and spirit.

Thanks to an ancient egyptian priest for this knowledge. We can use our consciousness to re-program our cells to lengthen our lives. If you meditate and you know how to still your mind, this exercise will be much easier for you.

For beginners, start by staying in one position for 10 to 15 minutes, than rotate your body from north to south, and stay again for 10 to 15 minutes. After the 2nd or 3rd day of dong this, you can do in 15 minute to 20 or even as long as 60 minute rotations. It is okay to take a pause every few minutes when doing this exercise so the energies "snap into" place.

Eat 1 banana and 1 1/2 tablespoons of Cumin Seed to help your mind focus more and the energies will flow a lot easier before doing the exercise.

Another good combination before pole balancing, take some sesame seeds (phytosterols), Cumin Seed (good for concentration) and Chitosan ( which is high in the incubator Calcium Carbonate). When you take these, the white light energy is magnified considerably due to the poles of the body becoming more "online" and not distorted which causes aging.

1: Lay down with your head facing north. If you are new doing this start at 10 minute intervals. Make sure your body and mind are completely relaxed and don't try to overdo the exercise, just do it in steps until you "feel the rhythm". If you have a white noise mp3 track listen to this to screen out background sound. To relax your body, begin by inhaling and exhaling at 7 seconds in and 7 seconds out intervals, until you have developed your own breathing rhythm.

2: With your head facing north and tilted back slightly, hold your consciousness at exactly halfway from your chest to head. (you can visualize a sphere at this point and your consciousness wrapping around this imaginary sphere). Because our consciousness is constantly evolving it also helps to see your emerging consciousness aligning itself halfway between your chest and head. After a while feel the energy merging/unmerging together and absorbing the energy flow. Stay in this position for a minimum of 15 minutes.

3: Next rotate your entire body so your head is facing south where your head was previously facing north, tilted back slightly, and your feet facing north. Hold your thoughts at exactly halfway from your chest to your feet. After a while feel both the chest to feet energy merging/unmerging together absorbing the energy flow. Stay in this position for a minimum of 15 minutes

4: While in this position facing south, each 7 times you breathe in or approximately each 7 energy surges (or when you feel the energy is at full completion and you can't draw anymore in) do the following:

Relax your abdomen, than your lower back muscles than your buttocks muscles.

Next fold down your chest and relax your back muscles.

Relax again.

Visualize both poles of your body perfectly balanced with each other, than relax.

Than again visualize both poles of your body perfectly balanced with each other and let this new energy you feel flow through the "astral center of your body" down to the base of your spine, up to where your arms meet in the center of your body. A couple of times, visualize the energy reaching as high as to your upper shoulders and as high as your upper neck muscles at the back of your head.

If you have any stiffness or aches/pains in your body, send and hold this energy there also. This stiffness is maximized just before a solar flare.

Hold this energy in these areas of your body and let it create its own rhythm. You will feel a new distinct vibration emerging. As you hold this energy in your body's center it will occur in "pulses" or "waves of energy". Do not hold too long, just the right amount of time, if you hold it too long it will create an out of sync vibration and the therapeutic effects will be lessened. You will feel this occur if you hold it too long.

Next while holding this energy in the center of your body, let the rejuvenation energies take effect. To help hold the energy in your body's center, you can imagine a thick molasses substance in the center of your body, that traps and holds in this new energy in your body's center. Below is an outline of what is happening when you do this. You will feel this energy in "layers", kind of like a sandwich effect in your body. Fill these layers of your body and hold this energy in.

Relax and repeat each 7 times.

This part is key, as long as you can master holding this energy in your body's center, you will feel the rejuvenating energy take effect. This energy will feel like a White Light and your body will feel "recharged" as you align yourself with this energy. You may feel "popping" sounds or feel dark energy burning away from your body. This is normal. The 2nd and 3rd times you do this, are the most powerful times you feel the energy.


5: Do this north to south, south to north position 2 or 3 times at the minimum 15 minute intervals when you first start. Usually after the second rotation when you face south again, you will feel the energy flow become very strong. After you have mastered this technique the recommended rotation is after 1 hour each direction. Over time this gets easier and your body learns to hold more of this energy in, and you need to spend less time doing the pole balancing technique.

6: Each time you rotate, take a 60 second break and "lock" in the new flow of energy. You will feel a longitudinal flow of energy throughout your body. This is the connection of both polarities and it feels like a warm flow, this is what causes the age reversal. This is the flow you want to encourage and connect so that the polarities are properly changed.

7: When you are done stand on your feet and jump up and down than move hands from your hips, over your head and try to touch your left waist, do this with the other arm.

8: Used in combination with the proper diet, you can expect a long happy life, as long as you don't get squashed by a speeding train.

In the pole balancing when we combine both the north and south pole fields at the same time (holding in the energy), the picture below illustrates how this is revealed when it occurs in nature. This north/south pole energy is maximized with the 2mev electrons are stronger. See Simplified Page for more info

When when you place a north and south pole of a magnet together they attract, When you are facing north, it is important that your body and muscles are relaxed, between each time you pause your consciousness from chest to head every few minutes. When you are paused when facing north, relax your body as much as possible, than resume the holding of consciousness between chest and head.

Just as when you place 2 south pole magnets they repel. So we are using the south pole energy to hold in this rejuvenating energy. More "Tension" is occuring during this time.

For more advanced users, see the research notes at this page.

Using the Life Rods in Conjunction with this Exercise Greatly Enhances the effects. Learn how to Build your very own pair of Life Rods

When you are facing south you are creating your future for the day and you may receive "future imprints" of the days activities, sometimes they may be good, other times they may be bad, if they appear bad, than instead imagine your mind that this is the perfect day, and keep this thought simple and clear and you will turn a negative or bad day into a good day. When facing south this is the create your day energy.

After pole balancing for some time, you will start to feel this rejuvenate, life force or body rejuvenation energy gather in and around your abdomen when facing south, this is good and should be encouraged, this is the energy that revitalizes your body and makes you young again. Just encourage and let this energy naturally gather in and around your abdomen when you are facing south, than "hold it in" so that it activates and brings this new energy throughout your body, rejuvenating it.

Because your body is taking on and creating new beneficial bacteria in your body, this is accompanied by a high frequency "ring" or "pitch" you will sometimes hear when facing south holding in the energy.

When you are holding this "white light in" at times it may feel like a GREEN LIGHT. When this feeling occurs, this is the life energy maximized and the best time for body rejuvenation. It is the most powerful time to rejuvenate the body. This link can help you find the times when this energy is maximized.

After you have become proficient at Pole Balancing you may want to move onto the Advanced Page for extreme acceleration of body, mind and spirit.

How Your Life Changes:

Old soul issues that you had when you were younger will resurface and you will learn to deal with them. It is like being 18 again, and yet these same issues and trials, tribulations that occurred in the past resurface. Its like if you saw the movie "the time machine" where he goes back to save his wife, but the same old issue kept occurring over and over, no matter how many times he went back in time. These same issues resurface when your body becomes young again. When you can get through these, you will grow and learn how the cycle of good karma or whatever you may want to call it occurs. Your mental clarity and alertness will greatly increase. Also you will find over time you will be able to outperform younger people in both physical and mental tasks. These start popping up after about 4 weeks of continuous practice. Also on the super rejuvenation days, your entire body will feel like you were 18 again and your body's muscle tone will greatly become more younger and healthy again.The most exciting part is the good karma, joy and emotional energies that are associated with peak youth, return to your lifestyle and everything changes for the better.

Over time you will feel your body "snap" back into alignment using the pole balancing. This is the same method earth uses to rejuvenate herself to keep life flowing. This is strongest during the period listed on this page.

The recommended time to complete this is 1 hour facing north and 1 hour facing south, however you can break it up into shorter segments if you like. I started doing it 20 minutes each rotation, now am up to almost the 1 hour mark. If you do it daily, you will start to feel like you did in your peak youth. Using Prebiotics and a Natural Raw Foods Diet it takes less time, I am now up to only 15 minutes every 3 days combined with a Prebiotic and Raw Foods Diet.

Other helpers:

* Cross your arms in the center of your chest when facing north and your arms by your side when facing south.
* Remember that you are creating specific chemicals in your brain and body that will help rejuvenate the cells in your body, which are coming through from your chest (that is my theory anyway).
* Have a window open slightly to help airflow.
* When you balance the energies in your chest center, use a piece of solid iron about 3X3 inches that has been warmed up before hand (as we all know magnetic fields become more fluid with heat and when we hold the energies in the center of the chest it "locks them in" more solidly). I use a piece of iron heated by a small light. Just place this piece of iron on your chest when holding the energies in your center, than remove and repeat the 7 energy surges flow. Try not to have shoes on when doing this as the rubber affects the rejuvenation current. Iron on your feet can help acclerate this. You can build your own here.
* When facing south, at times, you may want to let your heart be filled with the new spirit energy flowing about you.
* You will feel "dark" energy burning away as your body begins to rejuvenate, and this is a normal part of the process.
* Consume raw spinach or the chinese herb "black fungus", which has the highest iron content of any natural food, before hand, as the iron is a good conductor of these energies
* This exercise is great when you feel you need more energy.
* This must be done regularly before you reach 100 years of age, or the magnetic polarities in your body will begin to break down.
* When facing south and holding in the energy, sometimes your environment will give you "clues" that you have done enough. Don't over do it, but only until your body feels "recharged".

On the Super Rejuvenation Days, perform the balancing twice in the same day. One at 11 a.m. for 30 minutes north and 20 to 25 minutes south.

During Super Rejuvenation Days focus more on holding it in your body's center, rather than the length of time in the exercise. The 2nd and 3rd times you hold it in your body's center are the strongest times and you will feel this energy "catch" and hold in your body's center. Allow this new energy to create its own rhythm.

In the south facing position, stay in this position until you feel the energies fully "balanced" in your body. If you have faced north for 1 hour, than 35 to 40 minutes south is appropriate.

The time may be different for different people.

At 11 a.m. the next day the energy will be felt in your body as a form of "rejuvenation". For other people the time could be different.

See each layer in your body as a type of sandwich type layer absorbing the energy.

Each day the energy will feel different, maintain the protocol. During south facing the energy sometimes will have a "pulse" feeling effect in the layers as it enters your body.

Hold in your body's balance until this pulse fades. No more or you will "over polarize" your body and you will feel it.

Focus on how much you can hold this energy in your body's center, rather than overall length of time you repeat holding it in.

North facing hold life rods about 1/2 inch at the point above your eyebrows. When facing south, hold 2 1/2 to 3" below navel.

Take a few whiffs of clary sage essential oil on a napkin or paper towel to help your mind focus.

During Super Rejuvenation days, the first 3 times you hold it in your body, really focus on holding it as long as possible. Than later on the "Grasping" effect that holds it in naturally becomes less and less.

8 Days after Super Rejuvenation day, you can send and hold this energy as far up as your upper shoulders and upper neck areas.

If you perform this exercise for two weeks daily, your body will find it much easier to hold this energy in and it gets easier to do. It feels like the cells in your body start to invite and funnel this energy into them naturally. During your personal best times, the energy starts to naturally flow and it can be physically felt during the day.

To understand how the center of your chest is linked to immortality
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4

Asafoetida can help stimulate the flow of energy in your chest. It is also an extremely powerful herb that helps calm your nervous system and help to focus the mind more clearly. If you are first using this, mix it with grape juice to neutralize the sour taste.

Note: Any immortality or anti-aging cure will not be organic, or a pill or an injection. All aging is the result of magnetic fielding. Any immortality cure will involve the use of magnetic/electromagnetic energy fields combined to recharge the body from its center point using electron energy.


Feeling like the effect is not working?

Re-relax all muscle groups in your body each time before you start focusing your thoughts from Chest to Feet, than take a pause and mediate or imagine both the north and south poles of your body at the same time balancing out perfectly, independently of each other. You will than feel a "connection" start flowing from both these poles heading towards your chest center and combining to create this rejuvenation energy. When you feel this connective energy start to "bubble" or flow forth like a "fountain or spring" than until you just can't hold it any longer, mentally trap and hold in this energy in. If you feel you are overdoing it or "over tension" is occurring when capturing and holding in this white light energy on the 3rd or 4th time, this is because you need to go back to the chest to feet some more. Another way to help hold in the regenerating white light energy is to imagine/visualize what it feels like to stand on 1 leg, trying to keep your balance, and allow this white light energy to flow, gather in and hold this light energy in that area/location of your body.

The real key is this:

Note: The white light energy may sometimes feel "dry" or not as strong, however there is always balance and when it does return it re balances out all the energies in your body. Just a few days before a flare, this energy is less. Also around the days just before a full moon, these energies are stronger.Asafoetida powder and Fish oil mixed together can help the mind focus more during this exercise. Take it every 24 to 48 hours or when the 1MEV levels are lower at this link: Also at this link when the 1MEV levels are lower, than less time spent facing north and when the 2MEV levels are higher, than the south pole "holding in" energy comes much easier (if the 1MEV energies are extremely high, than place the life rod just below your chin area). If the 2MEV energies are lower than you need to use the rotating magnets to "prime" this energy into existence. This "White light" that you feel when you hold in the energies is really a "pushing forward" of new energies that occurs over time in layers/stages (these "cycles" can take weeks or days, but are strongest felt at the spring equinox periods. So the first cosmic ray upwards peak after the spring equinox these energies are highest), keeping your body young.

Other Helpers:
Lower solar wind = less south holding
Solar irridiance lower = less south holding
KP flat = less south more north energy holding

Also by placing the copper bowl 1 foot from the west side of your body just below your abdomen when facing south these energies are stronger when holding in the energy.

Another very interesting effect is, at the very end of the pole balancing exercise is to move the slab of granite to where your head was when you were facing south and stand directly over this piece of granite facing east and hold out your arms. You will feel a "rush" of energy when you do this.

If there are less overall cosmic rays here than the effects will be felt much less.
In numbers of bacteria inhabiting the oceans, according to new research linking ocean productivity to levels of cosmic rays. So there is a combination between the two values. If a flare has occurred say at 2 a.m. in the morning, than count 96 hours from that date and use the following predictors to locate the exact time these energies will be highest. Thank you to NASA and the other agencies for making these instruments available. Another reason is because the overall by factor at this link seen as an upper white line of light has become "shaken" and disturbed. Only when this line turns steady, so does the white light absorption become easier. This white light is really particles streaming from the westward direction of our sun. It is during these disturbed times that you should use the rotating magnets to "prime" the energy when holding it in your body. Do not over do it, but just to the level until you feel the energy streaming into your body again.
Usually you can find when the white light is going to be more disturbed in advance by checking the 2mev values here: when the 2mev values increase, the white line will become more disturbed. When the values increase at this link: the energy from the rotating magnets will be felt stronger. Now, when this white light becomes more even and thick again, use a thin slab of granite on your chest area (with a small light shining on it in the center of your chest) when facing south and holding the energy in to "stabilize" the energy, as it will be strong and fast.
You want to have just the right amount of "spark" present when holding the energy in. OVerdoing this "Spark" can cause havoc. Other examples of overdoing it are:
OVERFOCUSING NORTH OR SOUTH POSITIONS (spending more time than necessary)

If you get a "left facing feeling dizziness effect " when standing up after the exercise, than it is because you did not face exactly south during the south facing exercise, so be more aligned with the south when you face south and do it.

Also when the 1MEV electrons are higher here: North is Easier and when the 2MEV are higher Holding in the energy is easier.


Instrumentation Readings: (visit at the bottom of this page for more detailed information /mail/mail_index.htmlon instruments)

We are made from the stars. This same energy is collected during the exercise. These all work together based on the following. After a solar flare, a few days later the cosmic ray count increases. This increases the energy that is held in while facing south. Also by placing a thin slab of granite that has been slightly heated in front of a heater or fireplace on your chest, than placing a light above this granite, the energy is very, very amplified, because granite naturally attracts cosmic rays like a sponge.

The first increase in Solar Flux after a low period these energies are stronger:

At the end here where you see the white line "rise" this is a maximum period.

Here is a 5 minute reading. When the BY and BT are above the "0" here. When the BY (the white line) is higher, than the south pole energy is easier and you can use a slab of granite to adjust the amplitude levels of this energy. When the BY line is lower than use only a strip of iron and us the rotating magnets to "prime" the energy above the strip of iron, but only a little bit as too much will over do it. There is an interesting energy/exchange that occurs when you stay in the same location over a period of time. It is like the fields of that location "remember" the energy exchanges that take place, so it gets easier over time.

When the cosmic ray count shows a higher overall reading:
When these cosmic rays "switch" from their lowest point and start heading upwards
these energies are extremely strong.

When these pulsations / wavelengths are longer and smoother

You can measure your PH level using this website:

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods

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