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Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day Our stomach has remarkably similar characteristics to our sun. Take for example the Sigmoid, which is the shape of the bacteria E. Coli. The name sigmoid means S-shaped and is also the shape of our large intestine. Our large intestine contains an enormous (~1014) population of microorganisms. Sigmoidal S-shaped structures have been shown to be precursors to CMEs (also known as solar flares), existing in some cases for several days before an eruption. Because our colon is so close in design to the sigmoidal structures occurring on our sun, we can conclude that digestion is strongest at noon, when the suns light shines strongest. Because digestion, as well as proteins are highest when the sun is directly overhead, research has shown that proteins occur in foods highest in June and July when the sun shines longer. This means excess proteins should be avoided from late spring until after the summer solstice, as there are more proteins naturally occurring in the body during this time. Also many nutritionists advise to not eat late or when the sun has gone down. After eating a meal and the body is put into a rested state, the human body contains approximately 1500 carbohydrate Calories (stored as glycogen) in the liver and muscle tissue, and over 100,000 Calories of energy stored as fat. I believe just as our body produces vitamin D from the sun, that the enzymes in our stomach also undergo a similar reaction. This reaction I believe gives the enzymes fuel to build new cells, properly digest foods, and create other beneficial restorative actions in the body. This reinforces the theory that eating proteins late at night contributes to health problems over the long term. It also reinforces the concept that digestion is strongest from late morning to around noon. At night, as we sleep, the body goes into a "detox" mode and is slightly more acidic. In the morning the body craves new nutrients to feed the newly cleansed / rebuilt cells. Foods that detox, such as Psyllium Husk and other fibers, should not be taken with foods high in Vitamins A, E and Iron. This is because excessive fiber intake draws out the vital nutrients in foods. Detox foods are best taken between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. every few days, and in moderation, but more so at the start of Spring. Because research has shown the body's temperature to be lowest around 4 a.m. and highest between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., this means taking foods high in good bacteria should be taken between 4 and 6 p.m. This is because bacteria, both good and bad, grow rapidly at higher temperatures, and why "toning" (see chapter on using sound to heal) can boost the immune system when done at sunset. Foods include: Yogurt, Keifer, and other prebiotic and probiotic foods. There should be a light meal, preferably consisting of immune boosting foods, before 7 p.m. Beta Carotene as well as Vitamin E (from wheat germ), are great foods to take before, bed, as these fat soluble vitamins help rapidly repair the body as you sleep. The immune system rebuilds itself strongest just before midnight. Excessive protein consumption before bed will manifest as an excess energy felt in the body at night, keeping you awake. Eating after 7 p.m. is not recommended, as over the long term the stomach will create a cycle craving food at night, turning into "late night snacks", and you end up eating more than you really should, with an unnecessary appetite, and wasting food and precious resources in the process. Research has shown that taking green tea and magnesium in the morning and melatonin in the evening is a powerful anti-aging strategy. Green Tea helps "jump start" the body's metabolism. Interesting Facts about Electrostatic Fields Ultraviolet Light contains an electrostatic field, and when iron is subjected to UV light, it magnetizes the iron. Seeds such as soybean, cotton and wheat when exposed to 0.10 tesla magnetic field will increase the yield of the crop up to 50%. The ant aging compound Spirulina contains its own unique superoxide dismutase enzyme called FE-SOD. This is an iron based SOD enzyme. Natural electrostatic fields can have both positive and negative charges when exposed to an electric environment. When copper and zinc are added, the field becomes a direct current, just like a battery. In the body, the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme peaks at age 12, than declines as you get older. This would explain the "poltergeist" effect associated with some young children, where objects can gain levitative motion, probably due to increased emotion, as high levels of emotion will boost superoxide dismutase levels in the body. Electrostatic fields cause levitation. Research has also shown that small bacterial spores can be uplifted by the electric fields associated with a solar flare. This is interesting to note because humidity also rises when sunspots are higher, so as these spores float in the air, they soak up moisture during the night, giving them life. It is possible that this is how life evolves throughout the earth, as these small bacterial spores travel through the air riding on the newly created electrostatic fields The Humidity Factor Humidity is one of the most powerful methods to accelerate plant growth and increase yields. What happens when humidity levels increase, is oxygen molecules turn into nutrient rich water molecules. This same effect occurs with carbon dioxide. Hemp plants (contain the most amount of Omega 3 Oils compared to other plants) grow extremely well when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide and humidity. Humidity levels are measured using a psychrometer or hygrometer. It is the increased humidity levels that boost the feeling of rejuvenation overnight see (see The Template of Renewal for more info). We can see proof of this increased "life" in the mineral Magnesium Sulphate, which is used to make mineral water. Farmers who use magnesium sulphate in their soil (or Epsom Salts) get the best results when it is applied during higher humidity and at lower temperatures, such as early morning and late afternoon. From this we can conclude that magnesium sulphate increases penetration into the tissues when humidity levels are higher. At Perigee, the time when the Moon is closer to the Earth, it brings greater moisture to the Earth and a tendency towards fungus growth and insect attack. This is especially so when Perigee occurs near Full Moon, and again even stronger when the earth is closer to the sun, from fall to late winter (Perihelion). There is one Perigee and one Apogee approximately every month. The start of Apogee and Perigee periods bring about their own unique type of stres, and seed sowing should be avoided 12 hours on either side of these times (except potatoes). I believe the growth of potatoes are mirroring the same effects as fungi and bacteria, as potato agar is used to grow mold and bacteria. Humidity starts to increase just after winter. This is probably because the earth is closer to the sun in winter (Perihelion), thus causing more water moisture to form. Humidity levels drop strongest between 8 and 11 a.m.Below is an image with the sun in the center, illustrating that Aphelion is when the earth is further from the sun in Summer and Perihelion, closer to the sun in Winter.

Humidity is higher in rural areas, than in the city, and peaks between midnight and 4 a.m. Humidity is highest at higher altitudes, especially south facing slopes which get the most sun during day time, which is why you see fog "hugging" mountain tops. Higher humidity has also been shown to boost local electric fields and increase the "discharge" of built up electrical fields. An example in nature where humidity is related to reproduction is shown in the plant named Grass Needle and Thread. Only during higher periods of humidity, will it unravel itself, releasing new seeds. From this we can conclude that because taking the right foods at higher humidity levels leads to significant health, we can also see this effect taking place in the earth. Limestone absorbs moisture so powerfully that if you place a block of Limestone in a pool of water, the water will travel vertically upwards in the limestone, defying gravity. From this we can conclude that there is less resistance to nutrients entering the cells during periods of higher humidity. Maybe this is how spring water can flow down from mountain tops that have no snow. Inside the mountain the water travels up veins of rocks, where it is discharged from the surface. The 280 NM Lightwave Spectrum Light is one of the most powerful life giving forms of energy there is. It is also a double edged sword. Knowing the proper amount of light your body needs, as well as the proper frequency of this light, can do wonders for the body. There is a special frequency in the lightwave spectrum that has tremendous rejuvenative effects. This range, called the medium wave ultraviolet light or the UVB spectrum, occurs between 280nm to 320nm, which is also close to the spectrum that occurs at sunrise and sunset, which is the time sungazers use to improve their health. The UVB spectrum has proven very effective for the treatment of skin disorders such as psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis (eczema). The range between 300 and 315 nm range is the spectrum that water absorbs light the strongest and our bodies are made up mostly of water. The wavelength of 254 nm is the range that DNA absorb UVB light. Like the infrared spectrum, which is strongest at sunrise and sunset, the UVB spectrum, is also composed of short wavelengths. It contains a high energy level with 80% of the rays reaching the dermis of the skin and 20% of them penetrating deeper into the skin. This makes a perfect 8:1 ratio. Other forms of this ratio occur in the following: The Zinc to Copper ratio is 10:1 for males. Plants increase their growth in an approximate 10:1 ratio of freshwater to seawater and Coconut Oil and Canola Oil in a 10:1 ratio give the skin a "glow". When you spend a short amount of time in light that is in the UVB range, your body feels "charged" afterwards, especially during "life force" storms. The light bulbs used in tanning beds use a similar frequency to the 280nm light spectrum. This is probably why tanning salons are an addiction to some people, due to this "energizing" effect occurring. When the body is exposed to the warm UVB wavelength h between 290 - 315nm, the provitamin D in your cells are converted extremely rapidly into provitamin D3 (Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that has long been known for its important role in regulating body levels of calcium and phosphorus and in the mineralization of bone). The peak wavelength for this mineralization occurs at or near the 297nm spectrum. How the UVB Spectrum Breeds New Life Chaulmoogra oil (a vegetable oil famous for its healing properties) uses the absorption of excessive UV light to create profound healing effects on the body. In India, it is poured into large open vats and exposed to the atmosphere for 15, 20, or even as long as 25 years. This natural treatment of the vegetable oils by the oxygenation (atmospheric air) and UV radiation (sun exposure) creates a fundamental change of molecular structure, resulting in an extremely powerful healing oil. Interesting facts about substances exposed to the UVB Spectrum: When yeast is exposed to between 253 and 366 nanometers, the Vitamin D levels increase. Lactoferrin absorption of light peaks at 280 nm. ATP absorbs light strongest in the 270 nanometer wavelength. Exposing sliced carrots to UV-B, one of the three kinds of ultraviolet light in sunshine, can boost the antioxidant activity of the colorful vegetable. Reference: USDA research study performed by Tara H. McHugh. The carrot investigation, conducted by McHugh, postdoctoral associate Wen-Xian Du and others at the ARS Western Regional Research Center in Albany, California., suggests that a moderate 14-second dose of UV-B can boost fresh, sliced carrots' antioxidant capacity. Scientists have known for at least a decade that exposing plants to UV-B may cause what's known as abiotic stress. Plants respond to the stress by revving up their production of two natural enzymes, polyphenylalanine ammonia-lyase, and chalcone synthase. When Tryptophan or Tyrosine is exposed to 295 nm, it will excite their molecules. When proteins are exposed to 295 and 280 nm, the tryptophanyl group starts interacting with the ligand. The DNA rebuilding substance phenyalaine absorbs light strongest at the 280nm. Linoleic Acid (found in high levels in Raw Organic Butter) peaks its absorbance of light between 270-280 nm. Microbial activity peaks at 300 nm. Commercially-available low pressure mercury-vapor lamps emit light at 254 nanometers (nm), which are used to kill bad bacteria. Although the 185 nm wavelength is better absorbed by DNA, the quartz glass used in commercially-available lamps, as well as environmental media such as water, are more opaque to 185 nm than 254 nm. Due to the shorter wavelengths, excessive exposure to UVB light below 305nm can cause an increased risk of skin cancer, and skin discomfort. For longer term exposure, the light between 310nm and 313nm wavelengths is safer. You can buy "narrowband" UVB tubes that emit UVB light in this specific range. Where To Get Adequate 280nm Light waves You can receive an adequate supply of 280nm light by spending time in the sun or by going to a tanning salon. While an overexposure of too much ultraviolet light can be harmful, just like too much of any anti-aging substance causes cancer, just the right amount of exposure is actually very beneficial. UVB levels in sunlight increase approximately 3 to 5 days after a solar flare, as the atmosphere is significantly more ionized. You can find some good scientific websites online giving 3 day forecasts of the worldwide UV index. Medium wave ultraviolet absorbs strongest at high elevations (effects of geomagnetic storms are also felt strongest at high elevations). I believe that UV light is related to longevity. One example is the world’s 2nd oldest living tree, which is still sprouting cones, so it can still reproduce, is the tree called Methuselah, which is about 4,770 years old. Due to its high elevation, it is exposed to high levels of UVB light year round, and grows in Dolomite soil. As mentioned previously in this book, dolomite soil has a perfect calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1, the same ratio that Coral Calcium (dissolves acidity in the blood) is made up of. The famous longevity people living in the Sango Coral Reef islands in Japan drink water high in coral calcium. This shows there is a restorative connection between calcium and ultraviolet light, especially in the 280 nm spectrum. It’s possible the UVB spectrum is boosting the clarity of the cell to cell signaling in the body. Another example of a plant that grows at high elevations are the leaves of A. Ursinum or Alpine Wild Garlic. This garlic has 20 times more Adenosine than regular garlic. Another method to increase medium wave ultraviolet absorption is to take white button mushrooms before exposing your body to this light frequency, which rapidly and significantly increases the amount of Vitamin D3 in your body. Locations of Medium Wave Ultraviolet The broad range of Ultraviolet that you find in the sun, always has the medium wave ultraviolet contained in it, so knowing the best times that the UV levels are stronger, will give your body a boost of this medium wave ultraviolet. You will receive an extra boost of beneficial energy if your body has adequate levels of electron rich foods such as Spirulina, Flaxseed etc. UV Levels according to Time of Day UV levels are greater in tropical areas near the earth's equator (the same geographic region many longevity herbs, plants and foods are found). The highest readings of Ultraviolet (at sea level) will be seen under clear skies in the Tropics when the sun is directly overhead, typically from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. At the equinoxes, this will be at the Equator; at the solstices, it will be along the Tropic of Cancer in June and the Tropic of Capricorn in December. The further from the equator, the lower the UVB reading even at mid-day, because the sun will be lower in the sky. The lowest readings of all will be seen at high latitudes in either hemisphere during winter months - when the days are short and the sun does not rise high in the sky. font face="Arial"> Thick, dark clouds block UV radiation, puffy or thin-layered clouds increase it. Hazy days may see just as high UV values reaching the surface as on clear days. Ultraviolet light bonds strongly to oxygen and levels are greatest in wide open spaces, especially when highly Geomagnetic Storms. These put stress on the body, however by performing the exercises during the right times, this stress becomes a "beneficial stress" bringing about significant health renewal overnight. During October through January, the earth orbits closer to the sun. During winter, stress is highest on the body, probably due to the increased geomagnetic storms. This is the time of year that visits to chiropractors peak and is also the time of year that Halloween occurs, which shows the horrors of destructive and aging bodies. The 2 equinoxes of the year signal the change in direction of our sun. As mentioned earlier in this book, after the winter solstice it moves northwards and after the summer solstice, it moves southwards. I believe that because the body is so closely linked to our sun, that the change in direction of northwards affects the immune system of the body the most. From personal experience, after performing the special “chi” exercise at the first sign of higher geomagnetic activity, and there are higher 2mev readings, the “chi” energy feels much more stronger. 2 MEV Real Time with Forecasts: Current Geomagnetic Activity: How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System Even with all the healthy foods and the perfect mental attitude, your immune system can still become depleted. From my research I believe that the immune system can be “protected” by projecting positive, higher thoughts, and “allergies” occur when dark, depressed and negative thoughts are allowed to circulate in the mind, leading to a weakened immune system. Extreme periods of higher solar activity, have also been shown to contribute to pandemic influenza. Research has shown that the microbial mutation rate in rats significantly changes during spans of changing solar activity by showing a greater increase in resistance to antibiotics. Additional research shows that in the years leading up to sunspot maximum, mutations in the influenza virus lead to outbreaks of flu pandemics. If you take a look at the solar flux for the years ahead (shown in the following images), you will see that as of 2011 the new solar flux cycle is just getting started. This is because when the solar flux is higher, the body is more susceptible to bad bacteria. Could we be in for another major influenza in the approaching years? I hope not. Hopefully we will have learned our lessons in the past, to prevent any future major influenza outbreak. NASA's Solar Flux Prediction shows that major higher solar flux periods are approaching in the coming years. This coupled with a sudden drop in sunspot activity could be a time of increased influenza. As the expected ranges show in the data table on the following page, June of 2013 shows a peak with a danger period from July 2013 to July 2014. 2019 shows another danger period due to low sunspot activity.


Resource: Cycle 24 10.7cm Radio Flux Prediction Solar Cycle 26 will start rising after 2020, peaking between 2027 and 2028 with another low around 2035. This cycle is predicted to reach the same height as that of the 2014/2015 height. As these peaks get lower and are completely flat, I believe that is when the pandemics and influenza start to occur. Another time is just after the peak of a high period. I believe that at the peaks of these sunspot cycles is when the bacteria become resistant to the current forms of antibiotics, making treatment a challenge. A few years later at the low of the peak cycle, when the influenza virus is strongest, the antibiotics have practically no effect. I believe however that today our technology has matured enough so that when the next influenza strikes, we shall have all the resources necessary to combat a global pandemic. The real danger, as mentioned previously, is relying on nano-technology to cure the pandemic. There are more than enough resources to create an organic cure for influenza, rather than use nano-robots to take care of the problem. Using nanobots to cure a virus is an introduction to humans becoming robots. So we should always be sure we leave both options open at all times. Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles Lets take a look at a couple of pandemics and how they peaked when sunspot activity was lower. Shown below is a graph with the last 400 years of sunspot activity.

You will see that when there was no solar activity (during the Maunder Minimum), this was the time that smallpox became the new global pandemic. An internet search 1600, 1700 + smallpox will reveal more details about this. Between 1910 and 1916 Polio was widespread all over the world. There were lower sunspots between 1890 and 1920. Cures on the other hand occur when sunspots are at their peak. This is when minds are stimulated and enthusiasm to find a cure is highest. Around 1790 Dr. Jenner made public the smallpox vaccine, just towards the end of the peak of a solar cycle. The vaccine for Polio was invented in 1955, at the peak of a solar cycle. Therefore we can clearly conclude that the cure occurred between 1770 and 1780. Was the real cure for polio withheld for a period of time. Quote from PBS Extra: “In 1947, when the „miracle drug‟ penicillin was discovered to effectively treat syphilis, doctors withheld it from the participants. Although originally intended to last 6 six months, the study went on for 40 years and was kept secret from the public until 1972, when a former Health Service employee leaked the story to the press. President Bill Clinton issued a public apology on behalf of the American people in 1997, saying “what the United States Government did was shameful, and I am sorry.”” Source: During these low sunspot periods or "maunder minimums", it is a good time to review, prepare and observe what is available so we can make new tools, and find new ways of doing things for when the next upswing occurs. It is not a time of productivity, but rather observation and allowing what new information, ideas and ways of doing things emerge. Time to pay attention to detail and so on. The real danger today is becoming so over reliant on technology that if another smallpox type epidemic hits, instead of the medical "cure" being organically solved, it will be solved with the use of nanotechnology, or small miniature robots that destroy the "outbreak". I personally would rather use the organic method to solve another smallpox type outbreak. Especially with all the research and technology we have today, that shouldn't be hard. Additional Links of Interest: Cycle 24 10.7cm Radio Flux Prediction Predicted Sunspot Number And Radio Flux Values With Expected Ranges Solar and geomagnetic data (last month) Last 30 Days Daily Sunspot Numbers Radio Propagation/Space Weather/Sunspot Cycle Information The NW7US Resource Center From personal research I believe that at certain times, the energy of the sun from solar flares, can cause the body's immune system to become weakened. I believe the "bacteria" that causes immune system depletion starts early in the body. This would make sense because geomagnetic storms have been shown to cause increased mental disturbances and because the mental state of mind can directly affect our health, than the suns storms could cause immune system imbalances. I believe that during these periods which weaken the immune system, it is really a "jump" in evolution that occurs. A perfect example of this is when weeds became resistant to the Roundup Ready soybean formula. Let’s take a look at this in more detail: Quote from by Bob Hartzler at Iowa State University: "The identification of glyphosate resistant horseweed is the first case of a weed developing resistance in Roundup Ready soybeans. The resistant biotype first appeared in Delaware in 2000. The first population originated in a field in which glyphosate was the only herbicide used in Roundup Ready soybeans in 1999 and 2000. This horseweed biotype has exhibited an 8 to 13 fold resistance to glyphosate." This means that the weeds became resistant to round up during a sunspot upward cycle, as this is the time "life" emerges naturally strongest. NASA researchers Hathaway and Wilson have shown that the most recent solar maximum was in late 2000. They also discovered that Solar Minimum follows the first spotless day after Solar Maximum by 34 months (approximately 3 years). Solar activity than returns rapidly after this solar minimum. In recent cycles the Solar Maximum has followed a Solar Minimum by just 4 years, the last occurring in 2006. Therefore 2006 + 4 years = 2010. 2010 also saw new technologies emerge, sweeping changes in the financial markets, as well as a change in the industry and manufacturing sectors. And even into early 2011, we are seeing this fallout being reflected in changes in the political arena. Below is an image showing where the sunspots peaked in 2000. Researcher Mr. William Hershel showed that a lack of sunspots affects wheat crops. In 1801 he wrote, “It seems probable analyzing the period between 1650 and 1713, and judging by the normal yields of wheat, that a scarcity of vegetation occurred whenever the sun appeared to be free from spots.” Solar cycle 24 lasts from 2008-2014, ending 4 years after 2010. So expect to see the next "surge" in evolution peaking around 2014, especially if Round Up has made a new "weed resistant" formula, it too will become resistant to weeds in this cycle, having "evolved". Perhaps new strains of antibiotics will also become more resistant during this time. An interesting point to note here. People have been reporting what is called "chemtrails" in the sky since 1996. Some researchers state that chemtrails are designed to "dumb down" the population, or to stop them from having a stronger connection to their higher selves or cloud their perception of reality. Since the new uprise swing in sunspots that also made weeds resistant to Roundup, could the human body be becoming resistant to the effects that chemtrails are meant to induce upon the global population?. If this is so, than the Arab Spring and the American Spring we are seeing is a result of people "waking up" or clearly see what is going on. In other words if there was a group out there spraying chemtrails to keep people in the dark from what is going on, than maybe people are becoming resistant from the effects of chemtrails and seeing clearly how the "system" really works. Maybe the intended effects from people who spray chemtrails know they are most effective on during a downward cycle of declining sunspots. What is a Condition Cycle? As shown at the beginning of this book, a condition cycle is the result of a complete solar flare cycle. Each cycle is divided into a different color category, showing the effects on the mind and body according to the cycle of the solar flare. These "mini" cycles follow a cycle of approximately 11 days. These "mini" cycles have the following effect on the body. Just before the sunspots increase, a period of aches and pains can occur in the body, which is the result of oxidative stress, at the peak of the solar flare, the body’s immune system may undergo a tremendous change caused by the high speed solar winds, which can result in significant physical or mental problems. Excessive physical exercise should be avoided. A few days later, a condition green occurs, allowing the body to adjust itself to the new conditions, resulting in good health and harmony. It is like a “release” has just occurred. This is a period where exercise is recommended, and where oxidative stress is "relieved". Next the cycle repeats itself again going back to orange. The complete solar cycle lasts approximately 11 years. During this time, the effects from the "mini" flares become more intensified, depending upon if the cycle is on an upswing or a downward trend. During World War Professor Tchijevsky, a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics who continued his studies at the war front, noticed that particularly severe battles regularly followed each solar flare during the sunspot peak period of 1916-17. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the 5 years of maximum sunspot activity. Tchijevsky divided the eleven year sunspot cycle into four periods: Period 1: (approximately 3 years, minimum sunspot activity). Peace, lack of unity among the masses, election of conservatives, autocratic, minority rule. Period 2: (approx. 2 years, increasing sunspot activity). Increasing mass excitability, new leaders rise, new ideas and challenges to the elite. This is the season we are in now as of 2011. Period 3: (Approximately 3 years, maximum sunspot activity). Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands. This cycle begins around late 2013 into 2014. Period 4: (Approximately 3 years, decreasing sunspot activity). Decrease in excitability, masses become apathetic, seek peace. This cycle is due to arrive between 2015 and 2017. As shown in the next illustration, this format is put into an easy to understand picture. The image is for the northern hemisphere. Because the sun starts to decrease its sunlight from the June Solstice to the December Solstice, collectively this is a time where uncertainty and fear occur in the general population, and is amplified even further if the sunspot cycle is on a decline. After the December solstice, more intensive sun energy is brought through to the earth, and if we are on a sunspot cycle upswing, less fear and more progress is made, which is the cycle we are in as of 2011, as shown in the image earlier named sunspot cycle 24.

Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health Take the example of fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who died January 23, 2011. He focused on nutrition and exercise, obtaining one of the fittest bodies in our day for a man in his 90's. However, he succumbed to the "bad bacteria" called pneumonia after a heart operation he had a few days later. Elton John became “sick” in May of 2012 due to a bacterial infection and had to cancel his tour in the United States during the 3 months of perigee supermoons that occurred). Let's take a look at the Sun and Moon activity during this time: January 22, 2011, happened to be when the moon was about 8 weeks from a "Super Perigree" (the moon was in full Perigree on January 22nd). "Super Perigree" is when the moon is closest to earth. Because perigree moons bring with them increased insect attack, we can conclude that "negative" bacteria are also increased during this time. On January 21st, there were 7 "C" Class flares, which significantly increased the Suns Solar Flux (or ionization of our upper atmosphere). This caused significantly higher solar wind speeds (between 350 and 400) for a number of days after the solar storm. Similar conditions were present in May of 2012 when Elton John visited the United States.

Another perfect example is as shown above, on July 27th, there were rising sunspots with 9 "C" class solar flares along with a higher flux of 4.0. Similar to the conditions that were present when Jack died. It is interesting to note that the death of Steve Jobs coincided with the massive solar flare activity that lasted for about a month during the Month of August 2011. I believe that the underlying trigger leading to the bad bacteria that weakens the immune system during this "solar window", is when the body is experiencing a high period of stress. Those most vulnerable during these periods are the elderly, and extreme athletes. Because our molecular structure is so similar to that of our sun, when you are stressed, and the sun is "stressed" (by releasing solar flares), it causes bad bacteria to form in the air. This bacteria is similar to the same bacteria found in brewer's yeast. This bacteria that "floats" in the air all around us has been proven by researcher Louis Pasteur in 1859, who showed that when he placed boiled meat broth in a flask and bent it into a sigmoid shape so air could not enter, no bacteria developed in the broth, however, when he tilted the flask allowing air to enter, the broth was full of new bacteria. Solar X-ray observatories have observed Sigmoidal S-shaped magnetic structures in the solar active regions of our sun. I believe that the solar flares emitted during February and March are filled with a higher level of south polarity energies. As mentioned earlier in this book, these south polarity energies connect with the roots and trees and the roots are what absorb decaying matter, which is a form of fertilizer. Research shows that tissues subjected to a south magnetic field become acidic. Because the sun’s activity is just returning to high levels during February and March, these new energies would naturally make not only the body more acidic, but the single celled yeast that floats in the air all around us would be more acidic also. I believe that the immune system of the body is undergoing a radical "shift" or change during this time of the year. Let’s do a re-cap on the energies that come from solar flares. At the precise moment a solar flare occurs, the ionosphere becomes highly charged with X-Rays from the sun, which also hinders the frequencies that carry radio communications, particularly in higher elevations. I believe that because radio signals and the cells in our body operate in similar ways, a solar flare also hinders the cell to cell communication in our bodies, especially during times of increased stress in the body. Scientists at Georgetown University in Washington DC found that high energy particles in space, which are produced by solar flares, triggered an oxidative stress response in mice. Temporary oxidative stress prolongs life, continuous excessive amounts cause inflammation leading to illness. From this we can conclude that if your body is more physically stressed around the time leading up to or close to a perigee moon (Research has shown that at the peak of perigee, the effects are most strongly felt within a 3 day period before and afterwards.), and there is a solar flare with 5 or more C class flares occurring within this period, with higher X-Ray background flux readings, that it will synergize the stress already in the body, leading to an overactive immune system. The most common outcome being inflammation, infection and “allergies” that come from no where. I know from personal experience that the above "dark window" period brings on a more weakened immune system. I never get sick any time of the year. I was able to time my period of inflammation that "came out of nowhere" having been caused by more than 8 "C" class flares. Now I use the above guide to be sure I am not stressed during these times, take more Vitamin C, Brewer's Yeast, Garlic Powder and Cod Liver Oil and Glutamine to recover faster and thus haven't had any problems since. I also take green tea in the mornings at these times, which boosts antioxidant levels. The Perigree/Apogee cycle of the moon occurs in "waves", these waveforms gradually move the moon or closer further from the earth in a 8 month period. When the moon is at its maximum closest to earth and the distances or "swinging" is further apart and is just before an equinox or solstice and 8 or more "C" class solar flares are occurring with higher X-ray Background Flux Readings, this is the time the body is most susceptible to bacteria that causes infection of the body. The pictured waveforms shown in the next illustration show the moons movements closer and further from the earth over a cycle. When it is at maximum closeness to earth this is when the negative energy is strongest. When there is a full moon present at this time it is called a "perigee super moon". The effects are felt strongest within a 72 hour before and after the approach and last from 2 to 3 weeks before and after the peak. As you can see from the picture in this cycle 2010, perigree was strongest during March and September.

This energy also seems to affect longevity herbs and compounds. During the March and September solstices, there seems to be a "build up" or accumulation from the antioxidants in longevity herbs and substances. However the effects are much less at the Summer and Winter Solstices. I believe this occurs because during the December and June solstices the earth and sun align with the center of the Milky Way. Could it be the energy from the center of our galaxy is what gives the longevity herbs and compounds their anti-aging power?, Just as you can’t overdose on Vitamin C in natural fruits, but can overdose on Vitamin C supplements, perhaps the fruits, plants and vegetables automatically “adjust” to this new energy, unlike pharmaceutical compounds which are manufactured and can’t adjust. From personal research I have discovered that taking less longevity herbs and compounds during this period and using "toning" or sounds to heal the body and to boost the immune system works best around the March and September equinoxes, especially if there is a "C" class solar flare occurring, and the moon is in perigree. Another contributing bad factor, as mentioned previously, is during a solar eclipse. Bad health has always been attributed to an eclipse. It seems that the sun’s higher solar flux, when sustained for long periods enhances these negative effects. So in conclusion, the most dangerous period would be during a solar eclipse, with a high solar flux, and the moon closest to earth with a "C" class flare present along with high speed solar winds for a number of days and the X-Ray Background Flux Levels having just recently risen above 4.0 and climbing.. All it takes is the right amount of stress to trigger disease and illness during these periods. The chapter "supercharge your immune system" goes into more detail about how to find these days more precisely.