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high-velocity layers Strong North BZ Wind 350 New MOon WEds Solar Flux is at high levels KP flat and steady Rays downweard Sunspots completely flat ________________________________________________________________________________ Yep. Copper ormus seems to help restore hair color. Now, we think that it's happening due to better communication... When the communication between the cells is also better, communication with this non-physical template of the DNA, that Peter Gariev talks about, with something called the DNA Phantom Effect. They're claiming that there's a non-physical spirit template or DNA for the body and when you improve the connection, everything works better. You improve the speed of the medium that carries sound; let's say you're on a high mountain and you shout and the echo comes back a minute later; but if you're at sea level, or let's say at the Grand Canyon and you shout, echo comes back a little faster. But still, the problem is it doesn't overlap. So, you'll shout a minute later, you'll hear somebody say the same thing. Shout "I love you," and a minute later somebody says "I love you" and you think that somebody up there loves you or "I hate you," and a minute later you think somebody up there hates you. The increase of the density, if you put your ear to the iron rail, you hear the training coming before you hear it through the air, because the iron rail is denser than the air. We think we're increasing the density of the medium that carries our thoughts. Ormus is the medium that carries our thoughts and we think by increasing the density of that medium, that the echo can come back quicker. ________________________________________________________________________________ The third communicator (4th item of synchronicity, top above) told us that the action of ultraviolet light on the ozone layer above Earth creates an ORMUS state of oxygen. This layer or band exists below the ozone layer, and scientists do not know that it exists. Normally this layer of very active oxygen would move Earthwards, but cannot due to the heavy density of negative energy surrounding Earth. This form of oxygen would provide free electrons in a 'light' state. The ORMUS elements present in sea water are formed similarly by the action of ultraviolet light as a result of diffraction. Interestingly the sea water precipitate contains the proportions of calcium and magnesium that I was told to take, plus the ORMUS elements. The similar proportions of calcium and magnesium in Buxton water has passed through deep earth (the site of volcanic activity millions of years ago), plus originally was the bed of an ocean (fossil-bearing limestone), and thus probably contains a tiny proportion of ORMUS - hence the curative properties of Buxton Spring Water.Telluric currents found on and in Earth are based upon the conductivity of gold in quartz. The presence of ORMUs elements with the gold is actually the superconductor that permits Earth telluric currents to act. An Energy System We are also told that near the core of Earth there are massive crystal cliffs of quartz. Within the quartz are gold veins, and it is in the gold veins that the electrical currents exist, forming a network of electrical potential through the inner Earth. Gold is always found in quartz crystal, and is the best conductor of electricity, usually unaffected by other chemicals. Another aspect of the gold idea, worth considering, is that an ORMUS gold element exists within the quartz (and other similar ORME elements), and ORME's are superconductors of electricity. (see ORMUS article) We may be tempted to correlate the telluric currents running through Earth as an Earth 'nervous system', and this may be so. The currents continue through the oceans of Earth, as would be expected. Surface currents that emerge from Earth at a 'vortex' and submerge again at 'sumps' are the things that dowsers find and follow as meridians, or ley lines. If you are skilled at dowsing, you may dowse the high altar in old churches, and find that they have been placed over pre-existing energy vortexes. The vortex and sump are the acupuncture points, chakras or energy centres of Earth, and have been known for thousands of years. Most ancient power sites like Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, stone circles, monoliths and dolmen are situated at earth energy points. The pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere are also situated at these points. It is said that the pyramid emanates information to the cosmos. It must be no coincedence that healing was, and is, performed at such energy points, and that connection to other dimensions may be facilitated here. It is tempting to wonder whether the spires of churches are also transmitters of information and receivers of other-dimensional energies, like miniature pyramids usually situated over energy matrix centres. The upper atmosphere currents are like the energy field that surrounds us all, and there is a connection to ground every now and then. We are told by unseen intelligence's that our nervous system does not stop at the skin, but continues, in a subtle energy form, out into space. The similarity to Earth is apparent, and we must begin to understand planet Earth as a living, conscious creation. An alternative view to the 'nervous sytem' may be that as within our bodies there are subtle energy pathways, called Nadis, so similarly the telluric currents of planet Earth may follow some subtle pathways of their own, not necesarily as a 'nervous system', as we know it. The energies of Earth must flow from place to place to create a balance and harmony of Being, and the telluric currents may be just that Some of the known high ormus locations are: Hawaii; Southern Utah; Vilcabamba Ecuador; Dead Sea; The Himalayas.. ________________________________________________________________________________ at a basic level of interpretation, resistivity is correlated with different rock types. High-velocity layers are typically highly resistive, whereas sediments - porous and permeable - are typically much less resistive. While high-velocity layers are an acoustic barrier and make seismic ineffective, their electrical resistivity means the magnetic signal passes through almost unimpeded. The Earth's naturally varying electric and magnetic fields are measured over a wide range of magnetotelluric frequencies from 10,000 Hz to 0.0001 Hz (10,000s). These fields are due to electric currents flowing in the Earth and the magnetic fields that induce these currents. The magnetic fields are produced mainly by the interaction between the solar wind and the magnetosphere. In addition, worldwide thunderstorm activity causes magnetic fields at frequencies above 1 Hz. Combined, these natural phenomena create strong MT source signals over the entire frequency spectrum.