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Another example of the Template of Renewal and Realignment of Health effect can be seen by using electrostatic field. Researchers Dr. Guidoebner and Heinz Schirch exposed seeds & fish eggs to an artificially created electrostatic field similar to the electrostatic field generated by the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme. What occurred was earlier than usual germination of seeds, wheat that was fully ready for harvest in just 4 weeks and trout that had been extinct for over 130 years had been "reborn" again, and other numerous effects that "retrieved" genetic information from the past and brought it back to the present. This should give rise to the theory that other solar systems have suns and planets in them undergoing the same solar wind plasma that renews life, creating "life force templates" or as discussed in scientific circles “Phantom DNA Templates” to re-fill themselves in, possibly through sounds or emotion. We all know of instances where the sounds of battles fought years ago have been heard in the present, like the sounds are coming back from the past to the present. On other worlds, their sun may impact the rate at which these organisms age and evolve. Their aging may be accelerated or even lessened depending on the effects received from the sun, solar wind and the planets magnetosphere. So people living on other planets could in theory live thousands of years in perfect health, if the solar conditions were right. This would give rise to the theory that the universe we live in will never end in a "big crunch", because the "reenwal" template for our universe may be billions of years away, it may only take a 10th of that time for the renewal energy to perform its rejuvenative action. Phytoplankton have a structure similar to our own cell. Phytoplankton happen to be one of the most nutritious foods known to man. The same foods that boost phytoplankton growth (single celled), also boost good bacteria in our bodies: These include Iron, DMSO (Dimethyleulfoxide), and the sulfur amino acids. Single cell proteins grow from mixed cultures containing algae, yeast, fungi or bacteria. Phytoplankton can be easily made at home and there are numerous good sites on the Internet giving instructions on how to do this yourself. From this we can conclude that earth's radiation belt is related to earth's immune system. In nature, singlet oxygen is commonly formed from water during photosynthesis, using the energy of sunlight. It is also produced in the troposphere by the photolysis of ozone by light of short wavelength, which also occurs at sunset. Biologists at the Scripps Research Institute in California lead by Professor Paul Wentworth Jr. have discovered that the body makes ozone (the same ozone that absorb ultraviolet rays) and uses this ozone to boost the immune system of the body. They found that white blood cells produce ozone only when they are fed singlet oxygen. This in turn allows the white blood cells to "poke holes" into the cells of the bad bacteria, the same way Roquefort Cheese is made (more about this will be discussed later on). Singlet oxygen, a name given to several higher-energy species of molecular oxygen in which all the electron spins are paired, is much more reactive towards common organic molecules, which is why it boosts the immune system. They narrowed down the source of the singlet oxygen and found it came from the immune cell Neutrophilis. Today scientific instruments confirm that when UV light shines on earths ozone layer, it creates a new excited state of oxygen, providing new free electrons. These electrons are in a light state. From this we can conclude that when there are higher cosmic rays, they are exciting a yet undiscovered layer of our atmosphere, increasing the amount of some form of oxygen, thus having a beneficial effect on the immune systems of living organisms. Cosmic rays are never as strong when the suns solar flux is higher, because the F layers are ionized (or in an excited state). This "charge" repels the incoming cosmic rays. Cosmic rays come not only from our sun, but from the center of our galaxy and other parts of the universe. Because cosmic rays nourish life, and because they rise and fall in a "wave like" pattern over a few days or weeks, it gives rise to the theory that our universe is not only expanding, but also goes through short periods of "contraction" as well, with a "wall of energy" at the very ends of the universe that helps drive this expansion. It is the purpose of this book to pick up where those long ago left off. They knew of these energies from the earth and sun and harnessed them. Today with technology we can pinpoint when these energies occur. This book than shows methods you can to turn these energies into a force used for anti-aging, healing and health.