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How to Keep The Body Free of Disease and Illness.

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water

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This book is dedicated to Kobo Daishi - Kukai. Founder of Shingon Buddhism 774-835 AD and to the faithful monks at the temple monastery in Honolulu Hawaii

Book Chapters: People Can Have Their Hair Turn Grey Overnight, Why Can't The Body Renew Itself Overnight? - Page 9 The Real Meaning Behind Easter and The Last Supper - Page 10 The Sigmoidal Connection - Page 12 Clues Deciphered and the Meaning of the Last Supper - Page 12 The 12 Disciples at the Last Supper - Page 13 The Betrayal by Judas Iscariot - Page 13 The True Meaning of the Cross - Page 14 The Crown of Thorns - Page 17 The Two Thieves Beside Christ - Page 18 Jesus in his Tomb and the Ressurection - Page 19 The Tomb of Darkness and Restoration of the Body - Page 20 Jesus going to the Mountain to Pray - Page 21 The Oils - Page 21 Mary, Mother of Jesus - Page 21 Jesus the Carpenter and the Connection to Wood - Page 22 The Meaning of "Fish" in the Scriptures - Page 22 Jesus Crossing the Sea - Page 23 The True Meaning of Christmas - Page 23 2 Ancient Prophets Born During Aries - Page 24 Understanding the Principals that Create Faith - Page 24 The Power of Intention and Our Sun - Page 24 Observations of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity - Page 33 What Can We Use This Intention For? - Page 33 How Intention Fuels Innovation and Technology - Page 35 The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux - Page 37 Intentions and Events - Page 38 Peak Periods to Perform Intention - Page 42 What Is The Ionosphere? - Page 42 How Ionization Re-Creates Life - Page 43 The Number 3 - Page 44 The Number 4 - Page 46 The Number 8 - Page 48 The Number 11 - Page 49 The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms - Page 50 The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun - Page 51 What Causes Aging? - Page 51 How Can We Prevent or Reverse Aging? - Page 52 How to Heal A Toothache and Never Visit the Dentist Again - Page 53 Five 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes - Page 54 How to Instantly Heal a Toothache - Page 55 What is Vitamin K2? - Page 57 Prevention of Cavities - Page 58 Using Earth Energy to Heal Teeth - Page 58 Keeping the Gums Healthy - Page 59 How to Cease Bleeding Gums - Page 60 The Five Major Longevity Cultures of the World - Page 61 Individuals Who Have Lived Extremely Long Lives - Page 61 Putting It All Together - Page 66 Anti Aging Foods and their Traits - Page 67 The Template of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection. The "Life Force Storm" - Page 67 How to find the Recurrent CHHSS - Page 70 How to Interpret Solar and Geomagnetic Data - Page 70 A Scientific Explanation of Where the "life force" Storm Energy Originates - Page 71 Moisture Levels - Page 73 Overnight Rebuilding of The Body using the Energy from the Earth and Sun - Page 74 How Mineral Ratio Improves Nutrient Absorption - Page 78 When It's Too Late to Take Anti-Aging Foods - Page 81 Preventing Alzheimer's - Page 82 The Miracle of Sulphur - Page 83 The Miracle of the Onion - Page 84 Maximizing Mineral Retention and Increasing Nutrient Absorption - Page 85 Mineral Retention - Page 88 Calcium Retention - Page 89 "Binders" to Increase Nutrient Absorption - Page 90 How the Rhythms of Earth are Affecting the Cycles of the Body - Page 91 How to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels Naturally - Page 91 How to Reverse Aging with Exercise - Page 92 MET's - Page 94 Exercise Tips - Page 95 The Varieties of Green Tea - Page 96 Glutamine the One and Only Antioxidant - Page 96 How Glutamic Acid Makes Glutamine - Page 97 Foods that Produce Glutamine - Page 97 Nitrogen Circulation and Retention - Page 98 Speed Kills, but Slower Always Lives On - Page 98 Ormus the Miracle Worker - Page 98 The Effects of Ormus Upon the Body - Page 100 The Effects after Taking Ormus - Page 102 Using Ormus to Increase Prosperity and Abundance - Page 103 How the Earth Makes Ormus - Page 103 Natures "Hidden" Windows - Page 103 Ormus Clouds - Page 104 How to Make Your Own Ormus - Page 107 The Best Times to Make Ormus - Page 109 Personal Experiences Using Ormus - Page 109 How Ormus is Created through Moisture - Page 111 Storing Ormus/Ormus Overdoses - Page 111 Synergistic Effects of Ormus - Page 111 The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide - Page 112 The Amazing Telluric Current - Page 113 Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures - Page 114 How to Tap Telluric Current - Page 115 The Moon and Telluric Current - Page 116 The Telluric Current Flow - Page 117 Artificial Generation of Telluric Current - Page 117 Magnetic Fields and Health - Page 118 Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body - Page 119 The Power of North/South Alignments - Page 120 Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits - Page 120 The Recyability and Regeneration Sequence of Antioxidants - Page 121 The 2 Main Beneficial Types of Fiber - Page 122 Soluble Fiber - Page 122 Insoluble Fiber - Page 123 Medicinal Mushrooms and The Fungi/Mold/Bacteria Connection - Page 123 Fighting Bad Bacteria - Page 124 Mushrooms/Fungi and Superoxide Dismutase - Page 125 How Evaporation Draws in New Life - Page 126 The Fermentation Connection - Page 127 Compounds that Assist Fermentation - Page 129 How Exercise Rejuvenates Cells via Fermentation - Page 130 The Aerobic Cycle of Regeneration - Page 131 What Aerobic Bacteria Likes to Eat - Page 131 The B Vitamin Connection - Page 133 The Homocysteine Process - Page 134 The Power of Vitamin B3 - Page 134 The Polysaccharides Connection - Page 135 The Digestion Connection - Page 135 Foods that Improve Digestion - Page 139 Keeping the Digestive Tract Moist - Page 140 Keeping the Colon Healthy - Page 140 The Miracle of Resistant Starch - Page 141 The Prebiotics - Page 141 The Probiotics - Page 142 Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day - Page 143 The Digestive Enzymes - Page 144 The Miracle of the Enzyme Trypsin - Page 145 The Enzyme Process - Page 146 What Enzymes Love to Eat - Page 147 The 8 Main Enzymes and Their Purpose - Page 148 Live Enzymes in Food - Page 149 How to Boost Digestive Enzymes - Page 149 The Evolution of Stretching - Page 150 The SOD Enzyme in Closer Detail - Page 152 Superoxide Dismutase and the Electrostatic Field - Page 152 Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields - Page 154 How to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Levels in the Body - Page 155 Physical Methods to Boost Superoxide Dismutase Levels - Page 155 Foods that Boost the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme - Page 156 Boosting Catalase Levels in the Body - Page 157 Enzyme Inhibitors - Page 158 Early Seed Germination and Longivity - Page 159 The Moisture Connection - Page 159 The Humidity Factor - Page 161 Ways to Increase Moisture in the Body - Page 163 The Types of Magnesium - Page 163 The Cysteine Connection - Page 164 Factors That Decrease Cysteine Production in the Body - Page 165 The Eight Essential Amino Acid Groups - Page 165 The Tryptophan Connection - Page 165 The Alkaline Connection - Page 166 Creating Alkalinity in the Body - Page 168 Methods that Induce Alkalinity into the Body - Page 169 The Alkaline Protein Connection - Page 170 Sources of Alkaline Proteins - Page 171 The Binding Effect - Page 171 The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption - Page 172 Calcium Inhibitors - Page 173 Boosting Calcium Absorption - Page 174 The Phospherous Connection - Page 175 Increasing Phospherous Levels - Page 176 Index.......................... Page 179 End of Part 1 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 The Magic Frequency of 60HZ - Page 62 Oxidative Stress and The Sir2 Gene - Page 63 How Temporary Bursts of Stress Prolong Life - Page 63 Flu Prevention Cures / Boosting the Immune System - Page 65 How To Boost the Metabolism of the Liver - Page 66 Additional Factors that Weaken the Immune System - Page 66 How to Stop Getting the Flu in Winter - Page 68 Zinc Lozenges - Page 68 Energy From Thoughts and The Immune System - Page 69 Foods and Depression - Page 72 Outside Influences that Deplete the Immune System - Page 73 Where do T Cells Come From? - Page 74 How Newborn Babies Survive with an Almost Non-Existent Immune System - Page 74 Heart Cells Renew Themselves Throughout Life - Page 75 How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System - Page 76 Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles - Page 80 Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health - Page 85 How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March - Page 88 Autoimmune Conditions - Page 89 Foods and Methods that Boost the Immune System - Page 90 The Immune System and Seasons - Page 94 If you Have the Flu - Page 95 If you have Pneumonia - Page 96 Flu Prevention and Influenza Protection - Page 96 Cancer Killers -Page 97 What Causes Cells to Undergo "Negative Fermentation?" - Page 98 Foods high in Carcinogens - Page 98 Methods and Foods Proven to Cure Cancer - Page 99 The Power of Cesium and Rubidium - Page 99 How to Use Vitamin C to Kill Cancer Cells - Page 100 Cancer Prevention - Page 100 The Power of Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 Facts about Alpha Lipoic Acid - Page 101 The Miracle of Manganese - Page 102 The Genetic Connection - Page 102 Gene Protection and Repair - Page 103 Having the Proper Amount of Uric Acid - Page 103 How to Remove Excess Uric Acid - Page 104 How to Generate Life Force In Your Body - Page 104 Effects from Performing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 106 Internal Renewal According to the Energy of the Sun - Page 109 How Life Giving Energy Enters our Earth - Page 110 How to Perform the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise - Page 110 The Pole Balancing Exercise in Detail - Page 111 Pole Balancing Help Notes - Page 113 Health and Mental Effects Gained from Pole Balancing - Page 113 Foods to Boost Effectiveness of Pole Balancing - Page 114 Positions of Pole Balancing in Detail - Page 115 Laying South - Page 115 The Recurrent CHHSS - Page 116 Best Seasonal Conditions for Pole Balancing - Page 117 Stimulation of the Body via The Sun - Page 117 Best Surfaces to Perform Pole Balancing - Page 119 Effects on the Body just before a Solar Flare - Page 119 Geomagnetic Forces and Their Effect Upon the Body - Page 120 Scientific Validation Linking Geomagnetic Activity and Health - Page 121 Combating the Effects of Negative Geomagnetic Activity - Page 124 Jet Lag and Higher Geomagnetic Activity Are Both the Same - Page 124 The Healing Power of Propolis - Page 125 What is Propolis used for? - Page 126 The Facts About Drinking Distilled Water - Page 127 How Electrons Change Food Structure - Page 128 Growing/Making Your Own Foods - Page 129 Magnetic Water and its Restorative Effects - Page 129 The Power of Hydrogen - Page 132 How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water - Page 133 Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body - Page 135 The Sulphur Thiol Connection - Page 137 Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life - Page 137 Synergistic Food Combinations - Page 140 Mineral Synergy - Page 149 Longivity "Extracts". Manufactured Anti-Aging Compounds - Page 150 Skin Renewal - Page 151 2 Longevity Hunza Recipes - Page 153 Energetic Herbal Formulas You Can Make - Page 155 How to Make Your own Superoxide Dismutase. SOD Mix. - Page 155 How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Brain Food. Brain Food Mix. - Page 156 How to Make Your Own Prebiotic Formula. ENRG Max. - Page 157 How to Make the Life Restoring Chitosan Mix. - Page 157 How to Increase the Prebiotics in Yogurt Safely. Yogurt Mix. - Page 159 Sardine Mix - Page 159 Three Mineral Water Recipes - Page 159 Space Weather Conditions for Beneficial Healing upon the Body - Page 164 How to Predict Killer Bacteria Events - Page 164 Early Warning Sign prediction links - Page 166 Putting It All Together. How to Supercharge The Immune System - Page 167 Using Bromelain with Antibiotics - Page 169 The Miracle of Betaine - Page 170 Preventing and Controlling Inflammation - Page 171 Alternating Conduits of Energy in the Body - Page 171 Index................. Page 178 Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology - Pine Cones, The Pituitary/Pineal Gland and HGH

If you take a look at the solar flux for the years ahead (shown on the next 2 pages), you will see that as of 2011 the new solar flux cycle is just getting started.

This is because when the solar flux is higher, the body is more susceptible to bad bacteria. Could we be in for another major influenza in the approaching years? I hope not. Hopefully we will have learned our lessons in the past, to prevent any future major influenza outbreak. NASA's Solar Flux Prediction shows that major higher solar flux periods are approaching in the coming years. This coupled with lower sunspot activity could be a time of increased influenza. As the expected ranges show in the data table on the following page, June of 2013 shows a peak with a danger period from July 2013 to July 2014. 2019 shows another danger period due to low sunspot activity.


The images are courtesy of NASA at:

Below is sunspot cycle 24. As you can see, the next major "leap" of this cycle occurs around 2014, with a low starting around 2020.

Solar Cycle 26 will start rising after 2020, peaking between 2027 and 2028 with another low around 2035. This cycle is predicted to reach the same height as that of the 2014/2015A height. As these peaks get lower and are completely flat, I believe that is when the pandemics and influenza start to occur. Another time is just after the peak of a high period.

I believe that at the peaks of these sunspot cycles is when the bacteria become resistant to the current forms of antibiotics, making treatment a challenge.

few years later at the low of the peak cycle, when the influenza virus is strongest, the antibiotics have practically no effect.

I believe however that today our technology has matured enough so that when the next influenza strikes, we shall have all the resources necessary to combat a global pandemic. The real danger, as mentioned previously, is relying on nano-technology to cure the pandemic. There are more than enough resources to create an organic cure for influenza, rather than use nano-robots to take care of the problem. Using nanobots to cure a virus is an introduction to humans becoming robots. So we should always be sure we leave both options open at all times.

Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles
Lets take a look at a couple of pandemics and how they peaked when sunspot activity was lower.

Shown below is a graph with the last 400 years of sunspot activity.

You will see that when there was no solar activity (the Maunder Minimum), this was the time that smallpox became the new global pandemic. An internet search 1600, 1700 + smallpox will reveal more details about this. Between 1910 and 1916 Polio was widespread all over the world. There were lower sunspots between 1890 and 1920.

Cures on the other hand occur when sunspots are at their peak.
Around 1790 Dr. Jenner made public the smallpox vaccine, just towards the end of the peak of a solar cycle. The vaccine for Polio was invented in 1955, at the peak of a solar cycle. Therefore we can clearly conclude that the cure occurred between 1770 and 1780.

During these low sunspot periods or "maunder minimums", it is a good time to review, prepare and observe what is available so we can make new tools, and find new ways of doing things for when the next upswing occurs. It is not a time of productivity, but rather observation and allowing what new information, ideas and ways of doing things emerge. time to pay attention to detail. The real danger today is becoming so over reliant on technology that if another smallpox type epidemic hits, instead of the medical "cure" being organically solved, it will be solved with the use of nanotechnology, or small miniature robots that destroy the "bug". I personally would rather use the organic method to solve another smallpox type outbreak. Especially with all the research and technology we have today, that shouldn't be hard.

Additional Links of Interest:

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Last 30 Days Daily Sunspot Numbers

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The NW7US Resource Center

From personal research I believe that at certain times, the energy of the sun from solar flares, can cause the body's immune system to become weakened. I believe the "bacteria" that causes immune system depletion starts early in the body. This would make sense because geomagnetic storms have been shown to cause increased mental disturbances and because the mental state of mind can directly affect our health, than the suns storms could cause immune system imbalances. I believe that during these periods which weaken the immune system, it is really a "jump" in evolution that occurs. A perfect example of this is when weeds became resistant to the Roundup Ready soybean formula. Let’s take a look at this in more detail:

Quote from by Bob Hartzler at Iowa State University: "The identification of glyphosate resistant horseweed is the first case of a weed developing resistance in Roundup Ready soybeans. The resistant biotype first appeared in Delaware in 2000. The first population originated in a field in which glyphosate was the only herbicide used in Roundup Ready soybeans in 1999 and 2000. This horseweed biotype has exhibited an 8 to 13 fold resistance to glyphosate." This means that the weeds became resistant to round up during a sunspot upward cycle, as this is the time "life" emerges naturally strongest.

NASA researchers Hathaway and Wilson have shown that the most recent solar maximum was in late 2000. They also discovered that Solar Minimum follows the first spotless day after Solar Maximum by 34 months (approximately 3 years). Solar activity than returns rapidly after this solar minimum. In recent cycles the Solar Maximum has followed a Solar Minimum by just 4 years, the last occurring in 2006. Therefore 2006 + 4 years = 2010. 2010 also saw new technologies emerge, sweeping changes in the financial markets, as well as a change in the industry and manufacturing sectors. And even into early 2011, we are seeing this fallout being reflected in changes in the political arena. Below is an image showing where the sunspots peaked in 2000.

Researcher Mr. William Hershel showed that a lack of sunspots affects wheat crops. In 1801 he wrote, i¢¯¨öIt seems probable analyzing the period between 1650 and 1713, and judging by the normal yields of wheat, that a scarcity of vegetation occurred whenever the sun appeared to be free from spots.i¢¯¨ö Solar cycle 24 lasts from 2008-2014, ending 4 years after 2010. So expect to see the next "surge" in evolution peaking around 2014, especially if Round Up has made a new "weed resistant" formula, it too will become resistant to weeds in this cycle, having "evolved".

An interesting point to note here. People have been reporting what is called "chemtrails" in the sky since 1996. Some researchers state that chemtrails are designed to "dumb down" the population, or to stop them from having a stronger connection to their higher selves. Since the new uprise swing in sunspots that also made weeds resistant to Roundup, could the human body be becoming resistant to the effects that chemtrails are meant to induce upon the global population?. If this is so, than the Arab Spring and the American Spring we are seeing is a result of people "waking up" or clearly see what is going on. In other words if there was a group out there spraying chemtrails to keep people in the dark from what is going on, than maybe people are becoming resistant from the effects of chemtrails and seeing clearly how the "system" really works. Maybe the effects from chemtrails are most effective on downward cycles of sunspots.

condition cycle is the result of a complete solar flare cycle. These "mini" cycles follow a cycle of approximately 11 days. These "mini" cycles have the following effect on the body. Just before the sunspots increase, a period of aches and pains can occur in the body, which is the result of oxidative stress, at the peak of the solar flare, the body’s immune system will undergo a tremendous change caused by the high speed solar winds, which can result in significant health problems, excessive physical exercise should be avoided. few days later, a condition green occurs, allowing the body to adjust itself to the new conditions, resulting in good health and harmony, this is a period where exercise is recommended, and where oxidative stress is "relieved". Next the cycle repeats itself again going back to orange.
The complete solar cycle lasts approximately 11 years. During this time, the effects from the "mini" flares become more intensified, depending upon if the cycle is on an upswing or a downward trend.

During World War I, . L. Tchijevsky, a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics who continued his studies at the war front, noticed that particularly severe battles regularly followed each solar flare during the sunspot peak period of 1916-17. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the 5 years of maximum sunspot activity. Tchijevsky divided the eleven year sunspot cycle into four periods:

Period 1: (approximately 3 years, minimum sunspot activity). Peace, lack of unity among the masses, election of conservatives, autocratic, minority rule.
Period 2: (approx. 2 years, increasing sunspot activity). Increasing mass excitability, new leaders rise, new ideas and challenges to the elite. This is the season we are in now as of 2011.
Period 3: (Approximately 3 years, maximum sunspot activity). Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands. This cycle begins around late 2013 into 2014.
Period 4: (Approximately 3 years, decreasing sunspot activity). Decrease in excitability, masses become apathetic, seek peace. This cycle is due to arrive between 2015 and 2017.

As shown on the next page, this format is put into an easy to understand illustration. The image is for the northern hemisphere. Because the sun starts to decrease its sunlight from the June Solstice to the December Solstice, collectively this is a time where uncertainty and fear occur in the general population, and is amplified even further if the sunspot cycle is on a decline. After the December solstice, more intensive sun energy is brought through to the earth, and if we are on a sunspot cycle upswing, less fear and more progress is made, which is the cycle we are in as of 2011, as shown in the image earlier named
sunspot cycle 24.

Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health

Take the example of fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who died January 23, 2011. He focused on nutrition and exercise, obtaining one of the fittest bodies in our day for a man in his 90's. However, he succumbed to the "bad bacteria" called pneumonia after a heart operation he had a few days later. Elton John became “sick” in May of 2000 due to a bacterial infection and had to cancel his tour in the United States during the 3 months of perigee supermoons that occurred).

Let's take a look at the Sun and Moon activity during this time:
January 22, 2011, happened to be when the moon was about 8 weeks
from a "Super Perigree" (the moon was in full Perigree on January 22nd). "Super Perigree" is when the moon is closest to earth. Because perigree moons bring with them increased insect attack, we can conclude that "negative" bacteria are also increased during this time. On January 21st, there were 7 "C" Class flares, which significantly increased the Suns Solar Flux (or ionization of our upper atmosphere). This caused significantly higher solar wind speeds (between 350 and 400) for a number of days after the solar storm.

Another perfect example is as shown above, on July 27th, there were rising sunspots with 9 "C" class solar flares along with a higher flux of 4.0. Similar to the conditions that were present when Jack died. It is interesting to note that the death of Steve Jobs coincided with the massive solar flare activity that lasted for about a month during the Month of August 2011.

I believe that the underlying trigger leading to the bad bacteria that weakens the immune system during this "solar window", is when the body is experiencing a high period of stress. Because our molecular structure is so similar to that of our sun, when you are stressed, and the sun is "stressed" (by releasing solar flares), it causes bad bacteria to form in the air. This bacteria is similar to brewer's yeast. This bacteria that "floats" in the air all around us has been proven by researcher Louis Pasteur in 1859, who showed that when he placed boiled meat broth in a flask and bent it into a sigmoid shape so air could not enter, no bacteria developed in the broth, however, when he tilted the flask allowing air to enter, the broth was full of new bacteria. Solar Xray observatories have observed Sigmoidal S-shaped magnetic structures in the solar active regions of our sun (see the Sigmoidal Connection chapter for further details). I believe that the solar flares emitted during February and March are filled with a higher level of south polarity energies. As mentioned earlier in this book, these south polarity energies connect with the roots and trees, providing growth.

Research shows that tissues subjected to a south magnetic field become acidic. Because the suns activity is just returning to high levels during February and March, these new energies would naturally make not only the body more acidic, but the single celled yeast that floats in the air all around us would be more acidic also. I believe that the immune system of the body is undergoing a radical "shift" or change during this time of the year.

Lets do a re-cap on the energies that come from solar flares. At the precise moment a solar flare occurs, the ionosphere becomes highly charged with X-Rays from the sun, which also hinders the frequencies that carry radio communications, particularly in higher elevations. I believe that because radio signals and the cells in our body operate in similar ways, a solar flare also hinders the cell to cell communication in our bodies, especially during times of increased stress in the body. Scientists at Georgetown University in Washington DC found that high energy particles in space, which are produced by solar flares, triggered an oxidative stress response in mice. Temporary oxidative stress prolongs life, continuous excessive amounts cause inflammation leading to illness.

From this we can conclude that if your body is more physically stressed around the time leading up to or close to a perigee moon (Research has shown that at the peak of perigee, the effects are most strongly felt within a 3 day period before and afterwards.), and there is a solar flare with 5 or more C class flares occurring within this period, that it will synergize the stress already in the body, leading to an overactive immune system. The most common outcome being inflammation and infection.

I know from personal experience that the above "dark window" period brings on a more weakened immune system. I never get sick any time of the year. I was able to time my period of inflammation that "came out of nowhere" having been caused by more than 8 "C" class flares. Now I use the above guide to be sure I am not stressed during these times, take more Vitamin C, Brewer's Yeast, Garlic Powder and Cod Liver Oil and Glutamine to recover faster and thus haven't had any problems since. I also take green tea in the mornings at these times.

The Perigree/Apogee cycle of the moon occurs in "waves", these waveforms gradually move the moon closer further from the earth in a 8 month period. When the moon is at its maximum closest to earth and the distances or "swinging" is further apart and is just before an equinox or solstice and 8 or more "C" class solar flares are occurring, this is the time the body is most susceptible to bacteria that causes infection of the body. The pictured waveforms shown on the next page, show when the moon moves closer to earth. When it is at maximum closeness to earth this is when the negative energy is strongest. When there is a full moon present at this time it is called a "perigee supermoon".

The effects are felt strongest within a 72 hour before and after the approach and last from 2 to 3 weeks before and after the peak. As you can see from the picture below perigree was strongest during March and September.

This energy also seems to affect longevity herbs and compounds. During the March and September solstices, there seems to be a "build up" from taking longevity herbs and substances, however the effects are much less at the Summer and Winter Solstices. I believe this occurs because during the December and June solstices the earth and sun align with the center of the milky way. Could it be the energy from the center of our galaxy is what gives the longevity herbs and compounds their anti-aging power?. (See page 15 of Part 1 for these positions). From personal research I have discovered that taking less longivity herbs and compounds during this period and using "toning" to boost the immune system works best around the March and September equinoxes, especially if there is a "C" class solar flare occurring, and the moon is in perigree. Another contributing bad factor, as mentioned previously, is during a solar eclipse. It seems that the suns higher solar flux, when sustained for long periods enhances these negative effects. So in conclusion, the most dangerous period would be during a solar eclipse, with a high solar flux, and the moon closest to earth with a "C" class flare present along with high speed solar winds for a number of days. Alls it takes is the right amount of stress to trigger disease and illness during these periods. The chapter "supercharge your immune system" goes into more detail about how to find these days more precisely.

As shown in the "Distance to the Moon" image. When the moon swings further away from the earth (February and September) and the frequency is not as close, it causes more allergy type symptoms in the body.

How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March

Biology Researcher Randy Nelson at Ohio State University found that the decreasing sunlight heading into fall season (September/October)
caused the immune system of mice to become significantly enhanced. His team than showed that 32 weeks later (February/March), the immune system would all of a sudden go into a sharp decline and return to its state of normality lasting throughout the rest of the year. This had a complete ascending to descending cycle lasting from 12 to 32 weeks. It appeared that the shorter days boosted the strength of the immune system. Randy theorizes that this is because the reproductive cycle shuts down during winter, and the immune system uses this extra energy to strengthen itself. This makes sense as we acknowledge easter around spring, celebrating "renewal" and rebirth, which is related to reproduction.

Autumn is the only season that the temperature is different in the morning and afternoon. In the daytime, it can be 65 degrees, but in the night, it may drop suddenly up to 10 degrees or more. One of the main changes is in the wind, it becomes much drier, with the humidity returning around spring, increasing the moisture levels in the air significantly. If you work in a medical office, or know anyone that does, you will know the cold and flu season starts within 48 hours of Halloween, with a reprieve around Thanksgiving and starting again around Christmas and ending a few weeks after New Year's celebrating. This also happens to be the same time of year that people don't watch what they eat, allowing toxins to build up and gather in the fats in their system, leading to illness and disease.

During late fall, we should ease our nervous systems down into a quieter mode, to promote optimum health through the winter; there is almost a palpable sense of heaviness, the energy moving downward, back to the ground, on its inward voyage. Chinese Acupuncture believes that the Large Intestine, which is responsible for over 70% of our immune system, is at its peak around the fall season. The lungs are also at their peak during this time. Autumn is the prime season to cleanse and boost the lungs and large intestine. In Humans, as day length decreases in autumn, the pituitary gland indirectly increases the secretion of testosterone and testicular volume increases.

Products that cleanse the lungs and intestines include garlic, watercress, fresh ginger, kohlrabi, asparagus, radishes, onions and white wine. Also think of herbs such as basil, chives, dill (fresh and dried dill removes heavy metals such as mercury from fish and sea vegetables), the bark of cinnamon, cinnamon twigs, cumin, cloves, marjoram, mustard, nutmeg, pepper, dried mandarin skins, pepper mint, rosemary and star anise.

Autumn foods: pears, apples, grapes, olives, limes, lemons, pickled gherkins, umeboshi (a Japanese prune), chestnuts, fennel (a root vegetable or a herb), barley gruel and barley water, millet, aduki beans, sea vegetables, peanuts (only a few, unsalted and used in cooking), coconut, sesame seeds (dry-roasted over your vegetables or on bread), barley- and rice malt, millet, barley, pork meat, venison, eggs, yogurt, cauliflower, button mushrooms, leeks, onions, salsify, young winter carrots, aubergines, beetroot, red cabbage, blanched celery, courgette, kohlrabi, bean sprouts, winter radish, Angela root, miso, soy sauce, sea salt, fish, crab (cooked in combination with ginger and vinegar), mussels (cooked with vegetables), oysters, herrings, sea vegetables.

This "downshift" of the immune system, coming back "online" around early to late february, causes the lungs to become more prone to congestion and causes immune system impairments, (due to overstimulated intestines). This "overbalance" can be corrected with the following methods: Start exercising the body, allowing your T-Cells to rebuild their immunity. As your immune system comes "back online" include a detox of the liver and boost your intake of antioxidants.

Another way to offset this "shock" is to perform a good detoxing consisting of the following :1 cup wheatgrass or fresh parsley, (wheatgrass is a sweeter taste.)
3 carrots, 2 apples, 2 stalks celery, 1 beet with top

Essential Oils for the fall season include tea tree, eucalyptus, cajuput, sandalwood, peppermint and rosemary. Essential Oils to help cope with emotions around this time include: basil, bergamot, geranium, jasmine, neroli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang. You can take a bath with these to help lift spirits and clear the lungs.

Autoimmune Conditions

Quoting Mr. Mark Konlee from his paper "How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction" The immune system has two 'arms' - the TH1A and TH2 systems. They tend to be connected: when one is strong, the other is weak, and visa versa. The normal body maintains a healthy balance between both. During certain times a 'shift' in this balance occurs. Pregnant women for example will lean more towards the TH2 balance."

Echinacea, high in Natural Vitamin C, and also a herb known to build good bacteria in the body and increase oxygen in the bloodstream, will push the body towards the TH1 side. Some natural herbs can also upset this balance greatly. Green Tea is one. This leans the body more towards the TH2 levels, which is why excessive green tea can pose a risk for cancer, but green tea in moderation, prolongs life, and like Vitamin C, will synergize most herbs. Too much green tea will also raise EGC levels. If you have an autoimmune condition, know which side your body is leaning towards and you can try herbs that re-balance the TH levels for optimal healing. The Lemon / Extra Virgin Olive Oil drink has been reported to balance the two arms of the immune system. This would help in both a suppressed immune system and autoimmune conditions.

Foods and Methods that Boost the Immune System

There are an endless supply of methods, foods and techniques that boost the immune system, however I am only going to include the ones proven to be most effective in this chapter. Just as DNA repair occurs in a "flash" so too does the repair of the immune system occur in "jumps". When caught early on, the immune system can repair itself effectively. The key is to reduce the inflammation as soon as it starts.

Uric acid has been shown to boost the immune system, when taken in combination with foods that raise HGH levels (Human Growth Hormone). Fructose is the quickest and most simplest way to boost Uric acid levels. Foods highest in Fructose from highest to lowest (source; Spinach, Corn, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Milk, Sprouted Alfalfa Seeds, Ginger Powder, Baked Potatoes, Maple Syrup, Honey. As a side note, good bacteria grow easily on Potatoes and Malt, both of which are high in fructose.

Foods that boost HGH levels: Flax seeds, Soy beans, Tofu, Soy yogurt and Sesame seeds. Therefore we can use the following combinations: Maple Syrup or Fructose and Flax Seeds. Maple SyrupA or Fructose and Tofu, Maple Syrup or Fructose and Cabbage, Shiitake and Sesame Seeds. These combinations should be taken extremely short term. Research has shown that excessive Go to Next Page /10_3.html