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YOU NEED TO INSERT THE HOW TO MAKE MAGNETIC WATER CHAPTER AND THE TEMPLATE OF RENEWAL CHAPTERS YOU NEED TO INSERT THE HOW TO MAKE MAGNETIC WATER CHAPTER AND THE TEMPLATE OF RENEWAL CHAPTERS YOU NEED TO INSERT THE HOW TO MAKE MAGNETIC WATER CHAPTER AND THE TEMPLATE OF RENEWAL CHAPTERS PAGE 2 The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux An empty stomach will boost the power of intention significantly. Intention can also be used to "shape" the effects the minerals in food have on our bodies. We all know by now how some people can use intention to change the molecular shape of ordinary water. This is because water is full of one of the lightest elements, hydrogen. When you eat food that is high in water, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, cabbage, carrots etc., visualize the nutrients being absorbed by the body and your cells soaking up this energy and taking in the nutrients giving your body health, vitality and wellbeing. Here is a method of "dissolving calories" using intention. When you sit down to a meal, or a snack, look at what you are about to eat. Before you eat, visualize that you are "moving" all of the calories contained in the food into another portion of the food, and move that one portion into one small corner or section. You can do this by either mentally doing this, or taking your fork or knife and "brushing" or "herding" the group of calories. Eat the large portion, but be sure not to eat the section where you "moved" all the calories alone. From this we can conclude that calories are affected by the infrared spectrum, as seen in the infrared lamp, which burns away calories. This would give rise to the theory that our thoughts operate or are related to a portion of the infrared spectrum. From personal experience I have noticed that yogurt responds well to intent when the blue portion of the solar flux is at higher levels, a higher solar flux, especially the blue portion of a higher solar flux (. Try this for yourself, when the solar flux is higher, charge the yogurt with the intent to boost your immune system. This works because research has shown that bacteria (which yogurt is high in) causes bacteria to mutate. (You can find the suns solar flux at this link: During a higher solar flux, take in more nutrients that rebuild bones and teeth such as Comfrey, especially if you exercise during these times. Take foods that are more easily digested at this time. Coconut Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, which are Medium Chain Triglycerides, require no digestion and best of all give the body energy. It is also a good time to do "Oil Pulling". (See Chapter How to Heal A Toothache and Never Visit the Dentist Again for more info). I believe that a higher solar flux represents a type of spiritual energy emanating from the sun, which is possibly why our cells and minds become stimulated more during a higher solar flux. Intentions and Events I believe that all life, even before it is born, has a phantom DNA template waiting for it. It is only during the proper conditions that it "springs" to life. This same example is seen in the mental world, when you write down a goal. When you have a goal or set objective, you create a mental template that starts to materialize over time as you give it energy, Many people have also used what are termed "treasure maps", which are colorful pictures of goals put on paper. Over time these goals manifest, and fill in this template due to intention and thought given to it. Because the sun and moon energies play a large part in our day to day activities, we can use this as a guide to leverage our intentions, and eliminate frustration. I have listed the peak times of these energies below: June/July or Sunday evening/Monday morning. - This is a good time to put goals down on paper. February/March or Friday evenings/Saturdays or at the peak of a solar flare - The template of Intention These energies can also be divided up into the following 6 sections. Sundays/Mondays/December/January/Sun/Moon Tuesdays/April/May/Venus/Mercury Wednesdays/July/August/September/Earth Thursdays/Feb/March/Jupiter Fridays/November/June/Mars Saturdays/October/November/Saturn/Uranus Using the Condition Charts listed on, we can also divide the sections of the year up into the following: February - Condition Purple March- Condition Red April - Condition Blue October - Condition Green The above times are also the periods that the sun is most active. In other words the suns activity is renewed around March, than starts to die down after the June solstice. It than picks up activity again just after the September solstice. Season: Spring Direction: East Life Phase: Infancy Time: 3-7 a.m. Substance: Regenerative Energy Action: Wind Emotional State: New Emotion/ Anger/Patience Nerve Factor: Sensitive Body Parts: Liver/ Eyes/Nails Constellation: Gemini/Cancer Numbers: 8/3 Planet: Jupiter Material: Wood Action: Sprouting Color: Green Emotion: Benevolence/Courage ________________________________________________________ Season: Summer Direction: South Life Phase: Youth Time: 9 a.m to 1 p.m. Action: Expand / Blooming / Willpower / Creativity Emotion: Hate/Joy Body Part: Heart/Tongue/Throat Constellation: Virgo/Libra Numbers: 2/7 Planet: Mars Color: Red Temperature: Hot Action: Propriety/Order ________________________________________________________ Season: Late Summer Color: Yellow Life Stage: Adult Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Emotion: Clarity/Anxiety/Empathy/ Faith/Trust Rebuilt Action: Stabilizing/ Harvest Temperature: Damp/Ripening Body Part: Spleen/Pancreas/Lips Constellation: Taurus/Leo/Scorpio Numbers: 10/5 Planet: Saturn _______________________________________ Season: Fall/Autumn Color: White Direction: West Life Phase: Aging Time: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Action: Contracting Temperature: Dry Emotion: Intuition/Grief/Integrity/Righteousness Body Part: Muscles/Lungs/Nose/Body Hair Numbers: 4/9 Planet: Venus ________________________________________________________ Season: Winter Color: Black Direction: North Life Phase: Death Time: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Action: Conserving Temperature: Cold Emotions: Wisdom/ Fear/Calm/Spontaneity Body Parts: Kidneys/ Ears/Bones/Hair Constellation: Aries/Pisces Numbers: 6/1 Planet: Mercury

Renewed energy to fuel goals with new energy or new beginnings occur on earth at the equinoxes and solstices. Here is how the sun appears to revolve around the earth as it appeared to the ancients. At the spring equinox, the sun is directly over the equator, after having headed north since the winter solstice. At the summer solstice at the tropic of cancer it appears to "hang in midair" for about 4 days, because it is at its highest point. It than heads south crossing over the equator again at the tropic of Capricorn until it reaches the winter solstice period where it starts moving northwards again. As we can see the current industrial revolution is currently undergoing a radical change. The future in mass manufacturing is "sintering", in which lasers produce products via "layers" of materials, rather than by the old nut and bolt method. This cuts re-tooling costs, allowing for higher customization and precision. Another technology gaining momentum is synthetic biology, in which plants are modified to make the medicines. In the future, we may have labs that specialize in making custom plants that deliver the medicine you need for your blood type, skin type and other factors to heal your body. As of 2011, here are the current positions: The sun resides in the Pisces-Aquarius nexus on the spring equinox. The sun resides in the Gemini-Taurus nexus on the summer solstice. The sun resides in the Virgo-Leo nexus on the autumn equinox. The sun resides in the Sagittarius-Scorpio nexus on the winter solstice. Shown below is our sun at the very bottom about 1/2 way through our galaxy.

88 Miles per hour - Mentioned on the movie back to the future. The sunrise and sunset times of 06:00 and 18:00 vary with the speed of the Earth in its orbit. This value varies for the March and September equinoxes by +8 and -8 minutes. (Research the equation of time to learn more) Jesus was circumcised on the Eighth Day. On average, the BZ polarity of the sun is lost, changing from north to south, or south to north every 8 days. This is a time of re-growth, a time to sit back and evaluate progress, and prepare for the future. In ancient Babylon the Akkadian god Shamash (Sumerian Sun god Utu) was depicted as an 8 pointed star or 8 pointed cross. His name means Sun. The pope's palace is adorned with 8 pointed crosses. The 8 pointed star is a metaphor for the rotation of the Earth Cross against the backdrop of the Galactic Cross. In Christian churches we find abundant examples of 8 pointed crosses in lead glass windows and floor tiles and in most, if not all cases these 8 pointed crosses exist of two separate four pointed crosses. Here it is displayed in the main square of the Vatican.

It also appears on the papal stole, as shown below

There are 8 major digestive enzymes. These are Protease, Sucrase, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Maltase, Lactase and Phytase. The letter "B" standing for B vitamins, appears as a figure 8. The Number 11 11 Miracles by Jesus occurred when daylight hours were increasing /exceeded nighttime hours. 11 Days after the vernal equinox (which occurs around March 20th) is the time of year that geomagnetic storms are strongest and longest lasting (April 2nd.) A solar cycle lasts approximately 11 years. The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms Our thoughts are associated with electromagnetic energy, the same type of energy emanating from our sun. There are 4 'charges' in nature which affect the body: The first is the higher solar flux, which occurs as a result when the F2 layers become "charged", from higher sun activity. This stimulates brain activity and consciousness allowing more focus to occur in specific tasks. I believe that the more naturally stimulated the brain is the more spirit and ideas are turned into matter. The 2nd is when the earth’s magnetosphere becomes supercharged with trillions of watts, which occurs as a result of excessive and high speed solar winds coming into contact with the intrinsic magnetic field of earth during solar flares. Without earth's magnetosphere life could not exist on earth. The 3rd is when earth's geomagnetic activity is higher. This period can create either more of a destructive effect upon the body or more excitation or renewal, depending on the current solar conditions. The 4th is when the sunspots are climbing to higher levels. This period drives intention, faith, belief, miracles innovation, ideas and invention. Similar to a higher solar flux. From my personal experience, I have discovered that when the solar flux has been quiet for a period of time and then starts to become active, combined with higher sunspots (usually above 80), I have been able to get more things done during this time, it is like "time stands still" and focus and concentration is boosted. Most of all you can use this period to improve your endurance and health. Start by exercising your body at this first active period of the solar flux. Your body will naturally feel renewed and refreshed than at other periods, probably because the cells of the body are more stimulated during this time. I believe that this results in an increase in the cell to cell communication of the cells in the body, boosting the electron flow across the cell membranes. This occurs most powerfully around the Winter Solstice. Another interesting effect from a higher solar flux, is just before sunset, when I hold a cup of magnetic water to my chest next to the magnetic water chargers and visualize the energy from the magnetic chargers flowing throughout my body, my dreams are extremely lucid the following night. (see the chapter on how to make magnetic water to learn more about this effect). Once again, this effect is strongest around the Winter Solstice. Real Time Solar Flux, courtesy of NOAA: The Sun’s Solar Wind The solar wind is produced primarily in the cooler regions of the corona, known as coronal holes, and flows along the open magnetic field lines. (The frequency of the solar wind varies from 30 to 50 khz.) These frequencies have been shown to regenerate human tissue and most of all has a significant effect on the healing of bones. 1.5 MHZ is just below the Ham Radio spectrum, which is probably why Ham Radio is so addictive as a hobby. We know that Ham Radio depends heavily on the solar flux density for maximizing their radio communication. This increased distance of radio transmission allows for their signals to travel further. Is there a link that because a higher solar flux increases radio communication, and electromagnetic frequencies have been shown to affect the cells of the body, that the higher solar flux enhances communication between the cells of our body? Brainwaves function better when higher amounts of phosphorus are in the system and when there is more natural glucose and natural sugars present. Sprouted wheat grains are high in these natural sugars and glucose. A good brain boosting formula is to take sprouted grains such as Barley or Wheat along with Ginkgo, or other brain boosting herbs and you will feel a tremendous "rush" of energy flowing throughout your brain, giving you new ideas, helping solve problems and significantly increasing mental energy output, and as an added bonus there is no "coffee" or "sugar crash" you get from processed brain enhancers. I have also noted from experience, that when there are more sunspots, and you take the above combination, the enzymes in these sprouted grains seem to have more "life in them", which boosts the effects of the sprouted grains. Perhaps enzymes are stimulated like the cells of our body during higher sunspot periods. The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun It is my theory that solar flares emit what I call a "Galactic Superlight", which are full of slight south pole charges. These particles ride on the solar wind and are attracted to the earths north pole and upon entering earth attain strong south unipolar charges. They than reconnect with the roots of trees and plants, driving photosynthesis. Experiments by the scientist Dr. Mikhailov have created a similar effect when he exposed copper and iron particles to an illuminated light source, whereupon they exhibited unipolar magnetic charges. Today, even the most powerful antibiotics have become immune to bacteria. Any anti-aging pill made for the body would also become "immune" to the anti-aging "pill", thus at the best, achieving only short term results. Keeping the body free of infection is really a war between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, and whenever the body continues The Magic of Infrared and Carbon Dioxide The sun emits Infrared and more infrared is emitted during higher solar flare activity. Infrared is an electron acceptor and penetrates through anything, even down to the depths of the ocean, where it feeds aerobic bacteria, especially those near volcanic vents. When the sun is low on the horizon, it is in the infrared range, which is possibly why sungazing at sunset heals the body, as the body absorbs the infrared rays of the sun. . Infrared saunas penetrate so deeply into the body, that they burn away over 600 calories in 30 minutes. The Far Infrared Mineral Lamp, currently approved by the FDA, was invented by a group of scientists in China, headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin. It heals muscular aches and pains, soft tissue injures, arthritis and various skin conditions. The story of the Far Infrared Lamp is an interesting one. century-old ceramic factory in a rural area in China had extremely poor working conditions. The workers stood in clay mud for much of the work day next to a klin furnace. Those that stood near the furnace with their feet soaked in clay, never developed a single case of arthritis, compared to their workmates. A full-scale scientific investigation revealed the anomaly: An electromagnetic reading in the far-infrared spectrum emanating from the kiln found that the metallic slag in the kiln, accumulated over years of buildup, showed it was made up of 33 minerals that corresponded with the 33 essential minerals found in the human body. When infrared heat was applied to these minerals, they radiated energy similar to the energy emitted by the human body. Infrared rays from the sun occur at sunrise and sunset, which is also the time that more moisture is in the air, especially in the morning. It is also the time of day you can stare at the sun directly without being blinded. The science known as "sungazing", as mentioned earlier, when you look at the sun at sunrise or sunset, has been shown to have dramatic beneficial effects on health and well being. The Amazing Telluric Current Today, very few of us have heard of the term "telluric current", but back in the days when the telegraph was just beginning, it was the only power force available to power telegraphic wires so communication messages could get through. Telluric current, simply put, is energy that travels through the earth, oceans and sometimes rides with the wind. It has both a positive and negative polarity and an electrostatic field of force. When the right metals are placed the right distance apart in the earth, the telluric current is turned into a direct current, which can be used to power electrical devices. Electrical power from telluric current was first coined the term "earth batteries". They were used to power small clocks, as well as telegraph power lines.

The solar wind is most responsible for the movement and intensity of telluric current. The solar wind consists of oscillating electrons and ions. When the solar wind encounters our earth a few days after a solar storm, the telluric current flowing through overhead power lines and electrically charged wires reaches record high levels. In the wind, telluric current can be observed as "flowing waves" across crops of wheat grain. Telluric current has also been used since ancient times to affect regions of consciousness and create new states of awareness. Many cathedral designs in Europe are designed to harness the telluric energies to induce altered states of awareness. Telluric currents can be guided by magnetic fields. Telluric current accompanies and is guided by thought, just as the solar wind is pulled in and guided by the magnetic field of our earth. That is why you see some churches with statues having circular “symbols”, and vertical “wave” shape formations in the stone architecture. Many of these are curlicue shaped, which capture and hold telluric current. We also see it in healing establishments as Rod of the Rod of Asclepius. Telluric current has also been found in geothermal hot springs (which are made of spring water) and volcanic ocean sea vents, which are full of sulfur, which aerobic bacteria feed on. Telluric currents have also been theorized to exist in the vacuum of outer space known as the "Birkeland currents", and may be responsible for being part of the process in forming stars. Telluric currents travel in longitudinal directions, the same direction energy enters the cells of the body. Sunspots also happen to flow in a longitudinal motion. Research Paper. “The longitudinal proper motion of sunspots and the solar rotation rate” Published by The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System Telluric currents are of extremely low frequency. They seem to follow a path moving down towards our equator at 12 noon and then go upwards at midnight. This is the same time period that the enzymes Amylase and Trypsin are strongest. And in the late evening and just before and after midnight is when the phytoplankton and chlorophyll grow fastest and strongest, proving that there is a link between aerobic bacteria and chlorophyll or the single celled algae and telluric current. This is of significant importance because in the Templates of Renewal chapter, the solar wind is used as the marker for when the rejuvenative energy is strongest. This is the time that the solar wind "jumps" or rebounds upwards. The world's oldest living tree is a 9,550 year old spruce tree in the Dlarna province of Sweden. If you research the type of soil this tree is growing in, you will find it is high in limestone/dolomite. Dolomite is composed of Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 ratio. Another long living tree, which is still sprouting cones, so it can reproduce, is the tree called Methuselah. It is about 4,770 years old. It is exposed to high ultraviolet light, and grows in Dolomite soil also. These trees grow at high elevations where geomagnetic energy is strongest. It is my theory that during the right geomagnetic storm conditions (which I have named life force" storms) the calcium and carbonate alkaline proteins become "charged", soaking up the geomagnetic energy which causes a form of rejuvenation or renewal to occur. From personal experience, I have noticed that during the proper geomagnetic storms when I perform a special type of “chi” exercise, my body feels significantly refreshed and renewed a few hours afterwards. This feeling lasts for up to 3 days afterwards. (see Templates of Renewal chapter for more details). Perhaps the calcium in the body is soaking up this energy just as the longest living trees are. Report from Wikipedia “The storm was reported in the New York Times and other newspapers as having an effect on telegraph systems, which were rendered useless in some cases.[1] The Savannah Morning News reported that "the switchboard at the Chicago Western Union office was set on fire several times, and much damage to equipment was done. From Milwaukee, the 'volunteer electric current' was at one time strong enough to light up an electric lamp".[1] Measurements taken in the United Kingdom, where the telegraph also was affected, indicated that a telluric current five times stronger than normal was present” Research Link: Aurora of November 17, 1882 So from this we can conclude that a geomagnetic storm increases the amount of telluric current available. Telluric current flows are strongest among areas of least resistance such as wide open spaces, strong ultraviolet light, earthquake fault lines, and objects with a high thermal conductivity or low resistivity, such as clay, basalt, granite, marble, ice, volcanic soil, sulfur and limestone. From personal experience I have found doing the special “chi” exercise at locations of earthquake fault lines increases the rejuvenative energy significantly. During the period after the full moon up to 3 days afterwards, the full moon is clearly visible just as the sun rises, giving an extra boost to the telluric current. It also boosts the energy of intention significantly. It can also be guided and directed by a magnetic field, also of which our thought waves are made of. Telluric currents increase 24 hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low pressure zone which accompanies thunderstorms. Volcanic soil will increase this telluric current flow before a thunderstorm up to 300%. This means that the earth is more highly charged during this time, and it is when the earth is charged like this, telluric current flow is stronger. Telluric Current follows what is known as the "Golden Mean" or Fibonacci sequence. Despite its seemingly endless variety and diversity, nature employs only three basic ways to arrange leaves along a stem: disticious, like corn, decussate or whorled, such as mint, and the most common, spiral phyllotaxis (for about 80% of the 250,000 different species of higher plants), where the rotation angles are Fibonacci approximations to the golden angle of 137.5. This pattern aids photosynthesis, each leaf receiving maximum sunlight and rain, efficiently spirals moisture to roots, and gives best exposure for insect pollination. This spiraling phyllotaxis pattern, determined by Fibonacci numbers, also builds the cell structure of the stalk and arranges scales and petals. Take a close look at the black face of a sunflower- the seeds are arranged in a golden spiral phyllotaxis. Why is it that the number of petals in a flower is often one of the following numbers: 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 or 55? For example, the lily has three petals, buttercups have five of them, the chicory has 21 of them, the daisy has often 34 or 55 petals, etc. Furthermore, when one observes the heads of sunflowers, one notices two series of curves, one winding in one sense and one in another; the number of spirals not being the same in each sense. Why is the number of spirals in general either 21 and 34, either 34 and 55, either 55 and 89, or 89 and 144? The same for pinecones : why do they have either 8 spirals from one side and 13 from the other, or either 5 spirals from one side and 8 from the other? Finally, why is the number of diagonals of a pineapple also 8 in one direction and 13 in the other? Pinecones have either 8 spirals from one side and 13 from the other, or either 5 spirals from one side and 8 from the other and the number of diagonals of a pineapple are 8 in one direction and 13 in the other. Each season, usually during spring, pine cones secrete a powdery substance that has significant anti-aging effects. For herbs like mint where the leaves go two-and-two at right angles, the number is 2 which is a Fibonacci number. Herbs in the Mint Family happen to be one of the most powerful natural antioxidants available, making it a powerful natural anti-aging substance. Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures Because research has shown that geomagnetic storms can cause health problems in the elderly, geomagnetic storms cause telluric current to flow so strongly in the earth, that they damage structures that are full of oil. Two main structures that are easily damaged by telluric current are pipes that carry oil and electrical transformers that use oil to keep them cool. This effect is amplified further if the pipes are at high elevations as geomagnetic storms are stronger at higher elevations. It is also a well known scientific fact that people who live at high elevations live longer. Research Study. “People living at higher altitudes tend to live longer and have a lower chance of dying from ischemic heart disease” Recently published: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health Research Link: In pipelines, to stop this excessive current damaging the pipelines, most of these pipelines now place zinc anodes or magnesium anodes a few miles apart to soak up these currents and "discharge" them. Could there be a link between the fatty acids in our bodies, which harbor toxins, and increased telluric current, which may be affecting the oil laden toxins in our bodies? We all know that magnesium in Epsom salts helps reduce the pain of arthritis. Perhaps arthritis is caused by “negative” geomagnetic storms. Just as zinc anodes are used to discharge telluric current, arthritis suffers also use zinc to help relieve arthritis. .The majority of arthritis sufferers live in damp climates which boosts the flow of telluric current. No doctor can explain where arthritis comes from. Is it possible that the effects are telluric energy based?. It is most interesting to note that the majority of visits to chiropractors occur during the months of September to November, the time of year that geomagnetic storms are strongest (they peak in April and September). As mentioned earlier, when moisture (or times of higher humidity/dew point) is present in the soil at the same time telluric current flows, the voltage becomes much more reliable and constant. I believe that because Wheat Germ is high in Zinc, and taking Wheat Germ on the evenings after a geomagnetic storm leaves your body feeling refreshed the next morning, could be another clue that arthritis could be linked to geomagnetic activity. I believe that the telluric current is attracted to the DNA in living organisms. DNA has a Fibonacci structure. This spiraling phyllotaxis pattern, determined by Fibonacci numbers, also builds the cell structure of the stalk and arranges scales and petals. Take a close look at the black face of a sunflower- the seeds are arranged in a golden spiral phyllotaxis. Despite its seemingly endless variety and diversity, nature employs only three basic ways to arrange leaves along a stem: disticious, like corn, decussate or whorled, such as mint (Mint the leaves go two-and-two at right angles, the number is 2.), and the most common, spiral phyllotaxis (for about 80% of the 250,000 different species of higher plants), where the rotation angles are Fibonacci approximations to the golden angle, 137.5. This pattern aids photosynthesis, each leaf receiving maximum sunlight and rain, efficiently spirals moisture to roots, and gives best exposure for insect pollination. And because some people have theorized that DNA travels back in time, could the energies from a Geomagnetic Storm be bring energy from the past to the present? Perhaps this is the clue that the scientists of resurrection ecology is seeking. How to Tap Telluric Current To turn telluric current into an electrical current, we need only 2 metals. Copper and Zinc or Iron. Ironically, these are the same 2 metals that must be in our bodies for the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme to function properly. So we can conclude that telluric current has an electrostatic field, as the SOD enzyme also has an electrostatic field. These 2 metals must be placed approximately 2 meters from each other for the current to flow. The north plate should be buried 50% deeper than the southern plate for maximum telluric capture. The flow is stronger from south to north. If you coat a plate of zinc with felt used to tap telluric current and place this felt coated zinc plate in the soil, the felt will absorb moisture, causing an increase in the telluric current even more. Batteries also work on this same principle, a carbon core with a copper and iron or zinc caps on opposite ends draw out the electrical current. Telluric current can also affect emotions when a structure is made of metal or wood. One example is how it feels to be inside a steel framed shed used for storing cattle before their slaughter, compared to a wooden structure used to feed horses. Try it for yourself, spend some time in one of these structures just before a thunderstorm and see what it feels like. In the 1840s, W. Ross of New York reportedly obtained a several fold increase in the yield of a field of potatoes when he buried a copper plate (5 ft x 14 ft) in the earth, and a zinc plate of the same dimensions 200 ft away. The two plates were connected by a wire above ground, thus forming a galvanic cell. In similar experiments by Holdenfleiss (1844) with battery-charged zinc and copper plates, yields increased up to 25%. In winter due to enhanced moisture, this voltage measures, 300V-1 and in summer 00vm-1. Another interesting aspect which affects potatoes is when the moon is in Apogee, farmers receive significantly more potatoes. From this we can conclude that telluric current flows strongest when the moon is in Apogee (further away from earth). Perhaps this "stretching" effect creates a static field charge upon the soil, increasing the good bacteria and causing more potatoes to form. Telluric current gathers inside structures known as curlicues, which are 3 sided geometric figures. Curlicues resemble the shape and pattern of our milky way galaxy. Telluric currents can be seen in areas of high energy such as; the aurora borealis and filaments ejected from solar flares. If you closely examine Stonehenge in England, you will see that the stones are all laid out in a curlicue pattern. I believe that telluric structures or certain metals "capture" the telluric current, storing the energy like a battery and energizing at the molecular level. No part of our universe is constant or "stable". Everything is moving. The sun moves around our milky way, the milky way moves around other galaxies and so on. In theory maybe our universe is also in motion, perhaps viewing it from a distance, it would appear to be inside a moving "bubble".