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The lower solar flux or after the peak of a lower solar flux, and condition red or orange is occurring, the lower solar flux will amplify the effects of the condition orange or red, but a higher flux boosts condition green energies.

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Current Humidity Levels

< More cosmic rays – more mental stability. Less cosmic rays, caused by higher solar flux – instable mental mind prone.

To locate new emerging solar flare regions, which signifiy an upcoming condition blue, use the second solar flux forecasts and cross check with the solar wind "leap" along with NASA forecast.

A completely flat KP will boost condition red if there are 8 or more "C" Class solar flares and high Xray levels

A rise in the long range solar flux forecasting can also show when the stimulation phase will occur. Update forecasting model to watch for disruptive bz direction -

Update forecasting model to watch for disruptive bz direction -

Update forecasting model to watch for disruptive bz direction -


If there is no rising solar flux, which stimulates the cells , and the thermals are dropping This is a danger period Solar Flux Forecast

Up to 3 days of 2MEV forecasting can also show when this stimulation phase will occur

3 Day Forecast Link #2

Daily 2mev levels:

Proton Flux

KP Forecast

KP forecast #2:

KP forecast #3:

Current Sunspot Count

NOAA Future Geomagnetic Foreasts (use the Fredericksburg and Planetary Colums:

Higher KP or Geomagnetic Storm Forecasting weeks ahead

BZ Forecast and prediction Courtesy of NOAA

Long Term KP Activity Forecast:
Courtesy of Space Weather Canada

KP Real Time:
Courtesy of NOAA

Solar Wind Prediction/Forecast:
Courtesy of LMSAL:

Courtesy of NOAA

Usually, but not always, when the solar wind goes from a low point into a sudden high point, earth's KP will also rise with this.

Solar Wind Real Time - courtesy of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics you can see in real time where the wind currently is.


Forecast Link Courtesy of NOAA

The Solar Wind

This is key to the life stream energies. These vary in frequency and their unique frequencies change in accordance with the body at the electron/atomic level.

Real Time Forecasting, courtesy of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Solar Wind Forecast Courtesy of LMSAL
Long Term Forecasting Courtesy of NOAA

Future Solar Flux X-Ray Background Forecasts:

Real Time Plot Courtesy of NOAA

Solar Flux by 1 minute

You can also plot the peak of the flare, along with increasing geomagnetic activity via KP index. Red is peak of flare.

Real Time Cosmic Ray Readings Courtesy of the Moscow Neutron Monitor

Real Time Cosmic Rays

Real Time KP courtesy of NOAA

Overall Cosmic Rays entering earth's atmosphere are generally higher also.


“C” Class Flare Forecast and Forecasted Geomagnetic Activity Links:

(scroll down to center of page)

Solar Flux Forecast Solar Flux Forecast


The Deathstar Events - when the sun instead of giving life, takes it away

One period is just as rising sunspots 'create life', and declining sunspots 'take this energy of life away', so too is there another 'danger period':

Rising cosmic rays + extreme high solar winds + declining sunspots for more than 3 days in a row.

Condition Red Indicators:

Allergy Forecast, if high, than more condition red parameters

Around the 20th of these months. September, March, June, December - Solstice, Equinoxes.

Double Check Canadian 8 Days Back 3 days before final date

X ray Background Flux has gradually been increasing over the last 3 days
Cosmic Ray Counts are Lower or Not on an Upswing
Real Time Cosmic Rays

Humidity Levels are Decreasing or "Flat" (Humidity Level Forecast)

8 Days back KP has Peaked

KP Historical Courtesy of Space Weather Canada


Condition Yellow Indicators

X ray Background Flux Levels Not Increasing over last 3 days and are below 4.0

Cosmic Ray Counts are Increasing

Humidity Levels are Higher

8 Days back KP is Flat

KP Historical Courtesy of Space Weather Canada

This event occurs on average every 3 months and is known as the "killer" event. These events breed bacteria in the body, causing pneumonia, allergies and other upper respiratory infections. Because they occur on average 4 time yearly, if the immune system is not ready to undergo this "shift" it can result for some people in sickness and ill health.

How to Predict this event:

Solar wind will "jump" all of a sudden, just as in the life force storm - solar flux has been "ressonating" for a number of days - begins High

Solar Wind Speeds - if 10 or more C class flares are present, this period will result in illness. This cycle happens on average every 3 months. The "jump" in the solar wind amplifies the solar flux effects. It is the higher number of C class flares that the body has not had time to adjust to that causes the bad bacteria to multiply.

Bz will show "blips" or rugged activity, instead of a smooth normal line.

predicted solar flux shows increase -

laml forecasted solar wind "jump" -

X ray background flux will double 24 hrs before -

solar flux will have resonnated, or begin changing frequency to high to extremely high levels days beforehand - it may even go "quiet" again

for a few hours every now and than

at the start of this solar flux ressonation, the sunspots will show a growing trend

Humidity levels will be higher:

Historical Solar Data

Last Events last 5 days:

Long term KP activity will show a "higher" instead of "flat" period


Solar Wind Plot:

High 2mev’s happen once every 33 days the same as the suns rotation:

historical daily sunspot data:

General historical data:

Flux Historial:

Proton hsitoriacl:

kp historical:

EVENTS - these match high 2mev protons, as well as red boxes 24 hrs before - SUNSPOTS 4-8 DO NOT MATCH

JAN 3RD 2012 – nov 12th and 13th


The red boxes show up 24 hrs before the “event” reflected in the protons

Vertical Colum:


when you are in the same location an equilibrium builds up. When you do the same thing over in that location and the KP levels are higher, the earth memory assists you in your efforts. This is why muscle memory works so well, as the muscles have a similar effect.