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How Behavior and Heath is Affected by Our Sun. Published by The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health. Welcome to one of the most informative and up to date books on Solar Health and Healing available today. --- BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE UPDATED INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE BEFORE FINALIZING --- --- BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE UPDATED INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE BEFORE FINALIZING ------ BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE UPDATED INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE BEFORE FINALIZING --- This book is based years of research and observation of monitoring the sun’s effects on our environment and living organisms. This book combines both the spiritual as well as the factual methods proven to shield the body from the dangers associated with powerful geomagnetic storms and solar flares. I highly respect the medical profession, however I only have had to visit them when I had accidents that involved exterior trauma to my body, such as bike crashes, or other external accidents. I never have any need to visit doctors for the flu or other illness because I don't get sick anymore due to using the techniques in this book. I believe this is an emerging trend that hospitals will tend to external injuries more than external injuries in the future. Western medicine is a miracle to treating the short term chronic condition, however for prevention of disease over the long term, it fails miserably. Because the methods described in this book are so simple towards improving your heath and creating success in your life, it makes it easy to forget them, so don't invalidate your successful results by forgetting to do them over time, as when you stop doing the exercises or taking the foods at the right times mentioned in this book, the successful results will also fade away. This book deals with long term prevention, not short term fixes. We can follow the rhythms of the earth and use these same rhythms to defeat illness in our bodies. As our biological clocks are directly impacted by the cycles of the earth, these same cycles can be used to bring health and wellness to the body. I call this renewal period the Templates of Renewal and the Realignment of Health, Harmony and Perfection. We already have seen this in nature when our earth received a new radiation belt on March 24, 1991 and in and in the recently emerging science "Resurrection ecology”. March and April happen to be the time of year when geomagnetic storms are strongest. It also happens to be the time of year that phytoplankton grow fastest in what is known as the "spring bloom". March/April are when sunspot activity is just restarting and when the number of cosmic rays entering earth starts gradually increasing over periods of days. It is the institutes theory that these cosmic rays interact with a as of yet undiscovered layer in our upper atmosphere, which "brings life" back to the earth, a form of “natural healing”, as which is used in the “Condition Green” condition period demonstrated on the website The Sigmoidal Connection Early in medieval times, digestion was thought to be controlled by the movement of our sun. Our large intestine, which is responsible for making good bacteria, boosts our immune system, forms short chain fatty acids and many other beneficial healing qualities is sigmoid shaped (the name sigmoid means S-shaped). Even some of the most popular bacteria in our large intestine is sigmoid shaped. E Coli, the most prevalent aerobic bacteria found in the large intestine, is also sigmoidal shaped. The large intestine contains an enormous (~1014) population of microorganisms. Bacteria in the large intestine ferment about 75% of consumed dietary fibers. Over 70% of our immune system is contained in our gut. Solar Xray observatories have observed Sigmoidal S-shaped magnetic structures in the solar active regions of our sun. These magnetic structures have been shown to be precursors to CMEs (also known as solar flares). These occur several days before an eruption. This shows that there is a an obvious connection between the sun and our stomachs. believe that this represents the increased mental power of focus and intention, which is significantly amplified during the start of a higher solar flux. Higher solar flux periods usually occur during solar flares. Below is an image of what the first increase in the suns solar flux looks like, courtesy of NOAA. The Moon and Health The distance of the moon varies from nearer to further from the earth every 2 weeks. This is called the perigee and apogee. Just as the sun "rises from darkness" once per year (See The Power of Intention and Our Sun for more details) so too does the moon have the same effects. Apogee is when the moon is further away from earth and represents light and love. Perigee is when the moon is closer to the earth and represents the "dark side" of the moons Apogee. Shown below are the moon Perigee and Apogee sizes. Perigee is much larger. From studies at the Institute, when the moon is closer to the earth at Perigee intention is also magnified and when the sun is closest to the earth, which is at the Summer Solstice, Intention is stronger also. Apogee and Perigee times both bring a stress period, both good and bad. Research has shown that bacteria mutate strongest and fastest when negative intention is applied. Farmers know that Apogee is a good time to plant potatoes because significantly more of them will grow. Learning and mental tasks and processing are easier during apogee. During Perigee the potatoes are bigger, but much fewer. Research has also shown that Perigee brings increased moisture in the air, an upwelling of emotions, attacks from insects and negative intentions, especially during "super moons". A full moon at perigee occurs every 14 lunar months and when the moon is closer to earth during this time it is known as a "super moon". Major super moon events occur on average every 18 years. These happen to cause extreme weather, higher than average tides, tornadoes and sometimes earthquakes within days before or after their occurrence. The apogee moon represents good collective intentions, light, love and life. I believe that an electrostatic field can boost the energy of an apogee moon. The electrostatic field of the earth is higher during 1/2 moons at perigee and at during the moons crescents. So we can see that more potatoes occurring round apogee could represent more disease fighting white blood cells, which boosts our immune system. I believe that apogee moons are affecting the proteins and starch in foods, just like monosaccharaides increase in the presence of sunlight. Glucose is a monosaccharide that is a byproduct of photosynthesis, showing that monosaccharide can increase in the presence of sunlight. We can see this effect occurring in alfalfa. An increase in sunlight before mowing alfalfa allows the alfalfa to retain more starch and glyconutrient sugars. When this alfalfa is fed to cattle, their milk contains more protein, their milk is a lot healthier, and numerous other benefits occur due to this reaction. I believe this occurs because the starch in alfalfa, when exposed to sunlight, causes this increase in nutrients to occur, just like when you take white button mushrooms and spend time in the sun, it boosts Vitamin D by up to 869%. THE SOLAR FLARE CYCLE AND ITS EFFECTS UPON THE ENVIRONMENT A solar flare period includes 2 increases in geomagnetic activity. First at the very start of the solar flare and again about 3 to 4 days later. The 2nd geomagnetic storm that usually occurs approximately 3 days later is commonly called the "recurrent CHHSS." This storm is always of much more strength and longer in duration. It also charges earth's magnetosphere will trillions of watts of energy. It also brings about an increase in cosmic rays. The cycle does not always repeat in the same pattern, sometimes you will have a solar flare with no geomagnetic activity and at other times you may have no second geomagnetic storm, yet have a storm with a solar flare. The stronger storms that follow this pattern usually occur close to the equinoxes and solstices. The storms that have the strongest effect on the body occur during Spring when we celebrate Easter. The 2nd most powerful geomagnetic storms occur during fall, when we celebrate Halloween. I believe that these geomagnetic storms are more damaging to the bone structure of body, just as the February through April “shock” the immune system as we shall show later. Research has shown that "stress" on the body from geomagnetic storms is strongest around September/October. There are also more chiropractic visits during this time of year. April and October are both exactly 1/2 way or 6 months between each other. And during this time of year the effects of "life force" exercises such as Tai Chi, QI Gong, Pole Balancing etc., are stronger. This is probably due to the intention of us being able to "focus" and use this energy to heal, rather than letting it consume us, causing disease, just as the results of "toning" are more effective February through April, probably because sound is more conductive in an atmosphere with higher moisture, as is the case just after winter. I believe that like the sun, cosmic rays have a dual nature to them. I believe that when they are rising, and we are in the “Condition Green” period, that the increase in cosmic rays is beneficial to the body. When the cosmic rays are rising during a “Condition Red” period, I believe they can increase the effects of the condition red. Our Sun is not the only star emitting cosmic rays. During April/May the Milky Way is directly overhead. Report by Universe Today "Sources of Earth Bombarding Cosmic Rays May Have Been Located". "Researcher Milagro found significant cosmic rays emanating from 2 places in our galaxy. The first region near the constellation Taurus, and the other near the constellation Gemini." The sun is in these constellations during May and June. Understanding the Principals that Create Faith Every day we use intention to accomplish goals. At times some of us "give up" too soon and too easily. Research has shown that when there are increasing sunspots, intention also is boosted. It is like your past efforts become "layered" and multiply themselves as the sunspots grow. It is the Institutes conclusion that increasing sunspots help create the future and increasing geomagnetic activity brings energy from the past to the present, as we shall show later on. On days of increasing sunspot activity or when the Sunspot Area 10E-6 is growing. (known in the Institute as Condition Blue), applying more faith and patience towards your goals manifests them easier and quicker than when the sunspot count is lower or rapidly declining. The most powerful periods are when the sunspots just pass 80 and again at 160. The Suns Solar Flux The current scientific term used to measure a more active sun (which sometimes accompanies higher sunspot activity) is termed the suns "Solar Flux". If you have seen the movie back to the future, there is a connection between the terms "flux". "The flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible", says the professor. Perhaps this was a clue in the move that the future is composed of "layers" of events that have occurred in the past just repeating themselves for the future. Every 2,160 years the Sun enters a new constellation beginning at the Vernal Equinox. It takes about 26,000 years for the sunrise to align with all 12 constellations at the equinox. As each sign moves through each constellation, a new influx of energy emerges, and with it new belief systems are born.We are entering the Aquarian Age which will see the blending of religion and science as well as not just earthly Brotherhood, but possibly Universal Brotherhood. Just as Christianity ruled the Piscean age, science and altruism will rule during the Aquarian Age. The goal during this time, is to live a life of service to humanity; to exercise our powers of compassion, and show beneficence. This is the future. The last supper also coincided with the movement of the Spring Equinox into the constellation of the Fish, (also know as Pisces), about 2000 years ago. How does this tie into history repeating the future? Here are some events that occurred the last time Aquarius was present when the sun rose at the Vernal Equinox (about 26,000 years ago): The last Ice Age began, Gardening became a new food producing strategy, The Japanese, European and Indian Calendars began (interesting to note that the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012). People started living in Japan, Men and Women were buried together, suggesting equality between the sexes, new forms of gardening and the cross breeding of grains were introduced, Siberia became populated, there was a change in human DNA, as evidenced from a neanderthal infant skeleton which showed a 7% difference in its DNA compared to the DNA of us today. Because history repeats itself, we are starting to see these same things occurring today. Mental power of focus and intention and cellular activity is significantly amplified during the start of a higher solar flux. Higher solar flux periods usually occur during solar flares. Below is an image of what the first increase in the suns solar flux looks like, courtesy of NOAA. Research has shown that people connect to roses more in the summer time. Summertime happens to be the time of year that sunspot activity is at a maximum. The thorny rose bush has the highest frequency of any plant known (320 MHZ), and is commonly used by healers to help magnify intention. Could the Bible be trying to tell us something? Perhaps Christianity sees Christ as the symbol of our Sun. Christ wants us to have faith in him. When we apply the principle of faith on days of higher sunspot numbers (condition blue), they manifest clearly and quickly. Some people may interpret these miracles to "Jesus" having "made my day" or "without faith in "Jesus" I could not have made this possible" etc. This success/miracle than becomes a self-repeating/sustaining belief structure. Just as the man who summons “UFO’s” on YouTube “manifests” them during condition blue periods (see for article). The Power of Intention and Our Sun Sunlight has been shown to affect the human endocrine system, metabolism and interaction with geomagnetic frequencies. The sun moves through 12 constellations each year. People born in a particular aligned constellation are assigned a "star sign". This is what people use to read their horoscopes. The dates are as follows: During the time of Jesus,, the majority of healing was performed from the March Equinox until the Fall Equinox. In the dark months between Scorpio and Aquarius, the sun didn't have enough strength to conquer the demons which represent darkness. The vernal equinox is when the earth’s orbit crosses the Ecliptic according to the sun’s position. In Northern latitudes this marks the beginning of Spring, a celebration of Easter and Passover occur a few weeks after this event; in the Southern latitudes it marks the beginnings of Fall. We now have confirmed that higher sunspots increase intention. Miracles can't occur without intention or belief. The logical error Christian's make is to attribute these events to an actual person. With Jesus as the personified sun, these miracles are in line with what primitive peoples would think." This continuous cycle of “miracles” burns into an individual a self-sustaining cycle, so powerful, people will do anything to defend it, because it has "liberated them". Acts of intention by Jesus always peaked when the sun was "emerging" from darkness. Below are the periods that the sun aligns with the constellations throughout the year, also known as your "horoscope": From Mar 21 to April 20 the sun aligns with Aries From April 21st to May 21 the sun aligns with Taurus From May 22 to June 21 the sun aligns with Gemini From Jun 22 to July 22 the sun aligns with Cancer From July 23 to Aug 23 the sun aligns with Leo From Aug 23 to Sept 23 the sun aligns with Virgo From Sept 24 to Oct 23 the sun aligns with Libra From Oct 24 to Nov 22 the sun aligns with Scorpio --- THE PERIOD OF DARKNESS BEGINS From Nov 23 to Dec 21 the sun aligns with Saggittarius * From Dec 22 to Jan 20 the sun aligns with Capricorn * From Jan 21 to Feb 19 the sun aligns with Aquarius* --- THE PERIOD OF DARKNESS ENDS From Feb 20 to Mar 20 the sun aligns with Pisces. As we shall see further, de-coding the bible shows us how these dates relate to intention: Introducing a quote courtesy of "Gospel Zodiac, breaks down the gospel of Matthew according to the motifs of the Zodiac. The gospels are patterned after the one year cycle of the sun. The sun is strongest in the spring and summer. Of eighteen specific healing miracles, twelve occur in spring, when the sun is growing in strength (This is when the sun crosses the vernal equinox, when daylight hours start to exceed nighttime hours.), four occur in Virgo, for a total of sixteen, when the sun is in the strongest half of the cycle. " Let’s see how intention was used during this time for healing. 1.The sun heals many (Matt. 4:23). 2.The sun heals a leper (Matt. 8:1). 3.The sun heals a Roman Centurion's Servant (Matt. 8:5). 4.The sun heals Peter's Mother-in-law (Matt. 8:14). 5.The sun calms the Storm at Sea (Matt. 8:23) - stormy days are cloudy. 6.The sun heals the Wild Men at Gadars (Matt. 8:28). 7.The sun heals a Lame Man (Matt. 9:1). 8.The sun heals a Woman with a Hemorrhage (Matt. 9:20). 9.The sun raises Jairus's Daughter (Matt. 9:23) - A tribute to the life giving power of the sun. 10.The sun heals Two Blind Men (Matt. 9:27) - A tribute to the sun's light. 11.The sun heals a Demon-possessed Man (Matt. 9:32) - Light conquers demonic darkness. One miracle occurs when the sun is in Gemini. This occurs just before the summer solstice. 12.The sun heals a Man with a Withered Hand (Matt. 12:10). So far we have twelve miracles occurring at the time of the year when daylight hours are increasing and when they exceed nighttime hours, than daylight starts to decrease (after the June solstice). In biblical speak, this was seen as a battle between the sun and the dark forces. Four miracles occur in Virgo. This is the last stage before the sun crosses the autumn equinox and the last time daylight hours exceed nighttime hours. There is only one healing miracle which symbolizes the sun's waning strength. It is also harvest time. 1.The sun feeds 5,000 people (Matt. 14:15) 2.The sun walks on the Sea (Matt. 14:22) 3.The sun heals the Syrophoenician's Daughter (Matt. 15:21). 4.The sun feeds 4,000 People (Matt 15:32). These all happen when the sun is moving "northwards" in the sky, when days are longer, and intentions are multiplied. The sun feeds 5,000 people, means that no amount of genuine effort put forth into something goes unrewarded or unfulfilled. The Solstices of June and December are the maximum position of the Sun above the ecliptic (North) or below the ecliptic (South). In the Northern-based philosophies these North-South placements mark the periods of Day & Night or Light and Dark; in at least a symbolic sense. The Equinoxes represent the points of Spring-Germination and Growth, and Fall-Harvest. So when the Sun enters Aries it changes from South to North, and when the sun enters Libra, he changes from a North to South position (declination) with respect to the ecliptic, appearing to "go backwards" or "retrograde" as its known. Before these changes in declination, the sun appears to momentarily "hang" in midair, at which time the energies are highest. There is only one miracle in Libra and it is a healing miracle. Clearly the sun is getting weaker. 1.The sun heals a Man with an Epileptic Boy (Matt. 17:14). There is only one miracle in Scorpio, a healing miracle. There are no miracles in Sagittarius. The sun is too weak. In fact Jesus accepted the hospitality of Simon the leper and didn't heal him. When we tally the miracles, there are twelve when the sun is stronger and gaining on the dark forces and six when the sun is descending and losing to the dark forces. Around June after the summer solstice is also the time of year that our sun aligns with the constellation "Cancer" at sunrise. Because this is at the start of the period of decreasing daylight, this is possibly where the term "cancer" came from. It is interesting to note that people subconsciously name their children names during the months of the year the sun is gaining in strength. Examples are Jan, April and June. After the June solstice, as the daylight hours grow shorter, there are no common names of children associated with the days of longer darkness. Here is a breakdown of the light of the sun, according to time of year: Spring Equinox - Aries. Daylight grows stronger. Summer Solstice - Cancer. Daylight is longest and begins declining. Autumn Equinox - Libra. Daylight grows dimmer. Winter Solstice - Capricorn. Daylight is shortest. From this we can conclude that miracles and building intention peaks between January and July each year. As of this 2011, we are just ending the Pisces age and entering Aquarius, therefore From Jan 25 to Feb 19 the sun aligns with Aquarius and From Feb 20 to Mar 20 the sun aligns with Pisces. So from about January 20th until February 15th, intentional energy is strongest. A time for new ideas and new beginnings. Another "window" period where the power of belief and intention is strongest is when our earth aligns with the constellation of Taurus, which occurs from From April 21st to May 21 each year. From personal experience and from others who have used this "window" after applying sincere belief in something, it manifests miracles much more quickly than at other times. I believe that because the sun is aligning with the milky way during this period, it produces tremendous amounts of “light” energy that we can use to direct and focus. The builders of Stonehenge also knew about the sun’s death and rebirth. Quote from Wikipedia: "Stonehenge - The timber circle was orientated towards the rising sun on the midwinter solstice, opposing the solar alignments at Stonehenge, whilst the avenue was aligned with the setting sun on the summer solstice". This alignment is even seen in the orbit of the electron, which mimics the path of the sun at the solstices. Researcher Dr. Davis CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT CHECK THIS PART IN THE PHYSICALLY PRINTED BOOK AND RE-INSERT This is an excellent analogy of the example behind the phrase "the sun feeds 5,000 people" illustrating that as the sunspots grow during sunspot cycle upswings, more prosperity is made available to all, and as this cycle declines, it fades. It is the Institutes belief that during the winter solstice there is a "stress", as the polarities of the earth undergo a "re-charging". I believe that the polarity is most weakest during the June Summer Solstice, when geomagnetic storms are strongest (when temperatures are warmer). Magnets lose their polarities due to "shock" and "heat". Other traditions also recognize the solstices. In Egypt the star Osiris rises, and in Greece, the god Dionysos was reborn. From Jun 22 to July 22 the sun aligns with the astrological house of Cancer. It is during this time that the power of intention is at its peak. At this time the Egyptians believed that this was the time that the soul of man is "reborn". It is also the time of year the earth rotates furthest from the sun (Aphelion), and when the suns solar irradiance is highest (or UV irradiance). From my personal research using radionics (which is an instrument to focus intention) to manifest lottery numbers, they always manifested faster and quicker when the sun was aligned with the constellation of Cancer, and a full moon in Taurus, with beneficial aspects in electional astrology. (I always got 3 out of 4 numbers in the daily pick for after doing this for over 2 years). Research has shown that summer is the time of year when protein regeneration in foods occurs highest. This means that rebuilding proteins in the body occurs faster and more thoroughly during Summer. So in summary: After the Summer Solstice the sun "dies" meaning that sunspots, and the "solar flux" activity dies down significantly. During the period from February to April we see a change in the frequency of the energy coming from our sun, which results in "reborn" sunspots and with it a renewed solar flux. It is during this "rebirth" that our power of renewed intention also grows. We have free will to direct this intention to do well. Without intention, miracles wouldn't happen. It is my belief that Jesus Christ was a symbol for the sun, and the writings are an example of how to use the power of the sun. From personal research I have also discovered that the moons 1st crescent seems to boost the power of intention also. So in summary, there are 3 periods that create miracles and allow the substance of faith to manifest more clearly. These are 1: When sunspots cover more area of the sun (sunspot area 10E-6). 2: The moons first crescent. 3: Rising/Increasing Sunspots for 3 consecutive days. Daily Sunspot Forecasting and Numbers Courtesy of NOAA: Miracles and DNA One way to confirm this is to look at the frequency of 528 Hz, which is both responsible for repairing DNA and creating "miracles" (also known as a condition blue). Because 528hz is responsible for repairing DNA , and rising sunspots are also responsible for miracles, than DNA repair must be possible by visible sunlight. (Research paper “Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial DNA Mutation, and Impairment of Antioxidant Enzymes in Aging” Published by Yau-Huei Wei*,2 and Hsin-Chen Lee†) (Research Paper “New approaches to biochemical radioprotection: antioxidants and DNA repair enhancement.” Published by the US National Library of Medicine) (Research Paper “Inhibition of DNA Repair Synthesis by Sunlight” Published by P.G. Parsons and I.P Hayward) Another interesting observation is that during higher sunspots, repetitive tasks yield larger and more results, a good example is saints that have been able to multiply foods high proteins, especially nuts. Perhaps the proteins are responding to increasing sunspot activity. The Berg Timer Method The Berg Timer method is also another factor that has been used to predict solar activity. It uses an "index" called harmonic days. Strong harmonic days increase solar activity mostly in the form of solar flares. Viewing the solar system as a whole, the most plausible cause for the planets' effect seems to be electromagnetic in nature; the planets' magnetic fields may interact with the solar wind in a way in which we are not yet aware. Einstein spent the last 25 years of his life trying to combine gravity and electromagnetism into a unified field theory. Perhaps the Berg Timer Method may enhance work on that subject, acting as a catalyst for new studies in celestial physics. The Berg Timer Method is showing us the way to understanding a new, subtle combination force. You can find out more about the Berg Timer by visiting the inventor at Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology Because an increase in sunspots can bring increased prosperity, wealth, intuitive logic and other enhanced mental effects. There is a "darkside" that occurs. This is the decline in the sunspots just a few days later. As shown in the image, in August of 2002, there was a major decline in sunspots, just after the peak of sunspot activity in 2002. August happens to be the time of year the sun is declining in strength. So during a period of low sunspot activity, we can expect the market to "nose dive" more from August to November.

We can see from the last sunspot cycle which was Solar cycle 23, that at its peak, we had major success in business and prosperity, than as it ended in December 2008, there was a huge crash. Is it possible that people are using the sun to “excite” people during this times to “create a boom”, and than after the sunspot cycle has ended, causing a “crash” to occur in the financial markets? Perhaps during upswings this is where the term "stock market miracles" came from. The reason this recession seems so major is because the new sunspot (cycle #24) and the one after it are predicted to be much smaller than the previous large sunspot cycle (solar cycle 23). When this last sunspot cycle faded, so did the economy and prosperity. The reason this recession seems so major is because our current sunspot cycle (Cycle #24) and the one after it are much smaller than the previous large sunspot cycle that peaked in the year 2000. Therefore "stimulation" from exterior sources "hyping" stocks etc., will not be as strong. From the experience others have told me, sales always increase when the sunspot levels are rising, so this could also explain the current "depression" in sales that we are in. During an "upswing" in a solar cycle when the sunspots rise/increase in strength the intentional energy is stronger. If there is a "downward" trend, the intention is lessened. When the downward trend occurred, there was more collective fear in the general population (as seen when the financial markets failed and the world trade center was bombed) etc. 911 happened also during the time the suns energy was "weaker", which is in September.

In January 2009, when the stock market "crashed" the sunspot cycle was at an all time low. It was at this time it was just starting sunspot cycle number 24, which we are in now.

Other periods just after a high period or "bottom" period include just after the peak of sunspots in 1970 caused a decline in the stock market, and when the sunspots "bottomed out" in 1987, there was another decline.

The most recent bottoming out of the stock market was in March of 2009, and as the image once again shows, sunspots were at their minimum levels.

As shown above, the last cycle began at the start of 2010 as indicated by the arrow. From this we can conclude that the safest times to "trade the markets" or (our progress in science and technology) is just at the start of rising sunspot cycle and again just before its peak. This is the time people are most "stimulated" to buy stocks and innovate more. These same effects can occur on a "microscale" after the sunspots have risen for 3 days or more, usually just before a solar flare. During periods of low sunspot activity, there is incredible opportunity available. Take the time to reassess your situation, find new ways of doing things, stop operating on automatic, prepare for new ways of doing things etc. This is a time of reflection, getting ready for the new. So when the next upswing occurs, you are prepared and can benefit. They say wealth and fortunes are made during periods of "recessions". Research has shown that bacteria will mutate into a beneficial type when intention is applied and this mutation is greatly amplified when negative intention is applied. From personal research the Tai Chi, QI Gong, Pole Balancing and other life force exercises are significantly strongest during the Fall Equinox, which is the same time we celebrate "Halloween", along with the negative / positive "intentions" of "trick or treat". Could this represent the negative intentions that occur from lack of emotional stimulation by our sun this time of year? If we have learned to harness the power of intention using the power of our sun, could there not be people on other planets in our galaxy that are also stimulated by their sun, driving change? Maybe our sun acts as a "communication device" allowing us to unconsciously pick up their intentions. I theorize that the because sunspots "energize" and stimulate the mind, perhaps other planets have gone through or are going through stages of technloical development similar to our own. Peak periods of intention also coincide with peak electrostatic field periods. This is at the crescent moon period, which is why you see in advertising and graphics the moons 1st crescent. Mr. Edward Leedskallin, famous for levitating large stone blocks, made an entire pond with these positions of the moon in his "moon garden". To view the number of sunspots over the last few months visit: (courtesy of NOAA) To view an archive of sunspot activity visit: (courtesy of NOAA) I have personally noted from experimentation with intention that intention becomes "renewed" or "reborn" about 3 weeks after the winter solstice. By coincidence, 4 days after the solstice, we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus. This is the same time the sun starts its southward journey from the horizon. It also happens to be the time of year that we celebrate new years eve, a time of setting goals and renewing intentions for the new year. However, the best time to set new goals is after the March equinox, when the sun is gaining in strength, as it is too young just after the winter equinox. This is also the time of year sunspot activity starts to "mature". During March, April and May, stocks have closed higher on average in 100-point increments over the long term. Source: Also as shown above the record highs and decade lows always occured during the Month of March. I believe that the biblical story of Jesus was a way to teach us to use the power of the sun to do good works, furthermore after the summer solstice, until the winter solstice, collective fear seems to emerge, which was also a time Jesus performed very few miracles. This collective fear is clearly seen when the stock markets always seem to "dive" around October. We can also see this reflected in the last peak of the solar cycle, which occurred in 2000. Sunspot numbers increase when the solar cycle is on an upswing. It was during this time that the Internet was born, and other technologies and innovations that had a more positive impact on humanity occurred during this increasing period of solar activity. After this peak in 2000, more "fear" manifested in the collective psyche. The most dangerous time this fear is strongest is always the first 14 months after a peak, as witnessed in the 911 event in New York. As we head towards another peak, which started in 2010, this "fear" will once again dissolve, and be replaced by more technological innovation and breakthroughs.

Above image. An artists impression of the Aurora Borealis during a geomagnetic storm. Not only when the sunspot count starts to climb higher is intention boosted, but also when the sunspots cover a larger area of the sun. This snapshot was taken from (courtesy of NOAA) which does real time monitoring of sunspot activity. It is at these periods when the sunspots start to climb that evolution "leaps" forward and advances occur. This effect also is seen in solar cycles, where solar cycles of higher activity will lead to significantly more progress, and a better standard of living.

Observations in the Environment of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity If you don't own a computer and don't want to use NOAA to know the current sunspot activity here are some effects that occur in nature during sunspot periods. When the sunspots are significantly higher, the light reflecting off the ocean will show a "stronger contrast" like the sun is walking on the water. After the sun sets, the "glow" on the horizon will be a little brighter and this "glow" on the horizon will last longer than usual when sunspot numbers are higher . Moon Apogee (further away from earth) and/or Sun Perihelion (closer to earth) - Good Weather Conditions. Moon Perigee (closer to earth) and/or Sun Aphelion (further away from earth) - Weather becomes more erratic and unpredictable. You may notice you get more allergies than usual, this is a good time to boost your immune system. Increased Geomagnetic Activity - The "Haze" on the horizon or at the beach will disappear and you can see further out towards the horizon. It is like awareness increases more, so you can see further out. Maybe this explains that as the suns activity has been increasing over the last decade, NASA has been able to peer further out into the universe. If this is true, than there will be a limit within the next 10 years and we won't be able to see any further out into space. During March and April the sunrises and sunsets are more "golden". This is due to the afterglow that occurs because the suns activity is renewed. More wind sometimes occurs a few days after more sunspot activity. The wind may also feel "shaper" or more "rigid", unlike a smoother, gentle breeze. When cosmic rays are higher - Ocean waves sound like a thin "echoing" or "repetitive" sound effect. Cosmic rays come not only from our sun, but also from our galaxy. Usually, but not always, 4 and 8 days after a solar flare, during high geomagnetic activity, trees will shed their leaves. During a Full Moon, the solar wind speeds will climb slightly lower, and not rise higher due to the possible electrostaic forces of the moon, not allowing the solar wind to climb higher. During a new moon, the solar wind speeds can remain slightly higher for longer periods. The above environmental effects are magnified during "supermoons", solar flares, equinoxes and solstices. After major solar flares, a few days later the air temperature is cooler. Just before the sun's BZ changes direction, you may feel "disorganized" or trying to "catch up" on certain things. This is because an "energy peak" occurs. It is a good time to "review" things, preparing for the next cycle. Just before the BZ direction changes, it is a good time to "step back" and review things, it's like a climax of energy occurs, and is then released once the BZ direction has changed. What Can We Use This Intention For? As history has shown Jesus used intention to heal, multiply food and perform miracles. Intention is used to enhance communication such as in teaching and to heal others. Perhaps the ultimate form of healing is receiving a type of information, information arrives via communication. It is interesting to note that when the sun's solar flux is higher (which is an ionization of the F2 layer), radio communication is significantly increased. This clearer communication becomes "less" when a geomagnetic storm occurs (also known as earth's KP). Maybe this is why geomagnetic storms have an effect on the body because they are shielding the energy from the sun. This solar flux ionization effect is known as the F1 and F2 layers. These are regions a few hundred miles above the earth. The F1 energy density layers are strongest in the tropics and lowest in the north and south poles. This layer increases significantly during periods of higher solar flux, with a maximum activity occurring during the equinoxes. This solar flux ionization also stops excess cosmic rays from entering earth's soil. From this we can conclude that our brains act just like a transceiver, receiving and sending out ideas, thoughts and information. If you happen to live near an alternator or starter repair shop, the effects from a higher solar flux are felt much more strongly in the surrounding area as the coil windings in these motors are wound in such a way, they attract and "hold" these higher energies, allowing it to multiply. With all this energy of the sun, it can also be molded and focused to accomplish tasks. One good cure for writer’s block is to use exercise. Research has shown that 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise or 30 minutes of hard exercise increases superoxide dismutase levels in the body, which is associated with an electrostatic field. Thought is associated with this electrostatic field, and when it is increased, it frees up the blockages, giving you more energy to concentrate and focus. Saying a prayer or using intention at the state between being awake and asleep works very well. Try saying a prayer just after you awaken and you will find the results will be much more magnified. Intentions should be clear and precise. The reason why intentions should be very clear, sincere, specific, and direct and focused is because the universe sees and interprets life as a series of events or actions based on what you believe in most. Other forms of intention can be assisted with mantras or affirmations. These work better when the sunspot counts are increasing. I have also noticed during rising sunspots that my intuition is much more stable and accurate. It is like the future "solidifies" more and I can run “What If?” scenarios and receive better guidance during these times. You can use intention to your advantage if you are in a business or profession that is service orientated, such as restaurants, lawyers, hair stylists, or any service you are dealing with people. Because emotions are also affected by higher solar flux periods, and emotions, like intention are not constricted or ruled by time, you can use intention to create good emotional experiences for your business. Research has shown that a higher solar flux can sometimes increase the collective anxiety in the population. Excessive anxiety can lead to destructive health conditions. From personal experience, when I have a more calming outlook during higher solar flux periods, it creates a more calming effect on the environment. Research has shown that intention can cause bacteria to mutate and this mutation is much stronger when "aggressive" intention is applied. From my experience, about 3 weeks after the winter solstice when the sunspot count starts to rise higher, applying intention during this time seems to create a longer lasting "resonance" lasting for up to 3 days afterwards, compared to the shorter term "explosive" burst of intention around the summer solstice. One method that has always worked without fail, is during a higher solar flux during the months of March and April, I hold up a dollar bill at sunrise facing the sun, connecting with the leaves on the dollar bill and intending that the dollar bill multiply and increase itself. What happens is I receive a powerful influx of ideas and substantially more business than usual on those days. Matter does respond to thought more during these newer/higher activity periods. Intention has also been shown to balance red blood cells. This works by singing an 'F' note to your blood cells. Even by recording the F note and listening to it on play back and using visualization also works. Not only by singing the "F" note do you create more red blood cells but by also using certain vowels can you boost your white blood cells. The chapter further on in this book on "toning" explains how using these sounds can create different effects upon the body, the most powerful being able to supercharge the immune system. The Electrostatic Field and the Moon During a full moon, on the dark side, the moon’s electrostatic field is so high it will kill any one who walks on this dark side. This is why no lunar landings occurred during a full moon. On the bright side of the moon you are safe because the ultraviolet light reflects the electrons back into outer space. This is where the saying came from "sleeping under a full moon can induce dreams of chaos." If the dark side of the moon is ever colonized, this will have to be something to consider. Just as we can use intention during the "life force" storm to "bring our bodies" back to a state of perfect health, we can use this same "life force" storm period to affect a geographical area. During the "window period" hammer an iron rod into the soil while projecting intention into it. Put the intent to remove pests or grow a good crop/garden. This creates a huge vibration/resonation in the soil, affecting the surrounding area, especially if you do it at a high elevation. This is like the same effect if you shout out loud and receive an echo in a remote mountain area, the same effect occurs using your mind. Maybe our minds send out “vibrations” or “waves” like sound travels through the air on “waves” of air. How Intention Fuels Innovation and Technology Research is showing that the energy that causes higher sunspot activity is caused by the energy coming from the center of our galaxy. Because energy carries information, energy coming from these regions may be using our sun as an "antenna", helping to guide new inventions and breakthroughs. So advanced life on other planets should have a timeline of technological progress similar to our own. Right now we are in what is called The Great Celestial Conjunction. This is when the earth crosses the Galactic Equator. It lasts from 1978-2017. Here are the dates of 2 Solar Cycles: Solar Cycle 24 2008-2014 Solar Cycle 25 2017-2024 As you can see in 2017, Solar Cycle 24 is ending. I predict that at the end of this cycle, there will be a "first stage singularity" as it is called, when technology has reached a plateau, fulfilling the 3 basic necessities of man, food, shelter and warmth, although it won’t be deployed on a mass scale yet, the technology will have evolved enough to make this close to possible.

That is why at higher sunspot activity, especially when the solar wind speed is above 370, you will find research and scientific breakthroughs occur. We see these breakthroughs in ideas and innovation occurring strongest from the months of November to March, when the earth is closer to the sun. Inventions and ideas that "mature" are strongest during the Summer Solstice. The last time the summer solstice was in alignment with Taurus was during the age of Aquarius. Here are some of the technologies that occurred during that time: An invention making a comeback that requires no electricity or moving parts to chill food is Mohammed Bah Abba's Zeer Pot. This is an ancient method of cooling food. There is some evidence that evaporative cooling was used as early as the Old Kingdom of Egypt, around 2500 B.C. Because history repeats itself, we are starting to see these same things occurring today, such as genetic engineering of food, cloning etc. So new inventions are really old inventions of the past, being recreated using previous research and improving upon old ideas being refined by the present. It is interesting to note that the constellation Gemini and Taurus is also near the Milky Way, which is the area of the sky filled with the most stars or "suns". Maybe the increased cosmic rays during this time of year aligned with the summer solstice energy helps bring these technologies into reality faster. Good science is really about observing (which works better at lower sunspots) and than being able to factually "connect the dots". This "dot connection" works better when sunspots gradually increase, reaching a maximum clarity when the sunspot count starts rising above 80. When the KP levels (higher earth geomagnetic activity), are higher, it acts as a "shield", making it harder to see these "connections" in science. Whenever the KP levels have been high for a while and start 'dropping', the "shield effect" is removed and information flows like a flood, increasing awareness, helping to "connect the dots" more clearly. We are merely instruments of the energy of intention, unconsciously molding it into what we perceive as our own intentions. That is how 2 inventors make the same breakthroughs at roughly the same time. This proves that each person in life is guided by a unique purpose, that only he or she can become a master at. No one doubts that interfering with purpose creates chaos. Because we are approaching the era of Aquarius, we will see a change in the industrial sector, as well as social sector of civilization. Aquarius has the following influences on the collective consciousness; the joining of the brotherhood of man, the emergence of truth and reason, defending the truth, strategic thinking, and an end to tyranny, Inventions that have manifested to fill this collective need include: Social Networks, the Internet, and the Cell Phone. These are just the beginning of many more inventions to come linking people together on a worldwide scale and maybe beyond. Just as emotion is not ruled by time, I believe that intentional energy is re-sent from the past to the present via higher sunspot activity, and even from other galaxies. It is like a more active sun acts as an "information portal" that sends ideas from the past to the present and our minds are antennas that receive new information. Think of the sun as an advanced communication source, sending and receiving light in the form of information using nearby stars and galaxies. As this energy enters the earth, it creates an "urge", fueling our souls with new intentions, energy and information. Research Paper: “Neural mechanisms of intelligence, emotion, and intention” Published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health Because there is a natural harmony and rhythm to the universe, any intentions used for evil or destructive purposes will ultimately lead to the creator's destruction. This is because intentions follow the same path as technology and invention. The intention sent out was not his/hers, they came from somewhere else, and the destructive intention is merely a re-creation of something coming from the past and another location. Hence, the energy has to return again at some point in the future, and when it does, the sender receives a stronger, more multiplied and more refined version of the intention that was put out.