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save more money and get to spend time working with the earth, which also has therapeutic effects.

Here are some tips to help create great crop yields:
Before you plant your seeds, soak them in a weak solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide for 8 to 10 hours. This boosts growth significantly.
Add magnetite (also known as iron oxide powder) to the soil. You only need a very, very little amount, as too much will "burn" the plants. Water plants with a 12% solution of seawater to freshwater.
Water plants with a 12% solution of Ormus and freshwater.
Spray the leaves with a light percentage of food grade hydrogen peroxide to boost oxygen absorption and increase the good bacteria in the soil.

When you water plants with magnetic water, they grow bigger and are a lot more healthier, and as an added bonus, insects and pests will not attack them.

To boost the growth of plants, take a 6 foot high plastic, clay, iron or copper tube, and fill it with sand and a small amount of magnetite (iron oxide sand), and place in your garden. This creates a beneficial vibration in the surrounding air, which your plants thrive on. This device is sometimes known as a "cosmic tower" or "cosmic pipe". There are some good internet sites that can go into more detail about this.

Magnetic Water and its Restorative Effects

Out of all the "healing" waters proven to heal and sustain good health the 3 best are: 1: Ionized water (or water with lots of negative ORP's) 2: Hard Mineral Waters and 3: Magnetic water.

Many ancient texts, including the bible, mention that we come from the soil of the earth. Soil contains numerous amounts of aerobic bacteria, the same bacteria that exist in spring water. When we charge normal spring water using a magnetic charger, this bacteria in the water renews the body.

Magnetic water occurs naturally in the earth. The proclaimed healing powers of various naturally occurring baths at places such as Lourdes, France, Sedona, Arizona and Jesus Chahino?=s well in Tlacote, Mexico. These are locations where there is reportedly higher naturally occurring magnetic energy in the ground. One way to naturally magnetize water is to run it through 30 feet of sand where it will emerge negatively poled because of the effect of minute quartz sand crystals. This water than emerges saturated with oxygen that is able to kill germs, builds bodily strength and supports the immune system. This water shows a change of temperature, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity.
Making your own magnetic water is extremely affordable, especially if you live near a fresh flowing spring. It uses the energy of the earth to change the structure of spring water into a form that is easily absorbed by the cells of the body, resulting in stronger nails, teeth and in some cases will reverse grey hair.

Magnetic water is made from cylinders filled with iron oxide (magnetite) that are placed inside or upon the bare earth. Spring water (which also comes from the ground) soaks up the energy from these cylinders. When you drink this charged water during the "life force" periods, you can feel significant renewal of the body occurring. The "discharge" of this energy is significantly higher during periods of higher humidity, a perigree moon and during the "life force" storm period. Magnetic water readily re-connects with any alkaline substance. Examples are farmers who add limestone (which is alkaline and neutralizes acidity) to their soils for better crops. At "life force" intervals when this new energy arrives, it reconnects with the aerobic bacteria in the soil bringing life to it.

Spring water, which is used to make magnetic water, is higher in natural sulphurs than regular tap water. Hot springs are really just spring water that has lots of sulphur in it from the volcanic activity making the spring water hot. Geothermal hot springs also happen to be places where telluric current is strong, proving that these bacteria travel on telluric currents. This is why you find aerobic bacteria everywhere from the depths of the ocean to other planets.

Other unique facts about magnetic water:
When you water plants with magnetic water, they grow bigger and are a lot more healthier, and as an added bonus, insects and pests will not attack them.
Place a cup of charged water on the soil for 8 to 12 hours to boost its energy.
Between 1 and 1 1/2 cups is the minimal amount to drink for beneficial effects.
After drinking magnetic water, its rejuvenative effects peak in the body in 3 hours, after which time if you still feel you need more, than more can be taken every 3 hours.
Add a small amount of ordinary tap water, filtered water or water treated by reverse osmosis to the charged water to give it more energy. When you drink magnetic water and the PH level of the air is more acidic, the rejuvenative effects felt the next morning are significantly stronger. This is because when the air is more acidic, and the stomach, which supports the immune system is acidic, it gives it a "boost". Another reason is because in the body foods such as Vitamin C, (ascorbic acid), which are acidic, help absorb nutrients, this same effect occurs in the air and environment that we live in.
Taking unscented plain Phillips Milk of Magnesia 5 minutes before drinking magnetically charged water greatly increases the rejuvenative effects.

From experience in experimenting with magnetic water I have come across some very interesting facts. During times of higher solar flux activity, when the X-Ray Background levels are at 4.0 or below, I would stand in front of the magnetic water chargers, take a cup of magnetic water, holding it to my chest and visualize a stream of energy flowing into my body while repeating, "beneficial energy to beneficial parts of my body to the beneficial energy level." What would happen during these times was I received more "energy" and the lucidity of my dreams increased significantly, especially when I had Roquefort Blue Cheese with Reishi Mushroom Powder for dinner. From this I theorize that because magnetic water changes the structure of the hydrogen ions in water, consciousness must be linked to hydrogen, as the sun is fueled by hydrogen atoms. When the sun has more activity, such as that occurs during a higher solar flux, the magnetic water chargers resonate to this activity more, thus creating an expansion in consciousness and awareness.

Links below courtesy of NOAA:
Solar Flux Link:
Solar Flux Prediction for the next 3 days:

The best times of year magnetic water is at its peak is during the summer solstice, with the strongest being felt from Nov 23 to Dec 21 when the sun aligns with Saggittarius. This is because the earth passes between the Galactic Center between October and Janauary each year, or when Scorpio and Saggitaruis align with the sun.
During the summer solstice, the ancient Egyptians believed that this was the time that the soul of man is "reborn". This would make Links below courtesy of NOAA:
Solar Flux Link:
Solar Flux Prediction for the next 3 days:

The best times of year magnetic water is at its peak is during the summer solstice, with the strongest being felt from Nov 23 to Dec 21 when the sun aligns with Saggittarius. During the summer solstice, the ancient Egyptians believed that this was the time that the soul of man is "reborn". This would make sense because Potassium/Phospherous concentrations in foods peak in summer. Magnetic water should be taken on an empty stomach 1 to 2 hours after eating.

Foods high in Nitrogen, Ammonia, and Methylamine will bind easily to magnetic water, increasing the effectiveness of magnetic water.

These foods are good to eat as a dinner before taking magnetic water: Blue Cheeses, Onions or onion powder, Potatoes, Sardines, Coffee, Malt, Salted Tea. Plants include Menthaaquatica, Sun Dried Chillis, Black Current and Tomato. It also binds easily to Inks and Paint Thinner. Other foods to take include water soluble foods such as Red Wine, Oats or Oat Bran Powder, Flaxseeds, Guar Gum, Wheat, Konjac Root (fiber, Fenugreek Powder, Ginger, Apple Pectin, Psyllium Husk, Dandelion Powder. These foods also bind easily with alkaline proteins such as cottage cheese, keifer, yogurt etc.
Taking foods high in polyphenols next also seems to help boost the effects. Foods high in Polyphenols are Olives and Apples.
Polyphenols synergists: Chlorogenic acid + Tocopherol
Other substances that boost the effectiveness of magnetic water are the Thiol Sulphurs, which we shall go into more detail later on.

The Power of Hydrogen

Hydrogen comes from food that supplies the needed protons and electrons for the mitochondria electron transport chain to make ATP. We each use about one-half pound of pure hydrogen every day just for the production of ATP. Attaching hydrogen to a molecule means lending energy to it.

The power of hydrogen lies in being able to effectively alter its bonds. Magnetically charged water also has water that has had its hydrogen bonds disrupted. When the hydrogen bonding is disrupted, it has extremely powerful healing properties. The strand of our DNA is made up of 2 strands of hydrogen, and because hydrogen is lighter than air, it allows for excellent absorption and penetration of the cells. Hydrogen Bonds also carry a weak electrostatic field, and as this book has shown, natural compounds that have electrostatic fields have significant rejuvenative effects on the body.

The other compound in nature that disrupts hydrogen bonds are proteins. From this we can conclude that the enzymes bromelain and protease are not "breaking down the proteins", but instead are disrupting the structure of the proteins, making them much easier for the body to assimilate them. Other methods that disrupt hydrogen bonding are heat, and Proline. Guess which food is highest in Proline?, the longevity food Cottage Cheese (high in alkaline proteins), followed by Tamari soy sauce and than Yogurt. The mineral guanidine hydrochloride, used in medical applications for healing disrupts hydrogen bonds. Research has shown that QI Gong or blasts of "psychic energy" caused by the power of intention can cause bacteria to mutate. Enzymes are affected by heat, which first causes them to speed up, and than eventually denature. It's possible that when enzymes are "mutating" due to "psychic intention" they are becoming denatured. Another interesting compound that disrupts / denatures proteins is the longevity compound calcium chloride. Your body also increases its denaturing of proteins when it is a few degrees above normal body temperature, or around the same temperature just before a fever begins. Protein denaturation also changes the absorbance level of UV light. This hydrogen effect also occurs in yeast undergoing fermentation. When yeast is fermented in winemaking, new hydrogen ions are released. There are wild yeast spores that float around us in the air every day. They are also known as "nutritional yeast". I believe that during the months of March through April, the quantities of this airbone yeast multiplies. This is the "spiders cobweb" type substance you see on wild blackberries, raspberries, etc. They also grow fastest when in the presence of Raisins, Potato and malt extract.
I have also noticed that foods high in water (water happens to be made up of hydrogen), are the ones that are strongest in boosting the immune system. Perhaps due to the high hydrogen content, it helps expand awareness/consciousness, while allowing the body to heal itself. Cabbage is 91% water and boosts lactobacilli in the stomach. Other foods high in water are: Broccoli, Watermelon and seeds, sugar cane, beets, kale, celery, carrots. Hydrogen ions can be boosted with the addition of potassium chloride, which significantly increases nutrient absorption into cells.

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water

Researcher Callahan showed that the vertical stone towers in Ireland were made of paramagnetic soil and mirrored the position of the stars at the winter solstice. He also found that these towers matched the meditative and electrical anethesia portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. These towers caused extensive growth of vegetation in the surrounding countryside. Researchers have found that using paramagnetic materials (such as iron oxide and sand mixed together) in living areas such as homes helps neutralize the effects of geopathic stress, which causes illness and disease. The effects from magnetic water are felt strongest during the December Solstice.

Making a magnetic water charger is fun and easy. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to do it properly. You will need the following:
1: Iron Oxide (also known as Magnetite)
2: Sand
3: round cylinder or large bucket.
4: plastic or glass bottle
5: Spring Water

Wrap the plastic bottle in cardboard to make a "cylinder" that will fit the bottle and seal it with tape. Some of you may want to use a plastic pipe, which works just as well. Next place this bottle in a large bucket, ready for the magnetite sand.
Mix a small amount of magnetite sand with normal beach sand, just enough to turn the sand a "light shadow" color and no more. (usually between 2 to 5 Tablespoons of Iron Oxide to 1 gallon of beach sand works well)
Next fill the bucket with magnetite sand.
When you use cardboard tubes, they will become moist, because the magnetite soil tends to soak up huge amounts of moisture, especially if you leave it in sunlight during periods of higher humidity. My chargers are exposed for only a few hours to the afternoon sun, which creates just the right amount of moisture. If you use a 30 gallon or larger bucket, after a few months the magnetite sand will "set itself into place" and you can remove the cardboard tubes. The larger the bucket, the more stable the "hole" in the sand.

When you are done making the device, than just add spring water to the bottles. In 3 to 5 days the water will be fully charged. I use 3 buckets that give me a cup of water daily for 6 days. Every 4th day I skip a cup, as my body is fully charged and I only see taking more as a waste.

It is very important that the magnetic chargers are placed on bare earth/soil, as it is the earth that does the charging. Some people actually bury the chargers in the soil, leaving enough space to remove/refill the bottles. It is also extremely important that you place a thin layer of plastic over the top of the buckets to keep out rain and moisture. If it rains, you will never be able to get the water out of the sand. Iron Oxide soaks up and retains moisture like a super sponge. This moisture is "discharged" quickly when humidity levels are higher.

The theory behind the magnetic chargers is based on what I call "filaments", which when "activated", expand time as we know it. These filaments are always floating around us, I believe they are related to or like mold spores. They exist as a form of "galactic super light". During a solar flare, the intense energy from the sun breaks apart these filaments, creating trillions of new ones with unpolar charges. These new charges flow down into the earth connecting with plants and trees 3 to 4 days later. This is like nature making a whole bunch of new tiny magnets. When we place spring water in a magnetic charger, it charges the water with these new "mini magnets" in the form of newly structured water. When you have soil that is highly alkaline, it attracts these "filaments" from the sun channeling this energy down to the plants and soil. When you have an alkaline metal
in the soil, such as Barium or Limestone, this attraction is stronger.

Glyconutrients are attached to the surface of every cell in your body. They send and translate commands from one cell to another throughout the bodyo?=s 600 trillion cells. Projecting from the cell Less concentrated forms of Thiols can be found in the following foods: Jerusalem Artichokes, Asparagus, Beans, Chives, Coffee, Cheese,
Milk, Eggs, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Peas, Sesame, Soybeans, Miso, Tempeh, Tofu, Soy Sauce, Spirulina, Yeast Extract, Horseradish, Mustard Greens.

Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body

The science of "toning" as it is known is using specific vowels in a long drawn out tone to heal your body. These special tones were used in Egypt long, long ago. I have found them of tremendous benefit to heal the immune system and restore harmony to the body and in only a matter of minutes. Too much toning becomes counterproductive. It is best done in "session" spread throughout the day.. As shown below, each tone is associated with colors, notes and astrological houses.

These tones work best when the dewpoint average is higher and there is higher humidity. This is because moisture retains and carries soundwaves further. Begin by selecting any of the vowels on the next page and then starting with a deep diaphragmatic breath, elongate and sustain it in a vocal range you feel comfortable with. Also adjust the placement of your tongue and adjust your jaw until you feel the tone coming out naturally and evenly. You will feel it "hit" a healing note, which your body will respond to. Don't over do it. This is what does the healing. There are no right or wrong sounds. The best way is to find one or two you are intuitively drawn to and than start toning. That is the simplest and most effective way.Once you have found the meaning behind the sound, than "tone" it out with sincerity for maximum effect. Start out the sound at first, than at this point / end the sound. Here are the sounds:

Beginning Sound: YY-OOO - Ending Sound: EE-OOO
Beginning Sound: WW-OWW - Ending Sound: WWAH-OH-OOO
Beginning Sound: MMM-ORRR Ending Sound: MMM-AW-RRR
Beginning Sound: NNNEEERRR Ending Sound: NNEER-URRR
Beginning Sound: NNNURR Ending Sound: REEE
Beginning Sound: NNAAYE Ending Sound: NNEEE
Beginning Sound: NN-NN-NN-NN
Beginning Sound: HURRR Ending Sound: REEE
Beginning Sound: RRREEENNG-ING Ending Sound: RRRING-ING-ING-ING
Beginning Sound: NNG-ONNG NNG-AWNNG
Beginning Sound: ZZ-SHH-SS-ZZZ-
These should be toned with "pulses"
Beginning Sound: MMURR-MMURR-ME-ME

When I "tone", I imagine my immune system being in perfect health and at its peak, while performing the toning sounds. I have personally found the tone OOOOOOO-EEE-OOOOOOOOO-EEE good to boost my immune system, and NNN-R-NNNN-NN after pole balancing. Toning is fun, I have found the best results to occur at the peak of a solar flare. I believe that the energy emitted by the sun during this time sets up a benefical "waveform" that matches that of our intention and vibrating vocal chords.

Natural Frequencies that affect the body and cellular organisms include:

Do 396 Hz Liberating guilt and fear
Re 417 Hz Facilitating Change
Mi 528 Hz DNA repair/Transformation/Miracles
Fa 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships/Communication
Sol 741 Hz Intuition
La 852 Hz Harmony/Order

Sound frequencies of 528 HZ have been used to heal DNA and repair genetic defects by molecular biologists. It has also been used to create an environment of transformation and miracles. Using a 528 Hz tuning fork, followed by 15 Hz leaves you feeling a sense of 'serenity' or enhanced 'mental clarity and balance resulting in reduced stress levels.

Another excellent way to use sound to disperse negative or "agitated" built up energy in an environment is to use a "bar chime" in the 5th octave (also known as a Healing Energy Chime). You can find these as singular pieces of metal with a wooden base. Spray some lavender essential oil first, than knock the bar chime and it brings immediate peace and calm to any area of home or business.

The Sulphur Thiol Connection

The sulphur amino acid Thiols are very, very powerful. They have been shown to enhance enzyme activity and prevent carcinogens from damaging DNA. An example is the Thiol DMSO, which is so concentrated that arthritis suffers need only rub it onto their skin for immediate relief to take effect. DMSO also significantly boosts the growth of phytoplankton. Spirulina and phytoplankton are the most nutritious food known to man. Concentrated Thiols can be found in: ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid or Thioctic Acid), Chlorella, Cysteine, Dairy source acidophilus, DMSO, Glutathione, NAC, MSM, Methionine and the Spice Turmeric. When Thiols are combined with magnetically charged water they also give it a boost. Thiols also significantly boost the growth of single celled phytoplankton and algae.

Glyconutrients, the Good Sugars that Bring Life

Recent research has uncovered 8 sugars that improve cell to cell communication, and boost the repair of the body. These 8 sugars have been called "Glyconutrients". Glyconutrients are not burned as fuel in the cells as sugar is, but rather they act like tiny radio receivers, which improve cell to cell communication significantly.

The 8 glyconutrients include: Mannose, Xylose, Glucose, Galactose, Arabinogalactan, Fucose, N-acetylglucosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid or sialic acid. Other minor glyconutrients include; Rhamnose and Galcturonic acid.

surface, they act as keys to o?=unlocko?= the required functions of the adjoining cell. If the right glyconutrient o?=keyso?= are available, the body functions smoothly as the flow of information between cells is uninterrupted. If the needed glyconutrients are not available, communication isA slowed or impaired. This same effect occurs in our emotions. If we can't forgive a situation, have a limiting belief or carry emotional guilt, we separate ourselves from the true emotional flow of life, which will result in illness and general dissatisfaction of life over the long term. Bananas are great foods to take with these glyconutrients, as the enzyme boosts nutrient absorption of the sugars substantially.

There are only 2 foods that we know of at this time, that carry most of these glyconutrients in one place. They are Aloe Vera and Tragacanth gum which is a gum from the superherb Astragalus.

Below is a simple list of foods containing the glyconutrients separately: Mannose: Blackcurrants, Red Currants, Gooseberries, Cranberries (also has D-mannose); Soybeans, Green Beans, Cabbage, Eggplant,
Tomatoes, Turnip, Capsicum
Herbs: Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Guar Gum

Xylose: Guava, Pears, Blackberries, Loganberries, Raspberries, Broccoli, Spinach, Eggplant, Peas, Green Beans, Okra, Cabbage, Corn
Herbs: Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Boswellia, Psyllium Seeds

Glucose (mg. of Glucose per 100 grams food):
Listed from most to least: Honey, Grapes, Banana, Mangoes, Cherries, Strawberries
Herbs: Cocoa, Aloe Vera, Licorice, Sarsaparilla, Hawthorn, Garlic, Echinacea

Galactose (mg. of Galactose per 100 grams food):
Listed from most to least: Leeks, Onions, Avocado, Cabbage, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Eggplant, Carrot
Herbs: Echinacea, Boswellia, Fenugreek, Tragacanth gum (gum from astragalus), Acacia Gum, Guar Gum, Aloe Vera (inner leaf is best)

Fucose Fucoidan containing plants include: Several species of seaweed such as Spirulina, Kelp and Wakame, Beer and yeast.

N-acetylneuraminic acid or sialic acid is found in: Whey protein isolate and eggs.

N-acetylglucosamine: Bovine cartilage, Shark cartilage, Shiitake Mushroom (as a constituent of chitin), a red algae called Dumontiaceae (as a constituent ofA dextran sulphate)

Arabinogalactan is found in: Coconut, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Carrots, Corn
Herbs: Echinacea, Tragacanth gum (gum from astragalus), Acacia Gum, Echinacea, Aloe Vera (inner leaf is best). It is also found in the Latrix deciduai or larch tree. (Arabinogalactan is used to aid recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic benefit.

Rhamnose is found in Acacia Gum.

Galcturonic acid is found in Acacia Gum.

Gum ghatti from the gum of the Indian sumac (this gum is used in lowering cholesterol): contains galactose, arabinose, mannose, xylose, and glucuronic acid.

Gum acacia from the African acacia tree (this gum is used for bifidus fermentation). Contains galactose, rhamnose, mannose, xylose, arabinose, and glucuronic acid. Gum acacia has beenA shown to promote healing of irritated gastrointestinal mucosa and respiratory tract tissue, improve beneficial intestinalA flora, control colon bifidus fermentation, and lowers triglyceride production, and serum cholesterol.

Synergistic Food Combinations

Just as you can easily overdose on supplements, it is rare to overdose on natural foods and herbs. Therefore if you want to boost the effect of a given result, you can do so using natural foods and herbs, where the overdose danger is significantly less. You should use food synergism responsibly. general rule for food synergism is to have a higher ratio of carbohydrate foods to a lower ratio of protein containing foods. Below I have listed foods that when combined together, increase the results of the nutrition of the foods significantly, and in many cases healing the body. There are an endless combination of foods, however here I have listed the most powerful ones, and kept it as simple as possible. You can research these combinations further on the Internet for the complete results of these combinations.

Green Tea + Exercise - Burns fat, increases metabolism and oxygen levels in body.
Flaxseeds + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Green Coffee Bean Extract + Hoodia Gordoni - Boosts Metabolism, burns fat.
Calcium Chloride synergises with Potassium and Copper.
Sesame seed + guar gum + B6 - General Synergy.
Vitamin E + Alpha Lipoic Acid - Greatly increases the absorbance of Vitamin E into the body.
Magnesium Sulphate or Magnesium (pyroxidine) + B6 work well together. Nutritional supplementation with high dose vitamin B6 and magnesium has been shown to heal autism and help with pregnancy leg cramps.
Potassium and Vitamin B-5 - Reverses irregular heart beat and restores heart to normal beat.
Potassium Chloride + Silica - form of potassium that is readily absorbed
Garlic and Omega 3's - Boosts the absorption of the garlic into the body.
Carrots and Avocado - Helps improve eyesight and boosts immune system.
Taking yogurt when the solar flux is higher and charging it with the power of intention to keep your immune system strong works wonders when the suns solar flux is higher. Link to check solar flux levels:

Beet Juice (or chrobry) + Brewer's Yeast - Speeds up the cells metabolism. Enhances mitochondria oxygen utilization. Shows cancer killing abilities.
Copper + Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide - Boosts the effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide effectiveness up to 3,000 times.
Vitamins B6 and B7 - Good bacterial synergism.
2 parts wheat germ to 1 part cod liver oil - Stops itching of the skin, increases absorption into the body.
Combining Alpha Lipioc Acid with Milk Thistle or Taurine will keep glutathione in the body for longer periods.
Zinc - Increases absorption of Iron and Protein Binding
Raw Peanuts with or without Cumin Seed - Good for stomach discomfort.
Mineral Water + 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Sulphate - Immediately Stops stomach discomfort.
Vitamin E + CoQ10 (Ratio 1:1) - General Synergy.
Reishi and Cordyceps - Boosts ATP.
One vitamin B-complex capsule daily along with one 250 mg tablet of magnesium oxide - General Synergy.
Potassium synergizes with Vitamin C and Calcium.
Alpha Lipoic Acid & N Acetyl Cyeteine + Vinpocetine - General Synergy.
Doctor administered strains of E. Coli + Lactobacillus acidophilus - removes inflammatory bowel disease & ulcerative colitis.
Vitamin E + CoQ10 - Has numerous beneficial health effects and powerful antioxidant effects.
Alpha Lipoic Acid + Nacetylcysteine + Glutamine - General Synergy.
Chloride - Synergistic with Beta-carotene.
-Tocopherol + Extra-virgin olive oil - Synergises Lactoferrin
Zinc - Arthritis help
Chitosan + Soybeans - Boosts Isoflavones.
Brewer's Yeast + Skullcap herb (high in melatonin) - Helps you sleep deeply.
Coffee + Cordyceps - Significantly improves the taste of coffee and boosts energy into the cells.
Linoleic Acid + iron = synergy (Linoleic Acid is what grows good bacteria and is found in raw organic butter. Iron significantly enhances the growth of bacteria).
Pau D' Arco + Echinacea - High in Natural Vitamin C and kills bad bacteria.
Alzheimer's Disease: German researchers have found that 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) along with 300 mcg (micrograms) of biotin daily stopped progressive Alzheimers. (Extreme doses of ALA deplete biotin).
Sprouted wheat grain and or Brown Rice + Carbon Dioxide (such as that from seltzer water) boosts nitrogen levels in the body, creating more energy.

Tofu wrapped in seaweed + Sprouted Long Grain Brown Rice - Just tastes delicious!
Vitamin C + Bioflavonids - General Synergy.
Glutamine + Guar Gum + Beets - Major Synergy.
3/4 Teaspoon of Magnesium Sulphate (found in Epsom Salts) + 1 Cup of Mineral Water - Major Prebiotic synergy as well boosts entry of magnesium into the cells.
Vitamin B6 + Vitamin H (Avidin is high in Vitamin H) + Vitamin B7 - General Synergy.
Cysteine + Vitamin E - General Synergy.
The Enzyme Trypsin + Calcium Chloride + Small amount of Distilled Water- General Synergy.
Psyllium Husk Fiber + Xanthan or Guar Gum - (Ratio 2 parts fiber to 1 part guar gum) General Synergy. Must be taken with plenty of water.
Sunflower + Corn Oil - Boosts Linoleic Acid in Cells.
Vitamin C + Chitosan - Increases effectiveness of Chitosan by removing significantly more fat from the body.
Lactoferrin + Lactobacillus + Bifidobacterium - Immune System Booster.
Astragalus Root + Angelica (Dang Gui Root) - Improves blood indexes.
Silicon (ratio should be about 5% silicon) + Iron - Increases electrical conductivity by a factor of 7 or more. Silicon iron as a magnetic material was developed by Sir Robert Hadfield in England, and was introduced to the United States by the Allegheny Steel Company in 1903. As silicon is added, the iron becomes a better and better magnetic material as its electrical resistivity increases, but it also becomes brittle and difficult to work. Only a very, very tiny amount of silicon is all that is needed.
Vitamins B6 + B2 + B12 - General Synergy.
Orange + Grapefruit + Avocado - Boosts Iron Absorption.
Magnesium Sulphate (from epsom salts) + green tea - Arthritis Prevention.
Green Tea and Chili Peppers. Boosts Metabolism and detoxes.
Lions Mane Mushroom + Maitake + Trametes - General Synergy.
Enzymes Bromelain + Trypsin + Rutin - Arthritis relief.
Linoleic Acid + Iron - General Synergy.
Ellagic Acid & Polyphenols - Copper, Iron and Zinc - General Synergy.
Cayenne + Ginger + Garlic + Ginkgo - Restores Poor Circulation.
Creatine + Dextrose or Carbohydrate foods, such as fruits, fruit juices and starches - Boosts Creatine absorption into the muscles.
Cesium + Apricot Kernels - Synergises Cesium.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus + Maltose/Dextrin + Salt - General Synergy.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) + Vitamin C - Increases Absorption.
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide + Flax Oil + Coenzyme Q10 + Organic Germanium - General Synergy.
Qucertin + Glutathione - General Synergy.

Green Tea + Chlorella + Spirulina - General Synergy.
Bee Pollen + Spirulina + Flax Seeds - General Synergy.
Vitamin C + Oats - General Synergy.
Lemon juice + black pepper + ginger + cold water - Boosts circulation.
Cayenne Pepper + Ginkgo biloba + Ginger + Garlic - Boosts circulation.
Ginkgo biloba + Turmeric extract + Green tea - General Synergy.
Spirulina + Vitamin E - General Synergy
Olive Oil + Grapefruit Juice + Pinch of Epsom Salts - Removes stones from gallbladder.
Ginger and Cayenne - Synergy to boost Circulation.
Chia Seed and Hyaluronic Acid - Retains Moisture in the body.
Albumin/Whey Protein + Soluble Fiber - Maximizes water retention - Must be taken with plenty of water.
Basil Herb + Chitosan Mix (see formula chapter) + Blue Cheese + Magnetic Water - Extreme Lucid Dreams.
Oats + Milk + Skullcap Herb - Boosts Melatonin Levels significantly.
ENRG MAX (see formula at end of book) or a strong prebiotic + Apple Cider + Sprouts - General Synergy.
Polyphenols synergists: Chlorogenic acid + Tocopherol.
Astragalus synergists: Probiotic and prebiotic foods such as yogurt, tempeh.
Apigenin will synergize the butyrate levels in the colon: Foods high in Apigenin: Coriander, Licorice Root, Marjoram, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, Taragon, Oranges, Tea, Celery, Wheat, Tomato Sauce, Red Wine.
Barley + Apple Cider - Fermentation Fuel for the Colon.
Sprouted Flax or Chia Seeds + Cottage Cheese - Cancer Killer.
Drink Green tea + Hot Bath - Deep Relaxation.
Green tea polyphenol + Vitamin E + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Wheat Germ + Raw Peanuts + Safflower + Sunflower Oils - General Synergy.
Ginseng (or Jigoulan) + Cornu Cervit + Cordyceps + Semen Allii + Fractus Euopiac + Rhizoma Laemferiae - Boosts Superoxide Dismutase levels.
Vitamin C + Basil Herb - Boosts absorption of Lutein.
Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Vitamin - Antioxidant Booster.
Grapeseed + Lemon - General Synergy.
Chamomile + Skullcap + Gotu Kola + Brahmi Brahmi - Anxiety Relief.
Astragalus + Echinacea - Immune System Boost.
Aloe + Black Pepper + Vitamin C + Taurine - General Synergy.
Soybeans + Reservatol - Burns away fat.
Reservatol + Qucertin - General Synergy
Sage + Comfrey - Rebuilds Bones, Heals cavities.
Soybeans + Aspergillus Niger - Synergists the enzyme Protease.
Cottage Cheese + Sardines (or flaxseed) - Makes the Omega 3 water soluble allowing for extreme penetration into the cells.

Cottage Cheese + Sprouted Chia Seeds - Increases Omega 3 Absorption.
Sardines + Rosemary + Parsley Powder + Sprouted Wheat + Sprouted Barley + Soaked Brown Rice - General Synergy
Shiitake Mushroom or Roquefort Cheese + Magnetic Water - Vivid Dreams.
Magnetic Water + 2,000 mg of Vitamin C - Recovery from extreme exercise, boosts immune system.
Blue Cheese + Magnetic Water - Vivid Dreams.
1 part Guar Gum + 2 parts Psyllium Husk + Magnetic Water - General Synergy.
1 Teaspoon of Ormus + 1 Tablespoon of Sprouted Flax Seeds + Small amount of Black Pepper + 1 capsule of Green Tea ExtractA + 1/2 Capsule of Grape Seed Extract + 4 drops of peppermint - Boosts Energy.
Sprouted Barley and/or Wheat + Brainfood (see chapter on how to make your own) + ENRG Max ( Prebiotic) - General Synergy.
Coffee + Brainfood + Astofedia - Increased Mental Energy.
Apple Cider Vinegar + ENRG Max ( Prebiotic) - Boosts good bacteria in the stomach.
Brain Food ( brain enhancing supplement) + Pole Balancing ( life force exercise) - Increases concentration results from pole balancing.
Magnetic Water + 2 parts Onion Powder + 1 part powdered Oats + 2 Parts Chitosan + 1 part comfrey + 2 parts Brewer's yeast + 1 Part Basil + 1 PartA dried Parsley + 0.5 part Himalayan Salt - Very strong rejuvenative effect felt in the body when taken before bed, especially during the "life force" period.
Aloe Vera + Coconut Oil - General Synergy.
Sprouted Barley + Sprouted Wheat Seed - General Synergy.
Brown Rice Soaked/Sprouted 22 hours + SOD Mix (see chapter on how to make your own) + Sardines - General Synergy.
Wheat Seed + Ginger Powder + SOD Mix - Long term protein digestion helper.
Poppy SeedA + Chitosan + 3 Spirulina Tablets + Shiitake - Immediate Fatigue Relief. Boosts immune system.
Yellow Egg Yolk + Magnetic Water - General Synergy.
Blue Cheese + Reishi Mushroom + Olives - Boosts SOD levels.
Ormus + ENRG Max - General Synergy.
Ormus + Coffee that has been infused with red wine, such as Kenyan Coffee - General Energy boost.
Sardines + Spinach - General Synergy.
Chlorella + Spirulina + Barley Grass - Detoxing and DNA renewal.
Chlorella + Yogurt + Echinacea + Burdock - Detoxes the body.
Yogurt + Astragalus - Immune System Boost.
Keifer + Astragalus - Immune System Boost.
Psyllium Husk + Inulin Powder - Internal Detox.
Flaxseed + Tofu + Sardines - General Synergy.

Konjac-Mahnan + Xanthan Gum + Resistant Starch + Coconut Oil - Boosts Short Chain Fatty Acid creation.
Chitosan + Soy Protein Powder (organic only) + Brewer's Yeast + Sardines - DNA/RNA Repair.
Soy Proteins + Phytosterols - General Synergy.
Chitosan + Sprouted Soybeans + Sardines - General Synergy.
Exercise+ Bacopa + 1 part Ginkgo + 10 parts Gotu Kola - When taken after exercises, restores brain activity and boosts awareness.
Boswella + Ashwagandha + Turmeric + Zinc + Ginger + Billberry - General Synergy.
Green Tea + Lemon Juice + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Turmeric + Cauliflower - Prostate Cancer Killer.
Mega Doses of Vitamin C + Mega Doses of Heme Iron + Exercise - Smothers and Kills Cancer Cells.
Cauliflower + Turmeric - Cancer Killer.
Cottage Cheese + Fish Oil+ Cod Liver Oil - Boosts Omega 3 Absorption.
Aloe Vera + Garlic + Green Tea - Boosts Mental Awareness.
Amorphophalles Konjac + Xanthan Gum - Extremely High Water Retention (must be taken with plenty ofA water)
Sardines + 3 Spirulina Capsules + 2 parts Garlic + 1 part Black Pepper + 1 part Rosemary - Take with Sardines and Cottage Cheese for major synergy.
Yogurt + Reishi - Increases Good Bacteria.
Omega 3 and/or Flaxseed oil + Coconut Oil - Boosts Good Cholesterol up to 152%.
Magnetic Water + 1 Egg Yolk + Billberry + Beta Carotene - Rejuvenates eyes and skin.
Turmeric + Ashwagandha - Reduces Pain in Joints.
Apple Cider + Green Tea - Burns Fat Fast, Boosts Metabolism.
Grape Seed + Green Tea + Whey Protein - General Synergy.
Cat's Claw + Rosemary + Gotu Kola - Altizmers Protection.
Reishi + Green Tea - Cancer Killer.
Milk Thistle + Turmeric + Artichoke - Detoxes Liver. Should be taken around spring time.
Aloe Vera (inner leaf, Unfiltered) + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Beta Carotene + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Ginseng (or Jigoulan) + Astragalus - Boosts Digestion, Nutrient Absorption.
Creatine + Ginseng (or Jigoulan) + Astralagalus - Relieves Fatigue, can be used as a workout supplement for gaining muscle mass.
Cornmeal + Soybeans (sprouted) - Promotes good bacteria in stomach.
Magnetic Water + Foods high in Choloryphyl (such as spinach) - General Synergy.
Sunflower Oil + Corn Oil - General Synergy.
Vitamin C and Vitamin E - Prevents Sunburn.

1 part Lettuce + 1 part Beets + 2 parts Carrots - Sunburn Prevention.
Spirulina + Chlorella - Prevents Sunburn.
Maitake + Reishi + Shiitake - General Synergy.
Maitake + echinaceaA - General Synergy.
Shiitake + chlorellaA - Cancer Killer.
Shiitake + Miso + Brown Rice - Strengthens the Immune System.
Bleu Cheese + Reishi Powder + Magnetic Water - Crystal Clear Vivid Dreams at night.
MSM + Glucosamine - Rebuilding Bone and Lubrication of Joints/Tendons.
Biotin (from egg yolk) + Chromium Picolinate - Lowers Blood Sugar.
Glycerol + Water - Retains Moisture.
Sprouted Chia See + Glycerol - Retains Moisture.
Aloe Vera + Cordyceps - General Synergy.
Superoxide Dismutase or your own SOD Mix + 1 to 2 hrs later + 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Sprouted Flax Seeds + 1 Teaspoon of Ormus + 1/2 Capsule of Grapeseed + 3/4 Teaspoon of Black Pepper, or Bioperine + 4 Drops Peppermint in 1 cup of water - Extreme Burst of Intuition and energy especially after "connecting with the sun" and when it is the 1st part of higher solar flux activity.
2 Tablespoons of Flax Seeds + Rosemary + MSM Sulphur - Prevents wrinkles.
MSM + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Onions + Vitamin C - General Synergy.
Roquefort Cheese + Olives + Pickled Brine - Removes Yeast Infections, Treats Dysbacteria.
Vitamin C + Calcium - Boosts the absorption of calcium into the body.
Creatine + Glutamine + Taurine - Workout Recovery.
Schizandra Berry + Seaega + Cayenne + Gotu Kola + Fo Ti + Green Tea - Boosts Mental Activity / Stops Alzheimers. Schizandra Berry has also been shown to keep the eyes healthy.
Red Date Extract + Ginseng (or Jigoulan) - General Synergy.
Ginseng (or Jigoulan) + Schizandra - Memory Booster.
FO TI + Goji Berry - SOD Booster.
Ginseng (or Jigoulan) + Astralagalus - Immune System Booster.
Reishi + Schinzandra - SOD Boost.
Ginseng + Astralagalus + Codonopsis + Schizandra - Creates mass amounts of physical energy in the body.
Schizandra + Milk Thistle - Synergized Liver Health.
Vitamin C + Rosemary + Taurine - Powerful Natural Preservative for fish or Meat.
Lysine - Increases Calcium Absorption.
Sunflower + Corn Oil - Boosts Linoleic Acid levels in Cells. Linoleic Acid is found in raw organic butter and is fuel for the good bacteria in our body.
Billberry + Schinzandra - Heals eyesight.
Clove + Oregano + Rosemary + Thyme - Kills bad bacteria.
Reservatol + Onion - Synergizes Reservatol.
Rosemary + Green Tea - Preserves fish or meat.
Aloe Vera + Oak Bark Powder (or coconut oil) - Major Polyphenol Creation.
Blueberry Polyphenols + Prathocyandincs (from Billberry) - Antiaging and longivity.
Black Pepper or Bioperine + Turmeric (curcumin) - Increases the absorption of curcumin.
Cordyceps + Reishi + Astragalus + Ginseng (or Jigoulan) - Boosts SOD and provides Synergy.
Calcium + Zinc - Zinc Synergy.
Grapes + Raisins + Onion + Cordyceps - Glutathione Production in the body.
Green Tea + Grapeseed Extract - natural Preservative.
Slippery Elm + Aloe (Inner Leaf Aloe is best) + Mullein - General Synergy.
Bacopa + Ginkgo + Gotu Kola - Boosts mental awareness.
Black Cumin Seed Oil + Qust Sheering - General Synergy.
Basil + Lutein - General Synergy. High in Ursolic Acid.

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