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Visualize a white light circle at start of every ritual Have incense or sandalwood essential oil burning Have candle in center of circle Do grounding before start of every ritual Perform during best phase if possible 24 to 48 hours before any ritual you will go through a disruptive period. How you behave and act during this time will determine your outcome. You must do your part also. The Egregore will not work without you putting forth effort, determination, planning and work. YOU MUST ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO THE EGREGORES PURPOSE AS WELL AS YOURS. Without will it won't work. Charging: When invoking sales energies the night after cleansing, reinvoke the Egregore in the morning instead. See below. After sigil has been created, keep a foldable cut out for your wallet with name of eggregore and date of destruction ____________________________________________________ Set up near candle: * HAVE CANDLES SMEARED WITH PINE OIL * HAVE CANDLES SMEARED WITH PINE OIL * HAVE CANDLES SMEARED WITH PINE OIL * Compass for direction to face during ritual * Plastic case to keep Egregore in when not being charged. * A safe method to move the charcoal while it is hot and burning. * Cup of pure mountain spring water with salt in it. * Lit Charcoal, with frankincense nearby. * A dish of Sea Salt * Wooden Pentacle * Toothpick or other object that can be used in inscribe on the Egregore Clay. * Runes * Wooden Triangle. ON ALTAR * Copper Ritual Wand * Sigil * Altar Candle * 4" Stand for the Eggregore to sit upon while outside of circle. FACE EAST HAVE SANDLEWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL BURNING BEFORE HAND PRACTICE BEING ABLE TO SEE INTO THE ASTRAL PLANE WHERE YOU WILL SUMMON THE SPIRIT .Practice and become proficient in astral viewing for a couple minutes or hrs. 0: Waterfall, light etc. even an spiritual cleansing.... * * Visualize a white light circle at start of every ritual and whenever you feel it is needed during any ritual. 1. Light Candle & go into meditative state. 2. Using the water from the cup, purify the ritual area by saying, "I purify thee with the crystal clear waters of the earth." 3. Visualize the area being cleansed by a waterfall method. 4. Visualize yourself inside a pure a white circle. 5. Add 2 small pieces of Frankincense. 6. Lift up Egregore and say, "O creature of clay, before thou canst be given life, thou must be made pure by the elements. Say and perform each procedure below 3 times 7. - 3 times - Pass the Egregore over the candle, while visualizing the flame burning away all impurities & negative blocking energies. Say, "I Purify Thee with Fire" 8. - 3 times - Now sprinkle some of the water from the cup onto the sculpture while visualizing a huge waterfall washing away all remaining impurities, if any and see this water cleansing it. Say, I purify thee with water" 9. - 3 times - Now sprinkle some Frankincense. over charcoal and wave the Egregore through the smoke, while visualizing the smoke clearing away all negative vibes, energies and beings. Say, "I purify thee with Air" 10. - 3 times - Now sprinkle some of the salt over the Egregore while visualizing the cleansing clays, soils and energies of the earth cleansing and removing all toxins from the Egregore. Say, "I Purify Thee With Earth" 11. Hold up the Egregore and say, "O Creature of Clay, purified by the 4 elements and ready to receive life, I now hold you up to the Light Whose service you shall be committed to." 12. Visualize pure, clear white light descending and filling the Egregore. See the light surrounding it and giving it life energies. 13. Now say to the universe, "O Glorious One, may this creature be granted life with your permission. 14. Pick up engraving tool and inscribe the name onto it's back while saying, "I give thee name. And from this day, until Saturday February 2nd 2008 at 11 a.m. you shall become known by this name, and shall be given life to perform the task assigned unto you" 15. Below the name, inscribe the Sigil, and say, "With this Sigil, ____________________________________________ I shall most easily be able to contact you. But when the lines of this Sigil are no more, so too shall your life and purpose be no more, for this is the will of the universe and one true god. 16. Take out the runes and place in a circle around you. 17. Now pick up the Egregore and hold it up above your head. * * Visualize another white light circle * * Visualize another white light circle * * Visualize another white light circle 18. Now visualize the runes around you in a blazing fiery red. 19. Now see the energies of the runes flowing into the Egregore; creating its life and purpose you intended it to have. Now say, "With the energies of these combined runes, I charge thee ____________________________________________ with these powers & forces" 20. Now see going along with the energies that this being is linked to you until the time of its ritual death. 21. Add 4 pieces of Frankincense. to charcoal. 22. Move the Frankincense & triangle to a distance of 2 feet outside the circle & PUT THE EGGREGORE IN THE CENTER OF THE MANIFESTATION TRIANGLE. 23. Put the Egregore behind the smoke of the frankincense. 24. Pick up the Sigil & wand. 25. Now visualize the features of your Egregore on the sculpture. Point the wand at the triangle and say, "By the power of the most high and through the influence of the elements which have purified your vessel, I now call you into being ____________________________________________. Know that your purpose in existing is to serve me and to _______________________________________________________ and give me all necessary qualities, energies and any other necessary talents. I command thee to bring no harm to the buyers, my products or myself while performing your task. Keep me safe at all times during this period, especially while marketing. And keep me in excellent physical and mental health during this period of time. 26. Now Speak, " I command and constrain you, O Spirit, by the powers of the Universe & God, To and give me all necessary qualities, energies and any other necessary talents . I command thee to bring no harm to the buyer, my products or myself while performing your task. Keep me safe at all times during this period, especially while marketing. And keep me in excellent physical and mental health during this period of time." 27. You shall be charged with these energies using the energy of the rising sun 15 to 30 minutes of every morning sunrise and during the first 15 minutes of coming out of void of course of the astrological house sign of _________________________ You shall also charge yourself for the first 2 hours of the coming out of the void of course of the astrological house sign of _____________________________________ You shall be ruled by the planet Earth." 28. Now visualize it being charged by these 3 separate times. Do this visualization charge 3 times. 29. You shall be bound by the territory of ____________________________________________ whereupon you shall carry out your tasks and exert your influence and powers. 30. I hereby command you to complete these duties until __________________________________. and to reside within this vessel of clay whenever you are not actively pursuing these duties. At no time shall you delay your justified return to this vessel for an instant, and in no way shall you cause harm to befall anyone. This I command with the authority of the One True God & Universal Laws, whose path of light you must follow" 32. Gaze at the Sigil and see it hovering in the smoke before the sculpture. NOW GO INTO ASTRAL VIEWING TRANCE 34. Now say to the sculpture, "Having given thee magical life, I command you to appear before me within this Triangle in your newly granted form. Rise from your physical clay shell and make your understanding of your purpose known to me. Appear ____________________________________________ for it is the Lord Whose Light has given you life who commands you now." 35. On the astral plane with eyes close, See the Sigil floating before the Egregore on the astral plane. Call out to the Egregore repeating its name as you see it emerge from the sculpture. As it is beginning to take form, whisper " ____________________________________________" repeatedly than open your eyes. It should be right in front of you. 36. Speak to it and make sure it understands its task fully and completely. 37. Now say, "Go in peace and begin your labors. Remember to reside within this vessel of clay shell when idle and be certain never to harm another. Be ready to appear quickly before me when called and to give an accurate report of your progress. 38. Now say out loud, "Now the successful Egregore goes its way. Now is done the successful ritual." 39. Now Say, " ____________________________________________ has now gone to carry out its chosen tasks. And shall reside in this vessel of clay whenever idle. This life creation ritual & life instructions and commands are now fully completed" 40. Place Sigil safely in Wallet ______________________________________ Egregore Destruction Method For __________________________________ Have Ready: * Bowl of Spring Water * Bowl of Salt 1: Light Candle & go into meditative state. 2: Life Egregore above head and say, "Many thanks, O Glorious One, for allowing this servant (Egregore name) to aid me in the workings of the Path of Light" 3: Lower the Egregore and say, "Your duty completed, and your predestined time of death reached, I now return your essence and being to the universe, for the source that grants life also takes it away. This is a Divine Mystery and the Authority of the Lord cannot be disputed." 4: Wet your finger in the bowl of water and smear away the name and Sigil, while saying, "As these lines & your name are washed away by Water, so too does thine existence cease. (Egregore name) for this is the will of the One True God & Universe. This Sigil shall no longer summon thee. You are no more creature of clay and this name shall no longer summon thee." 5: Feel the energy leaving the sculpture returning to the universe. 6: Pick up the Sigil and burn it saying, "The energy of this magical being is now returned to the source of all. 7: Run Egregore over fire saying, "I cleanse thee with fire" 8: Water, "I cleanse thee with water" 9: Place the Egregore on the dish of salt, crushing it saying, "I cleanse this now formless clay with earth, and by doing so, return it to its element of origin" 10: Now say, "This Egregore is no more. It's task is accomplished and fully completed."Egregore Daily Charging: 1: Hold Sigil in hand and Meditate on it. 2: Chant _____________(name) 3: I summon and invoke the spirit named _____________ 4: I call upon his powers, forces and energies to carry out the tasks given him to this day and every day for the period of his life. 5: I ask to be shown and guided by _____________ to assist me in selling _____________ in _____________ days each working day. 6: May his forces and powers be effective and true to his purpose. _____________________________________________________________