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Cycle Interpretation


The Start of the Process

0-3 = Zero to 3 days before flare

Flare Cycle is the Flare Period

1-4 = One to 4 days after flare

4-8 = Four to 8 days after flare

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Around the Equinoxes, followed by Solstices, the solar flux periods last over a period of days. As shown below, this one lasted approximately 4 days. It is during this time maximum rebuilding/regeneration takes place. It is best to take these foods below when the sun is at solar noon, so they are most easily absorbed:

0-3 before flare
More antioxidants/protection. We want to induce small periods of "oxidative stress" to prepare for the upcoming solar flare. This "oxidative stress" should be done on an empty stomach in the morning.
Iron Intake Maximized.

At flare peak and higher Solar Flux.
Soluble fiber and Complex Carbohydrates.
Oil Pulling most effective.
Regeneration of bones and teeth.
Increase your ATP and cataylse activity should be increased during this phase. (blueberries, pomegranates etc.). Body Digestion/circulation is harder on the body.
Foods highest in Phosphorus and Nitrogen should be taken during this time. There should be no iron intake

Over the next few days as this "flux storm continues":
In this period foods high in good bacteria. We want to induce a "fermentation" process that induces good bacteria in the body. Foods highest in Phosphorus and Nitrogen should be taken during this time. There should be no iron intake. This "fermentation" process is an "anti-venom" against your body's aging. CATAYLSE /SOD REACTION PROCESS - (During this phase, minerals such as iron, zinc, nickel, copper,manganese should not be taken)

Minerals that should be taken: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and sulfur. No Sucrose Intake. These should be especially taken when the solar flux is higher and the KP is lower.

As the cosmic rays and solar irridiance increases a few days later:
Insoluble fiber and a short "detox" or "fast" to eliminate any built up toxins.
You can enjoy more sugar type foods 4-8, as the body is more easily able to digest these foods and "less healthy" foods are more easily tolerated during this phase.
Circulation is easiest and Cataylse activity increases when the solar flux is level/low and the KP level is low/flat.

As the solar flux dies down, goes flat the ATP/Cataylse in the cells will naturally increase.
Solar wind speed between 275 and 320. More plant proteins
Foods highest in Manganese
More High Fructose Corn Syrup with manganese (increases moisture in the foods).
Minerals to take during this phase: zinc, nickel, copper, manganese.
More Vitamin K, Cobalt, Sodium, Vitamin B12, iodine

"as cosmic iron is released in the company of cobalt and nickel. These three elements come into the earth and meet with cyanide in an unusual process that connects them and brings them into a form the plants can take up. Thereafter, the plants process them with microbial activity allowing bovine animals and human beings to digest them. This begins another transformation in our metabolism, useful for healing the blood and sustaining human life on earth"

This is the period to remove wrinkles from your body. It is at this time that the body can re-generate tissue and re-build muscle most effectively.
When the KP increases and the solar flux has "died down" or "flattened", this is a time to increase longevity foods into the body.


General Guide:

When the solar wind falls out of favorable wind speeds (favorable is between 275 and 320) and the KP is higher, especially just before an equinox, increase the ATP engine speed, and have more antioxidants. The period 50% after or past the last equinox and just before the upcoming solstice the body needs to have more detoxification and more oxygenation of the cells, to keep the ATP at higher than average speeds, because this is the time that toxins will build up, this is the best time to do detoxification of the body, forgiveness, spiritual healing and general emotional healing of the body. Solar Flares or a Higher Solar Flux just before an upcoming equinox or solstice, maximum antioxidant protection of the body should occur. When the KP goes flat during this phase, and the solar wind speed is unfavorable, no energy is present to fuel the ATP process in the cells. Detoxification of the liver via Lemon Juice at these flat KP periods just before the next upcoming solstice/equinox is key to making sure the next increased ATP process goes flawlessly.

Higher KP - More Antioxidants - Protection of Cells and Body Tissues.
If this Higher KP occurs while the solar flux has not had a chance to "settle down", than more body rebuilding minerals and nutrients. It is only at the start of this Higher KP after a "flat period" is when more Antioxidants/Protection should occur.

Higher Solar Flux - More body rebuilding minerals and nutrients. It is only when the solar flux becomes active after a "flat" period, are the body rebuilding minerals and nutrients most effective. Take foods that are more easily digested at this time.







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