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As shown in the "Distance to the Moon" image. When the moon swings further away from the earth (February and September) and the frequency is not as close, it causes more allergy type symptoms in the body. How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March Biology Researcher Randy Nelson at Ohio State University found that the decreasing sunlight heading into fall season (September/October) caused the immune system of mice to become significantly enhanced. His team than showed that 32 weeks later (February/March), the immune system would all of a sudden go into a sharp decline and return to its state of normality lasting throughout the rest of the year. This had a complete ascending to descending cycle lasting from 12 to 32 weeks. It appeared that the shorter days boosted the strength of the immune system. Randy theorizes that this is because the reproductive cycle shuts down during winter, and the immune system uses this extra energy to strengthen itself. This makes sense as we acknowledge Easter around spring, celebrating "renewal" and rebirth, which is related to reproduction. Autumn is the only season that the temperature is different in the morning and afternoon. In the daytime, it can be 65 degrees, but in the night, it may drop suddenly to 10 degrees or more. One of the main changes is in the wind, it becomes much drier, with the humidity returning around spring, increasing the moisture levels in the air significantly. If you work in a medical office, or know anyone that does, you will know the cold and flu season starts within 48 hours of Halloween, with a reprieve around Thanksgiving and starting again around Christmas and ending a few weeks after New Year's celebrating. This also happens to be the same time of year that people don't watch what they eat, allowing toxins to build up and gather in the fats in their system, leading to illness and disease. During late fall, we should ease our nervous systems down into a quieter mode, to promote optimum health through the winter; there is almost a palpable sense of heaviness, the energy moving downward, back to the ground, on its inward voyage. Chinese Acupuncture believes that the Large Intestine, which is responsible for over 70% of our immune system, is at its peak around the fall season. The lungs are also at their peak during this time. Autumn is the prime season to cleanse and boost the lungs and large intestine. In Humans, as day length decreases in autumn, the pituitary gland indirectly increases the secretion of testosterone and testicular volume increases. Products that cleanse the lungs and intestines include garlic, watercress, fresh ginger, kohlrabi, asparagus, radishes, onions and white wine. Also think of herbs such as basil, chives, dill (fresh and dried dill removes heavy metals such as mercury from fish and sea vegetables), the bark of cinnamon, cinnamon twigs, cumin, cloves, marjoram, mustard, nutmeg, pepper, dried mandarin skins, pepper mint, rosemary and star anise. Autumn foods: pears, apples, grapes, olives, limes, lemons, pickled gherkins, umeboshi (a Japanese prune), chestnuts, fennel (a root vegetable or a herb), barley gruel and barley water, millet, aduki beans, sea vegetables, peanuts (only a few, unsalted and used in cooking), coconut, sesame seeds (dry-roasted over your vegetables or on bread), barley- and rice malt, millet, barley, pork meat, venison, eggs, yogurt, cauliflower, button mushrooms, leeks, onions, salsify, young winter carrots, aubergines, beetroot, red cabbage, blanched celery, courgette, kohlrabi, bean sprouts, winter radish, Angela root, miso, soy sauce, sea salt, fish, crab (cooked in combination with ginger and vinegar), mussels (cooked with vegetables), oysters, herrings, sea vegetables. Essential Oils for the fall season include tea tree, eucalyptus, cajuput, sandalwood, peppermint and rosemary. Essential Oils to help cope with emotions around this time include: basil, bergamot, geranium, jasmine, neroli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang. You can take a bath with these to help lift spirits and clear the lungs. This "downshift" of the immune system, coming back "online" around early to late February, causes the lungs to become more prone to congestion and causes immune system impairments, (due to overstimulated intestines). This "overbalance" can be corrected with the following methods: Start exercising the body, allowing your T-Cells to rebuild their immunity. As your immune system comes "back online" include a detox of the liver and boost your intake of antioxidants. Another way to offset this "shock" is to perform a good detoxing consisting of the following :1 cup wheatgrass or fresh parsley, (wheatgrass is a sweeter taste.) 3 carrots, 2 apples, 2 stalks celery, 1 beet with top Astrophysics Links: MEV electrons Real Time: Solar Flux Real Time Courtesy of NOAA: Real Time Cosmic counts can be found here: Mev forecasting 3 days ahead 8 days ahead Solar Flare Forecasting (courtesy of NOAA): Interesting facts about cosmic rays: Cosmic rays are composed of over 90% hydrogen protons, similar to the hydrogen content in sea water. When you water plants with a 12% solution of seawater, you get significant growth. Cosmic rays striking the atmosphere are high in the minerals beryllium-10, carbon-14, and chlorine-36, which are deposit themselves in rain and snow. Beryllium happens to be an alkaline mineral. Carbon is in the thermal conductivity range similar to clay. There is an indicator of the sun called the sun's BZ. The most beneficial time to perform Tai Chi and other life force generation exercises is when the Sun's BZ points south. The BZ direction changes on average every 8 days, and it can point in any direction after a solar flare. BZ Forecast and prediction Courtesy of NOAA: Geomagnetic Forces and Their Effect Upon the Body All living things once originated in the ocean, and as the life forms got more advanced, they evolved onto the earth. A solar flare (also known as coronal mass ejections) can produce two periods of magnetic disturbances. The first is associated with high-energy protons and ions lasting a few minutes. These highly charged particles buffets earth's magnetosphere resulting in extraordinary variations in Earth's surface magnetic field. The layer above our earth that ham radio operators use to increase the range of their signals is called the F2 layer. During certain periods in the cycle of higher solar activity, the F2 layer becomes highly charged, turning into a dense field of plasma. It is during this time there are rarely more than 1 million electron-ion pairs in a cubic centimeter. This increase is measured in what is known as the "Suns Solar Flux." Resource: Understanding Solar Indices By Ken Larson, KJ6RZ Between one and four days later, a dense mass of low to medium energy protons and ions made up of the solar wind surrounds earth. This results in a geomagnetic storm lasting for a day or two. This period of activity is known as the "Recurrent CHHS". In oil carrying pipelines the pipe-to-soil voltages actually increase during this recurrent CHHS period. The high currents manifest with increased rates of corrosion, especially if these pipes are stationed east to west and in high latitude regions. Quote from Nasa Science: "Ground currents induced during geomagnetic storms can actually melt the copper windings of transformers at the heart of many power distribution systems." Source: Transformers use oil to keep them cool. It is important to point out that not all solar flare storms produce higher geomagnetic activity. Sometimes both disturbances occur, other times only the single disturbance occurs. Electrical equipment can sometimes mimic the activity of a solar flare. The degradation of insulation in some electrical appliances causes a strong electric field to occur, which ionizes the air and excites nitrogen molecules, causing an emission of ultraviolet radiation. This corona effect degrades the insulation level of the appliance and produces ozone and to a lesser extent nitrogen oxide which may subsequently react with water in the air to form nitrous acid and nitric acid vapor in the surrounding air. Overall geomagnetic activity of the earth is measured in KP units and you can find the overall KP index here: You can find the suns solar flux at this link: Forecasts of geomagnetic storms and solar flares can be found at this link: All above links courtesy of NOAA. A simple guide to follow regarding geomagnetic activity Higher geomagnetic activity that occurs at the exact same time a solar flare (higher X-Ray Background Levels) occurs with a higher solar flux activity, I believe is most destructive to the body. If the geomagnetic storm occurs a few days after the solar flare, the effect is usually the opposite and more beneficial to the body. Higher solar flux activity has been shown to increase emotional anxiety and stress. This can be turned into a positive, using this energy to increase our thought processes, powers of intention and performing exercising of the body. Scientific Validation Linking Geomagnetic Activity and Health Geomagnetic activity varies in wavelength, frequency and pulsation. In July 1984, researcher Mr. Blackman told the Bio electromagnetics Society that local geomagnetism is a critical variable in experiments, and explained why researchers had trouble reproducing biomagnetic experiments. It was because the results from these biological experiments varied with the local geomagnetism of their area. The labs trying to reproduce the same experiments were in different regions, where the geomagnetic activity was higher, lower or of varying wavelengths. This validates the theory that some geographic regions have areas where people will routinely suffer from poorer mental or physical health, compared to other regions. In the next illustration is an image showing higher geomagnetic energy (image courtesy of NOAA).

Above is a typical geomagnetic storm. It is these storms, when excessive, that cause the most damage to the upper part of the body, especially those living in higher elevations. We know that heart attacks occur most on Mondays, the day that everyone is returning to work. It is possible this huge wave of energy from moving cars causes an artificial “telluric current” field from the ”Monday morning stress” inducing heart attacks in those most vulnerable. People who work late at night are also more susceptible to ill health, than those that work during the day. Once again, they are not in "rhythm" with the locally generated terrestrial field. A number of scientific studies done, most notably by the Russians, have shown clear connections between geomagnetic activity and negative health consequences. The effects of geomagnetic storms include neuro-psychic disorders, effects on pineal hormone melatonin production, constricted blood circulation in the brain and alterations in the concentrations of lipids (high levels of lipids will suppress the ability of fermentation of SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids). From this we can conclude that increased levels of geomagnetic energy affect mainly the upper part of the body. Because having the right mental attitude is important to good health, if you allow these negative geomagnetic storms to affect your thinking, over the long term it will contribute to illness. I have also noticed from personal observation, that people with mental disorders who live at higher latitudes, where geomagnetic energy is stronger; during a major geomagnetic storm, along with continuous higher solar wind speeds above 350, their behavior is significantly more "erratic" and unpredictable. The brain and how we think is linked to our immune system. Our thoughts are electromagnetic waves, just like the solar flux of the sun is composed of electromagnetic waves. The physical body and local geomagnetic energy of a person's living environment are closely linked. A sudden change in an existing routine can weaken the immune system. We all know of the famous "retirement effect" where after working for the same job, living in the same area, and doing the same thing for 20 years, when the person retires, they just "die" all of a sudden. The routine that sustained life for so long is now interrupted. Research has shown that 10 to 15% of the population is predisposed to adverse health due to geomagnetic variations. Those that are most affected by the effects of geomagnetic activity are the elderly. Research has shown that arterial blood pressure values will increase two days just before geomagnetic storms and these values will remain constant for up to two days after the storm. Researcher Kuleshova showed a negative influence of magnetic storms and geomagnetic pulsations on patients with cardio-vascular system diseases strongly decreases in summer, but in the winter time it increases. From this we can conclude that during winter is the best time to look after our cardiovascular system (heart) as the heart is not as strong. Geomagnetic storms are also stronger in Spring, which is another time to look after our hearts. Maybe this is why Valentine’s Day represents the “Heart”. Cuban and Mexican studies have shown that higher solar/geomagnetic activity affects 4 main areas. 1: The male population behaves differently from the female population. 2: The most vulnerable age group to geomagnetic perturbations is that of 65 years old. 3: There is a tendency for myocardial infarctions (death or occurrence) to increase one day after a geomagnetic storm. 4: The myocardial infarctions (death or occurrence) increases as the geomagnetic perturbation increases. These increases are strongest in April and September/October. Because mold has been linked to depression (mold growth is accelerated around fall/autumn) and mental disorders, geomagnetic storms which are high around the September equinox, show increased negative mental disturbances, especially affecting the elderly living at high latitudes. Another fact contributing to negative health conditions on the body is the speed of the solar wind. Research has also shown that when the solar wind remains above 355 for a number of days, people generally feel more "fatigued". It is my theory that the toxins that have built up in the body during this time become more toxic during this time, contributing to negative health conditions. If the body has the right nutrition during these times, the negative effects are lessened. This is a good time to “detox” the body or take lighter foods such as lettuce, greens and avoid heavy foods such as potatoes etc. Combating the Effects of Negative Geomagnetic Activity If you are in good health and of reasonable age, the effects of increased geomagnetism are lessened, but your body will be affected by long periods of high solar winds. Especially if you are an athlete or perform lots of physical activity are elderly or are under a lot of stress. Just as many longevity foods when taken in excessive quantities cause problems, and your body gains the most benefit when taking the right portion. Geomagnetic activity also has a "window" period, where the energy can heal and bring health to the body. This window can be found in the Templates of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection chapter. It is this "window" period that I believe is what allows these trees to grow thousands of years, and to this day still reproduce. Because the world’s longest living trees grow at a high altitude on soil that is rich in dolomite (chemically dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate in a 2:1 ratio), and calcium has been shown to increase cell to cell communication, during this special “body rejuvenation" storm that occurs, the cell to cell communication increases significantly, allowing the body to rebuild itself at this time faster than at other times. The life force "window" periods occur strongest in April and September, with minor periods throughout the year, spread out over a period of weeks. Jet Lag and Higher Geomagnetic Activity Are Both the Same The effects of jet lag are extremely similar to the effects felt on the body during a geomagnetic storm. From this we can conclude that Jet Lag is really a reaction occurring in the body from encountering new terrestrial geomagnetic energy. This is because when a person spends a lot of time in one place it creates an "equilibrium" in that environment. Here is the link between the two simply explained: People who fly on planes flying north to south experience zero jet lag, but only experience jet lag only when flying east to west. During geomagnetic storms, pipelines placed in a north/south orientation show little to no corrosion damage, however pipelines aligned east-west experience tremendous corrosion damage. The worst effect on the body would occur if the person happened to be flying east to west during a geomagnetic storm and landed at a location of high elevation, and most of all was elderly or had heart or mental problems. From this we can conclude that foods that cure jet lag, will also be high in elements that protect the body from periods of high geomagnetic activity. Geomagnetic Storms have been shown to decrease melatonin levels in the body. Melatonin is found in the gut, and retina of the eyes, and is used to counteract jet lag. Melatonin recently has been added to the list of one of the most powerful ant aging supplements available. Because melatonin taken over the long term can cause depression, and contribute to irregular sleep cycles, it is best to take melatonin only during periods of higher geomagnetic activity. This also proves that it is not the body that is adjusting to the new location, or being affected by geomagnetic storms, but the bacteria in the stomach that is affecting the body. As an interesting side note, there is an ancient Chinese exercise called The Immortal Imitating the Lazy Tiger Stretch that is used as a jet lag remedy. Substances and foods that help the body recover from exercise are also used to remedy jet lag. Vitamin B6, Melatonin, 300mg of Glutamine and Vitamin C which all synergize together are a great jet lag "cure". Glutamine to Melatonin ratios should be 2:1. The Vitamin B6 to Vitamin C ratio should be 1:3. Glutamine, Melatonin and Vitamin B6 also boost Human Growth Hormone Levels. We can also produce more melatonin in our bodies by exposing our bodies to direct sunlight and by eating foods high in melatonin which include: oats, sweet corn, rice, ginger, barley, cabbage, carrot, cherries, apple, pineapple, onion, tomato, cucumber, kiwi fruit, strawberries, and asparagus. Tryptophan boosts melatonin levels, and is most effective when taken in conjunction with Tyrosine. Try this experiment, at the next geomagnetic storm, take more Beta Carotene or Vitamin E (usually found in carrots and wheat germ) before bed and see how you feel the next morning. You will wake up the next morning refreshed, re-charged and energized, especially if you have exercised on the day of the storm. Other Jet Lag Remedies include: Epsom Soak bath. Herbs that cure jet lag: Lavender, rosemary and geranium (which synergizes with green tea), jujube, ginseng, longan, biota, reishi, wheatberry, poria and lily.