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Thank you for purchasing the Hawaiian Ormus. Here is a page to answer any questions you might have. What Are Ormus Minerals? Ormus are essential minerals abundantly found in seawater. Researcher, David Hudson, rediscovered these essential elements by accident. After extensive testing and observation, these minerals showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable in not only plants, but also the human body and the mind. How Do Ormus Minerals and Nature Inter-relate? These distinct substances also seem to be intimately woven into the fabric of living things. They appear to be associated with what causes everything to “live.” Where Do Ormus Minerals Come From? Experiments show that Ormus is most abundant in the sea. Not so strange when you consider that sea water covers 70% of the earth's surface. What to Expect While Taking Ormus Minerals? Lots of people are talking about more energy, Are Ormus Minerals Natural or Organic? Hawaiian Ormus is made from the purest essence of the Pacific Ocean gathered off the pristine shores of the Hawaiian Islands. What Do Ormus Mineral Materials Reveal? ORMUS Materials contain MONATOMIC RHODIUM AND IRIDIUM What is Ormus? Ormus has been shown to do the following: Deeply Nourishes cells, Keeps Cells Hydrated. Use for: Cell Rejuvenation, Promotion of Cellular, Regeneration, Promotion of Cellular Communication, Healthy DNA & RNA Support. Shown to: Repair tissues, Bring Relief from muscle and joint pain, Reduce fatigue, Give Increased energy, Anti-aging support, Longevity, Enhanced Immune System Function, Essential minerals, vitamins, & amino acids replenished, Increased Electrolytes. __________________________________________________ Storage of your Ormus Ormus should be stored away from direct sunlight. - Ormus must be stored away from electrical and magnetic fields. - Do not store Ormus in the kitchen as there is an abundance of electric motors in kitchens. - It is preferred that it be stored in the dark, in a bedroom or bathroom. - Microwave ovens generate enormous electro-magnetic fields and should be eliminated anyway. - If you live close to high tension electric transmission lines( within 500 feet) the Ormus bottle should be wrapped in at least three layers of aluminum foil and stored in a metal box, the thicker the better. - Keep Ormus away from cellphones or portable phone base stations. - If you dilute the Ormus, please store it in a dark color glass bottle. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have ordered the 1 gallon bottle of Ormus, you may notice some fine black "specks". Please note this is a gallon of 100% pure raw Ormus extract. Although extreme care is taken at harvest, including using a fine stainless steel mesh strainer, and other techniques, any mass production of Ormus always contains these unknown "black specs". This is a natural part of the manufacturing process. They are harmless if injested, however you may filter the Ormus through a coffee filter if you like your Ormus super clean. Thank you once again for your purchase and have a great day! Scott