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hosting: IMAGEs: Our company Mightyz, produces the finest quality Hawaiian Ormus which comes from seawater, packed full of recent volcanic minerals, as well as being within 30 miles of one of the worlds most active and remote volcanoes. This pristine, natural atmosphere ensures a nutrients rich water, free of pollutants, undesirable metals and other unnecessary toxins. This uniqueness makes Hawaiian Ormus more potent and pure than the average ormus you can purchase over the Internet. Taking Hawaiian Ormus might dramatically enhance the effects of stimulants, herbs homeopathic remedies and medications already in your body. Most liquid forms of Ormus loose their potency over time and "evaporate" from the bottle. Our Ormus is made fresh weekly from the freshest ocean on earth. Liquid Ormus has been scientifically proven to the most beneficial and most bioavailable form of Ormus available. Our Omrmus is produced fresh weekly so you always receive the most potent, freshest batch available, and you use less due to its potency saving you money. We also include free of charge a dropper cap with each bottle purchased. Our ormus comes in a 2oz glass amber bottle, protecting it from sunlight and UV rays. All Ormus is shipped wrapped in Aluminum foil to maintain freshness and also includes easy to use instructions. Our company Mightyz also produces Magnetite sand for those that wish to make your own magnetic water. Our Magnetite sand is infused with iron rich Hawaiian Beach sand from the volcanic rich beaches of Hawaii. We are also the produces of the Hawaiian Raw food line of natural immune boosting products. INSTRUCTIONS: To start, take 1/2 to 1 dropper fulls once or twice a day on an empty stomach and increase until you feel it. Than adjust the amount according to how much energy you feel in your body. Suggested usage as a Energy Supplement is one full dropper full per 150 lbs. body weight taken twice a day. So 75 lbs 1/2 dropper full 2x a day 150 lbs 1 dropper full 2x a day 225 lbs 1.5 teaspoons 2x a day 300 lbs 2 dropper fulls 2x a day Usage Instructions: Shake the bottle before using each time * Take the recommended dosage twice a day by adding it to water or juice. * Take morning dose on an empty stomach or add the total daily dosage to a bottle of water and dink over the day. * Keep it 6' away from Electro Magnetic Fields * Hold the manna under your tongue if you choose to not mix with water for a while before swallowing * DO NOT STORE IN A REFRIGERATOR * Keep FOIL AROUND THE BOTTLE * Keep it away from direct sunlight The origin of Ormus: During biblical time, the Magdalene women of Jesus made waters and olis that were so healing, they would resurrect a dead person. The term Magdalene has connotations to the fountain of youth myth, the fountain possibly being the process used to extract manna, which extended life to unimaginable long periods. Those select few taking manna were privileged to an eternal life, and not life after death after all. The story of Gilgamesh clearly shows him being fed manna upon entry into "heaven"; thus giving him eternal life. This same hint is revealed in numerous ancient texts and only later through the new testament. What if there was a natural substance that could reverse or stop aging and bring your body back to peak health?. Most people would never believe you have discovered such a thing. You would immediately be subject to scientific ridicule and questioning, loosing the valued religious an mystical nature of such an important discovery. Today with these ancient texts becoming more commonplace, we all konw the great research work done by John Hudson and Lawrence Gardner, whose discoveries are today being repeated by many worldwide. The substance has been identified as Ormus (AKA "Manna"), until recently known only to a select few religious circles, is now re-entering the healing mainstream as it is shown remarkable rejuvenating effects upon those who use it. From Personal Experience: When I take Hawaiian Ormus I need only take 1/3rd the amount compared to regular forms of Ormus. This is probably due to its freshness and purity. This makes Hawaiian Ormus 3 or more times stronger than regular Ormus. That is why it is sold in 2oz dropper cap bottles, as it is very strong and the effects are very long lasting. Our claim is that our Hawaiian Ormus will enhance the benefits derived from other Ormus products, as this new version of Ormus comes with a 2-fold guarantee. 1: E-bay's famous buyer protection guarantee and 2: Our own 30-day money back guarantee. If our Ormus does not perform as stated, a complete money back guarantee.