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4 and 8 c class flares with rising sunspots super ufoappears

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Chapter 1 – Explaining the Energy that Comes From the Emerald Tablets - The Tablet Examined in Closer Detail - What is This Light of Restoring Energy? - What is the Emerald Tablets Exercise? - Explanation of The Fountain Of Youth Renewal Energy - Why is This Energy Stronger from Late Fall to Early Spring?
 - Effects of the Restorative Emerald Light in Daily Life




Chapter 2 – How the Exercise is Properly Performed - How to Properly Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise -

Chapter 3 – After Performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise – Food Combinations to Take After The Emerald Tablets Exercise - The Phenomenon of “Time Imprints” from the Future - Time Distortion Effects From The Emerald Tablets Exercise –


Chapter 4 – When performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise is Dangerous – The Danger Periods - -  Atmospheric Danger Periods Performing The Emerald Tablets Exercise – 


Chapter 5 – Creating a Solid Smooth Flow of this Energy - Best Soil Surfaces to Perform The Emerald Tablets Exercise  - The Best Time To bring Restoration to  The Body Using The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth - Best Seasons and Locations to Perform The Emerald Tablets Exercise


Chapter 6 – Amplifying the Energy Flow From the Emerald Tablets - Methods that Amplify The Life Restoring Effects of The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth Exercise - Using Tablets of Granite - How to Merge A Recurrent CHHSS with The Emerald Tablets Exercise To Bring Powerful Healing Into The Body - Tips on the Revitalizing Energy - The Emerald Tablets Exercise Help Notes





Chapter 7 – Physical and Mental Effects - Health and Mental Restorative Effects Gained from working With The Emerald Tablets - Personal Experiences from my years of research performing The Emerald Tablets Exercise - Restoration of the Internal Structure using The Emerald Tablets - Documented Scientific Evidence of Energy Meridians In The Human Body



Chapter 8 – Earth and Solar Forces and Their Interaction with the Emerald Tablets - How This Energy Enters and Restores The Earth - Using The Power of the Sun With The Emerald Tablets - Geomagnetic Energy and its Restorative Effect upon the Body - How The Body’s Life Force is stimulated by the Sun - When the Cells of our Body Become Stimulated By Our Sun







The Emerald Tablets of Toth deal with retarding the aging process through a simple exercise in which you lay the body aligned with the north and south positions of the earth. The information in this book is the result of 3 + years of performing the exericse on average every 2 days.  From doing the exercise for such a long time, a special overall "wavelength" was observed that corresponded to the body's aches and pains disappearing almost instantly after the exercis.  These "waves" vary according to the time of the year.  When the "wave" is "off key" and you perform the exercise, illness and disease occurs, however when doing the exercise at the right times, the body feels absoutely refreshed and revitalized and you can really get a feel of what the Tablet is talking about, "cheating death".  So the effects felt are quite real, however it does take experience to know how to do the exercise properly.  That is what the purpose of this book is about, is to show you the proper way to perform the exericse, from an experienced insider. You will see a term in this book called "life force" period. This is a period when the cosmic ray count has climbed higher for 3 or more days and the earth's geomagnetic energy is at high levels and teh solar wind speed is at 350, and the X-Ray Background Flux levels are below 4.0.  These special periods will be disuccseed mroe in detail later on througout this book.

The Tablet Examined in Closer Detail

Here is part of the Tablet Translation

Deep in Earth's heart lies the flower, the source of the Spirit that binds all in its form. or know ye that the Earth is living in body as thou art alive in thine own formed form. The Flower of Life is as thine own place of Spirit and streams through the Earth as thine flows through thy form; giving of life to the Earth and its children, renewing the Spirit from form unto form. This is the Spirit that is form of thy body, shaping and moulding into its form.

Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form. Know that when fast on thee Death approaches, it is only because thy balance is shaken. It is only because one pole has been lost. See ye not that in Earth's heart is the balance of all things that exist and have being on its face? The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth's heart, for in thy form thou are one with the Earth. When thou hast learned to hold thine own balance, then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth. Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing, changing in form, only when Earth, too, shalt change: Tasting not of death, but one with this planet, holding thy form till all pass away.

List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that ye, too, shalt taste not of change. One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south). Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head. And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet. Hold thou in balance once in each seven, and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth's. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off the fingers of Death. Neglect not to follow the path I have shown, for when thou hast passed beyond years to a hundred to neglect it will mean the coming of Death.

The "force" or "spirit" discussed in this tablet is referring to 2 periods and 2 subperiods.  The first is the period of higher geomagnetic energy the 2nd period is when the 2mev electrons, which come from our sun, are higher.  These are the 2 most powerful periods that the "wave" of revitalizing energy flows strongest.  The 2 sub-periods are when the moon is headed towards or in perigee and when the cosmic rays are rising or increasing.

I believe that high 2mev energies are a form of spirit, and it takes magnetic energy to turn it into matter. Another interesting discovery is that the energies from The Emerald Tablets Exercise stay strong in the body for about 10 days afterwards, so if you don't pole balance for a few days, the "charge" stays in the body.  I believe that the geomagnetic energy "lingers" upon the earth after strong KP activity in some sort of atmosphere, possibly being the soil. Quite simply put if there is higher KP activity, along with high 2mev energies (especially above 8.0), than The Emerald Tablets Exercise energy is stronger. As long as these 2 conditions are present, high X-Ray Background Flux levels above 4.0 don’t cause a negative injury to the body.


What is This Light of Restoring Energy?

Many of us have seen the power of karate experts who are able to break wood boards with their hands, or even their heads, and QI Gong masters that are able to heal others by projecting intense heat generated by focusing their minds. This same energy can be generated by anyone with the right skills and knowledge. This "chi" energy is contained in the air all around us, and rises and falls at various times.

In this book you will read conditions called “Condition Green” or Condition Red”.  These are terms of higher or lower X-Ray Background Radiation Levels coming from the Sun.  Condition Red is Danger, Condition Green is Healing and good for the body and Condition Yellow is when the "wave" of restoration energy flows strongest.  You can visit to learn more about the condition colors.

The most common and well known of the life force exercises are the QI-GONG and TAI CHI techniques, however I myself, have had really good results doing The Emerald Tablets exercise. The Emerald Tablets Exercise comes from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Tablet number XIII: The Keys of Life and Death. The history of the Emerald Tablets is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The tablets were translated by Dr. Michael Doreal.

They are called the "Emerald Tablets" because during the right conditions, the restorative wave of energy, which I will refer to in this book as "The White Light" turns to a beautiful emerald green during the most powerful periods of restoration. This periods is when the 2mev Protons are at 9.0 or higher and the KP (geomagnetic energy) is at higher/stronger levels. The energy that enters the body is coming from the sun. In a simple summary, a CME also known as a coronal mass ejection, ejects solar wind plasma from the poles of the sun. When the CME energy results in between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares (sometimes the number may be higher, other times it may be lower, but this key "frequency" is between 4 and 8), it causes a maximum stimulation of the body, which feeds this fountain of youth energy within.

We will go more into detail about these scientific measurements later on. The “revitalizing power” of Emerald Green is reflected in biological organisms deemed immortal.

The color of the Hydra is an Emerald Green. It is a freshwater dweller thought to be biologically immortal since they do not experience senescence or the aging process. Hydras are a voracious animal that is located in many uncontaminated fishponds, lakes and tributaries in moderate to tropical areas. 

The Bristlecone Pine, the world's oldest species of trees, live for 7,000 years or more, have emerald green foliage.

What is the Emerald Tablets Exercise?

The Emerald Tablets Exercise is a simple process where you lay down with your head pointed north for between 20 minutes and 1 hour and then rotate the body into the south position for the next 20 minutes to 1 hour.  Overdoing the exercise when the X-Ray Background Levels are above 4.0 has led to illness. But doing the exercise properly I never, ever get ill.  The other danger period is the season of Spring. I usually watch the flxu levels and perform it less during this time.
Source for X-Ray Background Flux courtesy of NOAA:

In The Emerald Tablets exercise, the energies work like this. Think of a person in a canoe going down a fast flowing river of water with waves all around him or her adn the waves representing the flowing passage of time. The canoe in the middle of the fast flowing river appears to be moving slowly.  As this energy is flowing all around you, time appears to slow down, and you don't appear to age as fast. If you were one of the waves floating by, you would be in that more rapid "time zone" and affected by faster flowing atoms of time.

When you perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise, this is exactly the same effect that occurs.  You create a "no zone" of time, where the cells are no longer "hooked" onto the faster flowing wave of time, but appear to slow down enough to "overtake" the faster flow of time by outliving the faster flowing energy in the long run. Your body now matches the same resonance as a newly forming cell. The miracle of the Emerald Tablets Exercise is that it causes your body to match this restorative frequency that is occurring and “grab” it. This same "slow down effect" is also seen when you see people practicing Tai Chi or Yoga. Their movements are very, very slow, precise and coordinated.

We can see this same effect occur in the zoospore fungi. One species called Ulothrix sonata is found in alkaline waters such as springs, brooks, and rivers. It is bright green emerald and attaches itself to sunny stones, another species is found in stagnant ponds, and rain-barrels. If they are placed under a stream of running water, they may live for a couple of weeks and may produce zoospores every morning. If the material is merely put into a jar of water with a 2 to 4 per cent cane-sugar solution, the production of zoospores continues a little longer. So here we have a simple illustration where bacteria producing zoospores under a "stream" of flowing water.

The body is always seeking restoration and repair and it occurs much faster when the mind has increased its awareness and is in the proper state of mind. The main energy source for any chi energy exercise is focus combined with an increased amount of oxygen brought into the body. Beneficial side effects of generating chi in the body include increased awareness, a more balanced outlook on life and a stronger immune system. This new expansion of awareness brings with it the power to heal ourselves. This in turn causes us to subconsciously heal others in the process (change yourself to change the world). From this we can conclude that performing life force exercises affects 2 parts of the body, the spiritual and the physical.

The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth exercise uses what I call the “multiplication” energy formula.  Just as the sun's solar flux can be used to multiply matter using the power of intention, (as shown on the ez3dbiz website article Multiplying Money, Food and Other Pieces of Matter with the Sun's Solar Flux) the earth also has its own form of intention, which creates growth, using geomagnetic eenrgy as the intentional fuel source.

I believe that all life and ideas have "phantom templates".  These templatse are like small "seeds" of energy waiting for the right "push" or intention to allow it to manifest into reality when the right periods of energy are present. From personal research rising sunspots and increased geomagnetic energy, along with other minor variables, are the energy that drive this intentional force.

For physical restoration of the body, this growth occurs using amino acids and alkaline proteins as the "seeds", which when a condition yellow is present, and you take these foods high in the 9 nine essential amino acids, when you do The Emerald Tablets exercise, and the geomagnetic energy lvels are higher or the 2mev proton levels ar above 8.0, it has incredible restoring effects.

As mentinoed earlier, this perfect example can be seen when there are more sunspots, applying intention to matter, such as seeds, proteins or money, it multiplies.  Think of earth's KP levels (higher geomagnetic energy), as the higher solar flux of the earth.  When geomagnetic energy encoutners these amino acids and alkaline proteins, it restores the body quickly.

When doing The Emerald Tablets Exercise, the body is strongly renewed during the first geomagnetic storm after the March equinox and again around the summer solstice. This period covers 3 to 4 days when everything restores itself back to its perfect state of original health, it is also accompanied by an expansion and increase in consciousness. March is a time the suns energy has "matured" after the winter solstice.



Explanation of The Fountain Of Youth Renewal Energy

Once you have performed this exercise properly for about 2 years, you will feel this energy naturally gather at the base of your abdomen, when facing either north or south, especially when the 2mev Proton energies are above 9.0 and the KP Values have risen.

2 MEV real time and Forecasting courtesy of NOAA:

KP Levels Real Time


When you feel this you have opened what I call the “gateway”. I personally stop the exercise in spring, as the energies are too overwhelming for the body. When you are experiened to this level, as you feel this revising energy fill the lower part of your abdomen as you breathe in, hold it in, than slowly like a balloon, and let it out. As you slowly let out this energy, you will feel the rejuvenated energies flood your body. It feels just like an “internal spring” or the sensations of a fresh mountain spring, springing forth from within.

This “fountain” energy is maximized and at its strongest from late fall to early spring, and at peak levels during sunspot minimum. I have discovered from experience, that this "energy" holds a charge upon the earth for some days after higher geomagnetic storms (also called KP Values) and when the 2mev proton levels are around 9.0.

Why is This Energy Stronger from Late Fall to Early Spring?

The reason the energy is stronger during this period is because there are a high number of cosmic rays entering earth, ionising the atmosphere. Because we know from working with the sun, that by looking directly at it at 20 minutes after sunrise and 20 minutes before sunset, in the science of sungazing, that it promotes healing.  We know that from looking towards the sun, but not right at it at the hours of between 10:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. and again between 12:45 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. it has been shown to create miracles, when we are open to them.  And from our research showing that the "life force" restoration energy is higher from the months of Ocotober and November.  So if the rays coming from the sun are part cosmic ray in origin, than the rays coming from outer space during October and November, must have special significance.  Let's take a look at the positions in California.  On
October 30th in the late afternoon, when this energy is stronget, the constellations Scorpio, Sagitarrius are in a southwest direction and are almost on the horizon. The constellation Cygnus is also at the same time directly overhead.  These constellations are the 3 most powerful emitters of cosmic rays and during OCtober and November are in favoarble positions mirroring that of our sun.  Our reserach has shown that the "restorative" light is strongset when teh cosmic ray count is higher and there is higher geomagnetic energy.  Also this "restorative" light is strongest when facing south, the same positions that Scorpio and Sagitarrius are headed almost on the horizon during this time. When you do the Emerald Tablets Exercise, you are facing directly at the Zenith (the top of the sky), and facing into Cygnus, the most powerful area of our sky that emits cosmic rays.
Article: Did Cosmic Radiation change evolution and kick-start religion. "Ever since the discovery in the 1920s that radiation can cause gene mutations, scientists have speculated on the role that high energy cosmic rays might have played in evolution."

I have noticed that when I don't do the exercise, and the cosmic rays rise for a longer period of days than usual, the body will significantly feel and display the effects of aging much more than at other times. I believe that this “light” that occurs during the exercise is a form of information that is entering not only the cells of our body, but our consciousness as well, causing "jumps" in evolution to occur.  Does this mean that our immune system is linked to evolution as shown in the Programmed Variability Model?
Quote from Dr. Sean D. Pitman
"The overall structure and function of the immune cells does not evolve over time and neither do the types of antibodies that are produced. All the major types of immune cells and antibodies are produced before any functional selection takes place.  Only after the T-cells are formed do they go to school to be "selected"."

Does this mean that by receiving new information, we are also receiving new "anti-bodies" for future pathogens?

A few days after a solar flare the cosmic ray count usually increases, and the "white light" energy grows stronger. Is it possible that evolution jumps faster after a solar flare? It is interesting to note that the Internet Boom cycles occur at solar maximums, and that computers are also electromagnetic in nature like our sun. When you do the exericse, you get the awareness first, which is why shows some of the most cutting edge technology and information ever seen anywhere.



Effects of the Restorative Emerald Light in Daily Life

This "internal light" can change at times from being a green color to black to angel white. I have noticed from experience that when the light is darker, things don't go as well, and my health may need a tune up, but during times of white light and green-emerald light, things go much smoother and I am able to fulfill my purpose easier, and there is much less resistance to daily activities. We can think of the colors associated with The Emerald Tablets Exercise as being forms of information, as mentined earlier, guiding you through future events of the day, enhancing intuition, and best of all relieving aches and pains.

Each year during the months of late February until just after the March equinox, is the time the sun has finally "warmed up". By this I mean the sun has become more active since its quiet period from November to January. Because intentions are related to the sun, this is a perfect time to renew our intentions to stay young, healthy and keep a positive mindset and outlook.
The Tibetan New Year is Losar and falls from January through March, the same period the suns energy re-emerges. Maybe this is the secret to their never being fully assimulated into the Chinese culture.  We have a lot to learn from their example of using intention to remain free and independant.



How to Properly Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

As mentioned previously, The Emerald Tablets Exercise comes from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Tablet number XIII: The Keys of Life and Death. In this book it is referred to as “the Emerald Tablets Exercise” representing the recharging of the body’s magnetic poles.

This information has survived for over 36,000 years, so there must be somethign special about it.  Truth has a matter of staying in the present. People who meditate or practice Yoga will find The Emerald Tablets Exercise extremely easy, fun and beneficial, because they can already readily relax and focus their minds. When doing The Emerald Tablets Exercise, the energy worked with is always going to feel different each time you do it, because energy is never destroyed, it returns in a different renewed form.

Here is a simple explanation of the exercise: To begin, lay down with your head facing north and start focusing your consciousness between your chest and head for 15 minutes, than face south for 15 minutes and imagine your thoughts between your stomach and feet. When faced south, during intermediate pauses, you imagine both the north and south poles of your body coming together at the same time, balancing out perfectly, independently of each other. You will than feel a "connection" start flowing from both these poles. This energy "bubbles" forth like a "fountain or spring" and feels restorative to the body. In your mind you will feel a white electricity occurring and during periods of high activity, the light will be a beautiful emerald green.

Stress can renew or destroy the body. Knowing the right amount of stress in the right angle/position/place for the proper amount of time leads to regenerative effects. Overstress usually occurs when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels are at high dangerous periods and are felt in the Lymph Nodes.

An excellent example of how this occurs in nature is when a rod of iron is magnetized. This occurs because when you apply a body that causes the atoms in the iron to align themselves north, you are creating a beneficial form of stress in the iron, which creates a north/south pole.  When the magnetism in the rods begins to fade over time, it can be recharged using the same method, by re-stroking the iron bar with a magnet. When you are faced north and trying to keep your consciousness focused between your chest and head, it is very hard, but just trying to do it creates the right type of stress on the body, leading to a powerful restorative effect.

As mentiinoned earlier, once you have performed this exercise properly for about 2 years, and there are periods of when this energy is at high levels, you will feel this energy naturally gather at the base of your abdomen, when facing either north or south. When you feel this, you have opened what I call the gateway.





Food Combinations to Take After The Emerald Tablets Exercise

After the Emerald Tablets Exercise, take raw organic apple cider vinegar with spring water. When you do this during periods of higher cosmic rays, or the "life force" period, the body attains a fantastic "glow" and you only need take a little apple cider. This glow is magnified considerably around the "life force" period. If you look at Apple Cider Vinegar you will see that it is made up of acetic acid, which is formed only by the Acetobacter family of bacteria, which are found everywhere in food, water, and especially the soil.  Soil happens to become "charged" during higehr geomagnetic activity. Apple Cider vinegar is also full of butyric acid, which is loaded with hydrogen ions, of which the sun is made up of. I believe the expansion of consciousness that occurs during the Emerald Tablets Exercise is related to the hydrogen ion.
"An excess of hydrogen ions (acidosis, hypercapnia) may also affect consciousness"

Another mix that works after The Emerald Tablets Exercise: Lemon Juice + 2 Drops Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Distilled Water + 1/2A Avocado. Next wait 3 mins and take Apple Cider Vinegar. Next take an apple + 1 pinch of Himalayan Salt + 2-3 tbs of Canola Oil + Drinking Water. 4-6 hrs later take Borage Oil.

Here is another method I used to use to help recharge the body using thought and sunlight: Mix - 1/3rd white mushroom, and drinking water, + 3 Tbs Hemp Oil + 1 Slice of Potato + 1 Tbs Spirulina + 1 Tbs Brewer’s Yeast + 1/2 Shiitake Mushroom + N. Pole Water + 4 hazel nuts + 1/2 Brazil Nut + 3 drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Next lie down in the sun, and allow the sun’s rays to penetrate your body and visualize all ingredients working synergistically together to rejuvenate the body.

Next take Cumin Seed, Banana, 2 Sesame Seeds + Flax Oil

Raw unpasteurized honey can also increase the physical energy in the body.


The Phenomenon of “Time Imprints” from the Future

I believe that these energy peaks which occur from higher 2mev proton periods and higher KP periods are “compressing time”. This explains the “future imprints” received when the Emerald Tablets Exercise  in the early mornings, especially during the period of spring.  As a side note The Tibetan New Year also begins around this same time of year. So it appears that Late February and March is the best time of year to put goals into action, and start new ventures, because you have "time on your side" this time of year. Time possibly flows more slowly around this time of year.


My theory is that when the 2mev protons are at higher levels, the photons come back to the present from the future, and “holding in the white light” “freezes” or compresses time. This “freeze” or compression of time “brings forward from the future” new renewing energies at a higher cycle rate of renewal, rather than the standard rate of decay and aging. This is because at the DNA sub-molecular level every living bio organism is constantly going through a rate of renewal at the tiniest molecular level. It is only the passage of time that causes aging. That is why time travel and anti-aging methods are so closely interrelated.

As shown in the article "Using The Sun As A TIme Machine" on, the "emotional" timeline destablizes more when the X-Ray background flux levels have risen for 3 or more consecutive days and the moon is headed towards perigee. This means that the diferent light colors may be associated with emotion.  With dark representing more negative emotion and white, represting more postiive happy emotions.  So by knowing the period when the emotional timeline is unstable, it can be easier to predict future events based on what the emotions from the future are telling us. The article on "Using The Sun to Access Alternate Realities" also shows that electromagneic energy can be used to affect our subconsciounss.



This has already been proven in the lab where molecular time travel is occurring.

Quote from: The University of Chicago Medicine
"Evolution of complexity recreated using molecular time travel"

I believe that the ultimate renewal energy comes from amino acids.

Quote from Discover Magnazine: "In 1953, chemist Stanley Miller tried to duplicate the conditions present on the primordial earth in laboratory flasks, and while some of his results were published to great acclaim, other results were packed away and forgotten–until now."

This means that during the "life force" periods, when taking the proper amino acids and alkaline proteins, we are accessing the "life restoration window" and delaying aging.

In this article we can see how even a small amount of magnetic energy affects proteins.
"This amount of energy should be readily available from longer-range interactions and demonstrates how relatively small changes in energy can have a large affect on the conformation of protein molecules"

"Chemical shifts can be observed by sending nuclear magnetic energy onto the protein sample"

"This process, which was first used to determine the three-dimensional structure of a protein in 1984, relies on the fact that some atomic nuclei, such as hydrogen, are intrinsically magnetic. In a magnetic field, these magnetic nuclei can adopt states of different energy. Applying radio-frequency radiation can induce the nuclei to flip between these energy states, which can be measured and depicted in the form of a spectrum"
A geomagnetic storm is nothing more than a "shaking" of earth's north and south magnetic fields. The first structure that is affected by geomagnetic energy is our eyes. Therefore geomagnetic activity and light are both interrelated, which is why geomagnetic storms cause the aurorae borealis lights. Because proteins are sensitive to geomagnetic fields, it makes sense that certain geomagnetic fields can create new proteins. And because the muscles in our body are sensitive to geomagnetic energy (astronaturts have muscles that “fade away” when they are in space for too long), than doing The Emerald Tablets Exercise at the right times re-builds the muscles, which is why the tablets state that your body will look like that of a man in his prime when the exercise is done properly.

Quote from U.S. National Library of Medicine: "The plasma content of 17 free amino acids of the Commander and Flight-Engineer of Salyut-1-Soyuz-T was examined before flight and on postflight days 1 and 7. The amino acids were measured in an automatic amino acid analyzer Hitachi KLA-3B. Both cosmonauts showed a decrease of most amino acids, particularly essential amino acids."

The method of the Emerald Tablets Exercise not only causes these changes to occur, but speeds up the process of renewal in the body. This is experienced as a ‘stimulating’ effect, where fatigue and aches and pains vanish completely after the Emerald Tablets Exercise. Maybe new forms of information awareness are linked to healing. This increase of photons also occurs when cosmic ray particles have been increasing upon the earth for 3 days or more. This has the same effect as higher 2mev particles or higher proton flux levels.

Photons affecting time are already regarded as fact in the scientific community.
Quote from: U.C. Davis Physics Wiki. Title: Distortion of Time and Space
“A classic experiment to demonstrate time distortion uses observations of cosmic rays. One of the more exotic particles created in these cosmic ray showers is the muon (named after the Greek letter mu, μ). The reason muons are not a normal part of our environment is that a muon is radioactive, lasting only 2.2 microseconds on the average before changing itself into an electron and two neutrinos. A muon can therefore be used as a sort of clock, albeit a self-destructing and somewhat random one.”

Don't get scared thinking that more muons entering out atmosphere is causing more cancers, it is when they react with our atmosphere and theer is higher geomagnetic energy, is when the energy is beneficial.

So in conclusion the more cosmic rays you have, the more energy you have to send energy back from the future to the present. In this case, the increased cosmic rays are re-aligning the north and south poles of the body. It also explains the negative effect that occurs when you try to regenerate the body by holding in the white light when there are less cosmic rays and the X-Ray Background Flux are above 4.0.  This would mean that time is speeding up, and there are many accounts of people experiencing sensations of “trying to catch up” or “not enough time”, when there is a solar flare present. It is my opion that the "back from the future" energy is stronget is during COndition Yellows.


Time Distortion Effects when Performing The Emerald Tablets Exercise

Quote from Preston College Cosmic Ray Group -  “Cosmic ray muons are created when highly energetic particles from deep space collide with atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere. The initial collisions create pions which then decay into muons. The muons then travel down through the atmosphere and arrive at ground level with a frequency of about 1 cm-2 min-1. The high count rate can be explained using relativistic time dilation. Einstein showed that time ticks slowly for particles moving at speeds close to that of light”.

Because paramagnetic materials boost this "white light" considerably when the cosmic rays are at higher levels, this explains why placing granite on the chest and "holding in the white light" during higher cosmic ray periods amplifies the restorative energy considerably. The type of radiation emitted by granite is called “corpuscular radiation”. Therefore we can conclude that very small amounts of corpuscular radiation can be good for the body.

Paramagnetic materials come from the soil, so they have a natural affinity for holding ground like charges and "discharging" them into the body when the proper exercises are used. From experience I have placed paramagnetic materials on my chest, such as granite, which has boosted the “white light” renewal energies significantly and have been doing this for over 2 years with no ill after effects. This is because cosmic rays are attracted to paramagnetic materials.

Another interesting fact is that higher Geomagnetic Activity as well as Moon headed towards Perigee has been shown to boost emotions. An increase in emotions has been shown to boost the body’s level of Superoxide Dismutase, the powerful natural anti-aging substance. Because emotions are not ruled by time, this means that during times of the right amount of geomagnetic activity or Moon in Perigee, we can use exercise and other forms of natural circulation to help create vibrant health and wellbeing in the body.

Research Paper:
"Increased Serum Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase in Individuals with Anxiety"

Also excessive stress will cause the Superoxide Dismutase levels to drop.

"In animals, slightly higher dosages of superoxide dismutase were also not protective—the brain actually swelled more. The paradox was that the protein was not toxic even at much higher dosages in animals. I was puzzled about how a good protein could go bad."


The Danger Periods


As for the “condition red” periods, the body is most vulnerable always at the first condition red period or when 8 or more C Class solar flares start suddenly after the sun has been quiet for a while.  This results in a "surprise shock".  A second shock occurs again with another wave of negative energy as the X-Ray Background flux levels start climbing above 4.0 for 3 or more days.

This occurs most powerfully around February to April and again from August to September. To test this for yourself, do the Emerald Tablets Exercise when there are 8 or more C Class Solar flares and the X Ray Background Flux Levels are above 5.0, and also take some wheat, large amounts of peanut butter, protein, sugars or raw peanuts at this time. You will feel that the energies occurring, instead of being "renewing" will make your body feel very nauseous or your body will have an "allergic" reaction, especially around the lymph nodes of your body.

Than try doing it again when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares with the X-Ray Background Flux Levels below 4.0 and dropping. You will find instead that the energy is renewing, stimulating and recharges the body with extreme health.

So in summary, this “restorative” white light energy is stronger between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares and even stronger when the 2mev Protons are above 8.5. Boosters include when the cosmic rays have been rising consecutively for 3 or more days. When all these come together, the rejuvenate energy is so strong, I only need to hold in the “white light” to rejuvenate about 1/3rd less than usual, and the "charge" remains longer in the body than usual.


Atmospheric Danger Periods Performing The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth Exercise

It is my theory that solar flare eruptions turn the higher levels of X-Ray Background Flux levels into a positive polarity. Magnetic field researcher Dr. Philpott has shown that positive magnetic fields create acidic conditions in the tissues. And another study by scientists at Georgetown University in Washington DC found that high energy particles in space, which are produced by solar flares, triggered an oxidative stress response in mice. This would explain the aches and pains sometimes felt just before and during solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Recent research has shown that oxidative stress contributes to a number of diseases from arthritis to immune system problems.

Quote from a study by the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University Medical Center
"To conduct the study, Datta and his team measured the level of free radicals present as well as the expression of stress response genes in the cells of mice exposed to high-LET radiation similar to that found in space. The researchers concluded that the cellular environment of the gastrointestinal tract was highly oxidative -- or full of free radicals -- for prolonged periods of time, a state which is conducive to cancer development."

There are 2 “doorways” of disease that cause this negative effect to be felt. The first is during periods of higher than average solar activity, such as during an increasing sunspot cycle period, and the second is right after the peak of the solar flare, when the sunspots begin to drop for 3 or more days in a row and the X-Ray background flux levels are at 4.0 or higher. These are both called "condition reds".

There are 2 periods when the sun's activity is most active. These are February/March and September/October. It is key when doing the Emerald Tablets Exercise during these times to watch for condition reds (8 or more C class solar flares with solar flux levels at 4.0 or above) as they occur most often during these periods. I usually boost my intake of immune system boosters/antioxidants during these periods of the year. Just before a solstice or equinox, this stress seems stronger.


Life is always evolving, striving to attain a state of perfection, harmony and everlasting health. It is my belief that the earth goes through natural "cleansing" stages to help restore itself and reset the life on the earth, to make way for renewal and restoration. Examples of this over the long term include ice ages, and over the shorter term, new radiation belts. The most recent being on March 24 1991 when a new radiation belt formed around earth. "Birth of a Radiation Belt."



Best Soil Surfaces to Perform The Emerald Tablets Exercise

The best soil surfaces to practice life force exercises on are Sandy, Limestone, and Volcanic, Moist Clay or Sandstone type soils. These soils attract the newly evolving energies the strongest. Metals and objects with a high thermal conductivity rating will capture these newly emerging energies extremely well.

Materials with high thermal conductivity also readily absorb sulphurs. These are Granite, Clay, Carbon, Barium and limestone. Good thermal conductivity ranges are from 1.5 and no higher than 4.0, as you want to keep the porus (spongy) air pockets.

A good example of this is the ancient Egyptian Carbon Healing Rods. These have a thermal conductivity rating of 1.7. When you hold them in a special shape and rotate them, your body becomes fully charged of energy that you can physically feel. There are numerous websites online that discuss this topic further. I have also used a small iron bar aligned east to west between my chest and feet when facing south to help accelerate the energies, and also used strips of iron placed beneath both legs when facing south.






The Best Time To bring Restoration to The Body Using The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth

When there are more cosmic rays entering earth's atmosphere, and the 2mev proton levles are above 8.0, this white light is so powerful that you feel significantly rejuvenated in a much shorter amount of time, and it blocks the negative effects of a X-Ray Background Flux level of 4.0 or higher. As mentioned in a previous chapter, I believe this is because most cosmic ray increases are accompanied by a stronger charged ionosphere/magnetosphere, which usually occurs a few days after a solar flare. This special period of sun activity is known as the "Recurrent CHHS". I believe these stronger charged ions are "feeding" the good bacteria in the body and feeding new forms of beneficial life to the plants and soil. This white light energy also seems to carry with it an expansion of consciousness and newly emerging awareness.

A booster to the high 2mev proton levels are when the solar flux is more active and there are between 4 and 8 solar flares, and the solar wind is at 350 or lower. Another booster to take advantage of the sun's solar flux is when the solar flux is first beginning, the best way to benefit is to perform moderate exercise.







Best Seasons and Locations to Perform The Emerald Tablets Exercise

Best Moon Phases: When the moon is 1/2 full (also known as the moons 1st and last quarters). This is due to an increased electrostatic field. Another good period is when the moon is in Moon Apogee (or further from the earth).

Best Time of Day: The Emerald Tablets Exercise in the Morning around April/May. The Emerald Tablets Exercise in the evening hours around October/November.

Best Locations: Locations to perform life force exercises are areas where negative ions are higher such as: Near the Ocean, and waterfalls. I have found from research the very best locations are at high elevations in a pine forest. I believe that this energy is “captured” by the pine trees somehow.

Pine Pollen is a natural substance that is derived from pine trees is the most potent source of testosterone known to man. Pine pollen is a fine yellow powder that can settle on any kind of surface during the spring. It is highly potent and because of its androgenic properties has the ability to provide growth and boost libido to any plants and animals with which he comes into contact.

Best Metrological Conditions: Another very powerful time to do The Emerald Tablets Exercise is just after a thunderstorm or rainstorm. This is when a large number of negative ions are in the air. Only 15% of negative ions are inhaled, whereas our skin absorbs 85% of the negative ions in the surrounding air.

If you happen to do the Emerald Tablets Exercise 24 hours before a solar flare erupts you will feel and see these effects occuring in your body and in nature: Body aches, emotions moody, trees may lose their leaves, more stress felt in the environment, the local atmospheric pressure feels different, amethyst crystals change color, scents, odors and smells change. In coastal mountainous regions, the fog hugs closer to the ground, weather conditions may become erratic.

Methods that Amplify The Life Restoring Effects of The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth Exercise

Natural methods to amplify the effects of this life restoring energy are to perform the exercise on an elevated platform between 6 and 15 feet above the ground. So a good combination would be an elevated platform in a pine forest, or a pine forest at a high elevation.

Bristlecone pines, trees that live thousands of years and can still sprout new trees, live only in high-elevation environments, and they are a form of pine tree.

Another guide to show you when these energies are strongest is to follow the 2MEV electron flow. When the 2MEV electron flow levels start to reach above 8or higher, especially for days in a row, which is most common around spring time, this energy is maximized. During solar cycles, it reaches its maximum levels during sunspots minimum.

2 MEV real time and Forecasting (Courtesy of Space Weather Canada)


Amplifying the Restoration Energies Using Tablets of Granite

This method is a very powerful method to amplify the regenerative energies.
Place a thin slab of granite facing east and using a series of rotating magnets, spin them in front of the granite slab over the entire area of the granite for about 1 minute. Next place the "charged" slab of granite just above your groin area and on your chest, than "hold in" the white light energies. You will feel a tremendous increase in the energies when you do this.

You can make a rotating series of magnets using an automatic shoe polisher available on e-bay.  Just glue 4 magnets on the end and press “on” to allow it to rotate them.

I have also placed the thin slab of granite on my chest without using the rotating magnets and it also picks up the charges fairly well. Don't overdo this when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels are above 4.0, as excessive use of restorative technologies can damage the body.





How to Merge A Recurrent CHHSS with The Emerald Tablets Exercise To Bring Powerful Healing Into The Body

The recurrent CHHSS is the most powerful life restoration storm and usually occurs within 2 to 3 days after a solar flare. This is when the magnosphere becomes highly charged. It lasts on average 3 days. This "window" does not always happen after each solar flare however, so you have to look for the proper parameters.  It is most common just after the largest solar flares. This is what is termed a "condition yellow" on the site

A “Condition Yellow”, is a "window of life".  It can be found when these solar variables all come together:

The Solar Wind Speed: Between 275 and 320 or dropping towards these levels.

Cosmic Rays: Increasing

Higher Sunspot Activity.

Earth's Geomagnetic Activity (or KP): At moderate to high levels

The Suns Solar Flux: Medium to Low

X-Ray Background Flux Levels:  Level does not matter, because the higher KP values “shield” the danger.

Solar Conditions: Recurrent CHHSS

Another “Life Window” period is when the 2mev protons are above 8.5 and Earth's Geomagnetic Activity (or KP) is at high levels. This is also a very rare occurrence, but when it occurs, it is powerful.


Tips on the Revitalizing Energy

Hold this energy in these areas of your body and let it create its own rhythm. You will feel a new distinct vibration emerging. As you hold this energy in your body's center it will occur in "pulses" or "waves of energy". Do not hold in this white light too long, just the right amount of time. If you hold it too long, it will create an "out of sync" vibration and the therapeutic effects will be lessened. You will feel this occur if you hold it too long. The only time you can hold it in for long periods of time are when the 2mev proton levels are at 8.5 and above combined with a higher geomagnetic energy (or higher KP values). This data will be discussed later.


This part is key, as long as you can master holding this energy in your body's center, you will feel the rejuvenating energy take effect. This energy will feel like a White Light and your body will feel "recharged" as you align yourself with this energy. You may feel "popping" sounds or feel dark energy burning away from your body. This is normal.  You will also find that the community you live in has “negative karma” removed or a sense of peace and wellbeing descends in the immediate surroundings you perform this exercise.

If you are having trouble generating the white light, than think of both the north and south poles of your body balancing out independently with each other, than allow the energy to spring forth. It gets easier over time as you practice it.

After you have "held in the white light energy" than go back to concentrating on holding your thoughts between your chest and feet, and than repeat the above again to capture the white light. The 2nd and 3rd times you hold in this light are the most powerful times you feel the energy. 

From my experience in the 15 minutes spend facing south, I generate and hold the white light a total of between 5 and 7 times. If the 2mev protons and KP values are higher, I will do it more as the “life” energy is stronger.

Over time this gets easier and your body will automatically learn to attract this energy and hold more of this energy in (this takes about 2 years). It feels like the cells in your body start to invite and funnel this energy into them naturally. When you reach this level, you can pole balance for 15 mins a day and reap the rewards, and you don't need to face exactly magnetic north either. Magnetic declination constantly undergoes changes every few weeks caused by geomagnetic storms. However it is key to face magnetic east after the exercise as we shall see below:

5: After the 15 minutes of facing south, next stand up and face east. Place your feet standing in the exact same spot your lower abdomen was when you were laying down and hold both arms outwards slightly bent facing east, and you will feel a new wave of energy entering your body. You can tone the sound NNNNNNNN--RRRRR while facing east to help boost this energy flow.

After The Emerald Tablets Exercise don’t do any heavy exercise for about 10 mins. If you get a "left facing feeling dizziness effect " when standing up after the exercise, than it is because you did not face exactly south during the south facing exercise, or a "right feeling dizziness" you faced north longer than you faced south.

Used in combination with the proper diet, you can expect a long and happy life, as long as you don't get squashed by a speeding train.



Quote from:

We can see this same process when used in the exercise of Qi Gong called "internal chi".


The energy pressure comes from an internal intrinsic energy of Chi; Chinese call it Yuan-Chia, the original life energy that is inherent with our birth. It is a mix of chemical energy, is highly concentrated, and exists inside the body. Mental awareness is required for the pressurization of the energy; this combination and interaction is very important to us: without it we cannot think, talk or walk. Life would be like a living death e.g., (a coma or vegetative state).


When we are sleeping, the body has no energy pressure inside; it is like a flat tire; if anything crashes down, the body will be easily crushed. When we sit on the sofa, it is like an under-inflated tire. When we are standing up or walking around, the energy pressure inside the body is moderately relaxed. In modern society, life is constantly changing and rushing; a person’s mind can be very stressed from too much thinking and worrying, which causes the energy pressure inside the body to over-expand and the person becomes uptight.


The way the energy pressure changes in the body is controlled by the mind as a progressive awareness.  When awareness is sharply escalated, it can result in powerfully quick punches and kicks. It is called iron shirt by Chinese martial artists.


The pressure force begins from the center of the body in the lower abdomen, which connects the bottom base of the foot and to the tip of the fingers. This center of the energy is known as Tan Tiena, which literally translates as Field of Cinnabar. It is located two inches below the naval; this is the field to be produced or cultivated for nourishment essential to the sustenance of life. It is a very important point.


When we practice Tai Chi Chuan, we should place our mind in the lower abdominal area, and let mind, body and energy act as one unit. All the motions of Tai Chi Chuan are created by energy force from inside the body, rather than from the outer part such as the hand muscles. This is why Tai Chi Chuan is considered an internal martial art.


The appearance of internal movement is very deceptive. Most uninitiated observers will think it is a small, unremarkable, and simple movement and may opt for a more showy style. As a result, beginning practitioners often cite reduced or eliminated back pain and weakness as the first benefits of practicing Classical Tai Chi.


And there is another tremendous benefit from abdominal breathing: The lymphatic system, which relies on respiration and muscular action to work (it has no pump, such as the heart pumping the blood), will work much more efficiently. The lymphatic system contains vital elements of the immune system, such as the bone marrow the blood factory and the thymus gland, which kicks out T-cells, the body’s natural killer cells which destroy cancer and other invaders.

The lymphatic system does many things, such as producing lymphocytes that fight disease and removing toxins from the cells. If you are fighting cancer or another serious condition or disease, abdominal breathing is a crucial element in helping you win your fight.

This is why when you do The Emerald Tablets Exercise during a condition red, the first part of your body that suffers is the lymphatic system, and you can physically feel it.


The Emerald Tablets Exercise Help Notes

Laying Down with The Head Pointed North

When done properly, I have successfully laid north and removed a toothache, which disappeared altogether after The Emerald Tablets Exercise. I just sent the white light to the toothache and areas related to the pain and the cause of toothache.

Holding your consciousness between your chest and head is easier when the 1MEV electrons are higher:
Live 1MEV Chart: Courtesy of NOAA

and when these pulsations / wavelengths are longer and smoother:
(Click on a broadband pulsation monitor) – Courtesy of The UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

From personal observations I have also noticed that meditation is much easier when these lines are smoother also, indicating that our consciousness is somehow linked with the geomagnetic energy of the earth.

Laying Down with The Head Pointed South

When facing south and holding in the energy, sometimes your environment will give you "clues" that you have done enough. Don't over do it, but only until your body feels "recharged".

If you are having trouble generating the white light, than think of both the north and south poles of your body balancing out independently with each other, than allow the energy to spring forth. It gets easier over time as you practice it.

Each day the energy will feel different, maintain the protocol. During south facing, the energy sometimes will have a "pulse" feeling effect in the layers as it enters your body. The white light energy may sometimes feel "dry" or not as strong, however there is always balance and when it does return it returns stronger, restoring your body.

Just a few days before a solar flare, this white light energy seems less, most likely due to the X-Ray Background Flux levels being above 4.0 and growing. Another way to help hold in the regenerating white light energy is to imagine/visualize what it feels like to stand on 1 leg, trying to keep your balance, and allow this white light energy to flow, gather in and hold this light energy in that center/balance area/location of your body, or as the ancient tablet says "holding it in thy balance".


If you perform this exercise in the morning, and you hold in the light, you will see that this "light energy" carries with it information creating a future "template" for the day.  This “future template” is strongest in the afternoons around October.

Think of consciousness as a journey, at times when you look out towards the horizon, the path can look "hazy" at times, but when you know the conditions ahead, your confidence is renewed. Also after the June Solstice, this “time line” template appears more solid.  From December to April it is more “fragmentary”.


Sometimes this energy is accompanied by a high frequency "ring" or "pitch" you will sometimes hear. If the light of information feels dark or intuitively you feel it might be a bad day, than instead imagine that this is the perfect day, and keep this thought simple and clear and you can turn a negative or bad day into a good day, although the stress may feel harder.

When you are holding this "white light in" at times it may feel like an emerald green light. When this feeling occurs, this is the life energy period maximized. As mentioned earlier, this is where the term “Emerald Tablet” comes from.  In the text “The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth – 13 – The Keys Of Life and Death”


There is an interesting energy/exchange that occurs when you live or pole balance in the same location over a period of time. It is like the fields of that location "remember" the energy exchanges that take place, so it gets easier to pole balance in the same location over time.

As mentioned earlier, and is very important, after the Emerald Tablets Exercise  for about 8 to 9 months, and you lay down on the ground and start doing the exercise, you will start to feel this restorative life force energy gather in and around your abdomen automatically when facing south. This is good and should be encouraged as this energy that revitalizes the body, saves you having to mentally generate it.



Health and Mental Restorative Effects Gained from working with With The Emerald Tablets


Also after the Emerald Tablets Exercise, you will feel a "leap" in consciousness and awareness. Your mental clarity and alertness will greatly increase and new ideas, information and ways to solve problems easily manifest, your physical reflexes are also substantially increased. Also you will find over time that you will be able to outperform younger people in both physical and mental tasks, probably because you have received new energy and information. Your body's muscle tone will look younger and healthy. Old soul issues that you had when you were younger will resurface and you will learn to deal with them. The most exciting part is the good karma, joy and emotional energies that are associated with peak youth return to your lifestyle and everything changes for the better.


Because aches and pains occur in the body at different times, when I first began, I plotted the months that these aches and pains gather in various parts of the body. Here are the results of these observations:

Around Dec/Jan they will occur in the upper neck and shoulders, and around May/June around the chest area. These "restoration pains" can be neutralized by sending the white light energy into these areas. These pains also seem most prevalent around 3 to 4 weeks before the upcoming solstice/equinox. The weeks before an equinox/solstice is a period of stress/growth/change. This can affect the fields of the body making it more susceptible to illness. During this period, be aware when the solar flux and X-Ray Background Flux levels (above  4.0)are higher for more than 3 days in a row and limit the amount of time holding in the white light energy. Unless this sustained solar flux occurs during the "life force" period, as mentioned earlier than it is not a danger.

One powerful healing ability of The Emerald Tablets Exercise is it removes aches and pains from the body, and if you have minor sprains I have used it with much success to greatly accelerate the healing of minor and major sprains and related injuries. I have crashed my bike requiring a dozen stiches, without the use of anesthetic, I have fallen head down on my head directly, without breaking my neck, all repaired within hours by the Emerald Tablets Exercise .  I would not advise you to do this or get careless at first, which is easy to do, but I am much more careful now than before, because it is easy to get “cocky” when you can re-heal your body at will. Plus you have to put forth the time to re-heal yourself, which can cost you valuable time.


Personal Experiences from my years of research performing The Emerald Tablets Exercise

Results from performing The Emerald Tablets Exercise over the past 3 years include: significantly increased mental clarity and awareness, aches and pains and mild injures heal up faster than usual. I have also noticed that the Emerald Tablets Exercise  seems to have a beneficial effect on the surrounding environment, such as increased harmony and a presence of wellbeing and good energy.

Higher 2mev - Face South 70% longer than usual (holding in the incoming energy) and north facing 30% of the session.

Higher 1mev - Face North 70% longer than usual and south facing 30% (with less holding in of the south incoming energy)

Higher solar flux combined with X-Ray Background Flux Levels above 4.0 and rising for 3 or more days- Less or no holding in the white light, especially between late February until late April. Foods to take: More simple carbohydrate foods, which give the brain added energy.

Higher Cosmic Rays - Rebuilds the body. Foods to take: Complex Carbohydrate foods, which help rebuild the body.

Long Term Higher Solar Flux (3 days or more) - Rebuilds teeth and bones. Foods to take, Yogurt, Keifer and probiotics.


Restoration of the Internal Structure using The Emerald Tablets

From November to April, when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar flares and the KP levels have been quiet for a while and than start “rising” or are higher than usual, on that day the “white light” restorative energies are substantially higher. It seems that the higher KP levels act as a booster for these restorative energies and can block the negative higher X-Ray Background Flux Levels (which is usually a condition red period). I believe this occurs because new restorative energy from the sun is returning. I like to think of this higher KP energy as a white knight defeating the forces of darkness.

However there are 2 major danger periods when doing the exercise is not recommended. The first period is from February to May when the first Rise in the X-Ray Background Radiation goes above 4.0 for 3 days or more. After about 7 days the body’s immune system grows used to these new energies, and then regular foods and Chi Exercises or The Emerald Tablets Exercises can re-begin again. This danger period is strongest from February to May, and then throughout the remainder of the year only the first rise in these X-Ray periods are dangerous.

A good example of a shock occurring in the body's immune system is when antibiotics are over used and the shock of the antibiotics no longer has any effect. That is why I use different types of immune boosters and never over use the same ones for periods of longer than 3 days in a row with a 14 day break between them. A good example is in the immune boosting herb Echinacea, which if taken regularly, can cause more harm than good. I will usually try to avoid longevity foods that are high proteins during this time, especially if they are wheat related.


Other boosters that increase this "white light energy" are the solar wind speeds between 310 and 350 (especially as it approaches 350 after it has been at high levels for a few days) and when the 2mev Proton levels are above 8.0 or higher as mentioned earlier.



Documented Scientific Evidence of Energy Meridians In The Human Body

I believe that this energy that enters the body is a similar type energy used in Acupuncture. As shown in this report. In 1985 Pierre de Vernejoul at the University of Paris carried out a definitive and much-quoted experiment. He used a radioactive marker, technetium 99m, which he injected into subjects at classic acupuncture points. He then used gamma camera imaging to track the subsequent movement of the isotope. He was able to show that the tracer migrated along the classic meridian lines, travelling quite quickly: a distance of 30 cm in 4-6 minutes.


How This Energy Enters and Restores The Earth

During a solar flare, the sun sends highly charged electrons towards earth in what is known as the solar wind. As these ions enter the earth through the north pole, they charge the magnetosphere generating trillions of watts. This sends power into the upper atmosphere, creating the aurora borealis. Then they are drawn to the equilateral regions, and settle in a region known as the equilateral electrojet where the north and south magnetic flowing fields are most stable. It is no coincidence that wild growing longevity foods are naturally found in the tropical regions around the equator. We all know the Amazon rainforest is the only place on earth that is crawling with new life and thousands, if not millions of species of plants and animals thrive in this "life" zone.

Because these newly highly charged electrons are made up of magnetic fields, and our minds can influence and control the movement of electrons, Chi exercises, the Emerald Tablets Exercise and other life force exercises performed during periods of higher cosmic rays boosts the effectiveness of chi exercises. This is the same occurrence used when results of good intention are increased when the sunspot activity is increasing.


Using The Power of the Sun With The Emerald Tablets

Around November the activity of the sun starts to decline or "go quiet" and by February the energy of the sun is increasing, and by March/April it is brimming with new life again. Because this new sun activity has a stronger renewed solar flux associated with it, this makes sense that the white light energy is less during February/March/April, thus contributing to a weaker immune system. I believe that 2 things are occurring during this time. "mental template" forms around March and a "physical template" forms around September/October. This explains why the light energy is much more stable when facing south during The Emerald Tablets Exercise during September/October as it is the white light energy that removes the aches and pains from the body.

Observations from abstaining from doing The Emerald Tablets exercises for more than 10 days in a row resulted in a reduced expansion of consciousness, increased tension in the body, body aches related to aging would return and a feeling of "sluggishness" would start occurring.


Geomagnetic Energy and its Restorative Effect Upon the Body

All living things once originated in the ocean, and as the life forms got more advanced, they evolved onto the earth. Solar flares (also known as coronal mass ejections) can produce two periods of magnetic disturbances. The first is associated with high-energy protons and ions lasting a few minutes. These highly charged particles buffet earth's magnetosphere resulting in extraordinary variations in Earth's surface magnetic field.

The layer above our earth that ham radio operators use to increase the range of their signals is called the F2 layer. During periods of higher solar activity, the F2 layer becomes highly charged, turning into a dense field of plasma. It is during this time there are rarely more than 1 million electron-ion pairs in a cubic centimeter. This increase is measured in what is known as the "Suns Solar Flux."

Between 1 and four days later, a dense mass of low to medium energy protons and ions (See chapter Speed Kills, but Slow Lasts Forever) made up of the solar wind surround earth. This results in a geomagnetic storm lasting for a day or two. This period of activity is known as the "Recurrent CHHS".

In oil carrying pipelines the pipe-to-soil voltages actually increase during this recurrent CHHS period. The high currents manifest with increased rates of corrosion, especially if these pipes are stationed east to west and in high latitude regions. Quote from NASA Science: "Ground currents induced during geomagnetic storms can actually melt the copper windings of transformers at the heart of many power distribution systems." Transformers use oil to keep them cool. It is important to point out that not all solar flare storms produce higher geomagnetic activity. Sometimes both disturbances occur, other times only the single disturbance occurs.

Electrical equipment can sometimes mimic the activity of a solar flare. The degradation of insulation in some electrical appliances causes a strong electric field to occur, which ionizes the air and excites nitrogen molecules, causing an emission of ultraviolet radiation. This corona effect degrades the insulation level of the appliance and produces ozone and to a lesser extent nitrogen oxide which may subsequently react with water in the air to form nitrous acid and nitric acid vapor in the surrounding air.

Overall geomagnetic activity of the earth is measured in KP units and you can find the overall KP index here:

You can find the suns solar flux at this link:

Forecasts of geomagnetic storms and solar flares can be found at this link:


All above links are courtesy of NOAA.


How The Body’s Life Force is Stimulated by the Sun

 From my personal experiences I have discovered a cycle that occurs with bacteria and the solar flare. 4 to 5 days before a solar flare eruption, the liver is stimulated. This is also a good time to concentrate your consciousness between your chest and head, while laying north.

When doing the Emerald Tablets Exercise around the times of solar flares, the following effects occur in the body:

Days 8, 6, 5, and 4 before flare - Kidneys and liver are stimulated.

What is interesting to note, this is the same time that the KP levels or earth's geomagnetic energy are usually at their lowest. I believe this is a time the body naturally removes toxins and metals from the body, getting ready for renewal.

Days 3, 2 and 1 before flare - Holding consciousness between chest and head are easier.

Day of Flare and 3 to 4 days after flare - Entire body is stimulated.

Days 4 through 8 after flare or when cosmic rays are higher - Holding thoughts between chest and feet is easier.



There is an indicator of the sun called the sun's BZ. The most beneficial time to perform Tai Chi and other life force generation exercises is when the Sun's BZ points south. The BZ direction changes on average every 8 days, and it can point in any direction after a solar flare.

BZ Forecast and prediction Courtesy of NOAA:


Quote from Christopher Russell, a Professor of Geophysics and Space Physics at UCLA, "When BZ is south, that is, opposite Earth's magnetic field, the two fields link up," explains "You can then follow a direct line of sight, or field line from Earth directly into the solar wind. (It is like a special alignment occurs) -- or from the solar wind to Earth.

South-pointing BZ's open a door through which energy from the solar wind can reach Earth's atmosphere. Southward BZs’ often herald widespread auroras, triggered by solar wind gusts or coronal mass ejections that are able to inject energy into our planet's magnetosphere".

My theory is that because our magnetosphere is so powerfully charged during this time, the energy "fills in the template of renewal" with this "longitudinal" effect possibly drawing energy from the past to renew the present.


When the Cells of our Body Become Stimulated By Our Sun

The energy that enters the body is coming from the earth. It is a constantly renewing process with energy streaming from the sun into the earth. In a simple summary, a CME also known as a coronal mass ejection ejects solar wind plasma from the poles of the sun. When the CME energy results in between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares (sometimes the number may be higher, other times it may be lower, but this key "frequency" is between 4 and 8), it causes a maximum stimulation of the body , which feeds this “fountain of youth” energy within.

When the 2MEV electron flow levels start to reach above 9 or higher, especially for 3 or more days in a row, which is most common around spring and winter time (northern hemisphere), this energy is maximized. During solar cycles, it reaches its maximum levels during sunspot minimum.



As we can see from this rough image below, from December 22nd to December 26th of 2011, there were 5 days of 2mev electron levels above 8.0.





















 This "window" occurs most often from November to January and when coupled with a higher KP field or higher geomagnetic energy, the rejuvenated energies are extremely strong. They are so strong in fact that they remain so for a few days afterwards, like a "charge" effect remains.








The most powerful time to do the exercise is when the X-Ray background levels have been falling for 3 or more consecutive days (preferably the X-Ray background flux levels should be at 4.0 or below) and there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares. This occurs usually after a major solar flare and a “rush” of new energy seems to take place.


At times when the suns solar flux is more active, which occurs at the peak of solar flares, this restorative "white light" energy can be significantly reduced if the geomagnetic activity levels and 2mev protons are at low levels . This occurs I believe because solar flares cause not only oxidative stress in the human body, but a more charged ionosphere, which is probably shielding the earth from more cosmic rays charging the ionosphere. Cosmic rays, like the 2mev protons are an amplifier of these energies.

During times when there are 8 or more solar flares with the X-Ray Background Flux at levels of 4.0 or higher, when doing the Emerald Tablets Exercise during these times, and if the body is undergoing more "stress" than usual at this time, it can cause health problems.  This is especially amplified if the KP index (geomagnetic storm activity) is at higher levels than average. Geomagnetic activity can amplify these negative energies when the X-Ray Background Flux levels are above 4.0 or higher.









The Exercise in Closer Detail


1: Lay down with your head facing north and deeply relax the muscles in your body. If you are new doing this, start at 10 minute intervals (After the 2nd or 3rd attempt of doing this, you can do it in 15 minute to 20 or even as long as 60  minute rotations). Make sure your body and mind are completely relaxed and don't try to overdo the exercise, just do it in steps until you "feel the rhythm". If you have a white noise mp3 track listen to this to help increase mental focus. To relax your body, begin by inhaling and exhaling at 7 seconds in and 7 seconds out intervals, until you have developed your own breathing rhythm.

2: While laying down with your head facing north and tilted back slightly, imagine yourself holding your consciousness at exactly halfway between your chest and head. (you can visualize a sphere at this point and your consciousness wrapping around this imaginary sphere).

After a while feel the energy merging/unmerging together and absorbing the energy flow. Stay in this position for a minimum of 15 minutes.

3: Next rotate your entire body so your head is facing south where your head was previously facing north, tilted back slightly, and your feet facing north. Hold your thoughts at exactly halfway between your chest and your feet. Stay in this position for a minimum of 15 minutes

4: While in this position facing south, each 7 times you breathe in or approximately each 7 energy surges (or when you feel the energy has reached a fully charged cycle, and you can't draw anymore in) do the following:

Relax your abdomen, than your lower back muscles than your buttocks muscles.

Visualize both the north and south poles of your body coming together perfectly balanced with each other and let this new energy you feel flow through the "astral center of your body" down to the base of your spine, up to where your arms meet in the center of your body.  A couple of times, visualize the energy reaching as high as your upper shoulders and as high as your upper neck muscles at the back of your head.


After you get more advanced, you can send this light to the "center of your body" by visualizing yourself walking on a tightrope, and sending the energy into that area you use to keep your balance.

If you have any stiffness or aches/pains in your body, send and hold this energy there also.

I have used the brainfood formula with sesame seeds (see to help stabilize the white light in the center of the body with much success. To help hold the energy in your body's center, you can imagine a thick molasses substance in the center of your body that traps and holds in this new energy in your body's center. As you perform this, you will feel this energy arrive in "layers", kind of like a sandwich effect in your body. Fill these layers of your body while holding this energy in.



Foods that Boost the Emerald Tablets Exercise


The Indian herb Asafoetida will greatly help stimulate the flow of energy in your chest, boost your concentration, and calm your nervous system. If you are first using this, mix it with grape juice to neutralize the taste until you get used to it. I use a mix of coffee and asatoedia for best results. Eating foods that absorb solar electrons is a great way to boost the effectiveness of life force exercises, especially when the cosmic rays are higher. During these times I have had great success taking 2 tablespoons of Sesame Seeds 20 minutes before the Emerald Tablets Exercise. It seems to increase the conductivity of the energies greatly.

It's not the actual increased cosmic rays that create the rejuvenation, but their interaction with a so far undiscovered layer in the sky, possibly the charged ionosphere, which is common after high solar activity. Just as we now know that the F1 and F2 layers exist above us, so too is this other layer, which has yet to be discovered. I believe the cosmic rays interact with this layer forming a type of ozone similar to the positive singlet oxygen that boosts the T cells in our body.






MEV electrons Real Time:
The 1mev electrons are under the "P>1" Colum.

MEV Daily Particle Count Totals:


2 MEV real time and Forecasting (Courtesy of Space Weather Canada)

2 MEV real time and Forecasting courtesy of NSAS


Additional Astrophysics Links:


MEV electrons Real Time:

Solar Flux Real Time Courtesy of NOAA:


Real Time Cosmic counts can be found here:


Mev forecasting

3 days ahead

8 days ahead

Solar Flare Forecasting (courtesy of NOAA):


Interesting facts about cosmic rays:

Cosmic rays are composed of over 90% hydrogen protons, similar to the hydrogen content in sea water. When you water plants with a 12% solution of seawater, you get significant growth. Cosmic rays striking the atmosphere are high in the minerals beryllium-10, carbon-14, and chlorine-36, which are deposit themselves in rain and snow.

Best Seasonal Conditions for the Emerald Tablets Exercise

During Summer practice The Emerald Tablets Exercise at noon heading into afternoon towards Fall.

During Fall/Autumn practice The Emerald Tablets Exercise in late afternoon to early evening heading into sunset towards winter.

During Winter practice The Emerald Tablets Exercise sunset into night heading into dawn towards spring.

During Spring practice The Emerald Tablets Exercise in the morning heading into mid to late morning towards summer.







Physical Renewal of the Body using The Emerald Tablets

There are 2 parts of Stimulation/Renewal that take place within the body. The first is the “physical” renewal, in which you do resistance exercise when there are between 4 and 8 C Class solar flares and when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels are around 4.1 and dropping to a maximum of 3.8.

The second is the “internal renewal” at which time you do The Emerald Tablets Exercise, also known as Tablet #13, The Keys to Life and Death by Toth. When the physical stimulation period “overlaps” with the “internal renewal” period, when you do The Emerald Tablets Exercise, the energies are extremely high and strong, thus creating very powerful healing and renewal effects upon the body. I believe that this is also the time of year life on earth receives new energies to keep itself young again, which is why earth is millions of years old. The best time to do this is during a Condition Yellow.

Whenever the solar wind has recently dropped to the speed of 350, the pineal gland becomes stimulated. By doing any of these 3 tasks, you will feel this regenerative charge strongest the next morning, because the pineal gland is strongest in the mornings. Some of the best foods to take during this time are: Spirulina, Sesame Seeds, Garlic and Guar Gum Powder and drinking lots of spring water throughout the day.

By drinking lots of spring water to make the body alkaline it “retains” this restorative charge. As Stanford Researchers have shown: “A new invention by a group of Stanford scientists applies a charge to alkaline freshwater in order to produce electricity. Initially, the battery is filled with freshwater (alkaline water) and a small electric current is applied to charge it up."



Data Resources Courtesy of NOAA and Associated Space Weather Agencies


Moscow Neutron Ray Monitor


Daily 2mev levels


Real Time Sunspot Numbers and X-Ray Background Radiation Readings (courtesy of NOAA):


2 MEV real time and Forecasting (Courtesy of Space Weather Canada)

2 MEV real time and Forecasting courtesy of NSAS


Proton Flux Levels


KP Levels Real Time


2 MEV real time and Forecasting (Courtesy of Space Weather Canada)

2 MEV real time and Forecasting courtesy of NSAS



Thank you for reading this information assembled over a period of 3 years of performing The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth Exercise.  It was only by accidental discovery that I was able to understand that the energies responsible for healing the body are coming from the sun and earth, and thanks to NOAA and other space agencies, they can now be plotted for future use.  The best part is once you learn how to use the Space Information, you don’t need to use it as a gauge anymore because the body automatically “learns” the cycles. 

Good Luck and I wish you continued success in your health and happiness.


Because this restorative white light is much stronger at higher KP periods (or when geomagnetic energy levels are higher), and higher geomagnetic energy periods have been shown to result in an increase in “ghosts”, which are really events from the past.

Quote from Long Island Paranormal Investigations:
“That is, it does appear there is frequently an increase in paranormal activity observed and paranormal readings on instruments collected during periods of higher solar and/or geomagnetic activity.