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Condition: RED

High Danger Period

Major danger of bad bacteria contributing to pneumonia, allergies and other respiratory infections. These conditions are significantly enhanced if the moon is closer to earth during perigree.  As the below chart shows, this peaks on average every 8 months.  Another aggravator is during solar eclipses. These are all conditions that can contribute to bad bacateria occuring in the body. This is the time to boost the immune system. During Pole Balancing (see book) instead of holding in the white light when facing south, perform the immune system re-charging technique.


The above graph is for 2010, below are the dates for 2011.

And below are the dates for 2012:


Solar Eclipses Forecasts (courtesy of NASA):


* * See Chapters Putting It All Together. How to Supercharge The Immune System and Using Toning Sounds And Your Voice To Heal The Body in book for further details. 

You can boost your immune system via cardiovascular exersies that stimulate the respiratory system. This makes each individual immune system cell stronger overall, strengthening your body's immune system. An immune system infection is most likely during the conditions stated above, so it is important there are more antibodies in the immune system during this time. If not, immune system inflamation is very likely if you let your body become stressed during this time. This will give your body aquired immunity from allergies and other bad bacteria. Your cells in the immune system respond well to exercise.



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