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The Chemistry of Immortality

All text and discoveries Mr. Scott Rauvens

Permission herby granted to freely redistribute, publish and mirror this information on multiple websites and servers. There are forces that do not want this information released/made public, however by distributing this information far and wide ensures its continued security and freedom

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Properties of Anti Aging Compounds
Anti-Aging and the Ormus Connection

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The Albium / Gliadin Connection
The Nibiru Connection. Visitors from another world.
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Please check this page for updates. As of July 3rd, 2010, we are close to achieving "instant regeneration" of the human body. More to come.
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Phytochemicals and the SOD Connection in SOD section
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The most bioavilable form of Reservatol and Turmeric (can be done at the molecular level via homemade equipment)
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Now eating lots of yogurt or Goji Berry will not make you live over 150 years.

There are 2 things that you must have to rejuvenate the body. Phytosterols and a "carrier" or "incubator" for them. Carriers assist in assimilation by the body. Wine, Cottage Cheese and Yogurt are good "incubators" and Flaxseed, Cumin Seed are excellent sources of Phytosterols.

Phytosterols. These acts as "carriers" for phytosterols.

Other studies, however, have found that standardized ß-carotene decreases (10,11), a diet rich in carotenoids has been recommended when phytosterols are consumed . Fat spreads are the main food products used for this purpose, but yogurt (13,14), salad dressings (11), chocolate (15) and ground beef (16) have also been used as carriers.

Yogurt, Cheeses, Cottage Cheese and Oatmeal are "carriers" for Phytosterols.
So let's put it together.

What do Mr. Zaro AGHA and Mr Li Chang-Yun both have in common abou their diet? They ate prebiotic/probiotic foods and a food source rich in Phytosterols.

Mr. Zaro AGHA , who ate a lot of cumin seed (rich in Phytosterols) and yogurt (a carrier)

Sterols in Cumin Seed:
Phytosterols 4.1 mg
Campesterol 4.1 mg
Stigmasterol 4.1 mg
Beta-sitosterol 4.1

"Significant Phytosterols found in Cumin Seed"

"Phytosterols, which are associated with lowering cholesterol, are finding dairy to be an ideal carrier. Applications include Cheddar cheese, cup and drinkable yogurt, and milk drinks. Cheese is also becoming a carrier for phytosterols, which are associated with lowering cholesterol"

Mr. Li Chang-Yun who ate lots of Goji Berry (rich in Phytosterols)
"The Acai Berry and the Goji Berry are the two best foods that are richest in Fiber, Antioxidants and Phytosterols"

Mr. Li Chang-Yun also drank wine, which is also a probiotic, just like yogurt, cottage cheese and oatmeal. Wine is also abundant in phytosterols.

Mr. Li Chang-Yun ate a lot of Gotu Kola. These herbs are digestive helpers such as Licorice, FO TI, Gotu Kola, and can also help as "carriers" for phytosterols. Carriers aid in digestion, and are rich in prebiotics and probiotics.

We can see another example of the Budwig Diet, which is a claimed cure for cancer. By combining Flax Seed (high in Phytosterols and Cottage Cheese. Interesting to note that these must be taken together for the effect to occur.
"(These two natural foods, organic flax seed oil & cottage cheese) must be eaten together to be effective since one triggers the properties of the other to be released.)"

"The following grains have the highest phytosterols content: Flaxseed"

This also explains the "rejuvenative effect" you feel in the morning when you have Plain Yogurt (sweetened with Steevia) mixed in with Goji Berry for dinner.

We can also see that Prebiotics can act as a carrier for the SOD enhancing foods:
"use of probiotics alone or in combination with prebiotics (synbiotics) appears as a therapeutic option for various diseases.
increased levels of superoxide dismutase and glutathione, along with reduced levels of nitric oxide"


Please credit all discoveries to Mr. Scott Rauvens, ENRGMax Founder at

Above Image Courtesy of Mr. Bill Sardl, Knowledge of Health

A gesture of sincere thanks and gratitude to the following universities for their guidance, support, documentation and research.

University of Southern California. California Institute of Technology. University of Santa Barbara. U.C. Berkley. University of Las Vegas at Nevada, Stanford University in Palo Alto, and Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Video Update:

To effectively regenerate the body, there are 2 main divisions or parts within the human body. First is the brain, central nervous system and the body's cells These are all linked as one unit. Second is the stomach, liver and kidneys which also work as an entire unit.

Earth renews herself via the solar flare and geomagnetic storm occurrences. To make it easy to understand full body regeneration , an example of the earth renewing itself via the solar flare process is as follows. When the solar flux is at a steady or medium activity level the cells of the human body are stimulated into action and ATP, SOD (Superoxide dismutase) and similar mitochondrial activity increases.

When the suns BZ is pointed north, the solar wind streams its atoms down through the north pole which eventually ends up at the equator, which we call the "northern lights". It is no coincidence that a lot of the longevity foods, plants and berries occur at this latitude. In the body this is experienced during regeneration as life force or chi energy. During a major solar flare earth's KP or Geomagnetic energy is higher in the body. We can call this free radicals which damage our cells, and we know that geomagnetic storms create havoc on the body. When the solar flare has died down approximately 4 days later, the solar wind is between 325 and 350 as well as more cosmic rays penetrate the earth, in body regeneration we can see this as metabolism and nutrient absorption becoming maximized.


Examining the Lives of Long Lived Individuals

Now lets look at people throughout history that lived hundreds of years, and did not suffer from wrinkles, or have any age related diseases well into their 170th year. We know this man ZARO AGHA,9171,769947-2,00.html ( ate a diet high in calcium from yogurt and cumin seed. 1- Stomach (Yogurt is a probiotic) 2- Mental (cumin seed affects the brains neurotransmitters and is also very high in potassium, which declines as the body ages). He worked construction or jobs that kept him physically active - we know that physical activity affects ATP (SOD Levels) (Adenosine Triphosphate) ( SOD and ATP is also stimulated via ongoing Physical Activity and also via QI Gong or CHI generating Exercises.
He also never ate late.

Let's take a look at this second person Li Chang-Yun of China who lived over 248 years. His diet consisted of longevity herbs, which are easy to digest, as well as berries, which are a prebiotic. He ate lots of Wolfberries, which are an Alkaline Protein Antioxidant, and ate lots of fish (which is high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids) and also practiced a form of Tai Chi called Ba Kua to bring this renewing Chi energy into his body. Berries contain polyphenols which affect cell-to-cell signaling and extend lifespan. ( .

Wolfberries are extremely high in Vitamin C and Beta Carotene, which is also known as Vitamin A. The main herb he ate, He Shou Wu (also known as Fo Ti), also has a prebiotic effect, so his stomach always had beneficial bacteria to help digest food and absorb nutrients. He Shou Wu has also been shown to be one of the most effective herbs to main SOD levels (superoxide dismutase).

Also berries and herbs seems to attract and retain "Ormus" the anti-aging mineral.
"It is becoming more and more clear that the superfoods and superherbs of the planet concentrate the Ormus minerals more than other foods. It is possible that future analytical data will support the presence of high Ormus concentrations in spirulina, chlorella, marine phytoplankton, maca, kelp (as well as other seaweeds), hemp (and many other seeds), nettles, asparagus, ginseng, astragalus, ho shou wu (fo-ti), cat's claw bark, pau d'arco bark, tulsi, ashwaganda, tree sap (maple, pine), many of the berries (acai, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, schizandra, ginseng berries, spikenard berries, goose berries, Incan berries, etc.)."

He also at lots of fish, fish contains one of the highest concentrations of the protein substance Methionine known .

Foods High in Potassium

Both these men kept their diets as alkaline as possible, because we know that cancer and disease cannot exist in an alkaline body. (

The chemistry is simple, if you put iron in salt water (which is acidic) it rapidly rusts, if you put iron in spring water (an alkaline water), rust is much, much slower. The same is with our body, if your body is acidic, and you have lots of iron or excess calcium build up, it will cause toxins, and if you keep your body slightly alkaline, the "Rust" reaction is minimized.
"The pH range that your body needs to function well at."

We also know that coral calcium at th 2:1 ratio makes the blood alkaline, which has been linked to longevity:
"Coral Calcium is a natural substance found in Sango Coral Reefs off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, which is the home of the healthiest and longest living people on Earth. "

And once again we can see another story below about how these monks keep their youth via Methionine ingestion.

Anti-Aging Diet combined with The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation
They were vegetarians but ate eggs, butter and cheese in sufficient quantities to 'serve certain functions of the brain, body and nervous system'. They had no need of meat, fish or fowl since they are strong and virile from practicing the Rites.

We know that Butter contains butyric acid.
"Butter has appreciable amounts of butyric acid, used by the colon as an energy source. This fatty acid is also a known anti-carcinogen. Lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid, is a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance. Butter also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which gives excellent protection against cancer. Range-fed cows produce especially high levels of CLA as opposed to "stall fed" cattle. It pays, then, to get your butter from a cow that has been fed properly. Butter also has small, but equal, amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the so-called essential fatty acids."

In the original text that tells the story of the discovery of a sect of Tibetan Lamas who had seemingly discovered the fountain of youth - Colonel Bradford describes their amazing health and vitality despite their very old age. He describes not only the marvelous benefits one can achieve from a 10 - 15 mins per day practice of the five yoga-like postures they call "Rites", but also outlines the monks dietary recommendations for anti-aging and health.

We know that a proper SOD/ or ATP Level in the body is important To have a proper functioning SOD (superoxide dismutase) level means the cells are operating at optimal and youthful vibrancy occurs, which also creates the perfect metabolism in the body. The cells to make up for this new evolution (or regeneration of proteins in the body) taking place as the body constantly rejuvenates itself.

Preserving SOD until it reaches the Lower Intestine.

To maximize SOD production in the body, it is best (although not necessary) to take with a compound that keeps it safe from the stomach acids, until it can reach the lower intestine for maximum effectiveness. The best compound for this is Gliadin. Which is present in high amounts in Wheat Grains, Kamut, Couscous, Spelt, Barley, Rye and Oats.

Preserving SOD until it reaches the Lower Intestine. The Gliadin Connection

The herb FO TI is also high in Gluten
"He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) is a prepared herb, and the form typically used in clinical practice and referred to in Chinese medical literature is in fact Zhi He Shou Wu ("zhi" indicating "processed"). It is prepared with yellow rice wine and black soybean (Glycine max) juice made by boiling black soybeans for several hours. The herb is steamed with this wine-soybean juice mixture until the liquid is completely absorbed by the Polygonum roots. He Shou Wu is a commonly used herb that nourishes Liver blood and tonifies Kidney essence. It is an ingredient in Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan and Dang Gui Yin Zi, and is often prescribed alone in Shou Wu Pian." Other Gluten Contain Herbs are Ginkgo, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Apricot Kernals and Peach Kernals,
Ref: "Chinese Herbs Containing Gluten and Potential Allergens"

Several Chinese herbs are derived from species of wheat and barley and others are traditionally processed using products made from wheat or barley. For example, E jiao and Lu jiao jiao are processed with barley wine, Mai ya is barley sprout and Yi Tang is barley sugar. Fu xiao mai is a type of wheat, and Shen qu, known as “medicated leaven”, is processed with wheat or barley. Other herbs are E. jiao/Equus asinus gelatin, Lu jiao jiao/Cervus nippon antler, Mai ya/Hordeum vulga,Yi tang/Maltose, Fu xiao mai/ Triticum aestivum, Shen qu/Massa fermenta. The following raw herbs and raw herb powders are processed with barley wine and also may contain gluten: Shu di huang/Rehmannia glutinosa root – prepared, Huang jing/Polygonatum sibiricum rhizome, Chuan xiong/Ligusticum chuanxiong (wallichii) rhizome, Rou cong rong/Cistanche deserticola herb, Gui ban jiao/Chinemys reevesii shell – gelatin. Chinese herbal formulas that contain gluten:
An Mien Pian, An Shui Teapills/An Shui Wan, Bao He San, Bao He Wan, Bojenmi Tea, Bojenmi Teabags, Butiao Tablets/Bu Xue Tiao Jing Wan, Calm Spirit Teapills/ Gan Mai Da Zao Wan, Curing Pills/Kang Ning Wan, Fu Ke Zhong Zi Wan, Gan Mai Da Zao San, Jian Pi Wan, Jiang Ya Pian, Jiao Ai San, Minor Restore The Middle/Xiao Jian Zhong Wan , Qing Zao Jiu Fei San, Rhubarb Teapills/Da Huang Jiang Zhi Wan, Wuchi Paifeng Wan/ Wu Qi Bai Feng Wan, Yang Rong Wan, Yue Ju San, Zhen Gan Xi Feng Teapills, Zi Sheng Wan, Zhi Gan Cao Tang Teapills, Zuo Gu Shen Jing San,

Gliadin is also found in some brands of soy saucewine, vodka, whiskey, malt, and other foods. Look for rye flour in light, medium and dark varieties. As with wheat flours, the darker the shade, the more of the bran and germ that's been left in it.

Soy Protein Isolate is also high in Gluten and contains eight times the concentration of gliadins as regular soy.

Gliadin is a polypeptide, a long chain of amino acids, which is present in the gluten protein portion of certain grains and soybeans. Gliadin also enhances the supply of nutritive substances to the embryo in the course of seed germination. Gliadin and glutenin comprise about 80% of the protein contained in wheat seed.



SOD Or Super Dismutase, is in high levels in young people. Think of a scale from 1 to 10. In young people it is between 3 and 5 in older people between 8 and 10. Higher Cosmic Rays increase SOD. An increase in the SOD/Catalase of the body will deplete calcium reserves, so it is always good to take in new calcium after a SOD/catalyse foods are taken. The same goes for iron, an increase in polyphenols will deplete the body of iron. The same foods naturally remove calcium and iron from our body prevent a lethal build up or "overload" from occurring, especially if the body is acidic as it can cause toxins and biological "rust" to occur. It is good to eat foods that drain the body naturally of these and than "refresh" the body naturally with new iron and calcium foods so that the body can use them accordingly.

The Nibiru Connection. Visitors from another world.

If you believe the story that mans evolution was "speeded up" by this civilization (Nibiru Visitors) you will see the connections that this alien race also brought man grains.
"the other gods that the new being should be used to plant grains, and herd sheep. The text states that before this time there was no wheat, nor sheep on the earth in those days"

"These things came from Nibiru after Anu learned of this new being"

2nd Ref:

It is possible that these people from Nibiru were using the Gliadin proteins in wheat to continue their immortality, as ancient texts clearly show people in these days lived up to 1,000 years. If you review the texts also you will see that this race that after cloning man, did not supply him with the key to immortality, proving that this civilization held the keys to immortality. The text states that man was not given immortality.

"Taking Goji has been shown to result in a remarkable 40% increase of the important SOD enzyme."

and FO TI is rich in Gluten
Ref: "Chinese Herbs Containing Gluten and Potential Allergens"

The protein gliadin comes from Gluten.

The Gluten in Fo Ti preserves the SOD compounds until they can reach the lower intestine, bypassing the destructive digestive elements that would destroy SOD down to the lower stomach.

"SOD has an extremely fragile molecular structure, and non-protected SOD is destroyed by stomach acids and digestive enzymes"

SOD is one of the body's most important antioxidants and studies show that charting SOD levels in various animal species is a reliable indicator of their longevity. Trials in humans shoved that SOD levels returned to youthful levels after taking 20 mg of
Gypenosides (active elements in Jiaogulan) daily for one month.

It only takes 20 days to return your SOD levels to that when you were younger.

"Trials in humans shoved that SOD levels returned to youthful levels after taking 20 mg of Gypenosides (active elements in Jiaogulan) daily for one month"


Phytochemicals and the SOD Connection.

Plants and herbs which are high in phytochemicals are mostly the same plants that create / generate Superoxide dismutase in the body.

List of plants and herbs containing phytochemicals

There is no Catalyse pill, but we can increase the Catalyse reaction in the body via Ursolic Acid. Foods highest in Ursolic Acid are Sage, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Hawthorn (herb), Oregano, Cranberry, Holy Basil, Apple Peel and bilberry. Ursolic Acid also helps build and form new bones and also prevents dental cavities. Copper is a Catalyse Synergist. A higher solar flux increases Catalyse Activity. It is also interesting to note that the foods highest in Ursolic Acid are also high in natural prebiotics, which feed the stomach good bacteria.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide also Increases Catalase
"We are now able to significantly raise the patients qi as monitored by electro-acupuncture diagnostic methods and blood oxygen levels"

Milk Thistle prevents the body's depletion of Glutamine and increases the levels of Glutamine present in the body.

When you combine the 3 main ingredients together, Glutamine, Catalyse and SOD, lifespan is significantly increased and lengthened.

If we look to the bible and the store of Adam and eve, we see that they were raw foodists and strict vegetarians, ate little or no meat and ate fruits and berries and were immortal. The garden of eden also symbolizes the apple which is high in quercetin a superoxide dismutase inhibitor and also polyphenols which extend the human life span.

Cottage Cheese is a great way to get plenty of calcium along with other valuable nutrients. These are important for strong teeth and bones, along with an overall healthy body. This tasty food is a personal favorite for the world’s oldest women [arguably] Sakhan Dosova, who just achieved one hundred thirty years of age. She has been around for an extremely long time.

The longest living trees in the world exist in soil that is high in Dolomite.
"growth in a limestone substrate called dolomite that acts as soil but contains scant nutrients."

Dolomite is made up of Calcium and Magnesium
"Dolomite (pronounced /ˈdɒləmaɪt/) is the name of a sedimentary carbonate rock and a mineral, both composed of calcium magnesium carbonate "

Calcium is a key regulator of mitochondrial function and cell to cell signaling:

Let's take a look at Calcium. Calcium is a key regulator of mitochondrial function

In the below link is a simple illustration about how the Mitochondria in the body works:

Coral Calcium is certainly known to be able to balance pH levels. It has a natural range of 10 to 11, this means coral calcium can easily provide support to folks who need to balance their acidity levels. It is considered that a man or women is actually acidic after his or her pH level drops beneath 7, although they are alkaline whenever the actual level reaches above 7. This kind of issue has been becoming a focus by some research mainly because scientists think that quite a few health problems are generally the result of increased acidity levels within the person’s body.

The United Kingdom is home to Florence Baldwin, who suggested that she reached the age of one hundred thirteen because she ate a fried egg sandwich every day.

Herring and orange juice is the reason why one hundred fifteen year old Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper believes she has been here so long

Calcium inhibits iron absorption from non-meat sources. Wait at least 2 hours before taking an iron supplement following a calcium supplement or vice versa


Adaptogenic Herbs Known As Qi Tonic Herbs, Superior or Kingly Herbs

These herbs are associated with extreme longevity and health. They burn out toxins from the body effectively and can be used in large doses with very few side effects on the mental or physical structure of the body.

Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), Korean or Chinese ginseng

*Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), Milk vetch – Huang qi

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Chinese caterpillar fungus – Dong chong xia cao

Dang shen (Codonopsis pilosula), Codonopsis, Asian bellflower – Dang shen

Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticolsis), Siberian ginseng – Ci wu jia

*He shou wu (Polygonum multiflorum), Fo-ti – He shou wu

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) - Jiao gu lan

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis) – Gan cao / Yashtimadhu

*Lycium (Lycium chinensis, L. barbarum), Goji, wolfberry – Gou qu zi

*Prince seng (Pseudostellaria heterophylla), Pseudostellaria – Tai zi shen

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma laucidum) – Ling zhi

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis), Chinese Magnolia vine – Wu wei zi

Adaptogenic Herbs used in Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Known As Rasayanas or Rejuvenating Herbs:

*Amla (Emblica officianalis), Indian gooseberry – Yu gan zi / Amalaki

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Indian ginseng, Winter cherry – Ashwagandha

*Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) – Fo ti tieng / Kula kud

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Indian tinospora – Kuan jin teng / Guduchi

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum, O. gratissimum), Sacred basil – Luo le / Tulsi

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis) – Gan cao / Yashtimadhu

*Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Indian asparagus – Shatavari / Tian men dong

Shilajit (Asphaltum bitumen) – Shilajit / Mumie

Western Herbal Medicine Adaptogenic Herbs Known as Adaptogens:

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), Sang, seng – Xi yang shen

*Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Siberian ginseng – Ci wu jia

*Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha)

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis), - Gan cao / Yashtimadhu

*Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Peruvian ginseng

*Manchurian Thorn Tree (Aralia manshurica)

Rhaponticum (Rhaponticum carthamoides), Maral root

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Golden root – Hong jing tian

*Suma (Pfaffia paniculata), Brazilian ginseng - Para todo (Indian tribes of South America)


The Herb More Powerful than Ginseng.

Jiaogulan is an often overlooked herb in research, yet documents are showing that people who use this herb regularly live to over 100 years of age. This is like a "super charged" ginseng herb, at about 1/3rd the price of ginseng.

One story says that the Chinese were doing a census and found one province with the most centenarians (people living over hundred years old). When they looked into the differences between the people of that province and others, they found that they lived in fresh mountain air and drank spring water with Jiaogulan infused as a beverage.

"but Jiaogulan blows past ginseng in that it contains more than 100 different"

"herb-one that many Chinese use to extend their lives to 100 years or more "

As we can see from the above research references, spring water (which is alkaline) promotes good health and living at a high elevation can also lead to a long life.


The Prevention of Alzheimer's / Senility Connection

This degeneration of the brain occurs over time. It "Drys Out" you might say. ZARO AGHA and Mr. Li Chang-Yun of China never had any deterioration of their brain. Here is why;
Zaro ate a lot of cumin seed

"Cumin seeds may also have anti-carcinogenic properties. ... this herb to slow down the effects of Alzheimer disease as well as help others with alertness"

"organic black cumin seed oil has proven effective in the treatment of both the causes and symptoms of Alzheimer's"

Mr Li Chan-Yun ate a lot of Gotu Kola.
"Gotu Kola for Alzheimer's Disease. A new study investigated and found positive results regarding the memory-enhancing effects of gotu kola "

Also when you combine Gotu Kola with Rosemary and Cat's Claw it becomes synergistic, making the combination even more effective.

So these 2 foods mentioned above, prevent the brain from "Drying Out". Other synergists include Ginkgo and Bacopa.


The Synergy of C and the Power of Astringency

Vitamin C remarkably increases the effectiveness of other herbs, especially mucilaginous herbs. Type this format of the following herbs into Google to find hundreds of articles about this. Lecithin + Vitamin C, Turmeric + Vitamin C, Ginger + Vitamin C, echinacea + Vitamin C, Beta Carotene + Vitamin C, Aloe Vera + Vitamin C.

Other mucilaginous herbs include: Dang Gui, chickweed coltsfoot, comfrey, flaxseed, Iceland moss, marshmallow plantain, psyllium husk and slippery elm

Vitamin C releases the iron in these foods, making it available for use in the body. Astringent herbs remove unwanted fat and tighten and tone. Astringent herbs include:

amaranth, blackberry root, black walnut, capsicum, elecampane, ephedra, fenugreek, horsetail, hydrangea, queen of the meadow, St. John wort, witch hazel, Lemon, Aloe, echinacea, Burdock, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sage, White Oak Bark, Geranium, Comfrey, Bayberry, Eyebright, Golden Seal, Pau Darco, Red Raspberry, White Willow, Black Walnut, Crampbark Pennyroyal, Yarrow, Mullein and Slippery Elm.

Astringent Herbs tighten and tone and remove unwanted fats, as mentioned earlier, they also impact our circulation and digestion. A good example is apple cider and green tea which burn away fat, making it great to loose weight. Apple Cider is a powerful astringent which burns away fat and is also high in Byturic Acid (a short chain fatty acid. butyric acid contains 4 carbon atoms and is saturated with hydrogen atoms). Green Tea is high in catechins , which also create an Astringent Effect. Other effective combinations are Rosemary + Green Tea. When Rosemary and Green Tea are combined together, they reduce the spoilage of meat and reduce the rotting content considerably (also known as lipid oxidation). "The results also demonstrated that rosemary and green tea were the most effective antioxidants in stabilization of a* value. Echinacea, green tea and rosemary extracts were effective antioxidants and strongly inhibited oxidation"

We can see this same astringency affect occur in people who take cold showers and live long lives.
"Rondthaler credits his long and healthy life to clean living, good genes, and regular cold Ref:

Anyone who has taken a cold shower knows the feeling of their muscles "tightening up" which is really astringency occurring

Another effective combination is Cat's Claw + Ginkgo and Gotu Kola with Rosemary. This has been shown to prevent Alzheimer's disease.
Gotu Kola has astringent properties.
Cat's Claw also has astringent properties. Ref:
Ginkgo is also astringent

"Results showed that cat's claw intervenes with plaque formation. When other extracts were added to the test tubes, including gotu kola and rosemary."

"A study at the University of Washington in Seattle found that cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) prevented the deposition of B amyloid in vitro and in vivo. When the cat's claw was mixed with Ginkgo, gotu kola and rosemary it worked even better in vitro."

Now when we begin to combine astringents, we get really interesting effects. A good example is Aloe Vera + White Oak Bark.
"Addition of aloe vera extract, non-dialyzable red wine residue or aqueous methanol extracts of oak bark, oak leaves or coconut shell increased the"

Rosemary and Peppermint are common combinations

Another astringent combination is Rosemary and Sage.
"Rosemary extract (except for 3 and 4 h) exhibited the most antioxidant effect compared with other individual extracts"

"The efficacy of enzyme-assisted ensiling (ENLAC) in the recovery of polyphenols from rosemary and sage was tested"


The Vine Connection

The foods that are most beneficial for long life and extended life span are all vines. These vines attract and hold onto the life force energy that is all around us. We know that in some QI Gong exercises that laying on the ground (Ref: is a way to recharge the body. Let's take a look at some of these vines. Grapes which come from a vine are responsible for resveratrol, the life extension supplement. FO - TI, which is another vine is also a life extending plant and tomatoes which are the 2nd most ranked food for long life are also a vine. Vines are also attracted to stone, especially limestone, which is also a magnet, or conductor of this life force or "CHI" energy.


Intestinal and Digestive Friction

We know that Li Chang-Yun of China ate Dan Gui as part of his diet which is a mucilaginous herb. Milk of Magnesia is also another chemical that draws water into the intestines, as shown in this person who lived a very long time, " I collected the evidence of the old mans' longevity, placed alongside tree trunks and rocks- his beer bottles and Phillips milk of magnesia" Ref:

These are some of the foods that draw water into the intestines and keep them moist as well as provide a slippery, friction free environment, removing the burden associated with dry intestines that put a burden on digestion. Mucilaginous herbs contain polycaccharides, which is one of the longest chains of sugars, when you give these herbs water, they provide a very slippery gel in the intestine, making digestion much easier. These herbs also inhibit the growth of tuberculosis bacteria. Mucilaginous herbs include, Dang Gui, codonopsis, Aloe, Burdock, Echinacea, Kelp, psyllium husk, Slippery Elm, Dulse, Irish Moss and Mullein. Some of these herbs are both astringent and mucilaginous, such as Slippery Elm, Aloe, Burdock, White Oak Bark, Dang Gui, and Mullein. These dual action herbs have also been linked to longevity Of all these mullein is high in Fiber, White Oak is which in Calcium. Herbs that are both astringent and reduce the digestive burden are a good choice for body regeneration.

Glutamine maintains Intestinal Health and keeping the intestines moist with foods such as Cucumbers and Watermelon also helps. Dr. Gabriel Cousens who looks 30 and is really about 60 years old, stresses the importance of watermelon. (On a 60th birthday 4 years ago, we - on day 5 or 6, I did 601 push-ups) Ref:


The Basic Building Blocks to Sustain Regeneration and Health of the Human Body

These are the main building blocks:

Potassium (which declines as the body ages)
"The relative deficiency of dietary potassium in the modern diet may play a role in the pathology of some chronic diseases."
Vitamin C
Vitamin A (beta carotene)
The amino acids Methionine, glutathione, Taurine and Creatine
The Prebiotic and Probiotic Compounds and Proteins
ATP / SOD Generators and sustainers
Generating CHI Energy or Keeping the body very physically active.

We know that calcium is extremely easy for the stomach to digest and is high in probiotics. We know that cumin seed is high in Potassium and Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and he kept his body active. Yogurt is also high in the protein substance Methionine.

Methionine is found in good quantities fish and eggs and Yogurt.

Wolfberries are also high in fiber and prebiotics:

What are Insoluble and Soluble Fibers?

About 10 kg of black beans are used to process 100 kg of ho-shou-wu roots

and if you look here you will find that black beans are extremely high in fiber:

Soluble fiber and phytosterols help block your body's absorption of cholesterol during food digestion

One of the most important groups of phytochemicals are the phytosterols or phytohormones as they are sometimes known. These are plant based sterols that act
These are also found in large quantities in Herbs and Wheat Germ

Phytosterols are generally poorly absorbed and remain in the gut, therefore they are thought to
protect against the harmful effect of certain bile acids. These bile acids are formed from
cholesterol and can have mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. This may also explain why
some phytosterols can have a beneficial effect with regards to protecting against colon cancer.

Sesame Seeds are high in these Phytosterols.

psyllium husk is a good overall fiber to take

Lemons and Pomegranates are high in quercetin and ellagic acid while wolfberries are high in polyphenols and polysaccharides

Pears, Apples and Berries are also high in Fiber:

The four most valuable nutrients in fruits are fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids (e.g. beta carotene), and phytonutrients (health-building substances).

Dry curd cottage cheese is pretty much regular cottage cheese without the addition of cream or milk. This is the best to take.


Proteins and Amino Acids

Now lets examine the alkaline proteins of foods. These contain sulfur amino acids, which are the very first part of any protein re-built in the human body. These alkaline proteins are found in the following foods.
Eggs. Cottage Cheese. Yogurt, Tofu, Flax Seeds, Tempeh and Spirulina (which is also very high in the amino acid Methionine).

Two of the highest solar electron-rich foods and foods which have the capacity to absorb solar electrons are spirulina and flaxseed in various forms, including flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig reported cases of general ill health, and even cancer, which have been reversed through the use of large amounts of flaxseed oil which has increased the amount of photonic electron energy and therefore created enough energy available to heal the system. Flax seeds are the richest source of lignins (phytoestrogens), containing 75-800 times that of 66 other plants. Diets high in lignins and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) enter the digestive tract and convert bacteria into phytoestrogens that tend to block the growth of hormone related cancers, especially of the breast and colon.

Now lets take a closer look at the Phosphorous to Calcium ratios of these alkaline proteins. ( Bitelog ) Yogurt is 121 Calcium, 95 Phosphorous and Ginger is 16 calcium and 34 Phosphorous, Cottage Cheese is 16 Calcium and 134 Phosphorous and Cod Fish is 21 Calcium and Phosphorous 260. We now that when the ratios of calcium;m to magnesium is 2:1, the body quickly absorbs this into the body. So alkaline proteins which a 2:1 phosphorous to calcium ratio rebuild the body at the protein level effectively. We know that coral calcium with its perfect 2:1 ratio has been shown to extend the human lifespan (Coral Calcium and Longevity

Let's take a look at Wolfberries, they are very high in the amino acid Taurine,
Taurine is an amino acid that can be made in your body from two other amino acids: cysteine and methionine.
Adequate amounts of taurine can usually be obtained from animal and fish protein, eggs and brewer's yeast

Taurine stimulates mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake

In the below article you can see how Taurine rebuilds muscle tissue.
"A Combination of Aloe Vera, Curcumin (or Turmeric), Vitamin C, and Taurine Increases Canine Fibroblast Migration and Decreases Tritiated Water Diffusion across Canine Keratinocytes In Vitro1"

Sulfur plays a large part in the creation of new land via volcanic activity. Sulphur (symbol: S) is a chemical element abundant on Earth, particularly in volcanic regions. It occurs in the form of a gas or yellow crystals. Its nucleus contains 16 protons and 16 neutrons . In living things, Sulphur is an important constituent of certain amino acids, the building blocks of proteins and enzymes. Ref:〈=an&id_expo=25&id_habillage=42

The good feeling you get after bathing in a hot spring, is due mainly from its high Sulphur content.

Taurine is a derivative of L-Methionine >>>>> L-Cysteine >>> Taurine. Taurine ( Taurine is the first building block for other amino acids when they first start creation in the body.

This building block Methionine appears to easily attract and absorb the CHI or "life energies" mentioned earlier, this helps the body regenerate itself via the protein level, especially when you have an adequate supply of nitrogen in the body (which we will come to more later on). Sunflower seeds are also high in Methionine and also have renewal properties

Sunflower and Sesame oil have been found to be equally effective in curing diseases. Other oils were not found to be as good

Sunflower seeds are a good source of methionine.

Keeping the stomach filled with good prebiotic and probiotic bacteria ( ) helps the body digest foods and absorb nutrients easier. We know that yogurt is high in Probiotics.

Astragalus is a prebiotic synergist and Glutathione is a Pre and Probiotic Food
Synergy of Astragalus polysaccharides and probiotics

When we closely examine the diets of of those who lived well into their 150th year, we see that they ate fish and yogurt, which are both high in sulfur amino acids, especially methionine. This is the very first step in protein creation in the body, Black Sesame Seed, which is also linked to longevity ( is also very high in Methionine.
High levels of methionine can be found in sesame seeds

Nutrient Absorption:

The more foods that mirror that ratios of the human body, the more effective it is at regenerating it:
Examples are:
"The Fo-Ti root has a vine that spirals and coils much like how the double helix of human
Mexican Yam - Contains a DHEA precursor almost identical to that of the human body
Coral Calcium with its perfect 2:1 ratio has been shown to extend the human lifespan (Coral Calcium and Longevity
Calcium-Phosphorus ratio - In breast milk this is 2:1

Amino Acids: The most common in the body, and used in body building supplements are
Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine and Glutamine

The Super Penetrating Power of Acetyl L Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid

The reason why these people in general who take a walk after dinner live so long is because their body's metabolism is increased via walking and the body absorbs nutrients more easily between 3 and 7 p.m. Black pepper helps nutrient absorption significantly
Piperine (in black pepper) has been shown to do the following:
Dramatically increases the absorption of Selenium, Vitamin B and Beta-Carotene.
Enable more efficient absorption of needed or targeted nutrients during the digestive process.
Supports and assists the body’s natural thermogenic activities


The Glutathione Connection:

Consuming foods rich in Sulphur-containing amino acids can help boost glutathione levels.
Which as we will see later on is a key part to rejuvenating the body.

Research has also found that taking a daily dose of Vitamin C raises the concentration of glutathione in red blood cells by as much as 50%

Raw (or rare, if you can't stomach the uncooked) meats, raw eggs and raw (unpasteurized) milk are particularly good sources of glutathione


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Properties of Anti Aging Compounds:

A powerful anti aging supplement will have these common properties:

They will burn away fat
They will increase the body's SOD
They will boost the body's immune system
They will promote good digestion / good bacteria in the stomach
They will reduce/eliminate sunburns
They will reduce cholesterol levels

Just a couple references below on how these Anti Aging compounds prevent or reduce sunburns.

"In the second group, 44 had no experience of sun burn or negative reactions"

"Many people report that after eating Spirulina for several months they sunburn less easily"

The Role of Nitrogen in the Body:

Nitrogen is important because it moves the proteins around the body helping to regenerate the tissue.

"Nitrogen (N) is present in fog, sometimes in high concentrations and often in much higher concentrations than normally found in rainwater. A defining feature of the redwood forest in coastal California is the presence of fog in the summer months. In this Mediterranean climate region, the fog provides water in a time when there is typically no rainfall."
"The ancient coast redwood is the tallest living thing on our planet! These remarkable trees live to be 500-1000 years old"

Nitrogen Balance and Retention:
Wheat Germ, Glutamine,
Wheat Germ As a Nitrogen Stabilizer

Brown Rice also helps generate Nitrogen

Glutamine also helps in Nitrogen Balance and Retention
Also when you combine 2 parts wheat germ to 1 part cod liver oil, this nitrogen retention and balance is amplified even further.

L-Glutamine has some research showing that it may help with everything from protein synthesis, to immune function, to intestinal health. Glutamine also nourishes the intestinal lining

Good natural dietary sources of glutamine include animal sources like fish, eggs, milk, pork, beef, poultry, yogurt, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese. Glutamine powder supplements need to be carefully stored in a cool and dry place. This is because moisture leads to breakdown of this amino acid, which may cause the product to become toxic. Moreover, heat too destroys this amino acid.

Glutamine synergist

Glutamine Ratios (with other compatible amino acids, these ratios match that of the amino acids in the body):
contains 2.5 grams of leucine, 1.25 grams of isoleucine, 1.25 grams of valine and 2.75 grams of glutamine

Foods highest in Isoleucine - egg white

Foods highest in Valine - egg white

Foods highest in Leucine - egg white

These just happen to be highest in Raw Eggs.

Another is Creatine, which is usually combined with Taurine and Glutamine:
Creatine is found mostly in meat and fish. Some good sources of creatine include cod, tuna, salmon, beef and pork.

Some usual ratios are:
5 grams of creatine, 3.5g of glutamine, and 2g taurine (basically a 2:1 ratio with protein)
L-Glutamine: 5-10g (teaspoon = 5g) L-Taurine: 5g Creatine Monohydrate: 5-10g...).

Creatine is Found in Fish and Glutamine in Eggs. Therefore Fish and Eggs, which are very common among those who live over 100 are essential amino acids to incorporate into the diet for maximum body regeneration.


In Summary

The 4 most valuable nutrients in foods are Fiber, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Phytonutrients. These are the same foods that Wolfberry (goji berry), Fish, Cumin Seed are high in, and so are the super herbs such as FO - TI and other 'superherbs'. So long as the body is properly supplied in adequate amounts of these nutrients, combined with life force energy exercises, it can never die of old age.

Simply speaking, Vitamin A/Beta Carotene, which is present in high amounts in Wolfberries and Cumin seed, keep the mental part of the mind sharp and protected from age and Methionine renews the physical body, such as muscles, liver, kidney etc, and Vitamin C keeps the immune system strong and most of all keeping the body slightly alkaline.


Methionine is taken, which feeds the prebiotics. The longevity herbs, such as FO TI, Cordyceps etc., feed off the prebiotics and than the alkaline proteins feed off the reaction caused by the prebiotics and herbs, thus causing maximum regeneration of the body. It is interesting to note that the 16 atoms that make up methionine when divided by 4 = 4, which is the same number of serpents on each side of the doctor's Caduceus . You can learn more here (

Black Beans (high in fiber), should not be taken with calcium or psyllium husk (fiber)

Our new findings suggest that dietary fiber reduces the body's capacity to absorb calcium," said Dr. Abhimanyu Garg, professor of internal medicine and an investigator in the Center for Human Nutrition at UT Southwestern.

The main simplified Longevity Foods are:

Yellow Egg Yolk, CALCIUM, VITAMIN C, POTASSIUM, Vitamin E, COD LIVER OIL and longevity herbs. The Fibers should always be kept separate from calcium, as they block calcium absorption.

It is important to point out that too much of any of these nutrients and in the wrong ratios will not cause the body to renew itself, but instead damage and age the body. So in simplicity, less is more and ratios are important. Purity and quality during processing and keeping the ingredients as simple and as pure as possible are also key. Things to watch out for an avoid are sudden trauma to the body as happened ZARO AGHA, as the body won't recover, unless technology comes along that can retrieve consciousness from the cells of the body and create/insert this consciousness into a new one or voluntary applicant Another factor is when you stop doing the CHI or "life force" QI Gong exercises, you stop your expansion of consciousness or "evolutionary leap" which
occurs in cycles.

An example of how less is more is cited below:
"Recently researchers at the University of Connecticut showed in animals that lower-dose resveratrol (175–350 milligrams/day, human equivalent dose) protects the heart during a heart attack, preventing mortal events, whereas mega-dose resveratrol (1750–3500 milligrams/day) promoted cell death, which would be appropriate for cancer treatment, but worsens the amount of tissue damage when a heart attack is chemically induced"

High amounts of Vitamin A are toxic to the body

and can also block iron absorption:

"This unexpected behavior of vitamin A in reducing the inhibition of iron absorption by phytates and polyphenols is apparently a newly discovered property"

"beta-carotene is non-toxic in large amounts"


What is this "Chi" energy and where does it come from?

This energy comes from the sun and stars and our galaxy and is magnified when more cosmic rays are present and when the asteroids Eros and Ceres are longitudinally aligned between ( (use Zodiactal longitude) 18.5 and 19 degrees, 12.8 and 14 degrees and 24 to 0 degrees, with the 24 to 0 degrees being the strongest. When these asteroids further align with or match the same angle as the sun in these degrees, this life force or "Chi" energy is maximized, making it a perfect time to do QI Gong, and other Chi exercises. Other strong periods throughout the year are when the star Sirius rises in June/July and when there are high solar winds above 350 (, especially just after high sunspot activity ( When you also take longevity herbs such as FO Ti and other herbs that enhance longevity during these key HI CHI periods, your body naturally fills with more of this CHI energy. There may also be other planetary and moon activity that enhances this energy yet to be discovered.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide also Increases CHI or "QI" energy
"We are now able to significantly raise the patients qi as monitored by electro-acupuncture diagnostic methods and blood oxygen levels"

You can see this energy pictured in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics with the sun shining down and the Egyptians with their arms extended. Below is an example.

Herbs that Magnify QI or CHI Energy:
cordyceps, astragalus, and Ginseng (used together), Ganoderma (or Reishi Mushroom), Goji (or wolfberries), and Fo Ti, also known as He Shou Wu
"Taking Goji has been shown to result in a remarkable 40% increase of the important SOD enzyme."

The Sun's Role in Renewal of the Body

Because the cosmic rays expand and contract it is during the expansion phase (when the cosmic rays are increasing) ( that the life force or "chi" energy exercises are maximized and of most benefit to the body. It is also a stronger time for SOD increases in the body. This model also proves that the universe is not only expanding, but goes through short periods of "contraction" as well. Research is proving that at the first 24 to 48 hours of an increases or stronger solar flux, ( when you put your body through moderate exercise at these times, the body is also recharged or the cells become more energized. The cosmic rays usually, but not always climb higher 3 to 5 days after a solar flare (due to increased solar flux) because the neutron atoms from the sun take this long to penetrate the earth via the solar wind. So there are 3 parts that help renew the body according to solar conditions, the QI GONG/Spiritual and the Physical. Try it for yourself, the next time the solar flux is more active, ( do moderate physical exercise, especially if it is the first increase in solar flux after a quiet period. And when the cosmic rays start to rise do TAI CHI, QI GONG or a Pole Balancing Exercise (


Properties of Anti Aging Compounds:

A powerful anti aging supplement will have these common properties:

They will burn away fat
They will increase the body's SOD
They will boost the body's immune system
They will promote good digestion / good bacteria in the stomach
They will reduce/eliminate sunburns
They will reduce cholesterol levels

Just a couple references below on how these Anti Aging compounds prevent or reduce sunburns.

"In the second group, 44 had no experience of sun burn or negative reactions"

"Many people report that after eating Spirulina for several months they sunburn less easily"

Anti-Aging and the Ormus Connection

The Adaptogenic Vine Herbs super herbs capture ormus due to their molecular structure.

"It is becoming more and more clear that the superfoods and superherbs of the planet concentrate the Ormus minerals more than
other foods."Ref:

Ormus can also be extracted from seawater. The Chitosan that comes from crustractions are high in calcium carbonate, which just
happens to be the main meal for the longest living animals on earth.

These animals include rockfish, turtles and whales, all documented to live 200 years or longer without showing signs of aging.

"Rockfish live up to 200 years. Their diet is mostly made up of crustaceans "

Crustaceans are composed mostly of Calcium Carbonate.

Like chitin, chitosan is present in the shells of all crustaceans and insects, and in certain other organisms including many fungi,
algae, and yeast.

The longevity mushroom Reishi also is high in chitin
"Like the other mushrooms, cell wall polysaccharides of Reishi are composed not of cellulose but chiefly of chitin"

"Humpback whale (like all baleen whales) are seasonal feeders and carnivores that filter feed tiny crustaceans."

Crustaceans are also high in the protein Chitin
"Chitin/Chitosan is a basic building block of living tissues. It perfectly absorbs toxic metals: mercury, cadmium, lead); "

The tortoise, which lives on land also has a diet high in Calcium Carbonate.

"Tortoises have a high calcium requirement: occasionally sprinkle the food with calcium carbonate or offer a calcium-rich source
such as boiled chicken eggshells or cuttlefish bone for them to eat. "

Ormus always shows 2 major properties:

1: Levitation effects (
2: Longevity effects upon humans and animals (

Antigravitational effects of chitinous covers some insects species.

The similarities are amazing, both Chitosan and Ormus have very, very similar effects. Ormus comes from seawater
( and Chitosan comes from crustrations which live in seawater. And the limestone,
when it is placed in seawater catches this like a wave and provides a suitable incubation for compounds that relate to longevity
Limestone just happens to absorb and than emit ultraviolet light, most likely in the life giving 320 nm spectrum. In the case of the
chitosan it produces a protein called Chitin. Chitin just happens to meet all the criteria for a longiivity food. (see Properties of Anti Aging Compounds subtitle heading).

SOD also shows an electrostaic effect:

For the case of SOD, the cluster of positive charge at the bottom of the active site channel produces a strongly enhanced positive potential that cannot be obtained with any uniform dielectric model. The protein is surrounded by a weak negative potential.


The Calcium Carbonate Connection

Foods such as cottage cheese, which is high in Calcium Carbonate (and is also a highly alkaline protein), create a slight negative polarity in the body's cells. This polarity attracts the "life force" or "chi" energies into the body. We can see evidence of this from Ed Leedskalnin, who used this same energy to move giant blocks of limestones.

"that whenever the flat side of the Gate with the little notch in it points at someone, "you become much stronger" because "energy is compatible with limestone, because limestone's got a lot of calcium carbonate. Like your bones."

......and of course there are numerous ancient images in temple of Egyptians using long rods to direct and focus this energy for various purposes......

..... the people who live the longest in the world, take coral calcium, which is again composed of calcium carbonate

"Coral Calcium is a natural substance found in Sango Coral Reefs off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, which is the home of the healthiest and longest living people on Earth. "
Ref: />

"Coral calcium is composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), with small amounts of magnesium and other trace minerals."

"The Egyptian Pyramids were made with sedimentary limestone, igneous granite and maybe even capped with gold"

"Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate: CaCO3)."

.... limestone or calcium carbonate also readily and easily absorbs Sulphur, the same building block amino acid, that we use in pole balancing or other life force generation exercises to increase the "life energy" (these are usually spirulina and sesame seeds, which are highest in the amino acid Methionine).

Limestone slurry has proven to be an effective Sulphur dioxide absorbent material

So in conclusion, we can see that because the same "life force energy" which is all around us, yet stronger at favorable celestial periods, is also attracted to certain types of foods that we consume, which rebuilds our bodies quicker and keeps us from aging.

This tasty food is a personal favorite for the world’s oldest women [arguably] Sakhan Dosova, who just achieved one hundred thirty years of age. She has been around for an extremely long time.

If you enter cottage cheese + centenarians or + longevity, you will find numerous accounts of those who made cottage cheese a part of their diet, lived easily to over 100 years of age.

The shell of an egg is composed of calcium carbonate. The life force energy is drawn into the egg, (which is composed of calcium carbonate), generating life force to help nourish life in the leg.

And finally, sea turtles, which are the longest lived ocean animal, have shells composed of calcium carbonate.

"The life span is believed to be well over 100 years and they can swim over 50 km per hour."


The Protein Synthesis Connection:

Protein Synthesis is a term in which parts of the body are "Rebuilt" or brought back to life. Some examples are Bacopa which rebuilds the neurons in the brain via protein synthesis.

"These bacosides regenerate synapses and repair damaged neurons, making it easier to learn and remember new information. Bacopa also increases serotonin."

"Brahmi – It is certified that this herb contains several different chemicals that help promote protein synthesis in the brain and nerve"

Milk Thistle rebuilds the cells of the liver. "Hundreds of studies have been done on milk thistle. Medline, for example, shows ... synthesis to accelerate the regeneration and production of liver cells"

and the amino acid leucine for protein synthesis to rebuild skeletal muscle tissue. There is also a herb called bupleurum which also does this also.

"Evidences from several studies, on rats, suggest that leucine is involved in protein synthesis in the skeletal muscles. Leucine can also inhibit
protein degradation in skeletal muscle and liver. Leucine is an important component of hemoglobin."

As stated above earlier Mr. Li Chang-Yun also had brown rice and fish in his diet, which are also foods high in Leucine.
"Leucine is found primarily in high quality protein foods such as beans, brewer's yeast, brown rice bran, caseinate, corn, dairy products, eggs, fish."

By using the right herbs and amino acids, for the right parts of the body we can successfully rebuild these parts and not have them degenerate over time.


The Calcium Carbonate Connection

Foods such as cottage cheese, which is high in Calcium Carbonate (and is also a highly alkaline protein), create a slight negative polarity in the body's cells. This polarity attracts the "life force" or "chi" energies into the body. We can see evidence of this from Ed Leedskalnin, who used this same energy to move giant blocks of limestones.

"that whenever the flat side of the Gate with the little notch in it points at someone, "you become much stronger" because "energy is compatible with limestone, because limestone's got a lot of calcium carbonate. Like your bones."

......and of course there are numerous ancient pictures of Egyptians using long rods to direct and focus this energy for various purposes......

..... the people who live the longest in the world, take coral calcium, which is again composed of calcium carbonate

"Coral Calcium is a natural substance found in Sango Coral Reefs off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, which is the home of the healthiest and longest living people on Earth. "
Ref: />

"Coral calcium is composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), with small amounts of magnesium and other trace minerals."

"The Egyptian Pyramids were made with sedimentary limestone, igneous granite and maybe even capped with gold"

"Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate: CaCO3)."

.... limestone or calcium carbonate also readily and easily absorbs Sulphur, the same building block amino acid, that we use in pole balancing or other life force generation exercises to increase the "life energy" (these are usually spirulina and sesame seeds, which are highest in the amino acid Methionine).

Limestone slurry has proven to be an effective Sulphur dioxide absorbent material

So in conclusion, we can see that because the same "life force energy" which is all around us, yet stronger at favorable celestial periods, is also attracted to certain types of foods that we consume, which rebuilds our bodies quicker and keeps us from aging.

This tasty food is a personal favorite for the world’s oldest women [arguably] Sakhan Dosova, who just achieved one hundred thirty years of age. She has been around for an extremely long time.

If you enter cottage cheese + centenarians or + longevity, you will find numerous accounts of those who made cottage cheese a part of their diet, lived easily to over 100 years of age.


Why Grains Are Bad
Sugar and grains cause your body to produce insulin and high insulin levels are the single largest physical cause of accelerated aging.

Centenarians, people who have lived over 100 years, don't have much in common. However, there are 3 consistent blood metabolic indicators of all centenarians which are relatively consistent: low sugar, low triglycerides, and low insulin. All 3 are relatively low for age. Among these 3 variables, insulin is the common denominator. The level of insulin sensitivity of the cell is one of the most important markers of lifespan. Controlling your insulin levels is one of the most powerful anti-aging strategies you can possibly implement. Sugar and grains cause your body to produce insulin and high insulin levels are the single largest physical cause of accelerated aging. etoxification-diet/insulin.htm

Meats, breads and other heavy foods become a burden on the digestive system, wasting valuable natural restorative energies that comes via CHI Energy (also known as "the life force", which is shown in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics), QI Gong, Immortality Rings (, Belief, Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing ( etc. This is the main reason mice in longevity lab experiments don't live forever, they can't focus or expand their consciousness, which occurs during CHI, QI Gong or other Life Force generation exercises this expansion of consciousness.
Here is an article linking QI-GONG with SOD Activity: "They reported that Qi-gong practice raised the Cu-Zn SOD activity: after practicing. Qigong"

Grains are in fact a large supply of starch, surrounded by a kernel. Starch decomposes (digests) into maltose and isomaltose in the intestines, which then decompose into glucose. You can look at it this way. When you take a slice of bread and crush it in your hand, you are virtually eating that amount of refined sugar. The problem is that that amount of sugar elevates the blood sugar levels amazingly fast and causes your pancreas to produce lots and lots of insulin to metabolize
it. Another problem with refined grains is that it's void of minerals and vitamins, which are needed to properly digest and metabolize the huge amount of starch. So, each time you eat a slice of bread, your body needs to take minerals and vitamins from its limited stores to digest and metabolize it. Over time, you will develop deficiencies of these vitamins and minerals.
Further, many grains contain a lot of allergens which upset your immune system and causes the development of allergies. the most important reason why grains are bad: They are very hard to digest properly. As I said above, they need to be digested in two phases.. First, the starches, which are very long chains of carbohydrate molecules, must be separated into small pieces consisting of 2 glucose molecules. This is called maltose (or isomaltose). Next, the intestines need to produce enough enzymes (maltase) to digest the maltose into the elemental glucose molecules. As you see, quite a lot of work.. The problem is that the human body isn't fit for this job and a part of the starch isn't absorbed and descends into the large intestines, feeding critters, causing inflammation, gasses, damage to the wall of the intestines, and other problems.
Compare this to fruit and honey, which are predigested foods. They primarily contain glucose and fructose, which don't need to be digested at all and can be absorbed painlessly by the intestines.


The Importance of Proper Calcium Absorption:

Calcium is best absorbed when taken in smaller amounts more frequently and with meals. For example, your body absorbs more calcium if you take one 250 milligram tablet twice a day rather than one 500 milligram tablet once a day. If a higher dose calcium tablet is a better buy, break it in half.

Vitamin C improves the absorption of calcium, which is why calcium-fortified orange juice makes sense
The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of a food or supplement determines how much of the calcium is absorbed. The ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio is 2 to 1, close to the proportion found in human milk, which has an almost perfect calcium-to- phosphorus ratio of 2.3 to 1.

The body absorbs calcium carbonate most efficiently when the supplement is consumed with food, whereas the body can absorb calcium citrate equally effectively when the supplement is taken with or without food [9].The percentage of calcium absorbed depends on the total amount of elemental calcium consumed at one time; as the amount increases, the percentage absorption decreases. Absorption is highest in doses ≤500 mg [1]. So, for example, one who takes 1,000 mg/day of calcium from supplements might split the dose and take 500 mg at two separate times during the day.

It is evident that high phosphate diets (high red meat consumption, carbonated drinks, etc.) are unfavorable to efficient calcium absorption. Because of the common ion effect, excess phosphate will depress solubility of the soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate stable at the stomach's normally acid pH level. Therapy, involving use of strong bases such as antacids and H-2 blockers (commonly referred to as acid-blockers), decreases the efficiency of calcium absorption because of their alkalizing effects on the pH of the stomach. Tums® or calcium carbonate, an alkaline source of calcium, neutralizes stomach acid needed for calcium absorption. Also, a diet with excess zinc may interfere with calcium absorption. Faulty fat digestion due to high fat intake or an inadequate bile secretion also interferes with calcium absorption through the precipitation of insoluble calcium soaps. Even some plant foods such as rhubarb, Swiss chard, spinach, beet greens, cocoa, soybeans, cashews and kale contain a high oxalate content, which acts as a calcium absorption blocker by binding with calcium producing insoluble salts as calcium oxalate which can not be absorbed.

List of High Oxalate Foods:

Potassium - This synergizes with Vitamin C and Calcium

Beta Carotene
Found in large quantities in Cumin Seed and Wolfberries
Wolfberry contained more beta carotene than carrots and an astonishing 500 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges.

Beta Carotene: In the last few years increasing numbers of reports have suggested that the use
of Beta Carotene may act to prevent the development of various malignancies. Beta Carotene
and other similar compounds have differentiating properties that appear to affect cell growth and maturation. Beta Carotene is not toxic to the liver even in high doses in contrast to Vitamin A. Large doses of Beta Carotene will increase the body's demands for Vitamin E. Beta carotene, like vitamin A and E is stored in the liver

Vitamin C
Take vitamin C at the same time you take a calcium supplement. Or eat a food rich in vitamin C, such as an orange. This helps with the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin C Synergists
Nickel, Iron, phosphorus, germanium, selenium, tin, Vitamin A, adrenals, [cobalt, Vitamin B15],

As a matter of fact, high intakes of vitamin C and beta-carotene have been shown in a number of scientific studies to reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce the airway spasm that occurs in asthma, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and alleviate some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Because Vitamin C releases iron into the body, and if you have a high amount of polyphenols in the body, (
it can cause high blood pressure. A good way to avoid this is to take bran as this will quickly remove iron from your body, allowing a "clean out" to occur.

Bran and Iron Absorption:
"Studies suggested that greater than or equal to 50 mg ascorbic acid would be required to overcome the inhibitory effects on iron absorption of any meal containing greater than 100 mg tannic acid (maize-bran)."

Eat foods high in the amino acid lysine, which is needed for calcium absorption. These include eggs, fish, lima beans and soy products.
Avoid taking iron and calcium together. It reduces the efficacy of both minerals.
Avoid taking large doses of zinc with calcium. At high doses, zinc can interfere with calcium absorption.


The most bioavilable form of Reservatol and Turmeric (can be achieved at the molecular level via homemade equipment see Curcumin Absorption below)

"Research suggests taking resveratrol with lecithin can enhance absorption"

Whey Protein Powder
"(milk, yogurt, sour cream, whey protein drinks) is more effective than HPMC, alcohol, lecithin or various combinations of these. Not by a lot, maybe a factor of two. I suspect the resveratrol binds to the mikl protein, and is sequestered from conjugation, yet is released to the cell membranes and absorbed there, giving a higher effective level."

"A Maximum suggested dose of 500mg for every 150pounds, when using micronized resvertrol in a liquid emulsion, mixed in with a milk product, or whey protein shake."

Via A Spray

Curcumin Absorption

"Scientific studies show placing Curcumin in Liposomal nano-bubbles is 9 to 10 times as effective getting the Curcumin to the blood stream as piperine."

Using a small (2 cup) Ultrasonic cleaner, (Item #03305, obtainable from Harbor Freight @ about $30.00), we performed the following:

Using a glass or stainless steel sauce pan warm 1 ½ cups of distilled water to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).
In two 12 oz. or larger sealable jars place ½ cup (4 oz.) of the warmed distilled water in each.

Add 3 tablespoons of non-GMO soy lecithin (NOW brand works well) to each jar. Seal jars and agitate each vigorously for 3 – 5 minutes. Set jars aside allowing the lecithin granules to soak up distilled water.

After soaking for two or more hours shake/agitate each jar vigorously until smooth creamy lecithin solutions in each jar with no visible lecithin granules.

Place 10 grams Curcumin (3 1/3 level teaspoons) in one jar of lecithin solution, close jar tightly and agitate/shake aggressively for 3 – 5 minutes until Curcumin is in solution.

Place 3 grams Resveratrol (3 level teaspoons) in the 2nd jar of lecithin solution, close jar and agitate/shake aggressively for 3 – 5 minutes until Trans-Resveratrol is in solution.

Pour contents of both jars together into ultra-sonic cleaner and turn the unit on. Stir with straw through the first cycle. (Approximately 2 – 3 minutes.)

Start next ultrasonic cycle. When ultrasonic unit stops start again. Continue running cycles and stir occasionally while accomplishing the following.

Wash your sealable jars. Place two oz. of warm distilled water in each jar.

Add 1 Tablespoon prescription Vitamin C powder to 1st jar, seal and shake/agitate vigorously until Vitamin C is dissolved.

Dissolve 1 Heaping Teaspoon of Bob’s Red Mill Bicarbonate of Soda (Bob’s is Aluminum free) in 2nd jar, seal and shake / agitate vigorously until baking soda is dissolved.
**What follows is often the most difficult part of the process for those new to making homemade liposomals. While stirring the Vitamin C / distilled water solution very slowly pour/dribble the dissolved bicarbonate of soda/water mixture into the Vitamin C / distilled water solution. (Pour soda solution slowly as the resulting mixture will bubble. By pouring slowing and constantly stirring Vitamin C solution you will be able to mix the two without bubbling over.)

At the conclusion of mixing the bicarbonate of soda mixture into the Vitamin C mixture bubbling will cease. Pour the resulting total Vitamin C / Bicarbonate of Soda mix together into what was the Bicarbonate of Soda jar and swirl to dissolve any soda that may have settled out.

Pour the resulting Vitamin C / Bicarbonate of Soda mixture in ultrasonic unit with the Lecithin, Resveratrol, Curcumin mix.

Operate the ultrasonic cleaner for 4 additional cycles or 10 minutes.

Measure the pH of the resulting Liposomal combination. You are seeking a pH 7.25 – 7.50. . * Both Vitamin C and Resveratrol are acidic. If needed add very small amounts of addition soda to buffer resulting Liposomal to neutral.

Above article courtesy of PDazzler


The Iron Connection: (Heme Iron)


All iron taken must be of the organic type such as from plants for maximum absorption

Heme iron is found in animal foods that originally contained hemoglobin, such as red meats, fish, and poultry. Heme iron is absorbed better than nonheme iron, but most dietary iron is nonheme iron
Iron absorption increases when body stores are low. When iron stores are high, absorption decreases to help protect against toxic effects of iron overload

Meat proteins and vitamin C will improve the absorption of nonheme iron [1,17-18]. Tannins (found in tea), calcium, polyphenols, and phytates (found in legumes and whole grains) can decrease absorption of nonheme iron [1,19-24]. Some proteins found in soybeans also inhibit nonheme iron absorption [1,25].

In fact, it's possible this anti-tumor effect of mega-dose vitamin C is only demonstrated among those individuals who have high dietary iron. While highly concentrated levels of vitamin C in the blood circulation require iron to produce a cancer cell-killing effect, the opposite may be true for tumors promoted by estrogens. While vitamin C releases iron for use in the body, it has not been shown, either from dietary or supplemental sources, to increase the incidence of disease even in iron-overloaded subjects. Even intentionally trying to cause a toxic effect by consumption of high-dose iron and vitamin C at the same time did not cause tissue damage in humans.

"Beverages such as red wine, coffee, black tea, herbal teas and cocoa are rich in polyphenols, which lower the absorption of non-heme iron"

Wolfberries (also known as Goji Berries) are very high in Iron:
Iron. Wolfberries have 9 mg iron per 100 grams (100% DRI).

Wolfberry contained more beta carotene than carrots and an astonishing 500 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges.
Cumin Seed and Turmeric are also very high in Iron

In patients receiving iron supplements to help treat iron deficiency, the use of vitamin C taken at the same time as the iron medicine will greatly enhance the absorption of iron.

There should also be no eating after 7 p.m.
Inner Leaf Aloe Gel is Best
Ester Free Lutein is 4 times stronger than Regular Lutein
Alkaline Proteins should be taken after CHI or Life Force Generation Exercises.
Green Tea - The older the green tea is when it is picked it has more tannins. Tea grown in the sun also contains more Tannins.


Fasting and Detoxing the Body

Fasting every now and then is recommended. When fasting, the best herbs for detoxing are Burdock, Milk Thistle and Dandelion.
A good 24 to 48 hour fast on these herbs is recommended.


The Anti-Aging Time Barrier

There appears to be a "time barrier" that once the body has passed a certain age, anti-aging supplements fail to reach their maximum effectiveness.

"That suggests these anti-aging supplements might be of greater effect before major age-related functional and other declines have set in"
Anti-Aging Supplements Best Taken in Middle Age | LiveScience. May 24, 2010

Therefore taking these supplements before this time barrier is reached will ensure a maximum good rate of health.


The Emotional Impact of being Forever Young

Living forever has a server emotional impact on the psyche, as society teaches that death is inevitable This results from a lack of ignorance that diet, ethics and living in harmony with nature are some of the key elements.

The good parts are that you remain effective at finding solutions to problems, because time literally stands still, you have all the time in the world for problems to solve themselves. Health, eyesight, and reflexes are always sharp and everyday seems like groundhog day as you learn spiritual and emotional lessons of being a human and move forward as evolution progresses

The hard parts are dealing with watching your favorite movie stars grow old and die, as their movies become "historical legends" while you remember them like you watched them yesterday. Friends and family grow old as you remain young and feeling more one with the earth as you watch it renew itself via the solar geomagnetic storms that occur, as earth will live as long as the sun shines. But most of all knowing that old age is a result of ignorance of proper diet and ethics and watching those who grow old, do so out of their own ignorance and lack of will to sustain a clean natural raw food diet. Sure nano technology will make people immortal eventually, but who wants to become a machine. Machines can't experience the beauty of nature or smell flowers or feel a cool ocean breeze. Machines lack emotion and human needs and desires, critical for human growth and evolution.

We know that once the body has been on a raw food diet for 8 months junk food cravings go away and clean cravings for raw foods begin. As long as you are grateful for your raw food diet and don't put yourself in position where your willpower withers away and most of all are grateful for your raw food diet and it's many benefits, your willpower for it will never fade, nor will your body crave junk food. The raw food diet is a step towards immortality, self sufficiency and learning live in harmony with the earth.


Below is a sequence that has brought much renewal and rejuvenating success to the human body as of June 7th, 2010 in Hawaii. PLEASE MOST OF ALL RESPECT LIFE, AFFIRM HUMANITY AND REALIZE THAT ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT IT MAY SEEM, THIS ENERGY IS PRESENT IN EVERY LIVING CREATURE AND DESERVERS UTMOST RESPECT. Also thank you to Mr. ZARO AGHA and Mr. Li Chang-Yun of China for sharing their knowledge with us about why they lived so long.

Doing the formula below, you get a boost when you take it during the first KP spike (geomagnetic storm) before a solar flare, when the solar wind is at 350 or in the "favorable range". This favorable period usually occurs at the "recurrent CH HSS" periods.
You can learn more here:
Geomagnetic Storm Forecast Link:

In the Mornings, take 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk fiber (as the body detoxes most easily between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.)

Part 1: Alkaline Body - Coral Calcium - and Spring Water

Brazil Nut Powder (methionine) and Spirulina (taking poppy seed with Spriulina helps increase the effectiveness of Spriulina) - Forgiveness (release past emotional trauma which builds up in the cells)

Part 2: Asafoetida ( - Pole Balancing or related QI Gong Chi Generating Exercises. (It is best to take the QI or CHI generating herbs mentioned earlier before doing the Life Force Exercises as this increases the CHI flow considerably). This CHI flow is most strongest between 3 and 5 p.m. in the afternoon daily.
Qi gong is pronounced "chee-gung," and the phrase means loosely "practicing with life force.

After Chi Generation - Lemon Juice

Wait 5 minutes, take a good Pre or Probiotic - - Generate Belief within yourself that your body is young and at it's peak state. Let this belief build to the right level within the body.

Part 3: Next take 1 or 2 yellow egg yolks.

Wait 5 minutes

Part 5:
Next take this formula combination.

Brain Food (to Nourish the Brain) (this is taken in the morning). Or it can be taken with the RAW SOD. The ratio is 1 part Brain Food to 2 Parts RAW SOD.

1/4 Teaspoon of Rosemary Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Skullcap Root Powder

1/2 of 1/4 Teaspoon of Cat's Claw Powder

1/2 Capsule of Taurine Amino Acid Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Basil Powder

Almost 1/4 Teaspoon of Brazil Nut Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Bilberry Powder

1/2 of 1/4 Teaspoon of Mullein Powder

1/2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper (or Bioperine)

Just under 1 capsule of dong quai powder

Just under 1 capsule of Slippery Elm powder

1/2 Capsule of astragalus powder

1 Bacopa Tablet

1 alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetylcysteine capsule

1 and 1/2 Capsules of Gotu Kola

1/2 Capsule of Cordyceps

1/2 Teaspoon of echinacea powder

Almost one full capsule of Gingko

A little over 1 teaspoon of ENRGMAX (prebiotic available from

1/2 of 1/4 teaspoon of Steevia Powder


RAW SOD (to nourish the body). This is taken in the afternoon, usually after a pole balancing or other chi generation exercise.

We are currently testing taking the herb Jiaogulan and also Wheat Flour to increase the rejuvenative effect.

1/2 of 1/4th Teaspoon of White Oak Powder

1 1/2 Capsules of ashwagandha

Almost 1 capsule of Milk Thistle

1/2 Capsule of Cordyceps

1 Capsule of FO TI

40mg of Grape Seed Extract with Reservatol

1,200 mg of Vitamin C Tablets (absorbic acid)

3 bromelain tablets (pineapple enzymes)

1/4 + 1/2 of 1/4 Teaspoon of Ginger Powder

1/2 of 1/4 Teaspoon of Reishi Mushroom Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Cumin Seed

1/2 Teaspoon of Burdock Root Powder

1/4th Teaspoon of Basil

1/2 Teaspoon of Lemon Powder

Just under 1 capsule of Creatine Amino Acid

2 organic hojicha green tea bags

Just under 1/2 Teaspoon of Steevia Powder

1/2 Teaspoon of Sage Powder

1 Tablespoon of Tomato Powder

1 Teaspoon of Brewer's Yeast

1/2 Teaspoon of ENRGMAX (Prebiotic)

A little over 1 teaspoon of Black pepper (or bioperine)

1 Teaspoon of Goji Berry Powder

1 1/2 Tablespoons of Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Just over 1 Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder

Ref for Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Wait 20 minutes

Than take Wheat Germ and Cod Liver oil in a 2:1 ratio. Or two cod liver capsules with twice as much wheat germ oil

If you are going to do a workout, than take some raisins and 1 handful of raw peanuts.

Wait 1 hr and 40 minutes and than take a handful of Raw Peanuts, and Walnuts and 1/2 Teaspoon of Sesame Seed.

For dinner Yogurt or other pre or probiotic food and for breakfast 2 red apples.

Rejuvenation the next morning feels much quicker when you have for dinner plain yogurt (use steevia to sweeten) and 1 teaspoon of Organic Goji Berry Powder. This is because the calcium in the yogurt "feeds" the body needed nourishment overnight.

Having Raw Sunflower Seeds for Lunch also helps build needed Methionine in the body, helping regeneration. It appears that taking in foods high in Methionine 1 to 2 hours before the SOD "drink" acclerates the regenerative process.

The most important parts about the above sequence are parts 2, 4, and 5, if you don't want to do the whole process. When you take this in the afternoon hours between 3 and 7 p.m., the next morning your body will feel and be rejuvenated.

It is very interesting to note that the antioxidant/longevity and anti-aging food cordyceps can be grown on Brown Rice and on a type of yeast mold.

"But in the last few years, people have learned how to grow cordyceps on brown rice."

"Unlike Cordyceps sourced from the Far East the MRL raw material is not harvested from dead caterpillar but rather is grown on a sterile culture medium. Thus the possibility of contamination by harmful bacteria or fungi is eliminated."

"In the last several years, it has become possible to grow a number of fungi by "fermentation" technology. The fungus is literally grown in large tanks, and in just a matter of days a large quantity can be produced. The technology has now become highly advanced and is making previously rare herbs like Cordyceps and Ganoderma much more accessible. Many studies indicate that the chemical nature of this biotechnology Cordyceps is almost identical to that of the wild variety and pharmacological and clinical studies seems to farther confirm this. The Cordyceps contained in most commercial products is produced by this technology"

This means that you can also "re-generate" the good bacteria/fungi in your body by eating the right foods, especially if they are eaten in the right sequence.

Tea Types:

Genmaicha (brown rice roasted)
Hôjicha (roasted tea) A green tea roasted over charcoal
Gyokuro (Jade Dew)
The highest grade Japanese green tea cultivated in special way. Gyokuro's name refers to the pale green color of the infusion. The leaves are grown in the shade before harvest, which alters their flavor.
and White Tea

Completed Model of foods via Life Metering via Cosmic, Geomagnetic and Solar Weather

The Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise

Archived Data:

All text and discoveries by Mr. Scott Rauvens

Once again, please credit this discovery to Mr. Scott Rauvens of

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Additional References:

By measuring UVR and PAR reflectance from intact and ground bare coral skeletons we show that the property of calcium
carbonate skeletons to absorb downwelling UVR to a significant extent, while reflecting PAR back to the overlying tissue, has
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"Chitin will become Your Number One Weapon in Fighting Fat. Chitin is also going to help you live healthier and longer because of
its many other beneficial properties. It is also going to protect you from disease and extend your life by many years. Chitin, after
wood cellulose, is the most abundant polysaccharide on the face of the earth. Studies in Japan, the U.S. and Europe have shown
that chitin and its derivatives help the digestive process and promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria necessary for
proper digestion and excretion of wastes. Since chitin acts like a fiber, it is largely indigestible and passes through the gut mostly
unchanged. Chitin can absorb up to 12 times its weight in fat. It acts like a magnet, attracting fat, and trapping it like a scavenger
with an insatiable appetite for fats. One 250mg tablet of chitin can attract, trap and rid the body of about 3 grams of fat.."

"Chitin in anti-aging formulations"

Both of these elements gather, and are attracted to limestone (which is high in calcium carbonate)

"The m-state elements are most common in volcanic and limestone rock"

Chitosan (also known as chitin) regenerates both new bone and new nerve tissue:

"Experiment groups, nerve regeneration with functional recovery was achieved as measured by electrophysiological and
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and 6-month delayed subgroups. The results showed that: (1) a few denervated Schwann cells survived and sustained their ability
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new muscle-nerve connections. These observations provide the possibility of guiding regenerated axons from survived
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Ormus creates new muscles and nerves.
"Stub of cat's tail, with severed part. Ormus-treated ball of stem cells is creating a new tail—skin, bone, muscle, nerves"

"Although the regeneration of the nerve fibers under neurosteroid treatment showed statistically significant differences in
comparison with vehicle regenerated tissue, progesterone-loaded chitosan prostheses produced the best guided nerve
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"Regeneration of Cartilage Chitosan solutions containing chondrocytes have been injected into the articular cartilage of rats to
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"(A) X-ray photograph of bone formation on chemically modified chitosan; (B) X-ray photograph of bone formation on 50:50 ratio of
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chemically modified chitosan scaffolds."

"The regeneration of bone was observed in the rhBMP-4/chitosan group in 3 weeks after surgery. In 8 weeks after surgery, bone
regeneration was observed in all three groups, and new bone at 8th week was denser in the chitosan and rhBMP-4/chitosan group
than collagen group.In conclusion, rhBMP-4 and chitosan can be applied in the bone regeneration procedures usefully."

Tissue-engineered bone regeneration using calcium carbonate

"Calcium carbonate is a primary component of garden lime, also known as agricultural lime, which is used for neutralizing soil.
Acidic soils can be treated with garden lime to enhance the soil quality"

Most recent studies point out that chitin is a good inducer for defense mechanisms in plants.[4] It was recently tested as a fertilizer
that can help plants develop healthy immune responses, and have a much better yield and life expectancy. Chitin is a modified
polysaccharide which contains nitrogen; it is synthesized from units of N-acetylglucosamine (more precisely, 2-(acetylamino)-2-
deoxy-D-glucose). It is the main component of the cell walls of fungi

"Pearl Powder contains calcium carbonate and when taken internally, .... Pearl has a multitude of medicinal and anti aging
applications which will keep you"

Increasing the amount of chitin in the soil will also increase the population of these fungi.